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Best Free Online Games to Keep You Entertained at Home

Playing free online games is a great way to alleviate stress or have fun. As one of the best things to do when bored, gaming is also a convenient way to amuse yourself.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the latest game titles or consoles. There are lots of other free online games to play that you can download or simply access on your browser. 

With this guide, you can find out more about the best online games that will keep you entertained all day.

Advantages of Playing Online Games

There are a lot of negative stereotypical remarks attached to online computer games. While many people find online games to be merely addicting or dangerous for their health, they actually offer a lot of beneficial impacts.

Some advantages of online games include:


Emotional Benefits

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Playing through gaming levels can help people improve their emotional strength and determination. Moreover, players can learn how to calm down and face challenges with a more focused approach. These benefits can help improve a person’s emotional management as they play. Furthermore, these skills can also be utilized and applied in real-life situations where people have to learn how to socialize well. The emotional benefits attached to online games can help people adapt and acquire better social interactions, too.


Social Benefits

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Playing multiplayer games with friends can expose you to more socialization and even allow you to meet new peers. Online games do not only enable networking, they also help improve people’s social skills. Indeed, playing games with other people can help push you to set teamwork in motion. Collaborating and pooling resources with teammates can also instill a cooperative quality in gamers.


Cognitive Benefits

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Online games can also help enhance your thinking processes and abilities. When playing games, your mind learns to pay more attention to detail. As such, your awareness can also be improved as you play. Online computer games can also help people learn how to plan and solve problems better. These skills are not merely limited to virtual utilization, either. They can be used for real-life situations as well.


Best Online Games

If you are tired from work or merely have nothing to do, there are tons of games to play when bored that you can try online. With just your computer or mobile device, you can conveniently browse through tons of online games of various genres.

If you are looking for the best browser games to try today, here is a list of some websites that offer them for free:


AARP Games

Screenshot from AARP

The American Association of Retired Persons or AARP offers a great selection of free online games on their website. In their gaming section, you can try out various brain games such as AARP Crossword and AARP Mahjongg Solitaire. Playing these AARP games can help you practice your logic, memory, and attention skills in a more enjoyable way. Aside from brain-building exercises, AARP also offers other game categories such as arcade and sports. 


Screenshot from AARP

Many of AARP’s features create a great user experience for many. One such feature is its personalized recommendations that allow users to find new games to play. Moreover, AARP allows users to customize their screen size during gameplay. Not only does this optimize your gaming experience, it can also make games more comfortable to play. Lastly, AARP is relatively faster than some gaming sites due to its speed optimization. Through this, different page elements load in the background, giving users a faster gaming experience.

To try AARP free games, you can conveniently access their site on any device or platform. However, the Barnes and Noble Nook tablet gadgets and Amazon Kindle Fire devices are the few exceptions to this. 

While AARP offers a great selection of free games, some of these can only be accessed by members. To play such games, you will need to avail of their paid membership.


MSN Games

Screenshot from MSN Games

Among the most popular online games is MSN Games. Some people refer to this game provider as The Zone. Since it was founded in 1996, the site has continued to offer casino, puzzle, trivia, action, arcade, and other free online games. Unlike other casual gaming websites, MSN does not require an account, which makes it even easier to access.

MSN Games also made sure that its interface is user-friendly. So, whether you are a beginner or not, you will find that browsing through their collection and playing their games are easy to do.

MSN games are played online through your computer or laptop browser. On the other hand, some MSN games can be played through your mobile devices via tablet or phone browsers. This makes gameplay more adjustable according to your current location or available device.


Screenshot from MSN Games

However, one problem you might encounter when you try to access the site through your phone is the potential incompatibility of your device’s browser with the MSN site. If this is an issue, you can opt for the MSN downloadable apps for easier and better gameplay.

In terms of cost, MSN provides different options for users. Some MSN games can be played merely as free trials. To enjoy the full version, you will be required to pay for them. However, you might also find that there are still others that are completely free to play online. Some examples of MSN free games include Microsoft Mahjong, Block Champ, and Bejeweled 3.


Addicting Games

Screenshot from Addicting Games

If you are looking for single-player games, you should check out Addicting Games. This site offers a wide selection of game categories such as quiz, action, and many others. It provides many game options that amount to over 4,500 free online games in total.

Some popular examples of games on the site include Forge of Empires and Big Farm. These games can be played online through your computer, mobile phone, or tablet browsers. They can also be downloaded on your desktop or laptop device.


Screenshot from Addicting Games

The ads on Addicting Games’ sidebars and home screen might bother you if you’re not a fan of site advertisements. Nevertheless, these ads only appear in the background and won’t disrupt your gaming experience. If you still find them distracting, though, then it might be a good idea to avail of the site’s membership to be rid of the ads for good.

While Addicting Games provides good user experience and gameplay features, the site also has some games that may require parental supervision. From their Shooting Games category, you will notice that a lot of titles might have a more twisted or violent nature compared to others. Some of these games also contain inappropriate material. So, just be careful when letting your children play on this website. Regardless, Addicting Games still offers lots of other kid-friendly games that are both educational and enjoyable.



Screenshot from Shockwave

If you are looking for downloadable games, you can try out Shockwave. They offer both online and downloadable games that can be played using your laptop or desktop computer. 

Shockwave offers free online games in various categories such as card, board, racing, adventure, and strategy, among many others. Some popular Shockwave games that you can play or download include Plants vs. Zombies and Daily Jigsaw. Do keep in mind that all of the Shockwave flash games require the Adobe Flash installer to play.


Screenshot from Shockwave

Among the pros of Shockwave is the option to play either online or via downloading games. If you do not have much storage on your device, playing online will be much more convenient. For this method, you will need a stable internet connection or enough mobile data to browse through and play Shockwave games. 

On the other hand, you may opt for downloadable Shockwave games if you intend to play without mobile data or an internet connection. You just have to make sure that your device has enough storage for the games.

One of the major advantages that Shockwave has over other gaming sites is that it does not require users to sign up for a membership account. Thus, skipping this step could help make user access and gameplay even easier. 


Big Fish Games

Screenshot from Big Fish Games

One of the best options for downloadable game applications is Big Fish Games. There are lots of Big Fish free online games to choose from, such as casino, adventure, hidden object, and strategy games. 

Some of the best Big Fish games include Cooking Craze and Gummy Drop. You can play games from Big Fish online or as downloaded apps on your desktop.


Screenshot from Big Fish Games

Big Fish requires users to create an account first. If you want to skip this step, you might opt for other gaming sites instead. Still, making a Big Fish account is not a tedious task. All you will need to provide are your email address and a password. 


Screenshot from Big Fish Games

Although Big Fish offers a wide selection of free online games to choose from, the site also offers some pay-to-play games. You’re going to need a paid Big Fish membership to have full access to these games and enjoy other perks, as well.


Pogo Games

Screenshot from Pogo

Pogo Games is another great option you can try out to play the best free online games. If you want to try out PopCap and Hasbro games, you can find and play them on Pogo’s website. Additionally, the site offers some kids games that can help improve your child’s cognitive, social, and emotional skills.


Screenshot from Pogo

Some of the best Pogo free online games you can choose from include card, board, puzzle, and poker games. The site also offers popular games such as MONOPOLY and Word Whomp HD. Do take note that some Pogo games need Adobe Flash to run as well. So, make sure you have it installed if you want to try out all of the games on the site.

Aside from your computer browser, you can also try Pogo games on your mobile device. However, you will need to sign in using your Electronic Arts (EA) account. If you do not have one, don’t worry because registering a new EA account is free and easy.


Free Online Games

Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash
Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash

Many people prefer using their mobile devices over other gadgets because they are more portable and easier to use. Indeed, the convenience that phones and tablets provide makes most of our daily activities easier. 

If you are one of those people who prefers playing on mobile devices for gaming, then Free Online Games might be the best option for you. This site offers indie games that run smoothly on mobile browsers. 


Screenshot from Free Online Games

As you browse through the site and play games, you will find that there are a few advertisements that will flash on your screen. The site will also ask you to disable your ad blocker, so you cannot completely avoid ads while you’re online. Nonetheless, the advertisements on Free Online Games do not completely disrupt your gaming experience.


Screenshot from Free Online Games

While you are on-site, you might also notice that there are lots of other free games to choose from. Categories such as driving, defense, action, multiplayer, and even 3D games can be found on Free Online Games. Some examples of games that fall under these categories are Cargo Drive and Goodgame Empire. Moreover, classic games such as Chess Grandmaster and Sudoku Challenge can also be enjoyed here.

While Free Online Games is mobile-friendly, you also have the option to play their games through your laptop or desktop browser. To play the site’s best browser games, you only need to visit their website. You do not need to download them, which can save more time and device storage.


Solitaire Bliss

While card games have been played for centuries, the online version of them features a unique gaming experience that provides hours of entertainment. Solitaire Bliss offers dozens of the most popular card games such as Solitaire, FreeCell, Hearts, Yukon, and many more for free.

Additionally, the site provides detailed breakdowns into the history, rules, and tips of each game. Players of all skill levels can master the game of their choice, as well as customize their card decks, backgrounds, and create an account where they can track their progress.


Cribbage Online

The classic card game has long been loved for its high paced and competitive gameplay experience. Cribbage Online is all of this and more. Cribbage is a two-player card game (available in single player online) that involves playing and grouping cards in order to score points. The game is played using a standard 52-card deck, and the objective is to be the first player to reach a total of 121 points. Players take turns playing cards and trying to form specific combinations that earn points, such as pairs, runs, and flushes. The online version makes this game suitable for all levels as it has three difficulty settings, as well as a look into the history and rules of Cribbage.


The Bottom Line

When it comes to free online games, there are tons of categories and online sites to choose from. A lot of pay-to-play games are available on the market, but it’s worth noting that other free options offer the same amount of fun.

With a great number of choices, knowing what will suit your preferences will greatly help you find the best online games and sites for you. For compatible games, being able to use your other gadgets and mobile devices will offer the benefit of portability well. Overall, free online games ultimately make gaming a much more accessible — but still enjoyable — experience.