20 Best Horror Movies on Netflix to Stream Now

Best Horror Movies on Netflix

Looking for the best horror movies on Netflix even though we’re still weeks away from Halloween? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of new and classic horror movies that should satisfy every type of fan. From cult favorites to ones you might not have even heard of before, here are some of the scariest movies on Netflix!

In The Tall Grass, 2019

Let’s start off with a scary movie that comes with mind-bending twists. You have to keep your eyes glued on the screen for this one — unless you want to miss important clues about the characters. The beginning introduces us to Becky and Cal DeMuth, who are stopped on their way to San Diego by the mysterious voice of a young boy calling for help. Unable to see him from the road, they enter the tall grass (big mistake!) and find themselves trapped in its supernatural labyrinth. It’s one of the best movies on Netflix, especially if you’re the type who enjoys plot twists. So, for one of the best horror movies 2019, check out Vincenzo Natali’s In The Tall Grass.


Devil, 2010

Being in an elevator with a bunch of strangers can be a daunting experience for many. Now, imagine yourself trapped with them as everyone grows increasingly unstable and paranoid. That’s not all there is to this 2010 horror offering from M. Night Shyamalan, though, for among those strangers is the devil—both the human and supernatural kind. True to form, the slow-burn pace of the film will have you wondering just when the devil would show up and how they might manifest. It’s an insightful look at how humans can sometimes become the very monster they fear the most. As this film demonstrates, the scariest movies often have human evil at its core. It is one of the more unique scary movies on Netflix.


30 Days of Night, 2007

When it comes to vampire movies, we have seen just about everything. From Twilight’s hot teens to the nightmare-inducing Nosferatu, these creatures of the night are a horror movie staple. Our favorite? The merciless killers from 30 Days of Night. As if the idea of experiencing 30 days of zero sunlight wasn’t terrifying enough, the film introduces a band of ravenous vampires ready to obliterate an entire town. The slaughter and gore certainly aren’t for the weak of heart. There are plenty of scenes that will have your heart leaping out of your chest, too. There’s a reason why it’s one of the best horror movies on Netflix and beyond.


Thelma, 2017

Thelma may not be one of the top Netflix movies, but it delivers on the scare factor. Religion isn’t exactly an uncommon theme when it comes to horror movies, but in this Norwegian thriller, repression and blind faith manifest in truly horrifying ways. We follow Thelma, a sheltered young woman who grew up in an ultra-religious family. That alone might be frightening to some, but the real scares don’t happen until she moves to the city and meets Anja. Thelma’s feelings toward her newfound friend soon trigger — not just epileptic seizures, but uncontrollable psychokinetic powers as well. This leads to a series of tragic events involving Thelma and those close to her. It’s an atmospheric masterpiece, with gorgeous cinematography to boot. Ultimately, it proves that good horror movies shouldn’t rely on jumpscares alone.


1922, 2017

Inspired by a 2010 novel from Stephen King, 1922 is one of the scariest movies on Netflix. As with most great thrillers, this one begins with a murder—a matricide, to be exact. The father and son manage to get away with their crime, but their guilt isn’t about to let them off the hook easily. Yet is that all there is to it? This scary movie makes it difficult to draw the line between what is imagined and what is actually happening. Perhaps there lies its genius: There is nothing more terrifying than losing one’s grasp on reality. That and rat infestations. Judging by audience response, 1922 is set to become one of the best horror movies of all time.


The Wicker Man, 2006

When it comes to classic horror movies, this film is up there with the greats.

One’s beliefs, when taken to extremes, can birth monsters of all kinds. The Wicker Man is a prime example of how this can manifest and the horror it can bring about. It’s a lesson in not judging a book by its cover; viewers are also treated to multiple twists as the story progresses. Furthermore, the sense of foreboding is apparent early on. A mysterious community that seems to be incapable of providing straight answers? Very suspicious. While most expect the worse to happen, nothing will prepare you for the film’s grand finale. There’s a reason why this is a cult-favorite—pun intended. It isn’t one of the new horror movies, but it’s certainly worth checking out.


Audition, 1999

In the past decade or so, Japanese horror movies have reigned supreme when it comes to the genre. While the newer ones aren’t to be missed, it’s the classics that you should start with. If you thought Sadako was scary, just wait until you meet Asami Yamazaki. We suggest keeping away from spoilers for this one; the less you know about Audition, the better. There’s a good reason why this foreign language film is considered one of the scariest movies of all time. Free of cheap jumpscares, Audition will burrow itself under your skin. You’ll find yourself wanting to look away, but end up watching every painful second anyway—the hallmark of good horror movies.

Be forewarned: you might rethink going on dates after this one.


Suspiria, 2018

While the original 1977 horror movie directed by Dario Argento is the superior version, there’s no denying the macabre beauty of Luca Guadagnino’s remake. In stark contrast to the original’s use of a high-contrast palette, the 2018 film is far bleaker. This adds to the ominous environment Suspiria’s story is set in: a seemingly normal Berlin dance academy. Not so normal are the three heads that function as the school’s matrons. You’ll learn who they are as the story progresses, but getting there is a path marked with violence—and beautiful dance sequences. The film will keep your nerves pulled taut and leave you slightly disoriented. Aside from being one of the best horror movies, it is also a cinematic masterpiece.


Thirteen Ghosts, 2001

Some people collect stamps, old photos, and a variety of other memorabilia. In this scary movie, however, it’s ghosts that one person is trying to collect. We meet our main protagonist after he inherits a “glass mansion,” which seems like a novel ideal—until you realize why it’s built that way. The glass sheets that make up its interior are inscribed with Latin phrases; barrier spells that keep the understandably angry ghosts in. When the mechanism that seals them all in gets triggered, however, the ghosts are freed and varying levels of violence ensue. It’s one of the best horror movies on Netflix and a must-watch for enthusiasts.


The Platform, 2019

The Platform was one of the best horror movies 2019. From monsters of yore, we move on to a film that tackles a more human terror: being trapped. But, it also presents a much deeper message than that. As we continue to meet more of the characters and learn more about the “Vertical Self-Management Center” they are confined in, the fear becomes a fight for survival. A character even confesses to cannibalizing another just to stave off their hunger. It’s a man eat man world they’re in and before long, our protagonist finds himself in the same predicament. Are you willing to challenge what scares you the most in order to survive? This is what makes The Platform one of the best Netflix movies available today.


The Ritual, 2017

The mind is a fragile thing and many horror movies build upon this idea. Whether the terror is an actual entity or something of the mind, fractured psyches will never cease to terrify. In The Ritual, the process happens so subtly that you hardly notice it at first. In fact, the beauty of the Kungsleden might distract you from the terrors following this group of friends. Before long, however, they begin to manifest themselves, driving our characters further into a corner and exactly where they want them. One of the best scary movies in recent years masterfully takes gods of old — and one man’s struggle with his grief and guilt — to create one spine-chilling tale.

There’s a reason why it was one of the top movies on Netflix.


Cargo, 2017

When it comes to Netflix horror movies, Cargo’s scares hit a little too close to home. Here, the world succumbs to a deadly virus and everyone is doing their best to survive. Much like our previous entry, Cargo focuses on a more human horror that is only aggravated by their environment. Again, we are shown the extreme lengths that even average people would go through in order to protect themselves and those they love. We also come to find those who have lost their humanity along the way, becoming far worse monsters than the zombies they’re trying to avoid. There’s a lot to take in when it comes to this scary movie, but it is never short of scares.


The Bridge Curse, 2020

Urban legends have always fascinated many of us. Some maintain a casual curiosity, while there are those who seek something more. This Taiwanese scary movie shows us the consequences of overstepping boundaries. Particularly, one between our world and that of the supernatural. Weren’t we always taught never to tempt fate? The Bridge Curse covers four different timelines, so some audiences might find it confusing at first. However, the pay-off is certainly satisfying. If you’re a fan of classic horror involving hauntings and vengeful spirits, then make sure you don’t miss out on this one! Just mind your steps and don’t look back.


Truth or Dare, 2018

Among the new horror movies on Netflix, this one was easily a crowd favorite. Here we have another bumbling group of students, except these guys didn’t really know what they were signing up for. The film starts off on a fairly wholesome note, before nose-diving into a particularly gruesome rabbit hole. It will make you think twice about agreeing to participate in drinking games, because you never really know what it entails. When it is revealed that they must follow through with the game or die instead, everyone does their best to survive. Hot teens aside, things get particularly gruesome at certain points and the ending is to die for. It is, arguably, one of the best scary movies on Netflix.


As Above, So Below, 2014

Set in the Catacombs of Paris, this scary movie is slightly reminiscent of Indiana Jones but in a particularly dark and hellish way. We follow our protagonists as they stumble through an increasingly frightening labyrinth. Each turn leads them to a new nightmare, and even time is rendered nonexistent. It’s the near claustrophobic atmosphere of As Above, So Below that will really get you, on top of all the other visual frights it has in store. Is it one of the scariest movies of all time? The film certainly deserves a spot. It plays on the psychological and the supernatural—a combination that will have you reeling by the film’s end.  Without a doubt, it is one of the best horror movies on Netflix.


Cam, 2018

We’ve seen frightening stories involving social media websites, but what about live broadcasts? Nothing seems scarier than watching horror happen in real time. Even more so when you’re the star of the macabre show. This is the premise of the film Cam, which follows Alice who works as a camgirl. It’s a job that pays well enough, but nothing could have prepared our protagonist for the appearance of a rival—another woman who looks and acts exactly like her. In one of the best horror movies in recent years, we’re made to take a closer look at our relationship with our true selves and our online personas. Cam is sure to take you on a terror-packed rollercoaster ride, so be sure to add this to your list of scariest movies on Netflix.


Jessabelle, 2014

From monsters that prey on others online, we move on to more old school terrors. Think gaunt face and long black hair. This is the unwanted presence that haunts the protagonist of Jessabelle. The supernatural horror film follows Jessie after a series of tragic events befall her. After experiencing a miscarriage and ending up in a wheelchair, she moves in with her estranged father in Louisiana. Once there, secrets about her mother begin to unravel. It’s a nightmarish tale that weaves voodoo with real life terrors, such as racial discrimination. Just when you think you’ve finally surfaced from all that dread, Jessabelle will pull you right back in. This is one of those Netflix movies that’s hard to forget.


Crimson Peak, 2015

If we’re talking old-fashioned hauntings, Crimson Peak is likely to find itself among classic horror movies given enough time. Setting aside the deliciously dark set design and costumes, Crimson Peak is one of those horror stories that will linger in the back of your mind. Allerdale Hall is every bit as suspicious as the cast of characters residing in it. In fact, you’ll come to learn that the mansion is slowly being swallowed up by the red clay mine it is situated on top of. Imagine being “trapped” in this grotesque building with only two others for company. It’s a murder mystery with more than a touch of the supernatural. Even as the end credits roll, you’ll likely walk away questioning everything you think you know about this scary movie.


Veronica, 2017

Next on our list of scariest movies is Veronica. It is loosely based upon the case of Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro, a Spanish woman who passed away mysteriously after using a Ouija board. Audiences are dropped right in the middle of the story and we are introduced to the protagonist, a teenager living in Madrid. Along with two other others, she sets up a séance in their school’s basement to get in touch with her late father. However, she catches the attention of something far more sinister. The growing evil and sense of hopelessness make this one of the best horror movies on Netflix. You can’t even tell yourself that it’s only make believe.


Overlord, 2018

Looking for the best Netflix movies? Give this one a try. In this alternate history horror film, we follow the story of American soldiers who were dropped behind enemy lines just before D-Day. Early on, they lose most of the squad and in the end only four survivors remain. Where it deviates from known history is the existence of evil in the form of black tar that has been sleeping beneath the village for centuries. It is this dark power that the Nazis tried to tap into through human experimentation. The grim environment, with the terrors of war lurking in every corner, provides a nightmarish backdrop for the violence that later unfolds. This scary movie is both hard to watch and hard to tear yourself away from.


In Closing:

Halloween movies come in many different forms. If there’s anything that these movies show, it often comes in a very familiar and human form. These are our picks for the best horror movies on Netflix that you can stream today. Just remember: the monster under your bed can sometimes be friendlier than the one hiding in plain sight.

Happy watching!