50 Best Valentine’s Day Memes For Everyone, Including Singles

valentine's day memes

Valentine’s Day memes can make your day, whether you’re single or coupled up. Indeed, the day of hearts can also be a celebration filled with cheer through the best memes on love, relationships, and all things cheesy.

If you’re hoping to woo your crush, you can make your way to their heart through some sense of humor and Valentine jokes. On another note, sending delightful memes to your partner can make them fall in love all over again. Spending Valentine’s Day while you’re single is also not a problem. With funny memes about life and love, you can instantly make your celebration even more worthwhile.

Reel in laughter on the day of romance with these hilarious memes and endearing pictures.


Funny Single Valentine’s Day Memes

Who said Valentine’s Day memes are only for couples? Without a doubt, the holiday brings about valentine memes that feature both romantic and casual relationships. Still, there are lots of single memes that convey relatable themes for single people. More often than not, super funny memes on life and experiences of singles are among the trending topics during the day of hearts.

Like some people, you might be unbothered with Valentine’s Day and the least of your worries is spending the holiday without a date. Indeed, you can always choose to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your best pals instead. On the other hand, the day of romance can also get you in the blues—leaving you to commemorate February 14 as Singles Awareness Day instead. Call it what you want and more so, celebrate the day however you wish. When it comes to this holiday, you always get to call the shots.

However you’re feeling towards the day of hearts, these single on Valentine’s Day memes can instantly bring a smile on your face:


Oh, To Be Held

It took me 2 minutes to make this meme for ppl with no valentine from MadeMeSmile

People generally know Valentine’s Day as the time to celebrate romantic love. Due to this, single people can’t help but feel forlorn when the holiday comes. This lonely meme features the sadness attached to one’s yearning to be held and loved. While it could initially come across as a picture that aims to mock single folks, it could also provide solace. Indeed, the idea of being held and safe—even just by a seatbelt—can bring anyone comfort.


Clear As Day

from valentinesmemes

Been single for quite some time? This might just be the funniest meme that you could relate to. Some people who haven’t dated for what could seem like forever simply can’t help but wish to have some admirers. When Valentine’s Day comes around, the pressure becomes even more intense—to the point that maybe you’re wondering whether to reach out to your toxic ex (please don’t).

Still, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be independent and hoping to thrive on your own. The list of suitors may comprise a few, or some that just aren’t your type. Keep in mind that your family, friends, and even your furry best friends still love everything about you.


Worst Loss

Asking out from valentinesmemes

Alright, now, this one just stings. We’d take losing multiple Uno games over trying our luck with getting rejected any day.


Splurging Problems

it’s a Pun… from valentinesmemes

Gru of Despicable Me might just have a diabolical plan here that doesn’t necessarily involve stealing the moon—a plan to break your heart, that is! If you’re celebrating the day of romance as a single person, you can take comfort knowing that you don’t have to spend too much on gifts for someone. Still, the thought of not experiencing the thrill of planning romantic gestures or receiving tokens of appreciation can bring you down. This funny meme captures both the joy and sadness from not being able to splurge on Valentine’s Day.

Nevertheless, you can always practice self care and treat yourself instead. This February 14, don’t hold back on all the sugar that you crave or the plushies you wish to add to your collection. You deserve it all.


Two Moods

valentine's day memes for singles
Posted by @introverts.cafe on Instagram

Zooey Deschanel as Jessica Day in New Girl is truly a relatable icon. Whether or not you’re also going through a break-up like Jessica in the sitcom, you can find this hilarious meme to speak to you on an emotional level—especially if you’re single on Valentine’s Day. Share this picture with your single friends and get a feel of how each one of you is feeling on the day of hearts.


Dwight is Always Right

the office meme
Posted by @the_office_antics on Instagram

This funny meme features Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute in The Office. Dwight might just be on to something with this iconic line. If you can relate to him when it comes to making reservations in advance for the sake of saving money, you might find this meme to be even funnier. Even more, you can take Dwight’s advice just in case your plans are put to waste.


Consistency is Key

snapchat meme
Posted by @meme_0_supreme on Instagram

If you’re an avid user of Snapchat, you might notice just how consistently the company sends greetings on Valentine’s Day and other holidays as well. Valentine’s Day memes such as this one can give you solace in worrying over receiving a cute message on the day of romance. Better than nothing, right?


Unconditional Friendship

Made with depression from valentinesmemes

This is one of the most endearing Valentine’s day memes for friends who are still single. Sending presents on the day of romance is usually known to be a staple among lovers or partners. However, love comes in all forms and manifests even in friendships. This wholesome meme serves as a reminder of unconditional kindness and appreciation between pals, no matter their status or even unrequited romantic feelings.


So Realistic

Simon, bring the cigs from dankmemes

Ah yes, the holiday that reminds us every year just how single we are. This funny meme exhibits a twist in virtual reality by showing the awful truth of being alone on Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, VR headsets can cover up the tears streaming down your face.


All is Well

😢😢😢sadboi from valentinesmemes

Being single on Valentine’s Day may have its perks. There won’t be a need to splurge so much on a date or a gift. As a bonus, you won’t need to make a fuss about making yourself look great. Yes, honey, spend the day in your comfiest pajamas and skip the razor for now—no one will mind.

However, seeing couples post cheesy pictures or exchange cute gifts can make the void in us grow. If you miss lovey-dovey stuff, you might end up pretending you’re okay with spending Valentine’s Day alone. This hilarious meme conveys the feeling of single people who experience the same thing.


Jelly of Milk

This is so sad, my milk has a Valentine’s Day date and I don’t. 😯 from valentinesmemes

Who would’ve thought we’d get envious of a milk bottle? If you’re feeling alone on Valentine’s Day, have a good laugh with this hilarious meme. While you’re at it, chug some of that good stuff (or some wine) for a good time.



No, I don’t have a Valentine myself. I make memes – what did you expect? from dankmemes

Now, there’s some comfort every single person needs. Keep in mind that your Valentine celebration’s fun does not solely rely on whether or not you have someone to spend it with. In fact, commemorating the holiday with something special might just be more amazing—whether it’s in the form of a great romantic film or the sweetest chocolates you crave.



Just because no one else loves you, doesn’t mean you can’t still love yourself. from valentinesmemes

Just because you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone, doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. Whip out your mood candles, have a slice of cake, and indulge in a dinner date for one. If you want some company, you can also invite your pals over. Being single isn’t so bad, eh?


Now, That’s Magic

Best Harry Potter Memes | Valentines Meme from desimemes

Learning your crush is still single can make anyone as happy as Harry Potter during a Quidditch game. This funny meme depicting the young Harry Potter cast member, Daniel Radcliffe, exhibits the joy of learning you can still take a shot at asking your crush out. Actually asking them on a date is another thing, though. Indeed, you might need some Felix Felicis or a lucky potion for that.


Funny Anti Valentine’s Day Memes

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day can be too overrated for some of us. It can easily get annoying, what with the repetitive lovey-dovey tunes that hoard radio plays during Valentine’s week and seem to follow us everywhere we go. Moreover, romantic movies never fail to show just how absurdly alone and painfully single you are.

No matter the case, the funniest memes of all time can instantly give you a good laugh. Maybe a witty Valentine’s Day joke is simply all you need to take your mind off of Cupid and all the other mushy stuff that irks you. We got you covered with these funny Valentine’s Day memes that can make the Valentine Grinch in you a tiny bit happier:


Fun Fact

Valentine’s day related big bang theory meme from bigbangtheory

Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory said it best: love is not in the air (duh!). This hilarious meme is not only for those who are oblivious to romantic lines. It can also make the anti-Valentine’s Day folks laugh out loud. If you find or receive yet another cheesy message about the day of hearts, try to put a stop to it by sending them this meme. Doing so will surely let them know that you simply can’t stand lovey-dovey things at all.


That’s The Plan

funny valentine's day memes
Posted by @bareburger on Instagram

We can all agree that being dateless is okay, especially if you have burgers as company. Two sandwiches (and some sides) for one, please!


Constant Back Pain

The only thing I get for Valentine’s Day is constant back pain from valentinesmemes

For Valentine’s Day (or any other day), maybe all you’re wishing to receive are medications for back pain. Indeed, many of us have first-hand experiences with this condition that makes our everyday-living difficult. The worst part? We won’t get to experience a couple’s massage or be taken care of by someone else like others do. Talk about unfair.

Still, we hope your back pain eases soon. While it may be unavoidable sometimes, may this Valentine’s meme at least make you feel more cheerful.


Call That Sabotage

An uninteresting title from valentinesmemes

Who said Valentine’s Day memes can’t be inspiring? This hilarious meme simply begs to differ. If you’ve had it with the romantic stuff or the annoyance from spending Valentine’s Day alone, maybe the idea of ruining the day for others has crossed your mind. Well, we can’t blame you.

Whether or not Josh Weller has actually done this plan, the thought alone can make all the anti-Valentine’s Day folks roll on the floor and snicker in excitement.


Nut for the Hut

Posted by u/CH-Awesomeness on Reddit

While acquiring your crush’s phone number is a dreamy thought on its own, some of us just really wish to have some great pizza for dinner. As the popular saying goes, pizza can never break your heart. Now, that’s a must-have Valentine’s celebration.


Way Too Loud

anti valentine's day memes
Posted by @ccbb.tr on Instagram

We get it, you’re in love! This one goes out to the people who just can’t stand seeing lovey-dovey posts on Valentine’s Day. Just know, we’re rolling our eyes with you.



hilarious valentine's day memes
Posted by @fuckrishtas on Instagram

If you simply don’t enjoy Valentine’s day celebrations, you might have also developed a mentality towards coping with the holiday. For one, you might be handling the day of romance alone like a pro. Spread the wisdom to all single folks you know with this hilarious Valentine’s Day meme.


Dirty Valentine’s Day Memes

Just like many people, your Valentine’s Day ideas may also include some sensual love-making. It is the day of love and romance, after all. With a good meme, you can make your person of interest or your partner laugh. Even more, they might even find your good sense of humor irresistibly sexy.

With sexy Valentine’s Day memes, you can make or break your potential steamy date for the day of romance. If you think you’ve reached the point where you and your partner are comfortable with exchanging naughty memes, then by all means, do the first move in setting the sensual mood already. For those who have been coupled up for some time, sending naughty Valentine’s Day memes can help bring back the sparks in your relationship. If you’re happily single, dirty memes on love and sex can also bring you to a climax of laughter and fun.

Some of the funny Valentine’s Day quotes and pictures on the internet include:


Laugh Out Loud, Boy

Happy Valentines Day! Here’s a Cork Tree meme to celebrate from FallOutBoy

Instead of a snug Bernie Sanders, the picture of Fall Out Boy vocalist, Patrick Stump, is attached to make the crossover we didn’t think we needed. For any FOB fans out there, this might just be the best meme for you. The line, “friction in your jeans”, is a lyric from the band’s famous 2005 track, “Sugar We’re Goin Down.” Similarly, if you wish to be intimate with someone on the day of romance, this funny meme can help you with that.


Safety First

Medical shop owners on Valentines day funny indian memes from failgags

Shoutout to those who practice safe sex – this one is for you! When Valentine’s Day is mentioned, one of the first things that come to mind is love-making. Of course, this is tied with the day of romance and passion. With that said, the thought of shops and stores getting more sales on condoms and other birth control products during Valentine’s Day could make you giggle. One could only wonder how they feel towards the increase of sales on these items. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?


Bluer Than Blue

Yups in Jim from valentinesmemes

Cue Michael Johnsons’ “Bluer Than Blue” track here. If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day alone, you might fall short on sensual loving. Talk about blue balls, right? Hopefully, this Valentine’s Day meme has at least cheered you up. If you happen to know someone who might relate to this funny picture, you can also try having a good laugh by sharing this meme with them.


Spicy Picture

I asked for a "spicy" picture of my gf. got this instead from funny

Valentine’s Day memes for couples won’t be complete without something nude-related. When your significant other asks for a “spicy” picture of you and you’re out of ideas of how to take the perfect picture, this hilarious meme can help you out. By taking inspiration from this meme, you can definitely make them start ROFL.


Couple Memes

Funny relationship memes are among the online favorites that people who flock to social media love to share. Indeed, various love life memes reflect the cute and romantic aspects of relationships that people enjoy. Funny love memes also feature similar true-to-life experiences that many couples can relate to.

On the day of hearts, romantic memes for that special someone also make the holiday even more amazing. Some of these can tickle your partner’s tickle bone through their witty puns and punchlines. On another note, sweet memes can also serve as a sure-fire way for you to reignite the romance.


So Soft

Found this one from valentinesmemes

Love can make us feel many beautiful things but most of all, it makes us feel all warm inside. Indeed, having someone who constantly showers you with appreciation and love can make us feel like this adorable, sunbathed puppy. If you wish to let your partner know how much they mean to you, sending this happy Valentine’s day meme of love can truly do wonders.


Panic Mode: On

This wasn’t expected to happen from valentinesmemes

Finally getting a date can get your head in the clouds. But, with the excitement comes the panic as well. Indeed, many can relate to not having a date perfectly planned before asking someone out just because of the possibility of getting rejected.

If you’ve already watched Bandersnatch, you might find this meme even funnier. This 2018 sci-fi movie is a part of the Black Mirror series and is currently one of the best movies on Netflix. Just like Stefan Butler, the character that Fionn Whitehead portrayed in Bandersnatch, you might feel like you can’t develop a game well just because you haven’t completed it. Don’t worry too much, though. You can always try out various date ideas to woo your partner on Valentine’s Day.


Important Announcement

cat meme
Posted by @wholesomehumanbeing on Instagram

Bet you weren’t expecting the sweet twist of this good meme, huh? Let your sweetheart know they have your heart by sharing this adorable cat picture.


The Bae-st

Got another from valentinesmemes

Aside from physical intimacy, deep conversations are also among the best parts of a relationship. On the day of romance, take the time to have a heart-to-heart talk with your partner to strengthen your connection. Sending this meme could make them understand just how giddy and soft they make you feel.


That’s More Like It

wholesome valentine's day memes
Posted by @sam.e.memes on Instagram

Need a unique Valentine’s Day present for your partner? This great meme has got you covered with that. Indeed, you can never go wrong with some chicken nuggets and some delicious sauce.



romantic valentine's day memes
Posted by @wholesomehumanbeing on Instagram

While some people date for fun, committed couples find comfort in knowing that they both wish to spend their life with each other. Valentine’s Day memes such as this one exhibit the feeling of wanting to be someone’s endgame. The day of romance is the perfect time to express your goal of growing old with your S.O. Send this adorable meme to let them know of your dream to marry them and be their lifelong partner.


Is For Me?

Blushing Emoji "is for me?" (High Definition recreation) (1624x1624px) from MemeRestoration

It’s always great to receive gifts, especially from your significant other. Sending this meme to them can help you hint at the things you wish to receive. At the same time, it’s a great way to act cute. For the cherry on top, say “I love you” and you get the irresistible formula to make them have heart-eyes for you.


Happy Valentine’s Day Memes for Her

If expressing your feelings is not your strong suit, memes about love can help you pour your heart out without feeling too awkward or shy. This Valentine’s Day, you might be eyeing that cutie who you can’t help but fall in love with. If not, maybe you’re thinking of ways to make your sweetheart blush. Fret not! Cute love memes are always reliable options when it comes to impressing or flattering the one you love.

However, trying to find the best cute memes for her can be quite overwhelming. Indeed, there are just so many adorable pictures that you can send to make your special someone happy. To help you out, we wrapped up the cutest and funniest memes that can sure make that special girl in your life feel special:


The Chosen One

My girlfriend asked me to be her Valentine today with this present and all I could think of was this low effort meme from PrequelMemes

What could be better than a Star Wars valentine meme? This funny picture featuring Ewan McGregor is possibly one of the most hilarious and adorable memes online. Star Wars fans can agree that receiving an awesome Lego set such as this one is enough to know if your partner is the one. Similarly, if your girlfriend or spouse has shown support for your Star Wars passion, then this meme could make them feel touched.


Only You

You from valentinesmemes

No matter how long your relationship with someone has been going, reassurance is still an essential part of keeping your connection healthy and strong. With an adorable meme, you can ensure that your significant other knows that you are always there for her. This Valentine’s Day, get your cheesy side going by sharing this simple yet absolutely sweet picture to the special girl in your life.


The Most Beautiful

This hits close to home from valentinesmemes

Being appreciated is always such a nice feeling. More than receiving compliments, the thought of someone making an effort in making you feel special truly touches the heart. If you want to woo your crush, sending this can make them giggle with your adorable gesture. Do make sure you’re close enough to share this or else you’ll just come off as a creep, though. On another note, sharing this Valentine’s Day meme with your partner can easily make their holiday even more fun.


Too Good To Be Gru

it isn’t Valentine’s Day but who cares posting this dead meme from memes

Sometimes, the mere thought of having a conversation with the girl you like is enough to make your head spin. If you also happen to receive a message from them on Valentine’s Day, it might make for a great opportunity to ask them out. Send this funny meme right after your crush messages you so you can hint at your true feelings for her.


Beauty Spotted!

Sniffy sniff from valentinesmemes

Do you wish to make her day? Let her know she’s absolutely lovely with this adorable meme. You might also want to set this aside even after the day of romance has passed. Should they have days when they don’t feel like their best selves, this meme can help make them smile and remember your appreciation for them.


Steady Heartbeat: Not Found

Valentine day meme(even though im lonely af) from memes

Most girls are not all that hard to impress. In fact, there won’t be a need to spend on flowers or chocolates when you have cute memes for her such as this one. Letting her know how your heart races when she smiles can certainly sweep her off her feet.


Funny Valentine’s Day Memes for Him

Many people would agree that finding the perfect Valentine gift for your boyfriend is one of the toughest things in the world. Whether he’s too picky or just not fond of articulating what he wants, he still deserves some love on Valentine’s Day. Finding a token of appreciation or meaningful present can be quite challenging. However, you can always try sharing a Valentine meme that can instantly make them understand how much they make you feel happy and appreciated. Happiness and love are among the best gifts in the world, after all.

Valentine’s Day memes can certainly make your man laugh out loud or blush. Whether it’s a green joke or a sweet and witty pun, these memes offer so much to make him have a great Valentine’s Day:


All For You

For you from valentinesmemes

Who says men can’t receive romantic memes? Although people generally perceive men as distant or non-expressive, they could certainly do with some sweet gestures, too. Everyone truly deserves some appreciation so make sure your special someone knows you love them by sending this good meme this Valentine’s Day.


Infinite Reasons

He’s made my list from valentinesmemes

Make every day a day of romance with some Valentine’s Day memes such as this one. Although a token of appreciation can be enough in expressing your love, a thoughtful meme can certainly make your special someone’s heart flutter, too. With this adorable World Wrestling Entertainment meme, the wittiness and sweetness can both help you achieve your goal of making that special boy in your life feel loved.


All Day, Every Day

Thanks for making the subreddit of my dreams from valentinesmemes

Barnacles! Did you forget to buy your boyfriend or husband a Valentine’s present this year? Maybe you’re just too preoccupied with other duties that you simply don’t have time to snatch the perfect gift. Aside from material things, you can try to send along adorable memes to your dearly beloved.

If your special someone is a big fan of SpongeBob Squarepants, he will certainly enjoy this delightful meme. With this, you can also mention how much you love them more than Mr. Krabs loves money.


Now, That’s Fire!

valentine's day memes for her
Posted by @fockinuwumemes on Instagram

Your boyfriend or husband will certainly appreciate the reassurance that you still find them attractive, no matter how long you’ve been together. Valentine’s Day memes such as this one can help you remind him just how hot and alluring he is for you.


Cute and Silly Memes for the Lovestruck

When we’re in love, we simply can’t resist love songs that convey our attraction for a crush or our partner. Indeed, being head over heels can make you wish that you can express your admiration right away. However, it is not always that easy to confess feelings to a person of interest. For couples who have been together for a while, finding ways to still sweep your partner off their feet can also be quite challenging.

Keep in mind that there are many ways for you to solve such worries. For one, you can always send an in love meme. This can help you hint or utterly express the admiration and love you feel for them. If you’re coupled up, sharing funny love memes can also bring the magic and spark back into your relationship.

If you’re stuck in a romantic trance, here are some of the best memes for you:


Caught Only Love

this sub is cute from valentinesmemes

We just can’t get enough of romantic memes that express love and wonder. In particular, this sweet picture is inspired by one of the best Switch games—making it perfect for every avid gamer. It gave the well-recognized Animal Crossing New Horizons fishing game a twist. Instead of catching a fish, the pun exhibiting catching feelings was well executed. Indeed, finding unconditional love remains to be rarer than acquiring a Coelacanth.

Share this meme with your special someone to let them know that although there may be other fish in the sea, they’re the only one you wish to love and be with.


So Accurate, It Hurts (Good)

Accurate pie chart from valentinesmemes

Someone who loves organization as much as Monica Geller from Friends or Amy Santiago from Brooklyn Nine-Nine might find this meme almost equally delightful. While pie charts are already satisfying to look at, giving them a romantic flair makes them all the more exciting. This thinking of you meme just screams Valentine’s Day with its red and pink hearts, and of course, its sweet message. Confessing your love and admiration for someone with this meme can do wonders in getting your message across.

Must Fight The Feeling

Hello there from valentinesmemes

Similar to when we’re drunk with alcohol, being drunk in love can also make it hard for us to stop ourselves from expressing our true feelings. Those who simply can’t resist saying “I love you” to the love of their life can truly relate to this great meme. If you know someone who’s intensely and irrevocably lovestruck, try sending them this. Doing so can maybe help ease the butterflies in their stomachs and replace it with some hearty laughs instead.


Source of Joy

Meow_irl from MEOW_IRL

Love is not all laughs and rainbows. There are instances when we can experience sadness and pain due to difficulties we might encounter along the way. When we’re in love, seeing the person we care for can hurt a lot, too. To help comfort them and ease their loneliness, try sending this good meme that expresses your utmost care for them.


Please Let Me In

Oc Valentine’s meme (fixxed) (im an idiot lol) from Memes_Of_The_Dank

Many people who have had a crush before may be familiar with the strong yearning to have their feelings reciprocated. Valentine’s Day memes such as this one convey the feeling that comes with having feelings for someone. This meme also features unrequited love in a hilarious yet relatable way.


Valentine’s Day Memes Cards

Aside from planning romantic dates, people also put some effort into preparing meaningful gifts to send to their loved ones. Among the unique and sweet gestures you can do is sending sweet Valentine’s cards. Thanks to technology and the overflowing Valentine’s Day content on the internet, you can share funny valentine quotes and messages online. These will cost you time, but they will certainly let you reap a happy, fulfilling feeling.

Make your loved ones know you’re thinking of them this Valentine’s Day with these best meme cards:


Head Ogre Heels

Tehe from valentinesmemes

Shrek may just be one of the best films by Dreamworks Animation. Even more so, the movie exhibited unconditional love that people must commemorate on the day of romance. If your crush or significant other loves Shrek as much as the green ogre loves his swamp, share this good meme to make their day. Doing so will surely paint a big smile on their face.


Yeezy Peasy

I feel it from valentinesmemes

This Kanye West card is certainly the best meme gift you can share with a Yeezy fan. With an added The Lion King twist, this picture offers even more fun and laughter.


Yoda One

valentine's day memes cards
Posted by @pure_wholesomeness on Instagram

If there’s anything more adorable than baby Yoda from The Mandalorian, it’s this Valentine’s Day meme. Let your S.O. know they’re your one and only with this endearing card.


Final Thoughts

While there are funny Christmas memes that lift people’s holiday spirits and hilarious Halloween memes for things that go bump in the night, Valentine’s Day memes also make the lovey-dovey festivities even more worthwhile. Hilarious and weird memes can instantly tickle our funny bones, bringing joy and laughter into the day of romance. More importantly, adorable memes about love can help remind our dear ones just how special they are. With some witty puns and a whole lot of love, the day of romance can truly be a day for unconditional happiness.