Best 45 Funny Halloween Memes to Make You Die Laughing

Best Halloween Memes

Halloween memes for the spooky season? Count us in! While October is mostly associated with all things spine-tingling, there is always more room for laughs — and the internet’s dark humor memes are legendary when it comes to these things. Since the season started, we have been collecting some funny memes cooked up by the creative ghouls of the interwebs.

So whether you’re into tricks or treats, we have a bunch of October memes here that are sure to tickle your funny bones.


What are Memes?

It is likely that you’ve come across silly memes before and perhaps even shared one without knowing what it actually is. If you’ve seen a funny photo or video online, especially one that has gone viral, that is what your basic meme is.

Pronounced as MEEM, these are content shared through different social media platforms. They often relate to internet culture and its subcultures. It might seem like nonsense to some, but a funny meme can also carry symbolic meaning and represent a phenomenon unique to that particular point in time. In this case, it’s Halloween.

With most of us staying at home and foregoing trick or treating this season, finding humor in our current situation is important. How does one celebrate without all the usual traditions? These should help ease the doom and gloom.


Pumpkin Spice Meme

Aside from your usual Halloween memes, pumpkin spice-related humor is also among the most popular. If you’re wondering what’s so funny about this seasonal drink, then you’d be surprised by all the creative twists the internet has given.

You can’t consider yourself a true autumn lover if you’re not familiar with this particular subgenre of funny Halloween memes. Curious? Check out our list below.


It Be Like That Sometimes

When the pumpkin spice finally hits...
Screenshot from aloomemes

Fans of this seasonal drink will agree: it can get pretty darn addictive. Just make sure you don’t try this one at home. Snorting cinnamon spice powder is the last thing you would ever want to do—no matter how much you love it.


One of Those Offensive Halloween Memes, But Only if You’re A Karen

Offensive Only to Karens
Screenshot from lordgabagool

Call this one meme-ception. The term Karen, as you might know, originated from a meme and pertains to a particular type of entitled woman who has made a habit out of wanting to “speak to the manager.” Add pumpkin spice on top of that and you have an entirely new monster in your hands!


They Aren’t Called “Pumpkin Spice Tribe” For Nothing!

The Pumpkin Spice Tribe
Screenshot from pumpkinspicetribe

We hate to stereotype, but we’re sure even the “tribe” will agree with this one. Close your eyes and you can almost see them walking around in their Christian Girl Autumn best, with a pumpkin spice latte in one hand.


Spice Girls, But Extra Spicy

Spice Girls and Pumpkin Spice
Screenshot from sabrina_kay8

One of these spices isn’t like the others. Pumpkin spice is hard to miss with her chunky scarf, black tights, and super comfy Ugg boots. Just don’t mistake her for a Karen, because they are often two very different concepts.


Pumpkin Spice GF Memes Multiplied by Four

Pumpkin spice GF memes
Screenshot from stupidshitdankmemes

If you’ve ever wondered what a pumpkin spice tribe might look like, this is an accurate representation. From their tousled hair, down to their chunky boots!


Halloween Movie Memes

What are some of your favorite Halloween movies? There are many classics that we always go back to during the season. Some of the best Halloween movies include Beetlejuice, The Addams Family, and The Witches. Then there are nostalgic ones like HalloweenTown, Practical Magic, and Harry Potter. Make sure you don’t miss out on horror greats such as Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Child’s Play, either!

When it comes to the best Halloween memes, however, nothing is sacred. Even the worst nightmare fuels can be turned into something hilarious once the internet gets its paws on it. Don’t believe us? Just check out some of these horror classic memes!


Take it From Freddy And Keep On Dreaming

Freddy Krueger says dream on!
Screenshot from quiteunusualpod

If you’ve ever needed a motivational meme to get you through the week, have this one. Would you really want to go back to bed knowing Freddy might be waiting for you in your dreams? No, thank you.


Silly Memes Say A Lot When you’re Stuck at Home During Halloween

Halloween is not cancelled!
Screenshot from mothersinlawofficial

Unable to attend Halloween parties this year? Don’t fret. Change out of your dusty ole pajamas, grab some snacks, and take your pick from some of the best horror movies on Netflix.


Halloween Spirit, But Make it Michael Myers:

Michael Myers is the spirit of Halloween
Screenshot from halloween.obsessed

This is what waking up to crisp autumn air feels like, knowing you have an entire month to be freely creepy without it being frowned upon. Well, mostly.


October Memes? You Can’t Leave Out The Addams Family!

Everyday is Halloween if you're an Addams
Screenshot from grimeshorror

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky. They’re altogether ooky—every single month of the year. Who wouldn’t want to live like that?


This One From Hereditary Will Really Make Your Head Spin:

Hereditary memes
Screenshot from mememachiiine.exe

Hereditary is a horror film in the same league as Stephen King movies, such as The Shining. It’ll leave you guessing until the very end, so try not to lose your head!


Mean Girls Are Some of The Scariest Creatures During Spooky Season:


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What was your favorite Halloween costume of all time? Tell us in the comments below 🎃⤵️ (✏️: @beckkaminsk)

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Scary or sexy? These seem to be the only two choices for women during Halloween. Luckily, we can be both at the same time.


Funny Wednesday Memes Are A Classic:

Funny Wednesday Addams memes
Screenshot from tankipink

Are you the Wednesday Addams in your group of friends? Here’s a meme that will surely speak to your dark, dark soul.


Does Halloween Bring Out Your Bad Witch Memes, Too?

The Witches meme
Screenshot from thespookybitch.thecoven

For those who are witchy with a side of petty, this one’s for you. It’s Halloween — feel free to live a little (unless you’re already dead, that is)!


Beetlejuice Giving Us A Lesson On Needs Vs. Wants:

Beetlejuice memes
Screenshot from itsfrgnbats

Halloween decorations these days can cost you an arm and a leg. So, which one do you need most?


The One Unforgivable Sin According to Morticia Addams


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A post shared by Halloween Harlot (@witchesjubilance) on

Morticia Addams had been practicing minimalism long before it even became a trend. One dress and one color for everything? She is the blueprint.


Ghost Memes:

The season will not be complete without cute Halloween memes featuring our favorite ghosties. No, we’re not talking about that person who suddenly stopped hitting you up just when you thought you got something good going. We do have a few scary Halloween pictures you can send them the next time those “ghosts” show up in your life. Take your pick from these dark humor memes we have collected!


Ever Wonder Why Your Cat Keeps Staring At The Wall?


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Cat owners can certainly relate with this one. It can be creepy when your feline friend starts staring at nothing. Should we go get the bug spray or the Holy Water instead?


GF Memes, But Make It Paranormal:


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Do you get ghosted often? Sorry, but an exorcist can’t help you with this one. We do suggest upping your game with these memes. They’re guaranteed to make your girl laugh!


Slide Into Someone’s DM’s With This Funny Meme:

If you start sending cute Halloween memes instead of corny pick-up lines, you might get yourself a ghoul-friend soon enough! Just make sure you check for a pulse, okay?


Personal Support Ghost Anyone?


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When the haunt-er, becomes the haunted. If you’re lucky, you might get your very own Casper. Though, we hope you don’t get so lonely that you’ll consider befriending a spectre.


Funny Halloween Memes Will Always Lift Up Your Spirit!

If you do get a little down during this season, just take this little ghost’s advice. You can go up or down as you wish — just make sure there’s no one else in the elevator with you!


When We Think Of Dank Halloween Memes, This Is What Comes To Mind:

This one’s for the dog-owners out there. Just give this adorable little puppy what it wants and nobody gets hurt. Unless what they want is your soul, then we suggest you run fast.


When The Spirit From The Ouija Board Just Wants A New Homie:


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Befriend your demons, they said. They won’t try and take your soul, they said. It’s all fun and games until night comes, and you find yourself hiding in a closet rethinking your life choices.


The Only Ghost Theory That Makes Sense:


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It’s not like we didn’t warn you in the previous meme. You can’t trust most other people. Did you really think you could trust a ghost? Awkward.


Naughty Halloween Memes That Just Might Get You Ghosted:


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Subtle? Definitely not. Most people love a good pun and while this one might be a little too suggestive, it makes up for that with cuteness!


We Still Think It’s The Ghosts, Manny.


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It’s a good thing Newton didn’t believe in ghosts. #laughwise

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It’s Halloween and we think gravity is just another word for, “The ghosts are messing with me… again.” Besides, you can’t see gravity like you can’t see ghosts. Who’s to say that only one of the two is responsible for it?


Halloween Memes – Caught on Video

Classic memes become even funnier when you can watch them unfold. From parents scaring their own children to awkward ghosts, we have some of the silliest, scariest, and most disturbing memes for you.


Not Funny Meme Or Just Your Average Playful Parent? You Decide:

We’re on the fence with this one. While it might seem hilarious as a concept, the terror-filled screams that followed were a little off-putting.


Scary Memes? We Only Know Jalla…. Jalla…. Jalla….


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Ghost hunting videos are a gold mine when it comes to meme-worthy clips. This one from Sarath and Vasu is bound to stick to your mind. Go on, don’t be scared. Click play!


The Ghost Was Just Playin’ With You, Bro!


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A post shared by T (@turnertwisting) on Oct 6, 2020 at 10:56am PDT

Anger is hardly the first reaction we’ll have if an unseen presence were to suddenly whisper in our ear and touch our leg. We can’t tell if this guy is just using bravado to cover up his fear, but we really hope the ghost was not traumatized by this experience.


Scared Meme? This Guy Can’t Relate


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A post shared by kaminapan_ (@kaminapan_with_binod) on

This guy seems like he’s seen just about everything and has zero fear. So the next time you spot a ghost, who you gonna call? Not the Ghostbusters. Get in touch with this man.


This One Is Filed Under: Disturbing Memes


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They’re very intimidating-looking men, but even these security personnel know when to run. It would have been hilarious had it not been for that near-demonic scream that followed. What would you do if you were in this situation?


Is There Anything Scarier Than Children? Well, This Should Answer That


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Parenting is a fairly complicated responsibility to have. Some people are cut-out for the job, despite difficulties. Then you have this type of parent. As long as she’s having fun and no one got hurt (yet), then it’s fine… right?


This Guy Looks Like He’d Been Waiting For A Pandemic His Whole Life


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Plague doctors are the stuff of nightmares. However, they were actually physicians who helped treat those afflicted with the bubonic plague. As for this guy? He’s more of the former.


Sexy Meme, But Give It A Touch Of Pennywise


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Pennywise treated us to a hellish dance sequence in the movie, IT. After seeing this, however, we certainly prefer that more. IT just looks wrong, no matter how you look at it. And yet, we can’t stop watching!


When Annabelle Finally Makes Her Escape (Again!)


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Remember the reports about Annabelle escaping from the Warren Occult Museum? It sent everyone into a frenzy, with people reacting in fear or making jokes out of it. This guy didn’t just nail his impression of the famed doll, he added a hilarious twist to it.


A Happy Meme for Halloween? Nosferatu Says Yes


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Here’s a modern take on classic memes! What happens after Nosferatu walks into a bar? Nothing. He leaves because they only served Vlad.


Naughty Halloween Memes

Looking for inappropriate Halloween memes to send your friends before the season ends? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just don’t send this to your crush—unless these are the types of memes they’re into.


Thirty Shades of Pumpkin Spice?


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Things just got spicier. It makes you wonder how the planning process went for this one, doesn’t it? Pumpkins and fetishes just don’t fit in the same sentence together—until this one, anyway.


We’re Filing This One Under Dirty Halloween Memes


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This one took us a moment, too. An innocent Pikachu costume, a tail—is that where the electricity comes from? Seems like it. We’re sticking to that theory.


Sexual Halloween Memes or Pumpkin Fetish?

If you really want to get suggestive this Halloween season, nothing could be less subtle than this card. Just don’t blame us if you never hear back from them again!


Not Safe For Work Or The Halloween Store!

A lot of people can get really creative during the spooky season. From realistic lawn décor and intricately molded sweets, to this little arrangement right here. At least one of them is having a great afterlife, right?


Adult Halloween Memes And Getting Into The Halloween Spirit


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Pumpkin carving is a Halloween tradition that has been practiced for centuries now. Not only do they symbolize the season itself, it is also said to ward off evil spirits. We’re not sure what effect this particular jack-o-lantern will have on them, though!


Witch Memes

Never poke fun at a witch, especially during All Hallow’s Eve. Not that we’d ever need to, because witches are often a self-deprecating bunch. It is their dark humor that makes for some funny Halloween memes. From wholesome to morbid memes, here are some of the best we’ve found online!


Everyone Wants The Tea, But witches? They Have All The Dirt


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These days, spilling or getting the tea is the trend. Witches can’t do much with tea, but there’s plenty of magick that can be done with dirt — whether that be dirt on their enemies or actual graveyard dirty!


Witch Memes, But Make It Animal Crossing


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Just an average day in Animal Crossing, brewing potions and sacrificing villages for prosperity. Kidding aside, Halloween is so popular that it gets celebrated in online games as well!


Make The Best Of Any Situation, They Said…


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What else would you do, really? If there’s no escape, might as well give that witch a hard time trying to turn you into stew. This is the brand of fatalistic humor that the internet just loves to eat up!


Does This Apply To Witches Too?


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If Halloween lives in your heart, does it ever truly end? Too bad Cinderella didn’t have a witch for a godmother. With them, the fun truly begins when the clock strikes midnight!


Even Witches Get Dank Halloween Memes


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It’s an entirely new take on the saying, “Be nice, but carry a big stick.” You can be a very spiritual person, but know not to take anyone’s boo-sheet.


Still Alive?

If you’ve managed to get through all of that without dying from laughter, congratulations! Halloween spirit comes in many different forms, but humor is often the common thread among them. Whether you’re into death memes, sexy Halloween memes, or cute Halloween memes, we hope we helped inject a bit more fun to your day!

Go on, share these Halloween memes and help spread some spooky cheer!