What is an Egirl and the Egirl Aesthetic

What is an Egirl?

E-girls are a subculture formed in social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch. What sets them apart is their colorful style, aesthetic, and unique online persona. They are also often associated with anime and cosplay.

Unlike other online subcultures such as the VSCO girl, Cottagecore, and Goblincore communities, the egirl culture also lends itself more to the bedroom. Now, we don’t mean this sexually. Rather, it points to the fact that a lot of them are solitary people who use their vibrant online persona to connect with others.

Your usual influencers get paid to go shopping or post travel snapshots, but your average e-boy and egirl work from their rooms. Yes, some of them can make good money by doing so. Their sticker-filled photos do have a market and their style has crossed-over to the mainstream.


What is an Egirl?

At first glance, the eboy and egirl meaning can be hard to describe. The style isn’t singular, but is a mix of many different influences. Everything from anime, skate culture, hip-hop, cosplay, Kpop, goth, and even BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism, and Masochism) fashion can be seen in the egirl aesthetic.

Egirl, also written as e-girl, is basically a shortened form of Electronic Girl. They are a community of internet girls who are commonly seen on different social media platforms. They might also be referred to as a Tik Tok girl since many of them are users of the popular app.

According to the e-girl Urban Dictionary definition, there are subcategories for the community. This includes:

  • The emo e-girl
  • The Tik Tok e-girl or aesthetic e-girl
  • The gamer e-girl
  • The artsy e-girl

How do you separate one group from the other? The most tell-tale signs can be seen in their egirl clothes or the egirl makeup they have on. Yes, it does sound a little strange if you’re new to the idea, but it really is no different from how the goths or the Instagram baddies use make-up to define and express themselves.


What is an EBoy?

They are pretty much the male version of an e-girl. Their style reflects that of their female counterpart and is also quite genderless. These are the boys who are unafraid to express a more feminine side, whether that be through wearing nail polish or putting on some makeup.

The e-boy style is said to be inspired by anime, urban styles, and goth fashion.


Egirl Porn

It might surprise some to know that within this subculture, there is also a thriving NSFW (Not Safe for Work) community. Many e-girls have quite a big following and some of them monetize this influence by having NSFW accounts on sites such as Patreon and OnlyFans.


Egirl Definition

The earliest definition of what an egirl is can be found on Urban Dictionary, dating back to 2009. At that point in time, the term was rather derogatory and was used to describe someone promiscuous and who flirts with many guys online.

Compared to how it is now, being an e-girl or e-boy isn’t as mainstream. In fact, some in the community would say that the first instance of it becoming used in mainstream media was in 2019. This was when news of an egirl murdered began to spread.

This is just one of the instances where online harassment experienced by many female gamers resulted in an egirl killed.


What’s the Difference Between an E-Girl and a VSCO Girl?

The most obvious difference is the app they use. Tik Tok girls tend to be more active on their namesake app or on Twitch. Meanwhile, VSCO girls mostly use the photography and editing app VSCO.

Their aesthetics vary from each other as well. VSCO girls tend to dress preppier and are more laidback with outfits. Think tie-dyed shirts, ripped or frayed jean shorts, scrunchies on the wrist and eco bottle in hand.

Then you have the egirls who can be quite colorful, but always have a dark undertone to their style. This is because they’re influenced by goth and cosplay fashion as well.

If there’s one thing they have in common, it would be the fact that both communities are quite tight-knit. This is also one of the reasons why so many young women are drawn to them.


The Egirl Meme and Mainstream Popularity

While the term egirl had always been used as an insult before, its current definition is a lot different. These days, e-girl points to a specific style or aesthetic that’s popular in social media.

It is also a lot more mainstream, with thanks to TikTok and YouTube, which gives people an insider look into what being an egirl is. Popular egirl meme such as the “E-girl Factory” or “E-girl juice,” which poke fun at how a seemingly normal girl can transform into everyone’s internet dream girl, have all gone on viral on different social media platforms.

By saying mainstream, we mean that even influential musical artists are also adapting the style for themselves. Just take the likes of Grimes, Billie Eilish, and Doja Cat for example. In a video for Vogue online, Doja Cat describes her egirl style as “looking like she just got pneumonia.” The artist would later joke that it takes a lot of work to look sick.  Check out her e-girl makeup tutorial posted by Vogue below.

As for the memes, they aren’t always so lighthearted. The “shut up egirl” meme is just one of the many ways in which the e-girl community is harassed.


E-Girls Are Ruining My Life

With over 15 million views, the song by YouTuber Corpse and Savage Ga$p is the closest you might get to an egirl ballad. It’s an ode to every e-girl stereotype you can imagine, with lyrics that go:

“She got death notes

Dead souls

Split dye

Chain cold

Think I fell in love when she said grab me by the neck tho”

It ranked second place on Spotify’s list of Viral 50 songs, proving that the e-girl has achieved mainstream popularity.


What is The Egirl Aesthetic?

How To Dress Like an E-Girl

Alright, so let’s talk appearances. Aesthetics are a significant part of what makes someone an e-girl or an e-boy. Their style is particularly genderless, with no particular dominant color. However, you’re likely to see a lot of pastels, black, and iridescent accents when it comes to their clothes.

Thinking about giving the look a try to see if it suits you? Here’s an eboy and egirl starter pack to help you get started.


Egirl Outfits

Egirl Outfits
Photo from Instagram @xepherwolf / @blackpinkofficial

Drawing from the most visible stereotype and what the most popular egirl fashion is, here are some shops you can check out.

  • Depop Clothing: This is an app that caters to people looking for thrifted clothing. You can also find many Instagram influencers selling their stuff here. It’s a great alternative to Goodwill or other popular thrift stores if you want something more convenient.
  • Dolls Kill: Not a fan of thrift? While we’re not ones to condone fast-fashion, many egirls do go for this particular brand. Self-described as an “online boutique for misfits,” you’ll find many different styles of alternative clothing from this shop.

What to look for?

Babydoll dresses (usually in bright pastels), skater skirts, mesh shirts, knee-high socks, and vintage band shirts. Think 90s grunge, but with a punch of cuteness.


Egirl Makeup

Egirl Makeup
Photo from Instagram @localdadhere / @eve.frsr

The typical e-girl makeup follows a particular formula.

  • Blush: Do a “drunk blush” or an “igari blush.” Igari is a popular makeup style in Japan that mimics the appearance of having a hangover. This means packing on the color, usually a peach or rosy hue, in one area of your cheeks. Most girls concentrate the color just below their eye or right on the widest area of their cheeks. Make sure it really pops because you’re not going for a natural look here.
  • Eyeshadow: The usual rule for everyday makeup is to tone everything else down if you’ve used quite a bit of color on one part of your face. For the e-girl style, however, this doesn’t really apply. You can go just as bold with your eyeshadow.
  • Lips: Blurred lips are key to the egirl makeup. You don’t have to use a neutral color, but make sure you blur the edges to create a softer and fuller appearance.
  • Eyeliner: Thick and winged. You can go short or long with the tip, but a cat-eye or a winged-eye are both egirl makeup.
  • Accents: Think of these accents as the cherry on top of your cake. You can do the classic heart stamps or choose something more fun like stick-on rhinestones or skin-safe glitter.

There might be a formula, but you’re free to make a look that’s totally your own. It’s all about getting creative and having fun with makeup. Of course, part of getting all dolled up is to take a really nice selfie once you’re done.

EGirl Photo Editing Apps:

  • PicsArt: You can use it to tweak colors and add cute stickers. It’s a pretty powerful app so you can even use it to change your background. It is available for both iOS and Android.
  • Vaporgram: This adds glitch or VHS effects to your photos. This is only available for Android.
  • SNOW: Not only will it beautify your photos and enhance your make-up, there’s also plenty of fun filters to choose from. It is available for both iOS and Android.


Egirl Hair

Aside from makeup, another distinct feature of the egirl aesthetic would be their hair. While brightly-colored hair is not a requisite, it is one of the features associated with them. If you’re not ready to commit to a full hair color change, here are some fun styles you can try:

Egirl Hair Streaks

Split Dye Egirl Hairstyle
Photo from Blackpink Official Instagram @blackpinkofficial

We most recently saw this trend on Blackpink member Jennie. In a promotional photo for their song “How You Like That,” she was rocking an e-girl inspired look.


Egirl Split-Dyed Hair

Egirl Split Dyed Hair
Photo from Instagram @lastfeastofthewolves

Some might argue that it was one of the Disney villains, Cruella De Vil, who popularized this style, but there’s no denying that e-girls have adapted it for their own. If you can’t part with your natural color, but want to try something new, this is a fun compromise to try out.


Egirl Hair Accessories

E-Girl Hair Accessories
Photos from Instagram @hyunah_aa / @ninademont (deleted) / @sssorn_chonnasorn

Much like makeup, e-girls can get really creative with their hairstyles. They can turn a simple wavy look into something more charming simply by using the right type of accessories.

Whether you like wearing your hair up or down, the idea is to create a cute and colorful look. It does borrow quite a bit from Harajuku street style and many e-girls do admit to being inspired by the culture.

To get a feel for what particular egirl outfit or egirl hairstyles you might like, there are plenty of egirl games online that will let you mix and match. You’ll even find an automated generator for egirl names, if you really want to complete your new internet persona!


Eboy Outfit – How To Dress Like One

At first glance, you might think of an eboy outfit as being very similar to what is popular in K-pop. Think of the group BTS and its members who never shy away from bright and colorful clothing. They often toe the line between what is feminine and masculine, creating a unique look. The eboy style has touches of modern, grunge, and skater.

Unlike the e-girl, there are no specific shops that cater to the e-boy. However, you can easily incorporate streetwear looks from brands such as Thrasher, Fila, and Supreme, with items you’ve bought from Depop.

What to look for?

Cuffed pants, crewnecks, graphic shirts, and polo shirts. You might also want to pick up a few ripped skinny jeans, or printed trousers if you want to go for a bolder look.


The Egirl and Eboy Slang

As with any sub-culture, there are certain words or lingo that only those within their community would be familiar with. Let us help you catch up with a quick lesson on internet terminologies all the “cool kids” are using today.

  • Whats a Simp?

This pertains to a person who overvalues someone they idolize—essentially, putting her on a pedestal. Though it is often used in reference to men, it is a genderless term and can also apply to women. Another way to define simp is “a submissive man who will say anything to gain favor from a woman.”

Example: “This guy I’m seeing is such a simp, but he does buy me everything I ask him to.”

  • What is Clout?

To define clout, look to social media. This is because its internet meaning is far different from what any regular dictionary might say. Online, clout refers to a person’s ability to influence, or their reach. For some, their online clout can be measured in dollars.

If you’ve seen someone being called a “clout chaser” online, it just means they were doing something uncalled for just to gain attention.

Example: “I can’t tell if RATIRL is just a weird clout chaser or if he’s just really that toxic.”

  • What is Weeb?

To define weeb, you must also understand what or who a weaboo is. Weeabo is a derogatory slang term. It is used to describe a Western person who is obsessed with anime and Japanese culture, and think of it as superior to every other culture. Weeabo or weeb also means someone is a “wannabe-Japanese.”

Example: “Maybe if you traveled and saw more of Asia, you’d stop being such a weeb.”

  • Vibe Definition:

When it comes to this word, its normal meaning and online meaning are sometimes interchanged. Usually, vibe refers to a person’s overall emotional state as felt by others. Online, it could mean to be at peace or simply letting life flow.

Example: “How to be an egirl? You just stay cute and vibe.”

  • Aesthetic Definition:

No different from its usual meaning, aesthetic pertains to someone’s style or a collection of things that are pleasing to look at.

Example: “She’s such an aesthetic girl. Always so put together!”


Popular EGirls

Egirls are basically the antithesis to the Instagram influencer, but this doesn’t mean they are averse to popularity. As we’ve established, while e-girls are mostly associated with TikTok, there are many of them on other platforms as well. Here are some popular egirls you can gain inspiration from.


Belle Delphine

Let’s start with a classic. Belle Delphine has been cited by many as one of the biggest influences on the egirl aesthetic that later became popular on TikTok. From her pastel hair, igari style blush, and grungy but cute fashion, Belle Delphine is definitely an egirl blueprint. We’ll just forget about “GamerGirl Bath Water” for now. On TikTok, she currently has 630,000 fans and 1.1 million likes.



Neeko may lack the rainbow hair, but she packs a punch when it comes to personality. Her popularity rose significantly after a TikTok of her lipsynching to “Oki Doki Boomer” went viral. She currently has 367,000 fans and 1.7 million likes on the app. Since July 2020, Neeko has been signed with 100 Thieves as a content creator.



Though she isn’t a self-proclaimed e-girl, she is cited by many Tik Tok girls for being one of their biggest style influences. Eve has a significant following on both Instagram and YouTube, thanks to her retro and e-girl style makeup tutorials. She currently has 313,000 fans and 6.4 million likes on TikTok.


Bella Poarch

When it comes to Tik Tok egirls, Bella is certainly in the upper tier. She may have only started posting videos this year, but this pint-sized cutie has already won over millions of followers. Her videos are pretty straightfoward: lipsynching to various audio while making lots of cute faces. It’s proven to be effective, though! The Navy veteran currently has 44.1 million fans and 780.6 million likes.


In Closing:

While the e-girl and e-boy community may get a lot of flack, they are generally good people who simply enjoy expressing themselves. Being an egirl is part real and part performance. You’ll never see these girls taking themselves too seriously, which is part of the fun.

If you’re interested in giving the egirl aesthetic a try, we hope some of our tips help with getting you started! Remember, style is ageless. You don’t have to be a “girl” in order to enjoy the egirl style.