What Can I Use As An Ash Tray


Empty Cans

When it comes to finding a makeshift ashtray, you might be surprised to discover that everyday household items can be repurposed for this purpose. One such item is an empty can. Whether it’s a soda can, soup can, or any other type of can, they can easily be transformed into a functional ashtray.

To create an ashtray from an empty can, simply clean out the can thoroughly to remove any remnants of its previous contents. Once cleaned, you can leave it as is or add a personal touch by painting or decorating it to suit your taste. You can even use a can opener to smooth out any sharp edges or create a wider opening if desired.

Empty cans make great ashtrays due to their sturdy construction and heat resistance. They can safely contain cigarette ashes and provide a stable base to prevent tipping. Additionally, their compact size makes them convenient for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you choose to use an empty can as an ashtray, be sure to place it on a heat-resistant surface and empty it regularly to avoid the buildup of residue and odor. Remember to dispose of cigarette butts responsibly and in accordance with local regulations.

Using an empty can as an ashtray not only helps to reduce waste but also offers a simple and budget-friendly solution for smokers in need of a temporary or portable ashtray. So, next time you find yourself without an ashtray, look no further than your kitchen pantry for an empty can that can be repurposed into a practical and eco-friendly option.

Glass Jars

Another versatile option for an ashtray is a glass jar. Whether it’s a mason jar, a jam jar, or even a small vase, glass jars provide a stylish and functional solution for ash disposal.

To use a glass jar as an ashtray, ensure that it is clean and free from any residual food or liquid. The transparency of the glass allows you to easily see when it needs to be emptied. You can keep the lid on to contain odors or remove it for easier access.

Glass jars are particularly suitable for indoor use as they can be effortlessly incorporated into your home decor. Place one on a coffee table or a side table, and it will blend in seamlessly with your surroundings. If you prefer a more personalized touch, consider decorating the jar using paint, adhesive stickers, or ribbons to match your preferred aesthetic.

Not only are glass jars aesthetically pleasing, but they also offer practical benefits. They are heat resistant and won’t catch fire, making them a safe option for disposing of cigarette butts. Additionally, their wide openings make it easy to flick ashes into the jar without any mess.

When using a glass jar as an ashtray, it’s important to exercise caution. Avoid knocking the jar over or placing it on unstable surfaces to prevent accidents. Remember to empty the jar regularly and dispose of the ashes and cigarette butts properly.

If you’re looking for an ashtray that can be easily cleaned, glass jars have the added advantage of being dishwasher safe. This makes maintenance a breeze and ensures that your ashtray remains hygienic and free from residual odors.

Ceramic Dishes

Ceramic dishes are another excellent choice for a makeshift ashtray. These dishes, often used for serving food or as decorative pieces, can be repurposed to serve as a convenient and stylish ashtray.

When selecting a ceramic dish to use as an ashtray, consider choosing one with a shallow depth and a wide surface area. This will allow for easy disposal of ashes and prevent any accidental spills. Ceramic dishes come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, so you can find one that matches your personal style and preference.

One of the benefits of using a ceramic dish as an ashtray is its ability to withstand high temperatures. Ceramic is a heat-resistant material that can handle the heat generated by cigarette ashes without getting damaged. This makes it a suitable choice for smokers who tend to smoke multiple cigarettes in one sitting.

Another advantage of ceramic dishes is that they are easy to clean. You can simply rinse them with water and use soap if necessary. The non-porous surface of the ceramic material prevents stubborn stains from sticking, ensuring that your ashtray stays clean and presentable.

Using a ceramic dish as an ashtray can also be a stylish addition to your surroundings. Its elegant and timeless appearance blends well with any decor style, be it modern, rustic, or traditional. You can even display it as a decorative accent when not in use as an ashtray.

It’s important to note that ceramic dishes can become hot when used as ashtrays, especially if placed directly on a heat source. To prevent accidents or damage, place the ceramic dish on a heat-resistant surface or use a heatproof coaster underneath.

When using a ceramic dish as an ashtray, remember to empty it regularly and dispose of the ashes and cigarette butts responsibly. This will help maintain cleanliness and prevent any unpleasant odors from lingering in the dish.

Overall, ceramic dishes not only provide functionality as ashtrays but also add a touch of sophistication to your smoking area. With their durability, easy maintenance, and aesthetic appeal, ceramic dishes are a stylish choice worth considering.

Metal Tins

If you’re in need of a portable ashtray or prefer a more durable option, metal tins can be an excellent choice. These lightweight and compact containers can easily fit in your pocket, purse, or glove compartment, making them convenient for smokers on the go.

When selecting a metal tin for use as an ashtray, consider choosing one with a hinged or sliding lid. This will prevent ashes from spilling out while also containing any potential odors. Metal tins come in various shapes and sizes, so you can find one that suits your needs.

Metal tins are a practical option because they are heat-resistant and won’t burn or melt when in contact with cigarette ashes. This makes them suitable for disposing of hot cigarette butts without any safety concerns.

One of the advantages of using a metal tin as an ashtray is its easy maintenance. Simply empty the tin of ashes and rinse it with water when necessary. Some metal tins may have removable inserts or trays that can be cleaned separately, which adds to their convenience.

In addition to their functionality, metal tins can also be personalized or customized to suit your style. You can decorate the exterior of the tin with stickers, paint, or markers to make it unique and reflect your personality.

Keep in mind that metal tins may become hot from the ashes inside, so use caution when handling them. Place the metal tin on a heat-resistant surface after use to allow it to cool down.

While metal tins make great temporary or portable ashtrays, it’s essential to remember that they are not fireproof. Avoid disposing of lit cigarettes directly into the tin as it can increase the risk of fire.

Ultimately, metal tins provide a practical and compact solution for smokers who need a portable ashtray. Their durability, heat resistance, and easy maintenance make them a reliable choice for on-the-go smoking needs.


If you’re looking for a unique and natural option for an ashtray, seashells can provide a charming and eco-friendly solution. As long as you have access to seashells, whether from your beach adventures or a local store, you can transform them into functional and aesthetically pleasing ashtrays.

Seashells come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them versatile for different preferences. You can choose larger shells to accommodate multiple cigarette butts or smaller ones for individual use. Whichever size you opt for, make sure the shell can hold ashes without them being easily blown away by wind or movement.

To prepare seashells for use as an ashtray, give them a thorough wash to remove any sand or debris. This will ensure a clean and hygienic surface for disposing of cigarette ashes. Additionally, if you prefer, you can decorate the shells with paint, varnish, or other materials to add a personal touch.

Seashells are an organic choice for an ashtray, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional ashtrays. Rather than contributing to plastic waste, seashells are derived from nature and can be returned to the environment or reused in various ways if desired.

When using seashells as ashtrays, it’s important to consider their fragility. Handle them with care to avoid breakage or damage. Additionally, seashells may not withstand high heat from lit cigarettes, so it’s best to use them for extinguished cigarette butts only.

One of the advantages of using seashells as ashtrays is their decorative appeal. Their unique colors and textures can add a touch of seaside charm to your smoking area, whether indoors or outdoors. Displaying seashells as ashtrays can bring a subtle coastal ambiance to your surroundings.

As with any ashtray, it’s important to empty the seashell regularly and dispose of the ashes and cigarette butts responsibly. This will help maintain cleanliness and prevent any odors from developing.

Outdoor Ashtrays

For smokers who enjoy their cigarettes outside, having a dedicated outdoor ashtray is essential. Outdoor ashtrays are designed specifically to withstand the elements and provide a convenient and sanitary solution for ash disposal.

Outdoor ashtrays come in various styles and materials, including metal, plastic, and even stone. They are often designed with a heavy base or are anchored to the ground to prevent tipping over in strong winds. Some outdoor ashtrays also feature a cover or lid to keep the ashes contained and prevent them from being blown away.

These ashtrays are weather-resistant, made to endure rain, wind, and harsh sunlight. They are typically designed with drainage systems to prevent water accumulation, which can make cleaning easier and extend the lifespan of the ashtray.

Outdoor ashtrays are not only functional but also provide a sense of cleanliness and organization. They help prevent cigarette butts and ashes from littering the surrounding area, reducing the risk of fire hazards and maintaining a tidy outdoor space.

When choosing an outdoor ashtray, consider one with a design that suits your aesthetic preferences and complements your outdoor decor. Whether modern and sleek or rustic and natural, there are ashtray options available to match any style.

Proper maintenance of outdoor ashtrays is crucial to ensure their longevity. Regularly emptying the ashtray, disposing of cigarette butts responsibly, and cleaning it as needed will help to prevent odor buildup and maintain its appearance.

Outdoor ashtrays are often found in public spaces such as parks, sidewalks, and outdoor seating areas of restaurants. However, they can also be a wise investment for personal use in your own outdoor area, providing a designated spot for smokers and contributing to a more pleasant environment for yourself and your guests.

By using an outdoor ashtray, you can promote a cleaner and more organized outdoor space while ensuring proper disposal of cigarette waste.

DIY Ashtray Using Clay or Pottery

If you’re feeling creative and want to add a personal touch to your ashtray, consider making your own DIY ashtray using clay or pottery. This hands-on approach allows you to customize the design, shape, and color, resulting in a unique and one-of-a-kind ashtray.

To begin, gather the necessary materials such as air-dry clay or pottery clay, sculpting tools, and a rolling pin. Air-dry clay is a convenient option as it does not require firing in a kiln, making it suitable for beginners or those without access to pottery equipment.

Start by kneading and molding the clay into your desired ashtray shape. You can choose to create a simple round dish or get more creative with intricate designs. Use the sculpting tools to refine the edges and add decorative details if desired.

Once you’ve achieved the desired shape and design, allow the clay to air dry following the manufacturer’s instructions. This process may take a few days depending on the brand and thickness of the clay. It’s important to handle the clay gently during the drying process to prevent cracking or misshaping.

If you prefer to work with pottery clay that requires firing in a kiln, you can enroll in a local pottery class or find access to a pottery studio. This option allows for more complex and durable ashtrays as the clay is fired at high temperatures, resulting in a hardened ceramic piece.

Once the clay or pottery has fully dried or been fired, you can further personalize your DIY ashtray by painting or glazing it. Choose colors that complement your style or match your existing decor. Apply the paint or glaze evenly and allow it to dry or be fired again if needed.

DIY clay or pottery ashtrays not only serve as functional smoking accessories but also double as unique works of art. They can be proudly displayed on a coffee table or shelf, showcasing your creativity and adding a touch of handmade charm to your space.

Remember to clean your DIY ashtray regularly by emptying the ashes and wiping it down with a damp cloth. This will help maintain its appearance and hygiene.

Creating your own ashtray using clay or pottery allows you to combine your artistic flair with the practical need for a smoking accessory. Embrace your creativity and enjoy the satisfaction of making a customized ashtray that reflects your personal style.

Repurposing an Old Ashtray

If you have an old ashtray lying around that you no longer use for its original purpose, don’t throw it away just yet. Repurposing an old ashtray can breathe new life into it and serve a different function in your home or as a decorative item.

One option for repurposing an old ashtray is to transform it into a unique tray or catchall for small items. Place it on your dresser or entryway table to hold keys, coins, jewelry, or other small trinkets. This repurposing idea not only gives a second life to the ashtray but also helps keep your space organized.

If you enjoy gardening, consider repurposing the ashtray as a small planter. Fill it with soil and add your favorite plants or succulents. This not only adds a touch of greenery to your space but also gives the old ashtray a new purpose as a mini garden container.

Another creative way to repurpose an ashtray is to turn it into a unique candle holder or incense burner. Clean the ashtray thoroughly, and then place a small pillar candle or an incense stick inside. The ashtray can act as a stylish and heat-resistant base, adding a decorative touch to your ambiance.

If you are an art enthusiast or have artistic skills, repurposing an old ashtray can be an opportunity for a creative project. Use paints, markers, or other art supplies to transform the ashtray into a unique piece of art. You can create a personalized design or even use it as a canvas for your artistic expression.

Consider repurposing an old ashtray as a practical holder for office supplies. Use it to keep paperclips, rubber bands, or other small stationery items organized on your desk. This repurposing idea not only repurposes the ashtray in a useful way but also adds a touch of creativity to your workspace.

Remember to clean the ashtray thoroughly before repurposing it to remove any residual odors or traces of ash. This will ensure that it is fresh and suitable for its new purpose.

Repurposing an old ashtray offers a sustainable and creative solution to reduce waste and give new life to an item that might otherwise be discarded. Embrace your creative side and explore the various possibilities to repurpose your old ashtrays into unique and practical items for your home or personal use.

Personalized Ashtrays

If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your smoking experience or give a unique gift to a fellow smoker, personalized ashtrays are a fantastic option. By customizing an ashtray with special designs, messages, or artwork, you can create a one-of-a-kind smoking accessory that reflects your style or carries sentimental value.

There are several ways to personalize an ashtray. One option is to use paint or markers to decorate the surface of the ashtray. Whether it’s a simple monogram, a favorite quote, or intricate artwork, let your creativity guide you in designing a unique and eye-catching ashtray.

You can also consider personalizing an ashtray by incorporating memorable objects or images. For example, you could adhere photographs, fabric patches, or small trinkets to the ashtray, creating a collage of special memories or interests.

Another way to add a personal touch is through engraving. Many ashtrays can be engraved with names, dates, or meaningful messages. This option provides a more permanent and elegant personalization, making the ashtray a cherished keepsake.

If you have access to a pottery studio or a kiln, consider creating a personalized ashtray by handcrafting it from clay. You can mold the clay into a specific shape or design, incorporating personalized details or inscriptions directly into the clay. This ensures that the personalization becomes an integral part of the ashtray’s structure.

Personalized ashtrays make thoughtful gifts for smokers on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or as a token of appreciation. Customizing an ashtray with the recipient’s initials, a meaningful quote, or symbols that hold significance to them will show that you put thought and care into the gift.

When designing your personalized ashtray, keep in mind the functionality and durability of the ashtray. Ensure that your personalization does not compromise the ashtray’s ability to safely hold ashes or withstand heat. Select materials and designs that will withstand regular use and maintain their appearance over time.

Whether you’re looking to express your own style or gift a unique item, personalized ashtrays offer a wonderful opportunity to showcase your creativity and add a personal touch to a practical smoking accessory.

Pocket Ashtrays for On-the-Go

For smokers who are always on the move, pocket ashtrays are a convenient and portable solution to safely dispose of cigarette ashes and butts when a traditional ashtray is not readily available. These compact and lightweight accessories are designed specifically for on-the-go use, making them an essential item for smokers who want to maintain cleanliness and respect the environment.

Pocket ashtrays are typically made of fire-resistant materials such as metal or heat-resistant plastics. Their small size allows them to easily fit in a pocket, purse, or bag, making them readily accessible whenever and wherever you need them.

One of the key benefits of pocket ashtrays is their ability to contain the smell and mess associated with smoking. Their airtight or sealed designs prevent odors and ash from escaping, ensuring that your belongings and surroundings remain clean and fresh.

Using a pocket ashtray is simple. When ready to extinguish your cigarette, open the ashtray and carefully insert the lit end into the designated compartment. Close the ashtray securely to trap any smoke or odors inside. This not only prevents accidental fires but also offers a discreet and responsible way to dispose of cigarette waste when a regular ashtray is not available.

Many pocket ashtrays also come with additional features such as a built-in cigarette snuffer, which allows you to extinguish your cigarette before placing it inside the ashtray. Some models even have a separate compartment for storing unused cigarettes, making them even more convenient for on-the-go smokers.

When it comes to cleaning a pocket ashtray, most designs are remarkably easy to maintain. Many are washable and can be rinsed with water or wiped clean with a damp cloth. Some models even use disposable liners or odor-absorbing materials that can be replaced as needed.

Aside from the practical aspect, pocket ashtrays also promote environmental responsibility. By using a pocket ashtray, you can avoid littering cigarette butts or ashes in public spaces or nature. This helps prevent pollution and maintains a cleaner and more pleasant environment for everyone.

Whether you’re traveling, hiking, attending outdoor events, or simply going about your daily routine, pocket ashtrays provide a convenient and responsible way to dispose of cigarette waste while minimizing the impact on the environment. Their compact size, odor-eliminating properties, and ease of use make them an invaluable accessory for smokers on the go.