What is a VSCO Girl and How to be One

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The VSCO girl lifestyle took the internet by storm as it garnered popularity from numerous teenage girls. This subculture is associated with the lavish yet laidback fashion and lifestyle of a white teen in America. Today, the VSCO girl trend continues to influence a lot of online posts, memes, and lives of people around the world.

If one of your bucket list plans is to be a chic, environmentally-aware, and aesthetic girl–then the VSCO lifestyle could be the one for you. This guide provides everything you need to know to instantly become the ultimate VSCO girl.


What is VSCO Girl?

VSCO girl
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Predominantly, VSCO girls are white teenage girls who are skinny, wealthy, and have ascertained specific trends and aesthetics. The VSCO girl meaning refers to a teen girl who has a particular set of clothing and behavior that correlates to a beachy, free-spirited, and environmentally-woke lifestyle. The term was derived from the VSCO meaning which refers to the famous VSCO photo-sharing application.

Many people, including VSCO girls, use the VSCO online app to add filters, touch up, and share their pictures online. Essentially, VSCO teens are known for using the app due to its disposable camera feel. They also turn to VSCO for posting content that might not garner much engagement from followers. These include filtered photos of their Hydro Flask VSCO girl staple or GIFS of them ‘vibing’ inside their Jeep convertibles.

Aside from their aesthetic looks and commonly-used products, VSCO girls are also known for their principles. They are known to be supportive of cruelty-free products and environment-friendly advocacies. Today, many teenagers adopt the VSCO girl fashion and lifestyle–making it clear that the trend will persist for a long time.


VSCO Girl, EGirl, and Soft Girl Comparisons

VSCO girls are usually compared to and even confused with other subcultures such as the egirl and soft girl lifestyles. Indeed, they do share some similarities in cute, girly aesthetics– as well as trendy Tik Tok and Instagram posts. However, they also differ in various aspects. Each lifestyle trend has particular identifiers that make them unique from one another.



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In contrast to VSCO girls, egirls merely share a similar visual aesthetic or look. Egirls are usually associated with a great online presence through gaming, Tumblr, or Tik Tok. Moreover, an egirl starter pack typically consists of Asian-related elements such as K-pop or anime-inspired looks and outfits.

The egirl aesthetic comprises emo, Harajuku, or kawaii makeup looks. Moreover, egirls often change their hair color to various dye colors that range from soft pastels to vibrant shades. They also wear a lot of punk clothes and bondage accessories with cute, cartoon-inspired fittings of bright colors.


Soft Girls

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Soft girls usually wear pink clothes, cute hairstyles, chic makeup looks, and a smile that reaches from ear to ear. People essentially deem soft girls as the blend of VSCO girls and egirls. Their playful hair and makeup looks are very similar to those worn by a lot of egirls. Similarly, soft girls also have the same carefree, outgoing spirit that most VSCO girls have.

The key element to the soft girl aesthetic is having the color pink as an integral theme. This can range from pink hair, pink outfits, and pink nails to name a few. Aside from these visual staples, soft girls also sport glossy lips and pink cheeks. Their clothing style is closer to that of VSCO teens’ laidback outfits too, consisting of oversized jackets and sweatshirts.


How To Be A VSCO Girl

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What essentially defines a VSCO girl are the products she consumes, clothes she wears, and advocacies she supports. Aside from being generally known as Instagram or Tik Tok girls, people can also spot VSCO girls fashion staples and looks. The VSCO aesthetic includes the well-recognized Fjallraven backpack, a messy bun hairstyle, and laidback outfits from Brandy Melville. These require minimal effort to throw together but demand expensive costs for such a simple look.

If you wish to adopt this trendy lifestyle, here’s everything you need to complete the VSCO Girl starter pack:


VSCO Girl Clothes

A VSCO girl outfit is one of the essential elements that bring together teenage girls who adopted the lifestyle. The clothes and shoes that they wear come from the same popular—and quite expensive—brands. Generally, VSCO girl outfits are simple-looking yet still effortlessly stylish.

Here are some closet essentials that can help you transform into a VSCO teen right away:

Casual VSCO Girl Shirts and Tops

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Casual, laidback outfits are the staples of every VSCO girl’s closet. They go for clothes from famous brands such as Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville. People know both brands for their beachy and simple designs that VSCO teens have come to love. If you wish to perfect the VSCO aesthetic, opt for small tees or large graphic shirts that promise comfort and style. You can also select some crop or tube tops to give you that effortless and stylish VSCO look.


Comfy Bottom Pieces

Photo by @hannahmeloche on Instagram

Staying true to their simple, laidback style, VSCO teens usually wear bottom pieces that are much more comfortable than other clothes. They typically use mom jeans which are known for being high-waisted denim pants that are loose on the leg and crotch areas. Additionally, the VSCO style often includes high-waisted shorts that also have more space in the crotch section, making them much comfier than fitted shorts. In general, VSCO girls prefer their shorts and pants to be ripped to give their outfits a more carefree vibe.


Cute Bathing Suits and Bikinis

vsco girl bikini
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VSCO girls are also known for their frequent beach trips and cute bikini photos. So, make sure to grab a bikini pair on your next shopping trip. Of course, you can also select a one-piece or any style of bathing suit that you prefer. Just be sure to opt for bright-colored ones to align better with the VSCO aesthetic and style. Don’t forget to pair with a stylish bikini cover-up as you lounge on the beach.


Comfortable Shoes and Sandals

vsco girl shoes
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VSCO girls usually wear three primary footwear styles, one of which is Crocs. People widely recognized this brand for their cute and comfortable shoes. Another VSCO staple is a pair of Vans slip on checkerboard shoes that a lot of skaters wear. Lastly, Birkenstocks are one of the go-to sandals of VSCO teens. It’s clear that even when it comes to their shoes, VSCO girls don’t stray away from their relaxed fashion that aligns with their carefree lifestyle.


VSCO Girl Style and Looks

The VSCO girl aesthetic won’t be complete without the right look. VSCO girls typically don the basic girl look which consists of minimal makeup and laidback hairdos. Even though this look appears to be simple, VSCO girls still exert some effort into making themselves look fresher and more beautiful. Here are some makeover tips to help you achieve the perfect VSCO look:

No-Makeup Look

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Teenage girls who adopt the VSCO lifestyle typically sport the no-makeup look, which aims to merely enhance one’s natural features. They do this by using well-known products — such as Burt’s Bees products or the ever so popular Glossier Cloud Paint — to achieve natural-looking pink lips and cheeks. Moreover, they get that fresh, dewy look by using the famous Mario Badescu spray on their faces.

Considering the brands they use, most of the makeup products that many VSCO teens prefer tend to lean on the pricier side. Furthermore, their preferred brands are typically cruelty-free—upholding their well-known environmental principles and advocacies.


Laidback Hairstyles

vsco girl hair
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Even when it comes to their mane, VSCO girls still maintain their laidback and relaxed aesthetic. They usually have chic beachy waves or just keep their natural hair flowing. The scrunchies VSCO trend also features a lot of VSCO teens with these elastic bands. VSCO girls typically use them for aesthetic purposes (by wearing it around their wrists as an accessory) or to tie up their hair in a ponytail.


Accessories and Other VSCO Girl Things

Aside from their outfits and hairstyles, there are other essentials that help define the look of VSCO aesthetic girls. Here are some of the other staples that give essence to the VSCO definition and lifestyle:

Hydro Flask

vsco girl hydro flask
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The famous Hydro Flask steel water bottles are among the essential VSCO girl must-haves. VSCO teens bring their Hydro Flask bottles everywhere they go. When they’re not spotted with the coveted water bottle, you can usually find them indulging in Starbucks drinks.


VSCO Girl Backpack

vsco girl backpack
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Of course, a VSCO Girl starter pack won’t be complete without the popular Fjallraven Kanken backpack. These bags are made of high quality, waterproof material that makes it perfect for a VSCO girl’s outgoing, beachy lifestyle. Their prices range from $70 to $200, depending on their size and design.


VSCO Girl Photo and Video Posts

Photo by @sierrafurtado on Instagram

What made a lot of VSCO teenage girls famous is their online presence. A VSCO Instagram girl typically posts photos of herself outdoors. Mostly, she uploads bikini photos taken at the beach with some fruits or a hydroflask in hand. If not, she’s usually driving around with her fellow VSCO girls in her Jeep convertible.

Photo by @hannahmeloche on Instagram

A typical VSCO girl photo on the VSCO app (or Instagram) also carries the same carefree, laidback vibes. You can usually see VSCO quotes and captured candid moments on her feed. Notably, VSCO teenage girls share environmental and other society-related advocacies on their social media accounts. Most of them also like to keep up with the latest Tik Tok trends and dance crazes.


Other VSCO Accessories

vsco girl accessories
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Pura Vida bracelets and wave rings give a chic beachy vibe to anyone who wears them. Naturally, VSCO girls rave about these accessories a lot. Other beachy jewelries made from shells are also an evident style on a lot of VSCO teenage girls. Moreover, VSCO teens love to decorate their belongings with VSCO girl stickers. These usually have positive or surfing-related designs. Without a doubt, these minute details greatly help a lot of VSCO teenage girls achieve their surfer, beach bum vibes.


VSCO Girl Sayings and Slang

While most girls use the catchphrases “OMG” or “LOL,” VSCO teens use their own slang to express themselves. Their lifestyle encompassed some newfound, trendy sayings that were adopted from online terminologies and funny memes. If you find it quite hard to understand VSCO teens’ catchphrases, here’s a list of some popular sayings that can help you express yourself the VSCO girl way:


What does “sksksk” mean?

“Sksksk” is one of the most prevalent VSCO girl sayings. VSCO teens express their excitement, astonishment, and even awkwardness through this catchphrase. It aims to manifest one’s shock or amazement by implied keyboard mashing, thus its spelling.

It’s worth noting that the sksksk meaning was first correlated with the black LGBT culture and black women stan community. Similarly, they used “sksksk” to express their surprise and other intense emotions. Eventually, VSCO girls adopted the phrase and people recognized their frequent use of it.


What does “And I oop” mean?

“And I oop” is another popular catchphrase that most VSCO teenage girls use. The and I oop meaning references a viral video of Jasmine Masters, a drag queen from the reality series RuPaul’s Drag Race. Masters uttered “and I oop” in a YouTube video that eventually became popular, especially among online meme communities. Eventually, VSCO girls adopted and used the catchphrase to express shock or hurt.


Famous VSCO Girls

As the VSCO girl aesthetic and culture developed, a lot of teenage girls who identified themselves with the lifestyle also became famous. A lot of people know and admire them for their laidback fashion and trendy online content.

Among the popular girls who adopted the lifestyle include:


Emma Chamberlain

19-year-old Emma Chamberlain is a popular YouTuber who is also recognized for her VSCO girl fashion and lifestyle. As this YouTube video shows, Chamberlain wears simple hairdos and natural makeup looks that VSCO teens typically have. Chamberlain also dons casual outfits with pastel colorways. Moreover, a lot of her Instagram photos are taken outdoors—some of which clearly depict the VSCO girl trademark beach pictures.


Ellie Thumann

Another well-known teenager who embodies the VSCO girl lifestyle is Ellie Thumann. A famous content creator and YouTuber, Thumann typically wears beach-related fashion and casual outfits. Fans usually see her don natural, dewy makeup looks and rarely in heavy makeup. Like most VSCO girls, Thumann also enjoys beach trips and ordering Starbucks drinks from time to time. If you visit her Instagram profile, you will see that most of her photos use filters that are from or similar to those provided by the VSCO app.


Summer McKeen

With her highly beach-appropriate name, Summer McKeen is truly all sunshine as she embodies the VSCO girl’s carefree nature. McKeen is a fashion and lifestyle content creator who has over 2 million YouTube subscribers. She is known for her natural makeup looks which she achieves by using more understated makeup products. McKeen is also constantly seen skating and as observed in her Hawaii vlog, frequently surfs the waves as she sports beachy outfits and bikinis.


Final Thoughts

Many teenagers continue to flock social media platforms as they flaunt their VSCO girl aesthetic and lifestyle. More than their cool-girl and comfy outfits, a lot of people also admire them for their environmental advocacies and free-spirited personalities. If you are one of those who wish to adopt this cultural trend, we hope that this guide can help you achieve your dream VSCO girl aesthetic.