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Big Butt Exercises: How to Get a Bigger Butt

Women doing yoga

A big butt can help improve self-confidence. Indeed, there are a lot of people who wish to have a flat stomach and peachy ass to finally acquire their dream hourglass figure. A toned physique and big bum provide lots of health benefits, too.

While it may seem hard to acquire the round ass that you want, it is definitely not impossible. There are a lot of ways to help build and increase your glutes.

Read on to learn diet tips and home workout ideas to help you get your dream booty.


Health Benefits of Having a Big Butt

A big bum can make you look good and, even better, feel great. Large bottoms provide various benefits. These advantages include protection, physical strength, and even health benefits that can sum up to a healthy lifestyle.

Among the health benefits that a big booty can give you include:

Better Posture and Back Support

Better Posture and Back Support
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Having more pressure on your back can badly affect your posture. One way to avoid this is to work on having stronger butt muscles. Interestingly, it was found that people with big bums tend to have more back support. This is because glutes help provide more muscle strength and movement. 


Lower Risk of Disease

Most of the fat in our bodies is dangerous for our health. High cholesterol can cause diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and various other illnesses. However, it was found that the fat stored in the bum commonly does not cause these diseases. Generally, having more fat in your backside does not cause your body harm. It was also found that women with big backsides tend to have balanced cholesterol levels and decreased chances of having diabetes.


Physically Stronger

man lifting barbel
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A larger rear provides more strength for physical activities and exercise. Bigger butt muscles will support your legs better. In turn, stronger glutes can make long jogs and walks up the stairs easier.  


Source of Heart-Healthy Fats

The fats stored in butts generally do not cause diseases. In fact, they store heart-healthy fats that are also known as omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 provides essential nutrients and fats to both children and adults. These are even more important and beneficial for pregnant women. Their reserved omega-3 acids from their backside can be passed along to their babies when they breastfeed. 


Extra Protection

Aside from being soft and bouncy, a big butt also provides protection. Large bottoms act as a cushion and offer extra padding when you are sitting on an uncomfortable, stiff seat. Additionally, they provide extra protection when people suffer from various sports injuries or accidentally fall on their backsides. If not for butt muscles, we might injure our tail and pelvic bones more easily and severely.


Diet Tips for Getting a Big Butt

Most people know that having a big booty starts with frequent and consistent gym visits. However, many fail to realize that people also have to be mindful of the food that they eat. It’s worth noting that dietary protein is important in enlarging glutes. Fats, carbs, and various other nutrients are also essential in providing energy and helping with workout recovery. 

Indeed, exercise is a great approach when you want to know how to lose weight fast and get that round ass you’ve been wanting. Paired with a healthy diet, you can reach these goals and more. 

To help maximize workout results, here are some diet tips to help you get that dream booty in no time:


sliced tofu
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Knowing what is tofu and its benefits will help you build a good diet that your booty can benefit from. Made from coagulated soy milk, tofu is a good meat alternative and a great source of protein. Eating tofu regularly can maintain the protein you need to increase your booty’s muscle strength and volume.



sliced salmon
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Another great source of muscle-building protein is salmon. People know salmon as a fatty fish that provides essential nutrients for a healthy body. It is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which are known for its heart-healthy benefits. Additionally, studies show that omega-3 helps with muscle recovery and growth. Thus, regular intake of omega-3 and protein-filled food like salmon can help you increase the size of your butt muscles.


Protein Shake

Protein Shake
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If you are always on the go, you might find it challenging to make a diet plan and prepare meals every day. Fortunately, a protein shake can be a great go-to food that will also provide the essential nutrients you need to increase your butt muscles’ size.

Notably, protein shakes include whey protein, which is known for its muscle synthesis and recovery benefits. Due to these benefits, protein shakes are easily among many people’s most favored post-workout snacks. To make your own protein shake, you just have to mix any protein powder with milk, vegetables, fruits, and anything else you would like to add for texture and taste.



boiled and sunny side up eggs
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Another diet tip for a big butt is to include eggs in your diet. Nutrient-filled eggs provide essentials such as selenium, phosphorus, and more. An egg is also a great source of energy and protein, which can help increase your bum size. You can also acquire the amino acid, leucine, by eating eggs. Leucine helps activate muscle growth, which can greatly aid in gaining more muscle in your rear.



sliced bread with avocado
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The avocado fruit is another great addition to your diet that can help you build your big booty. They supply nutrients such as protein and fiber. Moreover, they are also rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, potassium, and vitamins. Antioxidants are beneficial in particular, as they help quicken muscle recovery. Plus, they reduce muscle inflammation and soreness caused by high-power workouts.

Avocados can be added to your diet in various ways due to its versatility. You may eat it with milk or blend it to make an avocado shake. You can also enjoy it by trying out avocado toast recipe ideas at home. 



Photo by Shelley Pauls on Unsplash

Various legumes such as peanuts, peas, and beans can be great additions to your diet, especially if you are aiming for a bigger bum. Legumes are great sources of protein. They can help boost muscle synthesis. In turn, this will also greatly help increase your butt muscles’ growth. 

Another great benefit of legumes is the quality of having micronutrients. One essential micronutrient that you can find in legumes is magnesium. This plays a role in muscle movement which can help you exercise your glutes with more control and power. Furthermore, magnesium also helps your body produce more energy. This is essential not only for your daily activities but also for your regular workouts as well.


Brown Rice

brown rice on plate
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Eating brown rice is a great way to balance out your intake of protein and carbs. In fact, there are protein powders made from brown rice that help effectively increase protein levels. This is beneficial and important for better muscle volume. Additionally, brown rice is rich in branched-chain amino acids, otherwise known as BCAAs. These acids provide energy for daily activities. Moreover, they increase muscle growth and reduce muscle inflammation. These are extremely beneficial for exercise recovery and, in turn, building a big butt.


Best Butt Exercises

Aside from maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, regular exercise can also help you get the booty of your dreams. If you consistently do exercises that target your butt, you can speed up muscle growth and glute strength.

Here are the best butt workouts you can try today to get that peachy, round ass you’ve been wanting:

Air Squats

Women doing Air Squats
Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

Do squats make your butt bigger? Yes, but they should be paired with a protein-filled diet and a healthy lifestyle to garner the best results.

Among the most convenient and easy butt exercises you can try at home are air squats. To do this exercise, you have to stand with your feet positioned hip-width apart. With control, slowly move into a squat position and hold. Keep in mind that your knees should not reach past your toes. Lastly, push your body back up to your initial standing position. Make sure that you are controlling your muscles and squeezing your butt muscles as you slowly rise and stand.


Squat Jumps

A squat jump exercise is one of the most effective butt lift exercises that you can try to get your dream booty. This is just like a regular squat, with a little twist. 

To do this exercise, move to a standing position first. Then, lower your body down into a squat position. Make sure that your feet are positioned in a hip-width distance. From your squat position, jump upwards with control and power. Do this by pushing your heels upwards and activating your glutes as you jump. If possible, completely extend and stretch your legs when you are at the highest peak of your jump. Finally, make sure that you land in your initial squat position.


Goblet Squats

goblet squats
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This exercise is one of the best glutes workout ideas you can do to grow your booty. Take note that this exercise will require a kettlebell. Dumbbells may also work if you do not have a kettlebell at home.

First, position your body in a standing stance. Make sure that your feet are positioned shoulder-width apart. Then, hold your kettlebell or dumbbell close to your chest. Make sure that your core is engaged and your back is in a straight posture. With control, squat your body down. Return to your initial standing position by pushing your body back up. Make sure that your quads and glutes are engaged to achieve a bigger booty more effectively.


Weighted Squats

Weighted Squats
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A weighted squat is one of the most popular and effective ways to get that round butt you’ve been wanting. First off, you will need some weights for this exercise. If you are a beginner, you can start by using an empty weight bar or some dumbbells. Just make sure that you start with a weight that your body can handle easily. Eventually, you may add more weight to build bigger glutes.

Weighted squats are done by first positioning your body in a standing stance with your feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure that your toes are also pointing forwards to ensure that as you progress, you will be able to activate your glute muscles in this proper form. Then, bend your knees until you reach a squatting position. With power and control, push upwards into a standing position. Make sure that your glutes and quads are engaged as the weight is also on your heels.


Pulse Lunges

Pulse Lunges
Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Another great glutes workout idea is pulse lunges. To do this exercise, position your body in a lunge stance first. You can do this by having your back knee positioned off the floor by a few inches. Simultaneously, your other knee should be positioned above your toes as you are in a half-kneel position. Then, raise your body upwards by a few inches but not fully. Lower your body down and push it back upwards. Repeat this pulsing movement and make sure that your glutes are engaged throughout the whole exercise.

As you progress, you will find the exercise a lot easier. You can use tension bands or use weights to add more pressure on your glutes. This way, you can build muscle more effectively.


Donkey Kicks

This exercise is one of the best workouts to get a robust and round butt. To do this, you should start with your hands, knees, and feet supporting your body off the ground. Your hips should also be slightly bent. Then, use your glutes to kick sidewards. Engage your core and glutes as your leg kicks back as high as you can. Make sure that you keep your hip slightly bent as you kick. When your kick is at its highest peak, squeeze your glutes and slowly work your leg back down to its initial stance. Do the steps with your other leg and switch each leg after completing them.


Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrant exercises are one of the best butt workouts at home that you can try today. Do this exercise by positioning both of your knees on the floor. If you find this stance uncomfortable, you can use a yoga mat to alleviate the pressure on your knees. Then, raise your leg away from your body at the side of your hip at a 90-degree angle. With control, bring your leg back to touch your other resting leg. Once both of your legs are in their initial resting position, do the same steps with your other leg. Repeat the whole exercise with your left and right leg simultaneously. Make sure that as you do fire hydrants, you have your core engaged and your glute muscles activated.


Final Thoughts

While there is nothing wrong with wanting an hourglass figure and toned physique, remember that your health should still come first. Though working towards a big butt can help you maintain a healthy body and lifestyle, don’t forget to not overdo it. Nonetheless, keep in mind that having a big butt is achievable as long as you follow a healthy diet and regular workout routine. Ultimately, the key to a big booty is determination and consistency.