Taylor Swift Fans Cash In On ‘Eras Tour’ Film Premiere Collectibles


Taylor Swift fans are known for their unwavering dedication and love for the pop superstar. Now, they are demonstrating their entrepreneurial spirit by capitalizing on the free goodies they received at the ‘Eras Tour’ film premiere. These dedicated fans have taken to platforms like eBay to sell off their souvenirs, including items like a popcorn tin and cup, for a considerable sum.

Key Takeaway

Taylor Swift fans are cashing in on their collectibles from the ‘Eras Tour’ film premiere by selling them online. These fans, known as Swifties, are offering exclusive items like a popcorn tin and cup for resale, with prices ranging up to $250. Despite receiving these items for free, fans are capitalizing on their love for the superstar and the high demand for Taylor Swift-related merchandise.

The Rush to Profit

After being among the fortunate 2,200 Swifties invited to the global debut of Taylor’s highly anticipated movie in Los Angeles, fans wasted no time in seizing the opportunity to make some extra money. The day following the premiere, listings for these exclusive collectibles began to appear on eBay, with sellers hoping to pocket a significant profit.

One particular item that is drawing attention is the popcorn bucket that Taylor Swift and Beyoncé were seen eating out of during Beyoncé’s surprise appearance at the event. Although it’s not the actual bucket used, it is a replica that is generating a lot of interest and commanding substantial prices.

The Swifties’ Enterprising Spirit

These enterprising fans are aiming high, with some asking as much as $250 for a bundle including both the popcorn bucket and a drink cup. While most listings hover around the $100 mark, some include additional items like a tote bag and poster, enhancing their value and attractiveness to potential buyers.

What makes these sales particularly noteworthy is the fact that the fans received all of these items for free. Thus, any amount they manage to make from selling them constitutes a profit. It is a testament to the loyalty and dedication of Taylor Swift’s fanbase.

A Surprising Twist

Ironically, the popcorn bucket and cup being sold by fans are not exclusive to the star-studded premiere. These items are the same ones available to the general public at all AMC Theaters where the movie is playing exclusively. In fact, the popcorn tin is priced at an affordable $19.89, in reference to Taylor’s 2014 album, while the large cup costs $11.99.

It’s worth noting that collectibles in theaters, regardless of their association with Taylor Swift, tend to sell out quickly due to high demand. With the addition of Taylor’s popularity to the mix, the demand for these items is expected to be even more overwhelming. Swifties looking to get their hands on a piece of this limited-edition memorabilia will undoubtedly face fierce competition.