Best Funny Memes That Will Make You ROFL All Day

two women laughing at funny memes on phone

Thanks to funny memes, we get to have smiles and laughs even on our bad days. Whether you’re traveling or taking a break from errands, funny videos and images can always bring entertainment and fun.

You can find tons of memes online that cover any topic or idea you could possibly think of. If you need a good laugh, read on to see various funny memes that will make you ROFL all day.


Marvel Funniest Memes

As much as people admire the Marvel heroes, many fans still find humor and enjoyment in a lot of Marvel content. Noticeably, there are a lot of puns and hilarious scenes thrown in the franchise’s movies. These are entertaining and can even be related to a lot of current events and personal experiences. If you enjoy a good laugh, maybe Captain America will be happy to know that you can also read these funny memes all day.


Black Panther

late Black Panther meme from memes

Marvel fans express their admiration for their favorite characters and costumes in many forms. One such form of expression is through memes. Here, we can see the late Chadwick Boseman in his great glory as he played the role of Black Panther. Many Black Panther fans truly agree that the hero’s costume and weapons are awesome and striking.



. from marvelmemes

This is one of the most used meme formats online. Considering Captain America’s age, we can definitely say that dad jokes are in order. These puns always make us roll our eyes, but also laugh our lungs out as well.


Gone in A Snap

Every single time from avengersmemes

How great would it be if someone could just snap away our responsibilities like how Thanos wiped out half of the universe in Avengers: Infinity War? Of course, that isn’t going to happen in real life. For now, we have to face our duties even though we “don’t feel so good” about them.


Funny Star Wars Memes

Star Wars has always been a classic. It garnered both critical and public acclaim for its remarkable movie productions and visual effects. Indeed, the franchise has garnered many fans from different parts of the world. Its large fanbase led to a lot of funny memes. These were either produced using a meme generator or through other editing applications.

Read on to see some best memes on Star Wars that will make even the most menacing Sith lords laugh. May the fun (or pun) be with you.


Savage Baby Yoda

Found this meme and thought it was funny from BabyYoda

Almost every Star Wars fan thinks that The Child or Baby Yoda is adorable. This meme showed a savage side to cute Baby Yoda as he sassily responded to an older member of his species.


Is It Though?

Always thought it was a weird flex tho from starwarsmemes

Darth Vader may have stated this line to inspire, but some Star Wars fans might have found it ironic. When the Death Star obliterated a whole planet, people may argue that the ability to destroy a planet is not insignificant at all. Indeed, the inhabitants of Alderaan may agree with Thor on this one.


Say “General Kenobi”

True from starwarsmemes

Being noticed by your crush can be nerve-racking. Sometimes, being too excited can lead to awkward scenarios. This is one of the most hilarious memes that perfectly captures what goes on in people’s heads before they utter awkward responses to their crushes. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just have a droid talk to our crushes for us?


Anakin is Relatable

This is outrageous, its unfair from starwarsmemes

You can truly relate to this if you belong to a friend group that tends to be the noisiest bunch in class. This meme is made even funnier when you image Anakin himself saying these lines.


Funny Spongebob Memes

Spongebob Squarepants episodes are so entertaining and humorous on their own, but funny memes of them are even better. Read on to see relatable and hilarious jokes inspired by the show that will have you laughing for hours on end.


Feeling Like a Champ

Finally! from SpongebobMemes

Beating boss levels in video games can be extremely hard. This meme perfectly portrays the feeling of success when winning a level after several attempts.


Same Food, No Problem

Doggo from SpongebobMemes

Dogs are among the most precious animals in the world. Keeping them happy is easy with a few belly rubs and even just serving them the same food every day. If you have a pet dog, you will truly understand how this feels.


Poop Time, Again?

Everytime I swear from SpongebobMemes

People usually can’t control their urge to poop. Sometimes, if you’re really unlucky, it will even coincide with your online meetings. If you can relate, we hope you get to have a good laugh at this meme.


Funny Animal Memes

Animals can be very sweet and adorable. However, they sometimes get entangled in mishaps, which can lead to some funny expressions. Before you know it, people will capture these moments and turn them into funny memes like these:


Disappointed Cat

all face from Catmemes

This is one of the best funny cat memes on the internet. From this, we can say that the cat was disappointed and also very much surprised.


Boss Dog Wants Treats

Surrender the goodz. from dogmemes

Dogs are undeniably man’s best friend. Both large and small dog breeds possess so much cuteness that makes people smile. Moreover, dogs also make people laugh when they run into funny dog memes. This one, in particular, perfectly captured every owner’s feeling when it comes to dog treats. Most of us can agree that the real bosses are our pets. Who can deny them with their puppy eyes?


Scream O’ Clock

change my mind from birdmemes

Birds are extremely cuddly and majestic creatures. However, they can also be very curious and mischievous. This is why they are often the content of funny images we find online. If you’re familiar with caring for birds, then you might find this meme super relatable. We do hope, for your sake, that you are now used to sleeping through the shrill screams of your pets.


Funny Birthday Memes

If there’s anything else we like more than a great birthday gift, it’s funny memes. We listed some popular birthday-themed memes that are sure to crack you up. You can enjoy them on your own or share them with your loved ones on their special day.



Commendable from birthdaymemes

If you have a friend who loves Spock or Star Trek, send this to them on their birthday to make them smile or laugh. This can also be a great opportunity for you to wish for them to “live long and prosper”.


Rum Cake Minus The Rum

And I’m Drunk from birthdaymemes

This meme goes out to everyone who just loves to drink. It’s even funnier if you have friends who always manage to get even drunker than you on your birthday.


Birthday Surprise

Birthday meme from memes

Many people wish to simply dine in their favorite restaurant and get their free cake on their birthday. If you are one of the people who despise birthday greetings in public, you may think that this is one of the best memes that perfectly captures how you feel in such a predicament.


Funny Halloween Memes

Halloween can be a real treat. Everyone deserves a good scare and some hearty laughs on Halloween. Read on to find some funny memes on all things spooky.


Sound of Halloween

I can hear it from spookymemes

If you know people who enjoy Halloween more than anything, you can send this to them when the occasion draws near. Who knows? Maybe sending hilarious memes will also remind them to get ready for the treats (or tricks) you have for them this year.


Spooky Breathing

Spooky month from spookymemes

There’s so much to love about Halloween. More than the pumpkins and costumes, many people also enjoy Halloween memes. Without a doubt, the anticipation for Halloween will have you celebrating like this skeleton.


Plot Twist

Oh no time to start running caw caw from spookymemes

If you love a good laugh with a mix of chills, this meme is a perfect mix of both. Just, you know, keep the lights on as you sleep if you get too spooked.


Funny Holiday Memes

Any day can be the most wonderful time of the year, especially with funny memes on holidays. A lot of mishaps and funny encounters can happen when it comes to various events. Here are some holiday memes that will crack you up:


East, Easter, Eastest

Easter Meme from beatMeatToIt

This is one of the best funny Easter memes online. If you enjoy puns and dad jokes, you will also find this very amusing.


Gravy on Everything

Super funny relatable Thanksgiving meme from 4PanelCringe

Funny Thanksgiving memes might be the only ones we love more than a Thanksgiving feast. This one, in particular, captured the feeling of every gravy lover in Thanksgiving heaven.


Still Worthy

The best feeling ngl from ChristmasMemes

Some funny Christmas memes bring laughs, while others give happiness. This one offers both. It’s also a great reminder to do good so you can be included in Santa’s nice list and be invited to your loved ones’ place on Christmas.


Funny Adult Memes

Some people may argue that funny dirty memes are better than sex. Whether you agree or not, it is undeniable that they are very hilarious. In some instances, they can also be relatable. Read on to see some funny sex memes that will make you LOL today.


Drawing is Power

Such power from Animemes

This is one of the best funny anime memes that many people, especially graphic artists, can relate to. Many may also find this hilarious because the idea of making your own plot and visuals could be advantageous.


So Good

Mmmmm so good from sexmemes

There should be an award for holding in farts for a long time. After all, it can be particularly difficult if you’re in a public place or a confined room. However, finally letting your fart go after holding it in can be very satisfying. It’s so satisfying that, perhaps, you may be someone who completely agrees with this meme.


Trust is Cooler

trust me from Catmemes

Some funny sexual memes are wholesome, too. True enough, nothing compares to the trust and snuggles that our pets give.


Final Thoughts

Funny memes have truly taken the internet by storm. With the onslaught of more internet-related innovations and public demand, it is safe to say that memes will not go out of style soon.

Without a doubt, these tiny bits of entertainment are amusing in many ways. Nevertheless, do keep in mind that your humor should still come with boundaries. Being aware of any insensitive or offensive remarks will go a long way in ensuring that everyone is truly having fun.