12 Fun Galentine’s Day Ideas For You and Your Best Friends

galentine's day ideas

Galentine’s Day is among the unofficial yet most exciting holidays of the year. It offers a way to celebrate friendship and above all, commemorate self-love.

Without a doubt, celebrating the passion between partners and couples can be dreamy. Living romantic scenarios in real life through well-planned dates or receiving sweet letters undoubtedly soften hearts, too. However, there’s also a special kind of love between friends that can’t be measured or easily compared. With that said, Galentine’s Day is a significant celebration for those who wish to allot a day just for their best friends. If you’re single, taking the time to love and appreciate yourself is also a great way to commemorate this holiday.

So, make sure to whip out the booze and be ready to flip some pancakes this February 13. Be someone’s best Galentine as you treat the ladies (or yourself) with the most amazing celebration and gift ideas.


Galentine’s Day Meaning and Date

What is Galentine’s Day?

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Many people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day to commemorate both platonic love and romance between couples. In contrast to the day of hearts, Galentine’s Day primarily focuses on the bond and love of gal pals. It is an unofficial holiday based on the famous series, Parks and Recreation. Galentine’s Day is introduced as a special celebration that honors and highlights female friendships and self-love.


When is Galentine’s Day?

You might want to add Galentine’s Day to your list of important days in February as it is celebrated on February 13th. This unofficial holiday in February aims to bring together single people or gal pals who wish to strengthen their bond and celebrate gratitude for one another.


Who Can Celebrate Galentine’s Day?

Indeed, Galentine’s Day primarily celebrates the close ties and appreciation of girl best friends for one another. While this is the case, you can always choose to celebrate it however you like and with whoever you wish. Just like love, friendship also comes in all forms and knows no genders. Anyone can truly be your Galentine on this special day. Moreover, you can dedicate Galentine’s Day to making your friends – no matter their age, sex, gender, or race – feel included, appreciated, and respected.


The Origin of Galentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day was derived from the famous comedy series, Parks and Recreation. If you’re into shows like Parks and Rec, you might have observed how special spinoffs of traditional holidays arise from television series. One example would be “Slapsgiving” from How I Met Your Mother. In this case, the traditional Thanksgiving holiday became a distinct event due to a key scene in the show. We won’t spoil all the details but let’s just say it has something to do about a bet between Marshall Eriksen (portrayed by Jason Segel) and Barney Stinson (portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris).

Similarly, the Parks and Rec Galentine’s Day highlight inspired a new holiday for all the girlfriends and single folks. It was first mentioned by the character, Leslie Knope, who was portrayed by American actress Amy Poehler. Leslie is a protagonist in the comedy series who works as a Deputy Director. In the second season’s 16th episode, Galentine’s Day, she explains that the holiday is celebrated annually on February 13. Moreover, Leslie describes it as a day when they ditch significant others and gather gal pals to celebrate their friendship. Breakfast food such as frittatas also acquired a special mention from the character. Thus, Galentine’s Day celebrations always have brunch or breakfast recipes as event staples.

Since its introduction in 2010, Galentine’s Day has made it to people’s annual celebrations. Even if it was never declared to be an official holiday, many people still recognize the day’s significance. Indeed, lots of friends celebrate the day to cherish and strengthen their close bonds.


Best Galentine’s Day Ideas

Throw a Boozy Party

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What’s a Galentine’s Day celebration without some liquor? Commemorate your friendship the right way over a glass of wine or bubbly by throwing a boozy party. Aside from indulging in drinks, you can also try out various party ideas that can make all your Galentines excited and happy.

Gather your friends and make the whole night a happy hour with unlimited booze and yummy finger food. Serving a glass of champagne that can fit your lavish tastes can make the occasion even more special. Some bubbly could also bring even more luxury to the fancy dinner you plan to have with friends.

Going simple with cocktails and beer can also make for a boozy Galentine’s party to remember. You can leave the love songs for Valentine’s Day and opt for hits about friendship instead. While you’re at it, make sure to include Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” on your Galentine’s playlist. Upbeat tunes will surely amp up the fun and turn your celebration into a fun dance party.

Preparing drinking games is also a great way to reel in the fun on your celebration. These could make everyone laugh and at the same time, help you learn more about each other. If that’s not an activity worthy of Galentine’s Day, then we don’t know what is.


Take Lots of Pictures

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True enough, there are lots of ways for you to commemorate your bond with your friends on Galentine’s Day. Whatever you wish to do, it would definitely make your day even more memorable and precious. So, don’t forget to take lots of pictures with your best girlfriends. Your photos together will surely turn into prized possessions that can help you look back on your special day together.

While you can opt for simple selfies and group pictures, a special day might use some extra dazzle. You can prepare a photobooth with your friends as you don your best outfits. You could also come up with a theme that relates to Galentine’s Day. Using props that are significant to your friendship or your memories together is also a great idea. Moreover, flaunting your cottagecore lifestyle or goblincore outfits could also make for incredibly aesthetic photos.

You can also exhibit your friendship and immortalize your Galentine’s Day memories online. Pick out your favorite snaps and post them on the ‘Gram for the whole world to see. Adding a witty caption that evokes your strong bond and friendship will surely make your post distinct, too. With a few pictures that evoke your love for each other, you will surely be #SquadGoals.


Have a Movie or Series Marathon

We get it, not everyone can do late-night gatherings or wild parties anymore. Due to busy schedules and tons of responsibilities, some people might just want to stay in and watch a movie. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a couch potato or lazy bum for a day, though. This is especially true if you really need a break from everything. Fortunately, you can still celebrate Galentine’s Day in the comforts of your home.

Whether you’ve just broken up or are happily single, you can live your dreams of having romantic holidays by watching movies. With the best movies on Netflix, you can easily have a rom-com marathon worthy of a great Galentine’s celebration. Moreover, you and your gal pals can surely have a blast as you watch the most entertaining flicks on Disney Plus. Undoubtedly, Disney films will offer heartwarming lessons fit for people of all ages (and relationship status). On the other hand, if you’re looking for a bit more thrill, then watching Stephen King movies could surely give you and your friends a hauntingly-good time.

Additionally, you can also pay tribute to the roots and origin of Galentine’s Day. To do this, binge-watch Parks and Recreation and make sure to watch the second season’s 16th episode, Galentine’s Day. Doing so will help you commemorate Leslie Knope’s invention of the event. It will also celebrate your friendship and help you make new memories, as well.


Cool Off With Karaoke

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Let’s face it, not all of us can belt out high-pitched songs as effortlessly as Ariana Grande. Still, singing at the top of your lungs can be a fun activity for you. So, try cooling off with karaoke on Galentine’s Day alone or with your best friends. With upbeat songs, your karaoke session can instantly turn into a fun dance party. Singing sentimental songs about friendship can also express your gratitude for your pals in the most endearing way. If you happen to go off-pitch or forget some lyrics, fret not! You’re surrounded by the people who know you best and accept you for who you are, after all.


Bake Some Treats

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True enough, indulging in pastries and sweets can make any Galentine’s Day celebration even more exciting. While there’s always the option to just order or take out some baked goodies, making your own will surely be a treat, too. You can look up breakfast desserts that you can whip up during a brunch celebration for the day. Moreover, you might want to go extra and make a Leslie Knope-inspired cake that will surely turn out to be the highlight of your Galentine’s celebration.

While sugary treats may already provide happiness due to their deliciousness, they can also bring you and your friends together. A simple get-together in the kitchen while you catch up will surely roll in laughter and smiles. Learning how to use Zoom can also be handy knowledge if you wish to celebrate with your pals who are in other parts of the world. Baking as you exchange stories or gossip online will surely strengthen your bond. Indeed, you may be miles apart—but you can always be close at heart. 


Have a Fancy Dinner

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Who said fancy dinners are only for couples holidays? This February 13th, go all out with your Galentine’s celebration by preparing and indulging in a lavish feast. To make your belly and heart happy, try serving the best Thanksgiving recipes that are perfect for any occasion. Indeed, there’s no better way to commemorate your friendship than with a turkey leg in hand and a hearty serving of casserole.

If you wish to try distinct yet delicious recipes, you can also serve Mediterranean food. Not only are they mouth-watering, they are also perfect for people who are on a keto diet. They provide various nutrient and health benefits as well. Did we mention that Mediterranean food goes well with wine, too? So, go ahead and practice making a fancy table setting fit for your lavish dinner plans for Galentine’s Day.


Pamper Day for Everyone

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Without a doubt, there are many happily-single people who simply brush off Valentine’s Day celebrations. However, there are also others who may just be the counterpart of The Grinch hating Christmas when it comes to despising the day of romance. Long, cheesy Valentine’s posts online can easily irk the ones who recently had their hearts broken. For some, just seeing heart-shaped balloons and Cupid in a diaper are enough to scorn over the holiday.

Due to these reasons, celebrating Galentine’s Day may bring more pressure than fun. To prepare yourself for the icky romance on February 14, why not have a pamper day with your female friends the day before? This way, you can just enjoy each other’s presence as you do various self care activities. Painting your nails, indulging in delectable treats, and tending your hair can make for a relaxing Galentine’s party. You can also splurge on bath bombs or expensive products to have the ultimate spa experience at home.


Eat Brunch With Your Gal Pals

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On February 13th, why not skip the hangover (and chance of growing even bigger eye bags) by throwing a Galentine’s day party in the morning? Celebrating with your gal pals will surely be a blast by eating hearty brunch food together. If waking up early is not right up your alley, you can still try having delectable brunch recipes at any time of the day.

To make your brunch get-together even more special, try celebrating using your comfiest pajamas. You can also make some time to prepare your own food such as oatmeal pancakes, bacon and eggs, and blueberry waffles. Keep your health-conscious friends in the loop by serving a healthy green salad and some guilt-free dessert. A glass of wine or two won’t hurt either. Don’t be scared to go all out—it’s Galentine’s Day, after all!


Awesome Galentine’s Day Gifts

Galentine’s Day Cards

On February 13th, make Galentine’s Day a National I Love You Day by expressing your love through making sweet greeting cards. You can visit a nearby store or browse through online shops to find the perfect card for your best friend. There are lots of ready-made cards that you can choose from. Those which have sentimental, meaningful messages can express your gratitude and love for your pals. On another note, witty friendship cards could also make your friends smile or chuckle. This way, you can also remind them of how they always light up your day, as well.

If you have the time, you can also opt for creating a DIY greeting card. You can get inspired by looking up Galentine’s Day quotes on female friendship and ties. Crafting cards with personalized touches that reflect your memories together can also make your friends happy. Don’t stress too much about doing it perfectly because it’s always the thought that counts. The mere fact that you exerted effort and did your best will surely be more than enough for your best friends to know how special they are for you.


Flowers or Plants

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Who said flowers are only for Valentine’s Day? Without a doubt, flowers are fit for any occasion and can make your celebration even better. Not only do they smell or look beautiful, they also never fail to make anyone smile. This Galentine’s Day, take the extra mile to remind your friends that they are loved by sending them flowers. You can hand pick flowers from your garden to create a DIY floral arrangement. Moreover, you can buy bouquets of fall flowers that would align with your pal’s tastes.

If you happen to know someone who loves tending plants, giving them indoor plants to add to their collection will truly make them happy. A small cactus could be a witty way to represent the toughness and independence of single people celebrating Galentine’s Day. Moreover, striking African Violets can bring color into your friend’s home (and day), too.



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Valentine’s Day may be an enjoyable day of romance, but it could be tough on some people. Indeed, remembering the celebration of holidays for couples while you’re single could bring you down. For those who were just broken up with or had their hearts broken, Valentine’s Day could remind them of such instances. Fortunately, you can make sure your pal is celebrating the best day on February 13th by giving them a drink worthy of the occasion. Indeed, drinking some booze may be optional, but it’s a popular way to stay in line with Galentine’s Day traditions. 

If you have the budget, you can try availing and giving a glass of bubbly champagne. This luxurious gift can be a fancy way of showing your appreciation for your gal pals. Of course, opting for cheaper drink options could still express the same love that you wish to evoke. A glass of wine to go with their dinner could definitely make their day even better. Never underestimate the ability of a six-pack beer, as well. This is the perfect choice for those who know what their friends’ favorite drinks are. College buddies could also enjoy having a taste of their younger days, reliving the memories associated with these drinks.

For your friends who don’t enjoy liquor, opting for alcohol-free drinks is undoubtedly the way to go. You can try giving them some mocktail mixes or an order of their favorite bubble tea drink. While you’re at it, giving a personalized glass or mug to go with their drink could do wonders. You can also provide some matchy shot glasses that you can use every Galentine’s Day as a tradition.


Care Package

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If you’re not that good with words, crafting a sentimental card or a sweet message could be tough for you. Still, there are many other ways for you to let your best friends know that you care. Take advantage of Galentine’s Day to express your love for them by putting together a care package—because couples aren’t the only ones who can give cheesy gifts, right?

You can customize and create a care package that’s perfect for your best friend in different ways. For chic girls, adding accessories that align with Galentine’s Day could be perfect. You can give some heart-shaped earrings to commemorate the holiday. Quirky, waffle-designed necklaces can also be Leslie Knope­-approved presents. Cosmetic products such as lip gloss or eyeshadow palettes also make for a great way to make your gal pals feel dolled-up on Galentine’s Day.

For your buddy with a sweet tooth, you can add more sweetness to your care package by including chocolates or candies. Baking your own cookies or cupcakes could also make your Galentines feel special. Indeed, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating a care package for your best pals. Aside from your effort in putting together special items, they will also appreciate your goal of making them feel appreciated on Galentine’s Day.


Thoughtful Message

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It’s not every day that we get to spend time with our friends in person. Indeed, most of us live busy lives and have lots of responsibilities to attend to. Still, the trust and love between true friends are not easily wavered. There are still many ways you can spend Galentine’s Day even in simple yet meaningful gestures.

For one, you can always send a sweet, thoughtful message through text or online to your best friends on February 13. Indeed, nothing beats a message containing words of love and gratitude from a person we care about. Stay true to your feelings as you pour your heart out to keep your message genuine and sweet. For sure, your gal pals will cherish every word.

Sending funny memes along with your message could also do wonders in making them feel joy. You can look for funny pictures that are related to your memories or inside jokes. On the other hand, you can also try sending memes that align with Galentine’s Day. This way, you can both commemorate the holiday while achieving your goal of making them smile or laugh. For friends who simply despise the day of hearts, try tickling their funny bone with the best Valentine’s Day memes, as well.

Notably, there is no best way when it comes to expressing one’s appreciation for friends. The mere thought of making an effort in reaching out and letting them know you care for them is more than enough.


Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, Galentine’s Day is a great holiday that allows us to shower our most precious friends with appreciation. Through a fun gathering or giving of meaningful presents, this day can be made even more special. Moreover, a simple thank you message already goes a long way in acknowledging and appreciating your friends’ great existence in your life.

Do keep in mind to express your gratefulness and love for your friends every single day—regardless of the date or time of the year. Just like with romantic ties or any other relationship, remember that friendships will also require love, commitment, and above all—respect. Only with these qualities can you cultivate a friendship that will stand through the test of time.