What is a Gamer Girl: Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate Gamer Girls

What is a gamer girl?

The gamer girl may often draw flack from the gaming community, but she certainly deserves more credit than people give. Many have a narrow or biased perception of who she is so in this article, we’ll clear up any misconceptions and show you just how diverse the community of online gamer girls can be.


What is a Gamer Girl?

In the gaming industry, males dominate the field and this may sometimes lead to toxic masculinity. However, there are also many women around the globe who have managed to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the community. In the beginning, the “gamer girl” phrase was coined to promote female empowerment and held a similar meaning to “girl boss.” Both are centered on celebrating women’s wins and inspiring others to follow suit, despite the challenges.

However, its meaning has greatly changed over the years. These days, gamer girls are often looked down upon and there are also women who feel uncomfortable being called as such. Some even say that the term is unnecessary and only serves to put the successful women in the gaming community into a box. While these are all valid reasons, there are still those who embrace the phrase with pride and redefine what a gamer girl is.


A Girl Who Plays Video Games

This is the basic definition of what a gamer girl is. However, if you take a closer look at the community as a whole, you’ll find that there are no such terms as “male gamer” or “gamer boy.”

So, why is there a need for the term “gamer girl” and why does it carry such an ill reputation? This is because the prevalent gamer girl stereotype is that they are nothing more than mere attention-seekers or promiscuous young women looking to date boys in the community.

This is far from reality, though, and is only propagated by those who harbor misogynistic views toward women as a whole and exhibit traits of toxic masculinity traits. You’d be surprised by how aggressive some of these men, even grown ones, can become toward the female gamer population.


Common Gamer Girl Misconceptions

This narrow view of what a gamer girl is and isn’t has become particularly harmful, especially to the young women who have a sincere love of gaming. They can experience hostility on a daily basis, especially on platforms such as Twitter or Twitch. It is enough to drive anyone out of the community, which is what happens sometimes.

However, this playground is big enough for everyone to partake in regardless of gender. It all boils down to a better understanding of each other and debunking baseless myths about what or who a gamer girl really is.

Gamer Girls Only Do it for Attention!

False. These gamers can devote hours and even turn to full-timers because that’s how much they love games. For many, gaming is a form of escapism or an outlet for relieving stress. The sense of thrill and the community one might find can make anyone fall in love with this hobby. Their reasons for gaming are no different from others, really.

If you think you’re among the eagle-eyed fans who can spot a “faker” easily, don’t be so sure. Remember, different people have varying ways of expressing themselves. Just because a particular gamer girl isn’t as expressive or knowledgeable about something, it doesn’t mean they’re just there for show. They’re doing this for the fun of it, after all!


Gamer Girls are Promiscuous

Yes, there are female gaming streamers who use their attractiveness to gain a following. However, even if that’s the case, there’s nothing wrong with that! Despite this fact, there are still male viewers (and even some female ones sometimes) who seem to believe that revealing clothing or sexy cosplay outfits are indicators of promiscuity. Perhaps some blame should be placed on game designers who are guilty of creating over-sexualized female characters in many titles.

It must also be noted that these girls aren’t a representation of the gamer girl community as a whole. You might be surprised to find quite a diverse set of personalities once you start exploring more. Some girls prefer streaming and gaming in their pajamas or other comfortable clothing. There are also those who choose to wear actual costumes whenever they broadcast.

The sad reality is that some go to great lengths just to hide their gender and identity out of fear that they might get harassed online. Who wants to get catcalled or experience hostility in an environment where they should feel safe while having fun? If guys can do it without any trouble, then it follows that women should be able to do the same. However, this is just one of the privileges your average gamer girl isn’t afforded. No matter how popular they get.


Gamer Girls are Bad at Games

Did you mean badass? Another false gamer girl stereotype is that they suck at any game. It isn’t unusual for the blame to be placed upon them whenever a team ranks low or loses. Their achievements are also often called into question. When gamer girls get high ranks, they are accused of paying someone else to play for them aka “boosted.”

While boosting does happen in the community, it isn’t just girls who are guilty of it. There are also top-ranked male players who make use of this illicit activity. Despite that, it is only the female gamers who experience an extreme degree of aggression when it comes to this. Some are even threatened with getting “doxed” or having their personal information spread online!


Female Gamers Only Play Girly Games

While there is nothing wrong with what’s been touted as “girly games,” your average female gamer actually plays a more varied genre than just that. You’ll find them playing DOTA2 or Counter Strike. Some are very competitive when it comes to League of Legends, but are just as soft when it comes to Among Us. Just like other members of the human species, the average gamer girl has diverse preferences.

Female Gamers Can Only Handle Support Roles

While there are those who do prefer more “support” roles, it is likely because this is the task they have been pushed to take. Most girls start out with heals and assists as beginners, but are never given chances to try other roles even if they have progressed in skill.

There is nothing wrong with support roles, of course. These players carry a huge responsibility on their backs, too, and their skill can make or break any game. However, do remember that many gamer girls also play “carry” roles and can even be better than the guys whenever they do so!


Gamer Girls Have  No Social Life and No Careers

Out of all the gamer girl stereotypes this might just be the funniest. The thing is, many female gamers have actual prosperous careers and gaming is just one of their hobbies. They also tend to have quite an active friend group, which also often comprises their gaming circle.

If they happen to switch to full-time gaming, it is likely because the opportunity is there for them to make it big. It really is no different from your male gamers who have made streaming their main jobs and source of income. Gamer girl communities are some of the most welcoming and most inclusive on any platform – you’ll know this if you give them a chance.


Gamer Girls Don’t Do Well Academically

Being called “dumb” online by toxic men is just an everyday occurrence for many female gamers. However, this shouldn’t be the case. This is because while the younger girls in the community do dedicate quite a bit of time and energy on gaming, it doesn’t mean they’re failing in school or real life in general.

The unfortunate thing is that this image of the gamer is the most common stereotype for both women and men. You’ve seen media depictions, right? If you’ve ever seen a live gaming stream of if you follow your favorite gamer girl online, then you know that the image of a “slob who sits in front of the TV or computer all day” is far from reality.

There are many highly-educated gamers who are quite the achievers offline, too. They are well-mannered and may sometimes even end up developing games alongside companies. Just take Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere of Esports! She has a Master’s degree in Journalism and History. How’s that for a female gamer?


Egirl vs. Gamer Girl

Some might argue that there’s no real difference between the two. However, these are actually two very distinct aesthetics that only happen to share a few things in common.

The Egirl aesthetic is more of a fashion statement rather than a lifestyle. This is the most obvious difference between the two. Egirls will always be dressed up and looking their cutest whenever they broadcast or post something on their social media, such as TikTok. Unlike egirls, a gamer girl is more likely to be dressed casually or comfortably, though they aren’t averse to following trends as well.

The Gamer Girl aesthetic cannot be simplified in the same manner as that of an egirl’s. As we have established, there’s no set fashion style that is common among female gamers. Both aesthetics do dabble in cosplay, though gamers tend to do it more often.

Can an egirl be a gamer girl and vice versa? Of course! While aesthetics do separate them, there’s nothing stopping these girls from doing what they want and having fun with it. We’ll introduce you to some popular figures in the community who are able to cross boundaries and create something that’s particular to their brand.


Popular Gamer Girls

Once a gamer girl gets a significant following, some of them transition to making it their full-time jobs. This is a dream for many in the community as the most popular gamers can earn thousands through streaming and other ventures. They have even use their popularity to branch out into other fields, whether that be making music, selling merch, and so on.

The industry is constantly growing and evolving so this only means more opportunities for gamer girls to get a piece of the action. On this list, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular women in the community and how far they have come when it comes to their careers. Who knows? This just might be the inspiration you need to get started with your own.



Rachel Hofstetter, better known by her gaming handle Valkyrae, was YouTube’s most-watched female streamer for 2021. She has received a Game Award and has been touted as the Queen of YouTube for her achievements on the platform. Valkyrae isn’t just a hardcore gamer girl, she’s also got quite the sense for business. She is co-owner of the esports and apparel company, 100 Thieves. Since 2018, she has worked as a content creator for the brand.

What is 100 Thieves? It is a gaming organization and lifestyle brand. When it comes to competitive gaming, they have teams competing in a number of different games such as League of Legends, Valorant, and Call of Duty. Valkyrae also participates in these tournaments and often opts to play with an all-female gamer crew.

Like many beginners, Valkyrae started out on Twitch but later left the platform after landing an exclusive contract with YouTube. The boost in her popularity on YouTube is often attributed to the collaborations she has done with other gamers such as Sykkuno, Pokimane, Fuslie, and content creators such as Corpse Husband and even Bretman Rock.

Aside from gaming, she has also dabbled in music. Together with Natsumiii, she released their cover of “Last Cup of Coffee,” which is an original song by LilyPichu. Most recently, she also starred in the music video for Bella Poarch’s debut track, “Build a Bitch.



Is KarinaOMG dead? This is just one of the more popular search terms that pop up when you look up this gamer girl online. Karina Calor, better known by her handles KarinaOMG and GamerGirl. She is a Minecraft and Roblox YouTuber who has gained over 5 million subscribers on the platform.

She has been on YouTube since 2016 and began her channel by posting reviews and tutorials. KarinaOMG later gained prominence thanks to her fun gaming content. Some of her videos, such as “Going to Prison in an OBBY!” have earned more than 20 million views.

Content creation runs in their family, too. Her younger brother RonaldOMG is also a fairly well-known YouTuber. Even her dad has his own channel called “Freddy,” which has a million subscribers to date.



Leslie Fu, better known by the alias fuslie, is a popular gamer girl and Twitch streamer. She is also a content creator for the 100 Thieves and often does gaming streams with Valkyrae. Fuslie was born to Chinese parents, but their family currently lives in the Bay Area. She has a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and was actually in graduate school before she decided to pursue full-time streaming.

It was in 2015 when she first got introduced to the hobby and primarily played League of Legends. In fact, she used to be a streamer for pro LoL teams such as Phoenix1 and Immortals. After gaining a following, she received more opportunities for branching out and collaborations. In 2018, she even hosted a 4-day streaming boot camp along with BoxBox to help new creators improve their “game.”

In 2020, she was one of the female gamers who signed an exclusive contract with Twitch for her streams. The following year, she joined 100 Thieves. As of this writing, she has about 945,974 followers on Twitch and has earned about 38.6 million views on the platform alone!



Pokimane, known as Imane Anys in real life, is a popular Twitch streamer who does video game content. She primarily focuses on Fortnite and League of Legends, though she has also done streams on other titles. Before she became a full-time streamer, Pokimane was attending McMaster University and was studying chemical engineering. Dropping out was quite a big risk but considering her achievements, it has certainly paid off.

In 2017, she was ranked among the 100 most followed gamer girls in Twitch with over 450,000 followers. Her rise is pretty meteoric, which also earned her a Shorty Award for being the Best Twitch Streamer for that year. Her 450,000 following back then seems like such a small number compared to the 7.82 million she currently has. It has only been four years since so you can imagine just how much more successful she’ll become in the future!

Pokimane became well-known for her gameplay streaming and commentary on Fortnite. She initially did this as part of a sponsorship, but by 2019 many fans noticed the decline in Fortnite related content. As for her reasons, Pokimane simply said that she was rethinking the things she liked and disliked about the content she’s been putting out. After all, people do change over time.

One of the most endearing things about her as a gamer girl and streamer is the laidback yet fun attitude she maintains. This comes across well, especially during longer broadcasts as it keeps her audiences enthusiastic and interested. Beyond gaming content, Pokimane also does podcasts and produces streams about real-world happenings.


Belle Delphine

Mary-Belle Kirschner, better known as Belle Delphine, just might be one of the most polarising personalities online. She has been described in many different ways, from gamer girl, egirl, to internet troll and even performance artist. Considering everything she has done since she broke into the scene, it’s safe to say she’s all that wrapped in one petite package.

She began cosplay modeling in 2018 and gained popularity on Instagram. Back then, she adopted a “weird elf kitty girl” persona, which is a mix between cosplay and the Pastel Goth aesthetic. Many girls started following her for style content and through the sharing of her photos, she was able to achieve even more popularity. At present, she has over 5 million followers on the social media platform.

While she may not be as prolific as a gamer when compared to others on this list, she has always been associated with the community. This likely because of her cosplays, which have also been referred to as “thirst traps” due to their sometimes lewd themes and her trademark “ahegao” face. It is safe to say, however, that her history with the gaming community is very minimal at most.

What is gamer girl bath water? While not a full-time gamer girl, Belle Delphine has released related merch that drew significant flack from online users. Dubbed as Belle Delphine Bath Water, the product is supposed to be what’s leftover of water she has, well, bathed in. The item was priced at $30 and if you thought no one fell for this trick, well you’re completely mistaken. The first run sold out in just three days.


The Gamer Girl Reimagined

It is no secret that some content creators capitalize on sexualizing the gamer girl image for their own gain. They create the fantasy of an ideal girl who is able to enjoy the same things as boys, but will also be submissive to them. However, this is a very narrow depiction of who a female gamer is. In fact, only a small percentage of them truly act in such a way.

So the next time you’re thinking about what gamer girls are like, don’t do so from a male gaze. These young women are so much more than men’s fantasies. They are some of the most hard-working and resilient personalities online. Many even serve as role models for a younger generation of creators who are looking to establish a name for themselves in a male-dominated industry.

Who knows? In time, things would get better and we just might see a shift when it comes to how the community treats female gamers as well.