15 Best Free YouTube At-Home Workout to Tone Up Your Body

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Home workouts are now much more commonplace today. With everything being available online, having your own home workout routine is now very much accessible and easy to follow. Gone are the days when hitting the gym is the only avenue for toning up your body and getting fit.

This is especially so with the rise of YouTube penetrating more mainstream media. So many YouTube channels offer a plethora of home workout ideas that you can follow throughout your fitness journey. Plus, they offer the convenience of working out in the comfort of your own home. And the best part? They’re easily accessible and won’t cost you a thing.

Here are some of the best free workout instructors you can find on YouTube.

Pamela Reif

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10min Upper Body – Arms, Upper & Lower Back, Shoulders and Chest 💪🏼no equipment, now up on YouTube! 📺 Swipe to see some of the exercises 🐣 This workout is so much fun (because half of the time you feel like a bird starting to fly haha) 😂 But in combination, those exercises burn like hell in my arms, shoulders, back & chest. Also: 10000% suitable for men. No squat involved 🤫🔥. . I never published an upper body workout like this before, because I felt it’s super hard to train those muscle groups without any additional weights. But after testing and trying a lot with different movements: I think we got a killer workout over here, for men & women 🥰🤞🏼 Let me know how you like it!. . ➡️ New Workout Plans for next week will be up in my story later tonight!. . 🎵 Higher by Cyme & Ann-Christin / Anzeige. . #homeworkout #upperbody #noequipment #pamelareif #workout

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A social media star who hails from Germany, Pamela Reif first kicked off her free home workouts on Instagram. Initially, Reif’s posts on the social media platform were more casual and did not have much direction. However, her following on Instagram grew and eventually, the social media star expanded her business to YouTube.

Today, Reif boasts of having over six million Instagram followers. On YouTube, she has an impressive following of more than 4 million subscribers. Her videos are not only quick and simple to follow, but they are also straight to the point.

Why Choose Pamela Reif?

Pamela Reif’s content is, simply put, easy to consume. Because her videos are concise, her routines are easy enough to implement into your own workout schedule. Many of her videos feature workouts that are only 10 minutes long. As such, you can mix and match her instructional videos to create your own customized full-body workout at home.

Additionally, Reif’s videos do not require anything complicated to follow. With her instructions, you can achieve a thorough home workout without equipment. A lot of her routines focus on toning, so if you want the best exercise for your muscles, then go for Pamela Reif on YouTube.

Watch Pamela Reif’s home workout videos here.


Chloe Ting

Arguably one of the most popular fitness YouTubers today, Chloe Ting first launched her channel back in 2011. At the time, she was working as an actuarial analyst. While her content first started off as more influencer-oriented, Ting later started focusing on diet and fitness videos by 2017.

Ting rose to viral fame thanks to the popular social media platform TikTok. With 13 million YouTube subscribers and counting, it’s clear that she is one fitness guru who is here to stay.

Why Choose Chloe Ting?

Chloe Ting’s free home workout routines are not only informative, but they’re intensive as well. She has a number of routines that target specific problem areas of your body. Therefore, she’s a great fitness YouTuber to consider when you want to tone and improve specific sections of your physique. Ting’s channel also offers some healthy recipes every now and then, so her content provides some great inspiration to eat right in order to better supplement your fitness journey.

Watch Chloe Ting’s home workout videos here.



Cassey Ho, more popularly known as Blogilates, is a social media fitness entrepreneur and YouTube star. She first started sharing her fitness videos on YouTube in 2009. Since then, Ho has become one of the most successful fitness gurus on the internet.

Beyond YouTube, Ho also maintains a website and even has her own line of workout apparel. Her reach on the internet is unparalleled and she continues to be a go-to home workout instructor to this day.

Why Choose Blogilates?

As an award-winning fitness instructor, Ho’s workout routines are sure to bring results — provided that you put in the work and effort, of course. Though her online moniker, Blogilates, plays on the word “pilates,” a lot of her workout videos cover much more than just pilates routines.

Many of Ho’s videos are great for when you want a home workout without equipment. She also offers several exercise challenges that you can try out if there are certain areas of your body you want to focus on.

Watch home workouts by Blogilates here.


Tone It Up

Experts in fitness, nutrition, and all things wellness, Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott are the duo that make up the fitness lifestyle brand Tone It Up. Their mutual love of fitness brought the two together, and in 2009, the two launched the Tone It Up company. What makes Tone It Up stand out from other lifestyle brands is how Dawn and Scott established Tone It Up not as a business, but as a community for like-minded individuals looking to live healthy.

Since its initial launch, Tone It Up has grown tremendously. It has amassed millions of followers across its social media platforms and continues to empower others who want to — simply put — tone it up.

Why Choose Tone it Up?

Tone It Up has some of the best exercises for at-home workouts. Most of Tone It Up’s content caters to women, so ladies who want to achieve their dream bodies will feel right at home with Dawn and Scott. You’ll find meditation tips, healthy recipes, and even pregnancy workouts all on their YouTube channel. Overall, Tone It Up is an excellent choice when you want to feel inspired and empowered to live your best life through fitness and self-care.

Watch Tone It Up’s home workout videos here.


The Fitness Marshall

Caleb Marshall, a.k.a. The Fitness Marshall, started his YouTube channel back in 2014. Thanks to his dynamic dance videos, Marshall’s content is great to sift through when you’re looking for free home workouts without equipment.

Why Choose The Fitness Marshall?

The Fitness Marshall offers a variety of dance workout videos that are fun and easy to follow. People who prefer dance as their main cardio workout will no doubt enjoy what this channel has to offer. Furthermore, Marshall’s personality shines through every video he produces. Thus, you’re sure to be entertained when you sweat it out with The Fitness Marshall.

Watch The Fitness Marshall’s home workout videos here.



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Do you know what day it is? It’s leg day! Here’s a 30 minute muscle building leg workout. Your legs and glutes are going to feel like jelly after this one 🦵🔥⁣ ⁣ Follow Along 👉 (Clickable link on our profile)⁣ ⁣ Get the FREE app: Search "HASfit" in your iOS or Android App Store ⁣ ⁣ Visit 💥💥 for ⁣ 🏋 Free workout routines ⁣ 🗓 Workout plans for all goals⁣ 🍎 Free healthy recipes⁣ ⁣ Use #hasfit / #HASfitTribe in your posts for a ❤️ ➡️➡️➡️ Follow @coachkozak and @hasfitclaudia for more inspiration⁣ ⁣ #fitnessjourney #fitfam #results #fitness #gymtime #workout #abs #hiit #fitlife #weightloss #strengthtraining #fatloss #cardio #aerobic #fit #bodybuilding #strength #hiitworkout #crossfit #weighttraining #muscles #cardioworkout #fitmom #fitcouple #swolemates #motivation #fitnesslifestyle #training

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HASfit stands for “Heart And Soul Fitness.” Whereas many fitness channels offer routines that are simple to integrate into your own workout, HASfit offers the same quality content and more. Notably, the HASfit channel features full body workouts to help you work a sweat from start to finish. Their videos range from workouts without equipment to kickboxing workouts and even routines for seniors. Overall, HASfit is a very well-rounded channel, making it a great go-to for home workouts.

Why Choose HASfit?

HASfit is a great choice for when you want a workout that gets straight to the point. Since the channel has a vast library of videos to choose from, you’re sure to find something that is exactly what you’re looking for. HASfit’s routines are thorough, but newbies don’t have to feel intimidated. The channel’s workouts come in a variety of difficulty levels that suit many, from beginner to more intermediate levels.

Watch HASfit’s home workout videos here.


Walk At Home by Leslie Sansone

As the name suggests, Walk At Home by Leslie Sansone offers extensive workouts that can be accomplished at home. Sansone’s style leans more old school, with high energy beats and tightly synchronized movements.

The Walk At Home channel, which has over two million subscribers, offers different workouts that you can incorporate into your own routine. The exercises that Sansone promotes are both practical and effective. They are thus easy to follow while still remaining efficient for your fitness goals.

Why Choose Walk At Home by Leslie Sansone?

Walk At Home by Leslie Sansone is the perfect at-home workout for people who exercise to jump start their day. With a focus on walk, run, and lift circuits, Walk At Home is especially ideal for people who focus more on the circuit training style with their workouts.

What makes Walk At Home especially convenient is how the workouts can be done indoors. Thus, there won’t be any need to step outside if you want a good walking or running workout with this channel.

Watch home workouts by Walk At Home here.


Yoga With Adriene

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New new new on the FWFG yoga app! Stretchy Calming Yoga with Full Savasana 😍💙🙏🤍 💤🐺 Per your request, a nourishing practice that will stretch you out, calm you down and invite you back to balance.   Anxiety, fear, insecurity, and stress can store in the body. If we are not aware nor regularly tending to it, it can pile on, escalating feelings of tension, discomfort, and pain.  This session is excellent for the back, with rejuvenating asana and breath practice for the spine, the hips, and the core. This session is a hug for the soul, intended to be a salve for when you are feeling hurt, anxious, or off.  Take 45 minutes to nurture the mind and body in the most lovely way.  Bring a yoga block if you have one, no worries if you don’t, and everyone be sure to enjoy a full relaxation toward the end of this video. I feel like I should also thank Benji for really bringing the soothing vibes and inspiring a good, and solid, savasana. Not a member yet? Join us for a free week and check it out at! Plus a new free YouTube practice will hit your box Sunday! #fwfgyoga #fwfglife #findwhatfeelsgood

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Yoga With Adriene is the go-to YouTube channel for yoga enthusiasts. Adriene Mishler, the instructor behind the channel, offers relaxing routines for your yoga practice. Her videos are informative and can help teach you to unwind. Not all workouts need to be high energy after all. As such, Yoga With Adriene is the perfect place to start when you want to delve into the world of yoga.

Why Choose Yoga With Adriene?

Mishler’s channel highlights the importance of yoga as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Besides being a form of exercise, Mishler points out how yoga can help calm your mind and find relaxation amidst stress-filled days.

Newcomers to yoga can also appreciate Yoga With Adriene, as her tips can help slowly ease you into your own yoga journey. Her channel also has 30-day challenges, which can help you sustain your fitness routine as you hone your body’s familiarity with yoga.

Watch Yoga With Adriene’s home workout videos here.



POPSUGAR Fitness is the health counterpart to the famous media and entertainment company. Staying true to its entertainment origins, the POPSUGAR Fitness channel keeps things fresh with its content. A lot of its workouts are trendy, which makes it easy for anyone to jump in on the newest exercise routines that are popular among many.

Why Choose POPSUGAR Fitness?

Among the channel workout highlights are some of its celebrity-approved methods that will undoubtedly appeal to many. Moreover, POPSUGAR Fitness offers a plethora of exercises that viewers can choose from. They have workouts that range from dance routines to no-equipment cardio exercises. There’s a lot to unpack with POPSUGAR Fitness, so you won’t run out of choices anytime soon with their library.

Watch home workouts by POPSUGAR Fitness here.


Fitness Blender

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Workouts like this are perfect for busy days when you are pressed for time, but want to get in a good strength and cardio training routine and burn off some extra calories. ⁣ ⁣ Total Body Toning Strength and HIIT Cardio Workout – You Versus You (link in Stories).⁣ ⁣ This routine focuses on dynamic exercise combinations that ensure you're getting a well-rounded, comprehensive workout for the entire body; and because of the compound movements, the expenditure ends up being a lot higher.⁣ ⁣ So, in under 35 minutes, you get a cardiovascular challenge, a total body toning workout, and your cool down and stretch, making it the ultimate go-to option when you're craving a killer workout, but just don't have time for it in your schedule.⁣ ⁣ Give it a try and let us know what you think. This one's an oldie, but a goodie (at least in our opinion!).⁣ ⁣ #fitnessblender #workoutcomplete

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Run by personal trainers Kelli and Daniel Segars, Fitness Blender is one of the top fitness channels on YouTube today. The couple utilizes their 25 years of experience in the fitness industry to help their viewers get in shape with a variety of exercises to offer.

Why Choose Fitness Blender?

Fitness Blender has an extensive library of workout videos to choose from. A lot of their full-length videos cater to at-home, no-equipment workouts. As such, they’re an excellent choice for when you want to build a workout routine that is no-fuss but will give you the results you want.

Watch Fitness Blender’s home workout videos here.



The BeFiT channel, which has more than three million subscribers, has a number of short videos for viewers to choose from. Though these exercises are great to incorporate into your own workout, BeFiT also includes a selection of videos that are more full-length as well. Plus, they boast of having several notable fitness trainers in their arsenal. Some of these trainers include the likes of Denise Austin and Scott Herman.

Why Choose BeFiT?

While the BeFiT company offers paid subscriptions for more exclusive content, their YouTube channel offers a good chunk of videos that you can peruse for free. Furthermore, BeFit’s content isn’t exclusive to videos that cater to just women. Guys will be able to find several videos that can help them tone up and work a sweat, too.

Watch BeFit’s home workout videos here.


Nate Bower Fitness

Boxing enthusiasts may already be familiar with Nate Bower Fitness. As its name suggests, the channel — run by boxing instructor and competitive athlete Nate Bower — focuses on boxing as your go-to fitness option. Bower’s videos offer extensive workouts; a number of them don’t even require much equipment, if at all.

Why Choose Nate Bower Fitness?

Going for Nate Bower Fitness is a no-brainer for people who turn to boxing as their primary form of working out. Moreover, since Bower is a boxing instructor, his videos are informative and will help you hone your boxing skills while you work out. Boxing is a great stress reliever as well, so it’s worth giving it a shot with a channel like Nate Bower Fitness.

Watch home workouts by Nate Bower Fitness here.


Roberta’s Gym

You might think that Roberta’s Gym might set up some unrealistic fitness goals. After all, Roberta herself is but a 3D model. Nevertheless, Roberta’s videos put a fun twist on free home workouts.

Why Choose Roberta’s Gym?

As is the case with others on this list, Roberta’s Gym can help you tone specific areas of your body that you want to work on. The channel offers videos that help viewers work on targeted areas such as love handles and lower belly fat. Additionally, Roberta’s videos are bright and fun. Her rep counters and on-screen timer are a nifty feature as well.

Watch home workouts by Roberta’s Gym here.


Jessica Smith TV

With 15 years of experience under her belt, Jessica Smith shows her viewers that getting fit is attainable even without a gym membership. The quality of her YouTube channel is undeniable, especially with how organized her library is. There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to Jessica Smith TV, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more structured fitness channel out there.

Why Choose Jessica Smith TV?

As mentioned, Smith’s YouTube channel is impeccably organized. Her workouts are arranged as playlists, which makes it easy to navigate and sift through her content. Notably, her videos also cater to people who have physical limitations as well. Ultimately, Jessica Smith TV is a formidable fitness channel that is not only instructive, it’s inclusive as well.

Watch Jessica Smith TV’s home workout videos here.


The Body Coach TV

Run by professional fitness coach Joe Wicks, The Body Coach TV offers free home workouts to virtually anyone, regardless of what their fitness level is. Wicks’ workouts often place focus on High Intensity Interval Training, otherwise known as HIIT. He first started off his YouTube channel in 2014 and has even released a number of cookbooks since then.

Why Choose The Body Coach TV

The Body Coach TV has an extensive number of workout videos that you can choose from. What’s great about The Body Coach TV is that the channel can cater to a variety of people. Though Wicks’ style focuses a lot on HIIT, he still has a good number of videos that offer exercise routines that fall under different styles. Beyond HIIT, The Body Coach TV also has videos for pregnancy workouts and even exercise routines for the elderly.

Watch The Body Coach TV’s home workout videos here.


Final Thoughts

As this list points out, getting fit doesn’t have to be elaborate or costly. Thanks to the internet, having your own home workout is now easily accessible and can even be much more entertaining. Your journey to getting fit need not be complicated. So long as you have the drive and dedication, working out can be efficient — and, most importantly, free — right in the comfort of your own home.