15 Bucket List Ideas to Fulfill Before You Die

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Climb the world’s highest mountain, travel to the moon, eat in a cave, experience the northern lights, or swim in the Mediterranean Sea? A lot of us have things we often dream of doing or of experiencing in our lifetime.

Having such a list or dreams in our minds simply means we have a bucket list, but it happens not written.

What is a Bucket List?

It is a list of things to accomplish before one’s death. In simpler words, it is a set of dreams, aspirations, and life experiences that one wants to have in their lifetime before they die. It is a list of things you’ll like to try in life. Those dreams and aspirations keep you going and motivate you to work hard to make them possible.

The Term Bucket List

It seems to originate from the phrase “kick the bucket” that came from the Middle Ages, during execution; the executioner “kicks the bucket.” A bucket list helps you think and find out what you want from life and the things you desire to achieve in life. When you have known those things and put them down in a list, it makes you hopeful.

How to Make a Bucket List

These are some steps you can take to create a bucket list:

  • Allow your mind to freely dream about anything that interests you to do and ensure you put down every idea the mind dreams of even if it looks impossible and sounds crazy to you.
  • Look at all the items you have written in your list and break them into time, seasons, and even locations like things you will do during summer, next ten years, end of the year, before college ends, and when you hit 40 on. And this will help you know when to start working on any of the items on your list.
    Now that you have written them down, pick out some of them, say about three, and start planning on making them a reality. These three can be picked out based on the time or season or the ones that excite you more, and you can also consider partnering with someone to make some of the items more comfortable to execute.
  • Consider what it takes to make the three that you have picked happen. Check if any has a time limit that you need to achieve it so soon, do you need to arrange travel and accommodation? Find out the cost and know if you have the necessary funds or if you need to save up for it and how long it will take you to save.
  • Your bucket list should not be a one-time list. You keep adding items to the list and removing the ones you have achieved. Always revisit the list, especially when you have completed any item, cross off that one and write any new one that you are inspired to do.

Bucket List Ideas

You already know that having a bucket list is a beautiful and exciting thing to do, but you do not have one and don’t even know how to go about it. Well, here are some bucket list ideas. Taking a good look at them will help you see how you can write yours.  The bucket list ideas enter into different groups below:

1. Travel Bucket List

Traveling is a great way to learn about other countries and cultures. You get to see how other people live their lives and understand everyone’s uniqueness. Here are some travel bucket list ideas:

  • visit some of the seven wonders of the world
  • hike through the Himalayas
  • swim in the Mediterranean sea
  • spend some time in any of the exciting global cities like Paris, New York, London, etc
  • see the Eiffel tower in France

2. Skydiving Bucket List

Skydiving is an exhilarating item on a bucket list. Here are ideas to try:

  • tandem skydiving
  • a beach landing
  • costume jump
  • a balloon jump
  • try a night jump

3. Vacation Bucket List

Vacation is what lots of people look forward to at different times in life. Here are some vacation bucket list ideas:

  • celebrate a holiday in a different country
  • sleep in a capsule hotel
  • stay in an underwater hotel
  • spend time at Walt Disney world
  • take a two-week vacation anywhere that interests you all by yourself

4. Couple Bucket List

It is always beautiful when couples do things that make their relationship fun and create lasting memories. Below are couple bucket list ideas to try:

  • get a couple of massages
  • have a picnic together
  • take a trip to a new city
  • sleep under the stars
  • create a music playlist of your relationship

5. Connect and Relationship Bucket List

It is essential to build our relationship and connection with different people in life. Some ideas to add to your list include:

  • go on a blind date
  • plan and host a big family reunion
  • meet the president of your country
  • reconnect with your high school best friend
  • fall in love

6. Entertainment Bucket List

Everyone needs entertainment at some point in life. It is a way of relaxing, relieving stress, and unwinding. Recreation is an integral part of life. Here are some ideas to add to your bucket list:

  • be on a reality television show
  • go for a film premiere
  • be in the newspaper
  • act in a movie
  • see your favorite game live

7. Career Bucket List

It is essential to set goals for your career fulfillment. Possessing a career bucket list is a wonderful way to scribble down your important goals. Some career bucket list ideas include:

  • get a promotion
  • become an expert in your field
  • travel for a conference
  • mentor a coworker that has lesser experience
  • start a side hustle or turn your side hustle to a full-time

8. Nature and Wildlife Bucket List

Do you love wildlife and appreciate life? Here are some ideas to add to your bucket list.

  • feed an ostrich
  • see  a solar eclipse
  • sleep in an igloo
  • look at  the sunrise and sunset the same day
  • give food to an elephant

9. Health and Wellness Bucket List

If we care for our future, then we must set our wellness and healthy living goals. Some wellness ideas to add to your bucket list:

  • remove processed foods from your diet completely
  • achieve your best bodyweight
  • go vegetarian for a whole month
  • do one-week detoxification or fast
  • get rid of a bad habit successfully

10. Creative Bucket List

Creativity! That art of making something new or forming something valuable is an essential human character that we should keep nurturing until it gets to its very best. Take your sense of creativity to another level with these bucket list goals:

  • make a calendar with your photos
  • sew your own cloth
  • have your nude body painted by an artist
  • create a family tree
  • direct a movie

11. Fashion and Beauty Bucket List

Fashion and beauty is a way we express ourselves. It brings out self-confidence and empowerment, and there is no better feeling than the feeling of beauty. It is great to have some fashion and beauty goals in your bucket list. Here are some:

  • have a professional photoshoot
  • a seat at the front row in a fashion show
  • spend the day at a resort spa
  • go a month without makeup
  • find your signature or distinctive scent

12. Transportation Bucket List

If you love transportation, you’ll love to try out some of these exciting transportation bucket list ideas at least once.

  • drive a race car
  • fly in a private jet
  • ride on a roller coaster
  • ride a horse
  • drive a speedboat

13. Sports and Games Bucket List

Sports and games are an essential part of life that helps us exercise, build stamina, make us physically healthy, and bring lots of excitement with it. Some exciting sports and games goals for your bucket list:

  • attend the Olympics
  • complete a marathon
  • fish in a deep sea
  • learn to surf
  • be present at a professional football tournament

14. Finance Bucket List

Finance is an essential factor in achieving a lot of our life dreams; it is, therefore, necessary to have a financial bucket list. Here are some ideas:

  • start and build an emergency fund
  • start your own business
  • become a millionaire
  • have a fund plan for a family vacation
  • own an investment real estate

15. Personal Development Bucket List

Striving towards self-development is one of the best decisions we can make in life as it helps us achieve more and become better versions of ourselves. Below are some personal development bucket list ideas:

  • feed a homeless person
  • learn and master a new language
  • get a higher degree
  • write a book
  • help someone achieve one of their life’s dreams

Do you have plans for your future and lifetime? Have you been able to put them down and have a bucket list yet? You can always make out time to review your list, make them happen, and keep living your best life.