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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Island Ideas To Try Today

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

Animal Crossing New Horizons has made its mark in the video game industry as it garnered commercial success and public recognition in less than a year since its launch. People of all ages from various parts of the world raved over the game’s fun features that can truly get you hooked. From adorable characters to a wide range of customization options, there’s definitely a lot to love about this game.

If you’ve played Animal Crossing for a while now, you might think you’ve tried out every design you can think of. On the other hand, you might also want to spice things up and try something new. Fret not! This guide can help you learn more about the game and acquire new island design ideas to get you inspired in no time.


What is Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) is a social simulation island game by the Japanese company, Nintendo. It is one of the best switch games that sold over 26 million units as of September 2020. ACNH has an ESRB rating of ‘Everyone’ which means mild language and subtle cartoon violence are featured in the game. Thus, it is considered to be a suitable game for people of all ages.

The Animal Crossing New Horizons release date was on March 20, 2020. Before its launch, many fans couldn’t wait for the video game’s promising features and open-ended gameplay. Since it’s available now, many have finally experienced this game’s endless fun and surprising elements.

This Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch game allows players to take control of their own human character. Their character resides in an ethereal village filled with pretty animals and beautiful country views. Additionally,  players can trade and interact with these Animal Crossing villagers who all have their distinct personalities. 

Animal Crossing games offer fun, low-commitment tasks that are enjoyable and can make you feel productive as well. These include catching Animal Crossing New Horizons fish, mining, and wood-chopping. As you play, you will also master various tips on determining the best villager trades, most affordable Animal Crossing New Horizons fish prices, and more. The cherry on top? You can play and enjoy ACNH with your friends, too!


Where to Play Animal Crossing New Horizons?

what is animal crossing new horizons
Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

Besides diving into free online games, you can also have fun at home by playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can experience the video game’s endless gameplay and enjoyable features on a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite. Aside from ACNH, you can also use these devices to enjoy other famous Nintendo Switch games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Upon purchasing your Nintendo console, you can then purchase the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game for only $59.99. Although not required, you can also improve your gaming experience by purchasing Nintendo Amiibo cards and figures. These let you interact with various characters and invite them to visit your island.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Ideas

One of the great things about Animal Crossing New Horizons is that it offers a wide range of in-game elements that you can use to customize your island in various ways. If you have played ACNH for quite some time now, you might feel like you’ve exhausted all possible design options—or so you think. With Animal Crossing, there is an unprecedented number of possibilities when it comes to island customization ideas. In fact, a lot of players around the world have shared their quirky and unique designs.

If you’re in need of some new Animal Crossing New Horizons island ideas, look no further! Here are some amazing island designs that can inspire you to enhance yours today:


Pumpkin Patch

animal crossing new horizons pumpkin patch
Screenshot by bestdressed on YouTube

One of the best ACNH island ideas you can try to make is a pumpkin patch that evokes an autumn, cottagecore vibe. By using farm-related elements such as haystacks and pumpkins, you can achieve a town spot that depicts a beautiful countryside pumpkin patch. Using elements such as orange Animal Crossing flowers and pumpkins can help achieve a fall design better.


Dimsum Restaurant

animal crossing new horizons dimsum restaurant
Screenshot by bestdressed on YouTube

If you’re a fan of dimsum, then this island idea will definitely excite you. Crafting a cute little dimsum restaurant on your island can give it a warm touch. Your restaurant could have a podium stand, standing menu, and the traditional restaurant table with a rotating top. Try adding a more Asian design flair with a bamboo Animal Crossing tree and a green panda plush toy. Indeed, having this spot on your island is truly a treat for the eye.


Waterfall Island

animal crossing new horizons waterfall island
Screenshot by ProsafiaGaming on YouTube

A waterfall island is yet another addition to the best Animal Crossing New Horizons island ideas. It’s a creative way to experiment more with the game’s Terraforming feature. Plus, surrounding customized waterfalls can give your island a more ethereal feel. To achieve this, you have to find an empty spot where you can build your waterfall. Next, create the left side of the waterfall’s first floor by building a four-block line. Make some space of at least three blocks wide for the inside of the waterfall. You can adjust this size according to your preferences.

Screenshot by ProsafiaGaming on YouTube

Then, you can start building the right side of the first floor by making a four-block line that mirrors the left side. Once you’re done, start building up the waterfall’s second floor by creating a two-block line on top of both the left and right sides. 

Screenshot by ProsafiaGaming on YouTube

Finally, work your way down as you add water however you like. For the finishing touches, you can make small islands that can also serve as a pathway for you and your villagers to explore.


Retro Diner

animal crossing new horizons retro diner
Screenshot by TagBackTV on YouTube

You can also try going for a pretty-in-pink look that will always land a spot on the list of the most adorable Animal Crossing island ideas. TagBackTV shows us just how extravagant a five-star ACNH island can be. One of the best parts of their island tour was an all-pink retro diner area. The place was littered with delightful diner elements such as bar stools, coffee cups, and even a standing menu. The diner was also complete with pink vending machines and a retro-looking counter, too.


Horror Island

Who said Animal Crossing can’t turn from adorable to hauntingly good? This horror island theme is perfect for those who enjoy eerie designs. An idea like this can also inspire those who are looking for unique ACNH island ideas. 

animal crossing new horizons horror island
Screenshot by Chase Crossing on YouTube

Lining up the beach shores with body bags is a great way to decorate your shores. Make sure they’re set in a creepy, black color and designed with bloodstains. These will definitely creep your island visitors out.

Screenshot by Chase Crossing on YouTube

While you’re at it, build a spooky daycare at your island, too. Any classroom could get spooky with bloodstains, creepy dolls, and customized disturbing pictures. 

Screenshot by Chase Crossing on YouTube

Of course, adding a sacrificial circle inside the library will make it truly haunting. Some vintage candle holders and antique lamps could also be reminiscent of spooky scenes from scary films.

Screenshot by Chase Crossing on YouTube

Another unique and terrifyingly amazing island design idea is to recreate a spot from one of the best Halloween movies, Friday the 13th. Here, Camp Crystal Lake was excellently depicted—complete with the spot’s iconic sign and a Michael Myers mask placed at the camp’s edge. 


Garden Spaces

animal crossing new horizons garden spaces
Screenshot by Crossing Channel on YouTube

Creating garden spaces is one of the easiest and most useful Animal Crossing New Horizons tips. While making use of plants and flowers can make your island look beautiful, this method could also help you separate different island spots from one another. Moreover, garden spaces can be utilized to give villagers their own yards.

Garden spaces can also help fill in awkward, undecorated spaces in your ACNH island. If you wish to opt for different-colored flowers, make sure they are well-placed so they can still look beautifully coordinated. You can also fence in your flowers or plants to keep them organized. Make use of other greeneries such as shrubs and trees to give your island a more diverse and refreshing flair. Adding other elements such as garden lamps, fences, and stone pathways could also go a long way in making your garden spaces more amazing. You can even find creative inspiration from real-life gazebo ideas that you can apply to your in-game designs.


Outdoor Library Area

animal crossing new horizons outdoor library
Screenshot by Charmaine Dulak on YouTube

It’s every bookworm’s dream to have their own library—especially one located outdoors where you can relax and enjoy a great read. Turn this dream into virtual reality with this ACNH outdoor library idea.

You can use antique-looking furniture for a timeless vintage library look. In this case, an antique Grandfather’s clock and double sofas were used. Try adding an outdoor fireplace to make the area much cozier.

Through the power of customization and some creativity, you can even create tailor-made zen cushions. For your library’s finishing touches, place decorative items such as book piles, bronze trophies, and plants to tie the whole room together.

Just imagine reading out here while an ACNH shooting star flies overhead. Now, that would truly be magical and relaxing.


Market Place

Screenshot by Crossing Channel on YouTube

Crafting a market place could go a long way in making your island more gorgeous and functional, too. You can create a bunch of various shops using stalls available in your ACNH recipe catalog. So, make sure to acquire unique pieces that you might need to make your island stand out.

You can make one stall for fruits, another for fresh drinks, and more. While this design mostly focuses on a rustic, country-style, you can always build any type of market place. You may opt for a city-based design, too, if you wish to have a more modern look.

A great key tip in designing your island is maximizing the use of custom patterns. This simple step can make your island have unique and amazing details. Like in this example, customized patterns were effectively used to create distinctive stall designs.


Plant Shop

Screenshot by TagBackTV on YouTube

Plant shops are very useful in propagating, growing, and acquiring amazing plants. Why not get creative and create one for your ACNH island? Using stalls, display potted plants and seed packets to make your plant shop look more realistic. Moreover, adding a dainty wheelbarrow filled with fall flowers could give it more flair.

Screenshot by TagBackTV on YouTube

Among the best Animal Crossing New Horizons island ideas is to use custom patterns even on simple elements. Just like in the example above, a bouncy ball was transformed into a watermelon just through the use of custom patterns. True enough, even just a little bit of imagination and creativity goes a long way in coming up with the best Animal Crossing New Horizons design.


Animal Crossing New Horizons: Fame During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

When the chips are down, people find ways to get a hold of some consolation and comfort in their lives. Animal Crossing New Horizons is a game that provides not only endless fun but also a virtual safe space to escape the stresses of everyday living. Many people were doubtful of Animal Crossing’s commercial success because it coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to precautionary measures, many shops closed and people refrained from leaving their homes. Despite the circumstances, ACNH was still able to take the world by storm because it served as a safe shelter and a way to stay in touch with far-away loved ones.

Animal Crossing rose to fame not only for its launch’s apt timing but also due to the seemingly endless possibilities it offers. A lot of the game’s features can be customized in different ways. You will get hooked due to the numerous options you have in terms of modifying your character’s outfits and collecting items. As such, many were able to cope with the sudden lockdown measures through ACNH—ultimately since it lets everyone’s imagination soar. At the same time, in-game tasks are not too demanding or high maintenance, making it a great way to merely unwind.

Moreover, Animal Crossing New Horizons stands out from other video games because it lets users collaborate and enjoy the game at the same time. The ability to decorate the landscapes of your town and trade items with other users helped many people cater to their social needs despite being stuck at home. True enough, the idea of being able to create and reside in a safe, blissful place makes the game even more enticing—especially as the pandemic brought about various challenges.


The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, Animal Crossing New Horizons serves not just as a fun game—it is now also a virtual safe place for those who are seeking solace in troubled times. It’s wonderful to learn that this island game inspired and brought many people together. Indeed, the idea of having a virtual community where you can exercise your creativity, enjoy an easy-going life, and collaborate with friends is something that many would find helpful and remarkable. As fans wait for more Animal Crossing news and updates, players continue to get creative with how they spruce up their islands. We hope that this guide helped you gather new ideas that will keep you hooked and inspired while playing.