Top 25 Thanksgiving Memes To Stuff You With Laughter

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Thanksgiving memes sure have a way of making the holiday celebration a whole lot better. They can help you relax and loosen up after hours of cooking dishes for the whole family. Funny Thanksgiving memes could also help entertain your guests. Moreover, they can relieve tension once family drama slowly presents itself during dinner.

Without further ado, here are the top 25 Thanksgiving memes that will stuff you with laughter:


Thanksgiving Funny Memes

*Cricket Noises*

Lmao thanksgiving memes are still funny right guys from memes

Without a doubt, gratitude memes hold greater power in making us laugh out loud during the Thanksgiving season. While saying thank you is part of the holiday’s tradition, many people aren’t exactly excited about doing it at family gatherings. If you can relate, this funny thank you meme will have you laughing for hours on end. It perfectly depicts the awkwardness that this annual practice brings.


Turkey Memes for the Win

Forget no nut November Thanksgiving memes are where its at from dankmemes

After spooky Halloween memes took the internet by storm, the limelight is now on happy Thanksgiving memes. Agreeably, the latter does feel like a monster on Scooby-Doo as it chases away spooky memes that are so last month. Of course, we’re all here for the funny memes that this season of gratitude will bring.


Thinking About Spidey

Another thanksgiving meme from raimimemes

Thanksgiving movies are among the staples of a great holiday celebration. This funny meme talked about one film in particular—Spider-Man. Many would agree that this hilarious meme successfully delivered on creating a fresh joke from a traditional meme format. Moreover, there’s no discussion when it comes to Spider-Man being a great movie to watch in the season of gratitude. From its amazing visuals to its relevant moral lessons, Spider-Man is truly a Thanksgiving-worthy film.


Fight, You Shall Not

Thanksgiving gathering meme from memes

Ah yes, Thanksgiving—the season of gratitude, turkey, and family drama. This Thanksgiving dinner meme is one of the relatable holiday memes that anyone can resonate with. Indeed, having relatives argue during Thanksgiving gatherings isn’t the worst thing that could happen. However, it just can’t be avoided, either. When it happens, one can feel like they’re in a crossfire like The Mandalorian‘s The Child in this meme. Still, families also make amends as quickly as they argue. Such is the power of family love and Thanksgiving spirit combined.


Ready, But Not Quite

Thanksgiving meme kinda from PewdiepieSubmissions

One could argue that this is one of the most relatable out of all funny Thanksgiving memes. We’ve all been there. At least once, a family member has feinted a ready dinner feast to get you to set the dining table. While that could get on your nerves, at least you haven’t gone through the stress of cooking various dishes, eh?


Did I Ask for Your Opinion?

Who’s ready for that time of the year? from premed

If there’s one thing worse than soggy turkey on Thanksgiving, it’s unsolicited advice. This iconic Michael Scott meme from The Office truly represents how people feel about unwanted comments. True enough, many are so fed up with others’ opinions on their lives. Honestly, can’t we all just eat our food in peace? Apparently not.

If you do encounter a pesky, unhelpful advice session again, try to remember this Thanksgiving meme. It could give you a good laugh and lighten up the mood.


Funny Food Memes

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Decided to take a little break, but I’m back with memes of every episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine: S01E10: "Thanksgiving" from brooklynninenine

We sure love really funny memes from the hit TV series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This guilty eating meme, in particular, never fails to crack us up. Thanksgiving is a great time to gobble up delectable dishes and sweet desserts. It could be challenging to stop yourself from eating due to your mom’s best Thanksgiving recipes as well. Just like Scully here, maybe you’d feel guilty and even defensive about finishing up all the food. Well, at least you’re full and satisfied!



Thanksgiving memes are going to drop in the market in about an hour! SELL! SELL! SELL! from MemeEconomy

Thanksgiving humor sure involves a lot of fun memes about all sorts of food. When it comes down to it, the word diet is not in our vocabulary during the season of gratitude. That said, this meme of Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch is truly relatable.

While we may feel as stuffed as this adorable cat, we still can’t help but devour dish after dish. One cheat day can’t hurt, right? Of course, it’s a great feeling to enjoy food and spend time with your loved ones on this special day.


The Audacity

Last chance to invest in some thanksgiving memes! Their stock will be dropping very fast in the near future from MemeEconomy

A lot of people are willing to fight tooth and nail for Thanksgiving leftovers. Indeed, people exert a lot of effort in packing away their leftovers. The idea of having more turkey or pumpkin pie the next day also brings great pleasure. However, waking up to someone eating your leftovers is one of the worst feelings. Sometimes, that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

This Patrick Star meme is one of the great memes that perfectly captures the annoyance of losing our Thanksgiving leftovers. If you know someone who feels this way, why not share this meme with them? It’s a great way to have some fun out of the situation.


Stuffed Face

Ik thanksgiving is over but I really liked this meme from PewdiepieSubmissions

The funniest memes ever are usually the most relatable ones. One example is this Spirited Away-inspired meme. As some may know, Spirited Away is one of the best movies on Netflix due to its great visuals and heartfelt story. It also evokes feelings and features experiences that are all too familiar to many of us.

In any case, this funny image will leave your sides aching as it portrays the reality of Thanksgiving family gatherings. True enough, you could relate to how relatives, especially aunts, stuff you with all sorts of food. Well, it is a Thanksgiving feast for a reason. Go on and satiate your appetite as you also indulge in this holiday meme, as well.


Puppy Eyes for Turkey Slice

Another Thanksgiving Meme with Brian from memes

This is one of the funny memes about life with a dog. No matter the holiday, furry friends would always want a piece of what you’re having. Of course, we just can’t help but oblige their requests. Seeing their happy faces could make losing a turkey leg or two surely worth it, anyway.


American Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving VIPKID Reddit! Thanks to all the memes, sarcasm, and even some of the Karen’s! Thank you for keeping the sub awesome and relatable. from vipkid

This interesting meme sure sparks up people’s attention and tickles everyone’s funny bones. Indeed, a lot of Thanksgiving food recipes are similarly smeared with gravy or butter. Due to this, it could definitely feel as if these aspects are required for a dish to be worthy of an American Thanksgiving celebration. 


More Pie, Please!

Wow! A Thanksgiving based meme! from memes

One just can’t be filled to satisfaction when it comes to pumpkin pies. Without a doubt, there’s just so much to love about this delectable autumn dessert. Many would agree that if they could gobble up pumpkin pie slices continuously, they definitely would. This pie meme perfectly illustrates people’s love for this mouth-watering confection. If you know someone who loves pumpkin pies, make them laugh and feel appreciated with this hilarious meme.


Vegan Memes

Here for the (Vanished) Turkey

Random Thanksgiving Meme from memes

We all have a relative who wishes to serve and eat just vegan food for Thanksgiving. While this is the case, some people are looking forward to their hearty, gravy-smothered turkey meals. Indeed, there are endless reasons for one to indulge in a delectable, hearty turkey dish. The mere love for turkey can make you crack up on this funny meme.


Mean Bean Casserole

Henry Thanksgiving Meme from Tennesseetitans

Not all people are fond of eating vegan recipes during Thanksgiving. In particular, this funny image is one of the good memes that depicted this exact feeling. Aside from green bean casserole, one could feel as if they’re in a head-to-head battle with other dishes that they don’t really like. At the end of the day, the important thing is celebrating with your loved ones and remembering the value of Thanksgiving. 


Funny Clean Memes

Dishwasher Not Found

Are thanksgiving memes still in? from memes

Cleaning memes are highly relatable, especially after a hearty Thanksgiving meal. It’s a tough job to remove the grease from the dirty dishes. Let’s also not get started on the large, oily pans used to cook the meals. If you’re not a fan of dishwashing, then this funny meme will make you giggle intensely. 


Holiday Feud

And that’s a fact from memes

Aside from Thanksgiving memes, Christmas memes also slowly make their way into people’s timelines when November arrives. However, many people would agree that Christmas memes are dominating online platforms. This could be due to the holiday’s popularity or the number of countries celebrating it compared to Thanksgiving. 

Still, the season of gratitude is delightful for many reasons. For one, it brings Thanksgiving memes that could cheer us up instantly. At the same time, the holiday’s spirit reminds us of the great things and people in our lives.


Thankful Kid

For Thanksgiving they asked my son what he was thankful for… from funny

With its cuteness and relatable aspects, this could easily be the meme of the day. This adorable kid displayed his immense love for the iconic titan, Godzilla. We sure understand why he’s thankful. 

In Godzilla: King of the Monsters starring Millie Bobby Brown, Ken Watanabe, and Vera Farmiga, we witnessed Godzilla’s strength. He also saved the world from the threat of other menacing titans. Not to mention, Godzilla movies are very thrilling and entertaining, too. Without a doubt, the list of why we should be grateful for Godzilla just goes on and on.


Take Care

Here’s an early Thanksgiving meme for everyone. Hope you have a great day and take care of yourselves <3 from wholesomememes

Diet memes are also among the top memes during the Thanksgiving season. Just like what this meme tries to get across, dieting can be quite hard. This is even more difficult when there are lots of meals to choose from during dinner celebrations. Well, maybe a way to take care of your heart is by giving it what it wants, right? 

Kidding aside, you shouldn’t feel too pressured about eating what you want, especially on Thanksgiving. True enough, it’s the season to be grateful and celebrate with your loved ones to your heart’s delight.


Cooking Memes 

Are You Kidding Me?

Should I invest in Thanksgiving memes? Trying to see what the market cap is for em from MemeEconomy

Undoubtedly, enjoying a delightful Thanksgiving feast is one of the best things ever. The roast turkey, dinner rolls, and pumpkin pies alone are enough to make this holiday celebration truly pleasant. Moreover, spending time with your loved ones is also a great reminder to be thankful for them. 

While these are all true, preparing for a big Thanksgiving feast for the whole family is no easy feat. Indeed, all hands on deck may be needed. For one, you could be in charge of mashing potatoes. If you’ve done this task before, you will know that it’s quite difficult. 

As hard as the preparation for this recipe is done, mashed potatoes also vanish quite easily. This funny potato meme captured the feeling of annoyance and even frustration when a relative asks about missing mashed potatoes. 


Relatable Kermit

thanksgiving memes are going down sell now from MemeEconomy

Kermit the Frog memes are among the crowd favorites when it comes to getting a laugh out of any situation. This one, in particular, is one of the best Kermit memes that relate to the holiday of gratitude. 

This cooking meme depicts the relatable feeling of people’s real-life desperate efforts just to skip Thanksgiving preparations. Indeed, this task can feel tiring and not to mention pressuring. Maybe enduring your hunger for a little while could do the trick? We just hope, for your sake, that your mom doesn’t catch you hiding out. If she does, good luck with having an earful of scolding with your turkey.


Bird Memes

Don’t Skip Thanksgiving

We made thanksgiving memes during class from memes

Wouldn’t it be nice to have everyone celebrating Thanksgiving? However, there are also a lot of other people who opt for raving over the nearing Christmas festivities instead. If you have a friend or relative who might feel quite sad due to this reason, try sharing this funny turkey meme to cheer them up. The adorable turkey’s sad gobble noises could help make them smile.


Calm Before The Storm

Early Thanksgiving meme from memes

One might say that the number of turkey Thanksgiving memes is almost the same as that of the turkey dishes people serve. Indeed, the holiday of gratitude inspires many online users to create something funny—just like this turkey meme. After all, turkeys have long been traditional star dishes for the holiday. They can feed a whole family and are also undeniably delicious. True enough, this witty meme shows us the calm before the storm for turkeys prior to the era of when Thanksgiving celebrations became a tradition.


Hot, Roasty Day

Grandma’s Thanksgiving meme from terriblefacebookmemes

Although this turkey holiday meme seems outdated, others might still find it hilarious. One can laugh at the idea of a turkey checking today’s forecast, only to find out it’s as hot as an oven. Moreover, this could also be interpreted as a foreshadowing of getting roasted for Thanksgiving. Either way, this meme is undoubtedly both witty and enjoyable.


Rogue Turkey

We forget about Thanksgiving memes from memes

Turkey memes are a lot of fun. With some photo editing and a witty caption, a simple image can make millions laugh. That said, this rogue turkey meme is one of the most hilarious Thanksgiving memes on the internet. Just imagining the chaos when turkeys do learn how to fire a gun could make you crack up for hours on end.


Final Thoughts

Aside from indulging in a great feast or having a Thanksgiving trivia night, sharing funny memes can also be a great way to celebrate the holiday. Thanksgiving memes can also help relieve stress from the tiring celebration preparations. We hope that you had a few hearty laughs with these Thanksgiving memes. Moreover, sharing these with your loved ones can also make them feel loved and get them laughing in no time.