Different Types of Aesthetics: 30 Outfit Ideas to Step Up Your OOTD Game

Different types of aesthetics.

Which types of aesthetics would fit you best? With the sheer number of options to choose from, finding the right one is an adventure in itself. But that is the fun thing about fashion, you can experiment with all sorts of looks and not settle for one. If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe and spice up your OOTD’s, here are some of the most popular types of aesthetics on social media that you can try for yourself.


Different Types of Aesthetics Outfit Ideas


1. Dark Academia Aesthetic

Alexa Chung in a Dark Academia outfit.
Photo from @alexachung on Instagram

This aesthetic is rooted in classic literature, particularly Ancient Greek. It is also influenced by novels such as Donna Tartt’s The Secret History. Compared to other academic styles, the Dark Academia aesthetic gives off a darker and more mysterious vibe. The style is characterized by pieces that resemble private school uniforms, tailored outerwear such as trenchcoats, and an androgynous approach to dressing up. Because of the layering involved in putting together an outfit, Dark Academia also makes for a great fall aesthetic.


2. Grunge Aesthetic

Woman posing in a Grunge aesthetic outfit.
Photo from @luanna on Instagram

There is an art to looking “fashionably unkempt” and it’s something that the Grunge aesthetic has perfected. This particular style leans towards more carefree and less polished looks. Unlike Dark Academia, Grunge has its roots in music that later inspired a counterculture movement. Grunge aesthetic outfits often feature distressed and oversized clothing, thrift store pieces, and the ever-popular Doc Marten combat boots. Look to brands such as Nirvana and 90s films such as Wayne’s World for some outfit inspiration.


3. VSCO Girl Aesthetic

Woman wearing VSCO Girl inspired outfit.
Photo from @thatschic on Instagram

It’s no secret that social media can easily turn anything into a trend and this is very true in the case of the VSCO Girl aesthetic. Popularized by mostly teenage girls, this style is associated with laidback and beachy fashion. Think crop tops paired with denim shorts and slip-on Vans or Birkenstocks. Since the VSCO Girl aesthetic tends to be more on the natural side, clean makeup or the “no makeup” look is also popular. Because it is one of the easiest types of aesthetics to put together, there’s no need to invest in expensive designer pieces.


4. Indie Aesthetic

Bella Hadid wearing an Indie aesthetic outfit.
Photo from @bellahadid on Instagram

Indie is short for independent or individuality, which also defines the free-spirited vibe of the movement. The indie aesthetic reflects this and many of the pieces tend to be casual wear and non-designer. This unassuming style of dress shares many similarities with the Grunge aesthetic, including a preference for the alternative. Key pieces for Indie aesthetic outfits include band or vintage shirts, Chuck Taylors, lose jeans, pops of color, and little to no jewelry.


5. Cottagecore Aesthetic

Woman posing in front of flowers in a Cottagecore outfit.
Photo from @ceciliagorgon on Instagram

If you’re into rustic living and enjoying life at a leisurely pace then the Cottagecore style is certainly for you. This lifestyle is all about finding pleasure in the small things, which is also apparent in its style of dress. Cottagecore aesthetic outfits have lots of countryside charm. You’ll find flowy aesthetic clothes in natural fabrics, which are often in neutral tones or decorated with floral patterns. Embroidered material is another common feature found in Cottagecore since handmade crafts are quite distinct to this aesthetic.


6. Light Academia Aesthetic

Woman posing in front of paintings in a Light Academia outfit.
Photo from @rebecka_wahl on Instagram

Much like the Dark Academia aesthetic, Light Academia is still influenced by literature and learning but with a softer perspective on both. This is easily apparent in the colors that dominate the Light Academia aesthetic, which includes neutrals such as cream, beige, and ivory. Light Academia fashion is also less heavy and features summery vintage dresses, lots of silk pieces, and ruffles and lace. That said, both types of Academia aesthetics do have certain elements that intersect, such as the love of romanticism, the arts, and learning.


7. Soft Girl Aesthetic

Girl posing in a pink Soft Girl aesthetic outfit.
Photo from @poseandrepeat on Instagram

The Soft Girl aesthetic first gained popularity on the social media platform TikTok, where the #softgirlchallenge also became a big trend. Soft Girl outfits typically feature feminine clothing while maintaining youthfulness in style. Color and shimmer are also important elements for the Softie aesthetic. When it comes to these types of aesthetics, the more vibrant the colors, the better.


8. Baddie Aesthetic

Model Winnie Harlow in a Baddie aesthetic outfit.
Photo from @winnieharlow on Instagram

By now, you must have already heard of the term “Instagram Baddie”. This refers to the Baddie aesthetic, which is typically associated with beauty influencers and gurus who constantly set today’s beauty standards. It isn’t just a style of makeup, however. Baddies are also known for their great sense of fashion, which often features oversized sweaters and chunky shoes. The luxury Baddie aesthetic is also quite popular and highlights designer garb, gold accessories, and form-fitting fashion.


9. Beige Aesthetic

Woman wearing a Beige aesthetic outfit.
Photo from @thecarolinelin on Instagram

The Beige aesthetic, also known as the Nude or Cream aesthetic, is a trend that started in Instagram. It first became popular among models and influencers who embody the minimalistic and classy aesthetic. This style is also often associated with the “green juice girl” who also evokes a similar vibe. When it comes to fashion, the Beige aesthetic leans toward clean lines and follows a natural color palette. Blazers, casual suits, white sneakers, and minimal accessories are the most common elements of this style.


10. Vintage Aesthetic

Woman in a vintage dress.
Photo from @jeannedamas on Instagram

The Vintage aesthetic encompasses a number of different styles. To simplify things, this aesthetic recreates fashion from the past. This could include styles from as early as the 1950s, all the way to the 1990s. In some cases, the Vintage aesthetic outfits might be modernized to some degree, but they will always have the most important elements of the period it is trying to evoke.


11. Goth Aesthetic

Two women posing in Gothic attire.
Photo from @killstar on Instagram

The Goth has quite the history to it, with influences rooted in both architecture, literature, and music. As you might expect, there are many dark elements when it comes to Gothic fashion. This includes period styles such as Victorian and Belle Époque. It has also spawned a variety of other subcultures, which incorporate more modern elements such as chunky shoes and combat boots, metal accessories, and dark make-up. If you’re not too fond of gloom and doom, you might want to check out other types of aesthetics related to Goth. This includes Pastel Goth, which incorporates more color and whimsical accessories.


12. Alt Aesthetic

Billie Eilish's Alt aesthetic fashion
Photo from @billieeilish on Instagram

The Alt aesthetic has taken on a number of different forms since the term was first introduced. These days, however, it embodies a love for individuality, outsider fashion, and an overall sense of being rebellious and carefree. In fact, it is so popular among Gen Z that #altgirl videos have reached 1.7 billion views on TikTok alone. Similar to the Emo aesthetic, these types of aesthetics are characterized by all-black outfits, heavy makeup, chunky combat boots, and a multitude of piercings.


13. Kawaii Aesthetic

Kawaii aesthetic outfit.
Photo from @redvelvet.smtown on Instagram

As the name suggests, the Kawaii or cute aesthetic is all about evoking a childlike style when it comes to your fashion. It is also an umbrella term that encompasses other trendy aesthetics such as Softcore, Babycore, and Dollcore. Unlike some of the other aesthetics on our list, the concept of kawaii originated in Japan and was very popular among followers of Harajuku street fashion. While there are no strict rules to soft-core aesthetic outfits, pastel colors and anime are all important elements when it comes to this style.


14. Art Hoe Aesthetic

Art Hoe aesthetic outfit.
Photo from @tavitulle on Instagram

The Art Hoe aesthetic first gained traction on the social media site Tumblr. It was originated by the user sensitiveblackperson and refers to someone who loves painting, flowers, and nature. Famous Art Hoes include musician Janelle Lewis and actress Amandla Stenberg. In terms of fashion, key elements of this Tumblr aesthetic include mom jeans, graphic teas, Converse sneakers, paint-stained overalls, and colorful hair clips. The look isn’t as put-together as the others on our list, but there is an artful approach to “messy” Art Hoe outfits.


15. Kidcore Aesthetic

A fun and colorful Kidcore aesthetic outfit.
Photo from @hyunah_aa on Instagram

The Kidcore aesthetic is all about nostalgia, particularly for the 90s and colorful children’s toys of that period. This includes Beanie Babies, Lisa Frank, and Furbies. If you’re a fan of maximalist style then you’ll surely love Kidcore aesthetic outfits. The most common elements you’ll find are denim overalls, graphic shirts that feature old TV shows or colorful patterns, clothing adorned with sparkles and glitter, and classic high-top shoes. When it comes to Kidcore style, you can go as bold as you like!


16. Egirl Aesthetic

Egirl Aesthetic Outfits
Photo from @lilmiquela on Instagram

Egirl, also known as Electronic Girl, is a subculture popular on social media sites such as TikTok. The Egirl style is quite hard to define as it is a mix of different influences such as skate culture, anime, BDSM, and Kpop to mention a few. Some of the common style elements you’ll find in Egirl fashion are pastel babydoll dresses, skater skirts, vintage band shirts, knee-high socks, and chunky sneakers and shoes. Makeup and hair are also important to creating the Egirl TikTok aesthetic. The general rule? Keep it sparkly and colorful.


17. Normcore Aesthetic

Actress Krystal Jung in a Normcore aesthetic outfit,
Photo from @vousmevoyez on Instagram

Basic and fashion are two words that don’t always mix, but these are what make the Normcore aesthetic unique. The name itself is a combination of normal and hardcore, highlighting the attitude and style that Normcore embodies. It focuses on casual wear and non-fashionable clothing. Normcore aesthetic outfits include everyday pieces such as plain shirts, chinos, straight-cut jeans, and sports jackets.


18. Spacecore Aesthetic

Singer Grimes in a Spacecore aesthetic outfit.
Photo from @grimes on Instagram

Fans of astronomy and all things space will enjoy the Spacecore aesthetic. Also known as Cosmic core or Astrocore, it focuses on various celestial bodies and applies it to things such as interior décor and clothing. You can go literal with your Spacecore fashion by adding stars and planets to your clothes, but you can also choose a more subtle route. Glitter and tulle are primary elements when it comes to this style. Spacecore aesthetic outfits can also include vinyl and translucent fabric, iridescent accessories, rhinestones, and neon pieces.


19. Hypebeast Aesthetic

Hypebeast aesthetic outfit .
Photo from @christinapaik on Instagram

For this popular streetwear aesthetic, it’s all about keeping things urban and embodying a rebellious spirit when it comes to fashion. Hypebeast fashion is known by a number of other names, including Urbancore and Drip Fashion. Though closely related to the Baddie aesthetic, the obvious difference is that Hypebeast focuses more on sports / techwear and Japanese street fashion. Important pieces to have in your closet are sweatpants, oversized shirts, and minimalist outerwear. Designers to keep in mind include Supreme, Off White, and Balenciaga.


20. Fashion Y2K Aesthetic

Fashion Y2K aesthetic outfit idea
Photo from @thegigigoode on Instagram

What’s the Fashion Y2K aesthetic? This is a fashion style inspired by the 90s and the early 2000s. One of the defining features of this style is the futurism design mixed with retro. Some of the biggest influences for the Y2K aesthetic are the films Mean Girls and The Matrix, the fashion of Sex and the City, as well as Bratz Dolls. Key pieces that you’ll need for Y2K outfits include skimpy dresses, bejeweled baby tees, cropped jackets, wide-legged jeans, velour Juicy tracksuits, and platform shoes. Don’t be afraid of the seemingly tacky design when it comes to the Y2K aesthetic since it’s all about having fun.


21. Minimalist Aesthetic

Chanel-inspired Minimalist outfit
Photo from @blossomh_ on Instagram

Minimalism isn’t a new trend, though it has experienced a resurgence recently. This aesthetic has been around for decades, with pioneers Chanel, Halston, and Helmut Lang at the helm. The Minimalist aesthetic is all about taking away the unnecessary. It’s paring down outfits to create a look that is both comfortable and elegant. As such, key elements include basic and timeless pieces such as pantsuits, plain shirts, turtlenecks, and other understated clothes that you can easily mix and match. Minimalist aesthetic outfits also stick to a neutral color palette such as beige, black, and white.


22. Fairycore Aesthetic

Fernanda Ly in a Fairycore outfit.
Photo from @warukatta on Instagram

Also referred to as Fairy Folk, Fairycore is an aesthetic that centers on elves and fairies. Some of the key motifs you’ll find include wings, flowers, springtime-inspired clothing, pastels, glitter and fairy dust, and woodland creatures such as bunnies. Though similar to other styles such as Goblincore and Pixiecore, there are clear differences that set them apart. Key pieces you’ll want to complete your Fairycore aesthetic outfits are puffy dresses, sheer or lace pieces, bows, and glittery items.


23. Ethereal Aesthetic

Florence Welch's Ethereal aesthetic style
Photo from @florence on Instagram

The Ethereal aesthetic is based upon themes of being delicate and the feeling of otherworldliness. It is often associated with Angelcore and Princesscore, with a focus on dreamy romanticism. Some of its common motifs include ballerinas, grand ballrooms, overgrown gardens and castles, and hidden pathways. Fashion-wise, it’s all about being feminine. Think ball gowns or evening dresses, lace embellishments, diamond and gold jewelry, drop earrings, and a pale color palette.


24. Mori Kei Aesthetic

Outfit idea for the Mori Kei aesthetic.
Photo from @pixeldust.png on Instagram

Mori Kei, also known as Mori Girl, is a Japanese fashion style that is inspired by living in the woods. The Mori Kei aesthetic first gained popularity back in 2006 in the Japanese social media site Mixi. Though it is one of the older aesthetics on our list, it has also inspired a number of new ones such as Goblincore, Fawncore, Forestpunk, and Cottagecore. Its common motifs include white dresses, greenery, herbalism, cottages, reading, moss, and forest creatures. As for Mori Kei outfits, key elements includes embroidered clothing in earth tones, layering in knits and vests, worn leather boots, and the use of baskets instead of bags.


25. Goblincore Aesthetic

An example of a Goblincore aesthetic outfit.
Photo from @anaarrants on Instagram

Goblincore is an aesthetic that centers on the not-so-pretty aspects of nature, such as mud, moss, fungi, and mushrooms. These are things that are often seen as dirty or unpleasant but are given new meaning by this particular style. In terms of fashion, there’s an emphasis on clashing colors and making clothes appear more worn out. Earthy colors such as brown and forest green are also key elements to putting together a Goblincore aesthetic dress. It is also often associated with Witchcore due to its similarities.


26. Witchcore Aesthetic

Witchcore aesthetic outfit.
Photo from @spacewitchix on Instagram

Often compared to Cottagecore and Goblincore, the Witchcore aesthetic revolves around witchcraft. As a lifestyle, it involves learning spells, collecting crystals, and reading the tarot. This is also apparent Witchcore fashion, which has touches of both Goth and boho styles. Key clothing pieces you need for Witchcore aesthetic outfits include vintage dresses, cloaks and shawls, maxi skirts, laced camisoles, creepers, and wide brim hats. Along with the likes of Goblincore and Mori Kei, these types of aesthetics are also considered a lifestyle that’s closer to nature.


27. Vaporwave Aesthetic

Simple Vaporwave aesthetic outfit.
Photo from @aya.pitaya on Instagram

Vaporwave is an offshoot of the musical genre Chillwave. These days, however, it is more recognized as an aesthetic that centers on nostalgia. Some of the key motifs it incorporates include the 70s and 90s anime, low-quality 3D graphics, Kanji, marble statues, and brands. Vaporwave aesthetic outfits are comprised of vintage pieces from brands such as Nike, Adidas, Fila, and Esprit.


28. Classic Lolita Aesthetic

A Classic Lolita outfit.
Photo from @mirariin02 on Instagram

The Lolita fashion has had many different substyles over the years. One of the most popular is the Classic Lolita aesthetic, which is largely inspired by the Victorian era. When it comes to dressing up, the most common silhouette you’ll find is the A-line skirt. Coordinates are also typical of this aesthetic and it is accessorized with ruffles and pintucks. Unlike the Gothic Lolita aesthetic, a Classic Lolita outfit is more reminiscent of the original. It utilizes antique patterns and prints, such as florals, Fleur de Lis, and copies of old paintings.


29. Cyberpunk Aesthetic

Example of a Cyberpunk outfit.
Photo from @ins_rickowens on Instagram

Cyberpunk is more than just an aesthetic, it is also a popular genre of film, literature, and even music. The thing that ties everything together is its focus on what’s referred to as “high tech, low life”. This evokes a slightly dystopian future where the need for “protective” urban wear has become a necessity. The Cyberpunk aesthetic is also closely related to Techwear and is influenced by films such as The Matrix and Blade Runner. Key pieces include trench coats, vinyl clothing, boots, and minimalistic sportswear. For these types of aesthetics, greys and blacks are the predominant color.


30. Mod Aesthetic

A classic Mod aesthetic outfit.
Photo from @hellhoundvintage on Instagram

The Mod aesthetic first spread throughout Great Britain in the late 50s, before it was eventually picked up by the rest of the world. Though it isn’t as popular as it was, it continues to influence and inspire today’s fashion. Popular elements of this aesthetic include the use of primary colors, OP art prints, geometric shift dresses, Chelsea boots, low kitten heels, colorful tights, and Lucite accessories. Paco Rabanne, Pierre Cardin, and Yves Saint Laurent are the three designers most associated with this aesthetic.


Upgrade Your Wardrobe by Adding Different Types of Aesthetics

Whether you lean toward an edgy aesthetic or enjoy pastel colors and softer looks, there’s a fashion aesthetic that will suit you. To find it, don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone and try something different. After all, getting dressed up should be fun and exciting—not something that you should overthink. So the next time you plan an outfit, let your imagination run wild and give these different types of aesthetics a try.

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