20 Romantic Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

date ideas for couples

Good Valentine’s date ideas can amp up the romance and sweep anyone off their feet. Indeed, the day of hearts offers a way for you to ignite passion and strengthen the bond with your loved one.

However, just like New Year 2021, you might need to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home this year. This might be due to the precautionary measures for the pandemic or may be due to your conflicting schedules. Still, there are lots of ways for you to spend the holiday through whatever means you have available.

This February, have a dreamy Valentine’s date with these fun and creative ideas.


Best First Date Ideas

Movie Marathon

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First dates can be absolutely nerve-racking—especially when done during the day of hearts. Indeed, the pressure is on when you’re in dire need of first date tips, confidence, and a few tricks up your sleeves. Fortunately, there are a lot of simple yet amazing ways for you to have a Valentine’s Day date to remember. 

Among the classic yet timeless ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is by having some popcorn and the best movies on Netflix or Disney Plus ready. Indeed, a movie marathon amounts to an easy-going yet romantic way to spend time with your date, partner, or spouse. You could watch romantic movies that feature themes on love and passion to align with the special holiday. If you enjoy the thrill of horror or thriller films, make sure to include some Stephen King movies on your watch list, as well. Ultimately, you can exchange opinions and get to know each other better through your mutual love for films.


Valentine’s Dinner Date

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Having a dinner date is one of the good first date ideas you can try for Valentine’s Day. For a fancy candlelit dinner, you can serve Mediterranean food. Doing so can make you feel like you’re on a cruise. Of course, this could also be a great excuse to indulge in the best bottle of wine that you have sitting for ages. 

If you want to keep things simple, there are also lots of dinner date ideas you can try out. For one, never underestimate the sweetness of whipping up and serving a home-cooked meal. Indeed, cooking for someone can impress them and show your soft, loving side. If you wish to make cooking an activity you can do together, it’ll also make your date even more memorable and amazing.


Bake Valentine Treats

baking date ideas
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Baking is also one of the fun first date ideas that you can try on Valentine’s Day. It is a great way for you and your date to get to know each other as you create pastries and baked goodies. Through baking, you can also avoid awkward silences and even grow closer by having small talks as you work.

Couples and partners can also have baking as one of their cute date ideas on Valentine’s Day. This is a great way for them to bond and interact—especially if they rarely have the time to do so. The best part? You can have delicious and mouth-watering food after baking! To get your Valentine’s Day mood on, you can prepare some pink cookies or even a heart-shaped pizza.


Quarantine Date Ideas

Play Video Games

couple playing video games
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If you’re looking for things to do with your boyfriend, among the things you should consider is what he loves to do. You can spend time with him by bonding over his hobbies or interests. This way, you can also show that you support his passion. If your significant other is an avid gamer, try hanging out by playing the best free Steam games and other video games with them. Thanks to technology, gaming can now be one of the long-distance date ideas you can do if you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in person.

You can make a paradise of your own with the best Switch games such as Animal Crossing New Horizons. Exchanging island essentials and quirky stuff can be a cute way for you to give presents for Valentine’s Day. Not to mention, you can customize your island and make a cute date area for you and your partner. On the other hand, you can also try out the best PS4 games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or God of War. These games will truly put your skills and gaming chemistry to the test.

Indeed, there are lots of available options that can align with your gaming needs and preferences. With a little competition and a whole lot of love, video games can truly be a great bonding activity for couples.


Serve and Indulge in Brunch

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Who said brunch meals are only for Galentine’s Day? Sometimes, a perfect date just needs to have the person you love and of course, the brunch recipes you crave. Indeed, this is one of the best indoor date ideas you can try on the day of romance—especially if you and your partner love having brunch together. You can opt for takeout food from your favorite restaurant if you wish to have a more laidback date. Moreover, preparing and serving your own food could also make for an adorable brunch date as well.


Have A Pamper Day Together

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We get it, not everyone can afford to spend so much just for one day of romance. Additionally, you and your partner may just have a lot on your plate. In turn, this could make you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the most relaxing way possible. There’s no reason for you not to practice self care on this holiday, so why not give it a go? Having a pamper or spa day together might just as well be one of the most romantic date ideas during quarantine that you have ever tried.

If you’re also looking for things to do with your girlfriend, this will certainly make her happy. Make your pamper day even more relaxing by giving each other back rubs and massages that can help relieve muscle pain. Going through a skincare routine together can keep your skin nourished, too. In the mood to go all cheesy and extra? Prepare a soothing bath and some wine to make your pamper day even more amazing. While you’re at it, try to go sexy with soft music, romantic candles, and scattered rose petals that can set the romantic mood perfectly well.


Have an Indoor Picnic

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Despite being in quarantine, there are still lots of romantic things to do in the comforts and safety of your home. If you have a spacious backyard, you may opt for an outdoor picnic with the love of your life. This could truly be a romantic way to celebrate the day of romance. However, the weather doesn’t always adjust itself for our plans. With that said, having a rainy Valentine’s Day could just leave you in the blues. 

Fret not! You can always bring the picnic indoors as one of your potential rainy day date ideas. Lay out a blanket and prepare picnic food such as sandwiches, cookies, and fresh juice inside your home. You can also use indoor plants and play soft music to set the mood. As you relax, you can watch your favorite rom-com flick to pass the time. You can also browse through funny memes that you’ll both enjoy. Looking at Valentine’s Day memes will also make your celebration even more memorable.


Throw a Boozy Party for Two

date ideas with pizza and booze
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This is certainly one of the most fun at home date ideas you can try with your significant other. Having a boozy party for two can help you enjoy each other’s company. You can relive your youth or college party memories by playing the best drinking games at home. Moreover, you can also put your bartending and mixology skills to the test by creating your own drinks. Who knows, you might even come up with a new favorite drink for your partner. Notably, a signature drink will surely make for a great Valentine’s souvenir, too.


Outdoor Date Ideas


couple in the outdoors
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After indulging in hearty meals and chocolate-covered fruits, you might just need to take the time to relax and breathe. A drive is easily one of the best date night ideas you can do to help you unwind. Prepare a romantic playlist with your favorite love songs to make your partner’s heart flutter with joy. You can also stay in your car as you have a quick stop to stargaze and wait for meteors to shoot through the sky.

If you don’t wish to drive out, you can also have a confined, safe, and romantic date set-up in your car. Clearing the backseat can make way for a snug little date area for you and your date. You can bring some blankets and prepare food to have a comfy yet memorable celebration together.


Camp Out

camping date ideas
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If you’ve had a couple of Valentine’s Day celebrations as a couple, you might be running out of romantic ideas to woo your partner. Fortunately, you can always resort to the classic yet heart-warming date ideas. One of which would be having a snug, romantic camping date.

If you have a spacious backyard, you can make it into a romantic camp area with a few sleeping bags, fairy lights, and even a bonfire. Don’t forget to make some s’mores and have hot cocoa ready. You’ll especially need them if it gets too chilly at night. You can also stargaze before you doze off into dreamland or have a deep conversation. Indeed, connecting on a spiritual level can be a way for you to learn how to be happy as an individual and as a couple. 

Of course, you can always sleep in even as birds start chirping in the morning. However, you can also include watching the sunrise in your itinerary. Indeed, a picturesque sky with your lover beside you can make for a romantic holiday to remember.


Cheap Date Ideas

Laidback Date in Bed

couple having breakfast in bed
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You don’t always have to spend too much just to have a worthwhile Valentine’s Day. Spending time and bonding with your partner should be more than enough. Indeed, most of the best date ideas are not too extravagant on price, but are overflowing with thoughtfulness.

One of the best Valentine’s date ideas at home that can also help you on how to save money is by having a laidback date in bed. You can start the day by preparing breakfast in bed for your partner. Don’t worry much about your cooking, as the gesture itself will certainly amaze your loved one right away. If you both have to work or attend to other responsibilities during the day, you can still have a laid-back date at night. Have some ice cream and popcorn as you watch the best horror movies on Netflix to have a movie-theater experience in your room. You can also have a romantic night by playing some classical music and exchanging words of love while you’re alone together.


Couple’s Game Night

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A couple’s game night is also among the cool date ideas that you can try without needing to shell out so much money. It makes for a memorable date where you and your partner can bring out your competitive sides. While you can play online games, you can also opt for traditional board games that can bring a sense of nostalgia. Card games such as Poker or Uno can also be fun options. To make your game night even more interesting, you can assign consequences for losing parties. While these could amount to money or gifts, you can also have romantic gestures as consequences so you can still make your date fit for Valentine’s Day.


Fun Date Ideas

Celebrate with Wine

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This is one of the perfect date ideas for couples who enjoy wine and drinks. Indulge in various wine options by having a wine tasting at home. You can whip out your individual favorites and choose the best drink options to add to your future date night essentials. If you think you’ve had enough vino, why not go extra by trying out Post Malone’s Maison No. 9 drink? Doing so will truly give your Valentine’s date a sweet, French flair from this rosé wine’s refreshing and luscious taste.


Improve Your Skills Together

couple cooking
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Remember that cooking or art class that you keep putting off? Take advantage of Valentine’s Day by finally taking on the course that you and your partner wish to pursue. This is one of the good date ideas that can help you broaden your knowledge and enhance your skills. At the same time, you will be able to bond with your partner and share a memorable activity with them. 

For ideas, you can take voice lessons to fulfill your Lady Gaga pop star dreams. Taking an online dance class can also help you dance to your favorite BTS and Blackpink choreographies without breaking a sweat. Indeed, there are lots of classes and courses you can take that could align with you and your partner’s tastes.


Have A Trivia Night

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This is also among the unique date ideas that can help brush your trivia knowledge as your bond with your significant other. If you are both fans of Disney films and characters, you can set up a Disney trivia night. Doing so will surely relive your childhood and bring a sense of nostalgia. If you happen to love scary films and all things spooky, you can prepare Halloween trivia questions. This will certainly make your date memorable and scary-good. Have your trivia questions and answers written or saved on your phone so you’ll be even more prepared. Moreover, you can also try out various trivia quizzes online for a hassle-free experience.


Serenade Your Significant Other

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They say that when words fail, music can help express your feelings better. This Valentine’s Day, show your love and passion by serenading your partner. If you can’t afford to go out to have live music playing as you dine, a simple singing session can truly get you in a romantic mood. Don’t worry about not hitting the right tune or reaching high notes as easily as Ariana Grande does. Just the gesture of preparing for a song performance will certainly be enough to sweep your date off their feet.

To stay in line with the holiday, you can perform classic wedding songs that can easily captivate your date’s heart. If you both love to perform, you can also sing your hearts out to love duets that you’ll both enjoy.


Exercise Together

couple working out together
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By exercising together, you can have a fun date that allows you to improve your physical strength. This is certainly among the unique yet fulfilling Valentine’s Day date ideas for gym junkies or couples who wish to be healthier. Together, you can perform various big butt exercises or try to improve your bench press abilities. Trying out couple’s yoga can also strengthen your core and improve your breathing. Take note that even if it’s the day of romance, you can still put your health and well-being first. By doing so, you both get to take care of each other and yourselves, as well.


Go On A Virtual Tour

Without a doubt, many responsibilities and duties take up most of our time. Relatively, bills after bills just continue to take up our savings. In turn, maybe you and your partner don’t have the time or budget to go to the romantic places that you want to visit. Fortunately, there are lots of ways for you to explore famous spots and places. 

If you’re both fond of museums or galleries, you can have a virtual tour of your must-visit spot on your Valentine’s date. You can also get a feel of Disney parks at the comfort of your home by having a virtual park-hopping session. This is truly one of the coolest virtual date ideas that can make you have a feel of a holiday trip and spend time with your partner, as well.

With virtual tours, you won’t need to spend so much money on plane fare or accommodations. Moreover, you can have it during your mutual free time so you won’t need to adjust your work schedules as much. For the ultimate virtual trip experience, you can play music that corresponds to the place you’re exploring. You can also serve food and drinks that are popular in that city or country for a relaxing and fulfilling time.

Bon voyage!


Creative Date Ideas

Do Arts and Crafts

If you’re looking for romantic ideas for her, search no further. Doing arts and crafts is among the most adorable and sweet dating ideas you can try. Your girlfriend or wife will certainly appreciate creating crafts with you—especially if they enjoy cheesy, sentimental activities or things.

Among the things you can do is paint. You can make landscapes together or portraits of each other that you can later keep. With a fountain pen or calligraphy brush, you can also make a written art piece for each other. Try to write meaningful quotes or sentimental lines that you, as a couple, can relate to.

Moreover, you can also try to make a scrapbook that holds your precious memories as a couple. This is a neat idea if you have tons of pictures or tokens lying around. With a scrapbook, these knick-knacks can be organized well. In the future, you can take a trip down memory lane as you flip through your love scrapbook together, too.


Pour Your Heart Out in Writing

Although many things continue to change over time, one thing remains the same—nothing compares to writing and receiving love letters. Indeed, pouring your heart out in writing is one of the special things to do as a couple that will bring you even closer.

On Valentine’s Day, you can write words of love to each other. You don’t have to make it too long or use too many complex words. Staying true to your heart always matters the most. A mere thank you goes a long way in showing your partner your appreciation and gratitude for them. You can also remind them how you fall further in love every day by letting them know how much they mean to you. Reminiscing on your best memories can also take them on a trip down memory lane.


Valentine’s Day Gifts

If you’re not good with words, giving a token of appreciation or a meaningful present can help you express your love. These can also make Valentine’s Day or any other day even more special. Moreover, it’s not always that we can spend the day of romance with our significant other due to responsibilities or other uncontrolled reasons. Through gift-giving, we can still exhibit our appreciation and gratitude towards them.

Although time and care are enough to sweep your partner off their feet, gifts can also warm their hearts. If you’re wondering what to give your loved one, here are some of the timeless and unique presents that can make them smile this Valentine’s Day:


Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

man handing gift to woman
Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels
  • Bouquet of flowers
  • Box of her favorite chocolate
  • Heart locket
  • Bath bombs and spa set
  • Weighted blanket
  • Dainty earrings
  • DIY portrait
  • Cute succulents
  • Soft stuffed-toy
  • Night lamp


Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

couple holding heart balloons
Photo by Marcelo Chagas from Pexels
  • Heart-shaped cookies
  • Comfy hoodie
  • Red balloons
  • Watch
  • Bonsai tree or plant
  • Chocolate-dipped fruits
  • Wine
  • A framed picture of you together
  • Music box
  • Personalized mug


Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, Valentine’s Day is a significant holiday that allows people to celebrate both romantic and platonic love. On this day, couples get to reignite romance and make their connection even stronger. Indeed, there are lots of ways to commemorate the day or to say “I love you.” If there’s any day fit for romantic gifts or grand gestures, it would definitely be Valentine’s Day.

Still, always keep in mind that beyond gifts and extravagant plans, mere unconditional love will always shine the brightest. The best way to anyone’s heart will always be through respect and care. No matter how you plan to celebrate the day of hearts, just the thought of reminding them they’re loved will surely make the holiday even more romantic and memorable.