120 Fun Date Night Ideas You Can Do At Home

Fun Date Night At Home Ideas

Looking for date night ideas? For many couples, simple is best. While fancy dates can certainly make anyone’s heart flutter, staying in and having a nice home-cooked dinner can be just as sweet. It’s all about details and whether you want to add more Hygge to your date or make it exciting, we have fun date ideas for you!


Fun Date Night Ideas During Quarantine

Quarantine got you down? Don’t let it hinder you from enjoying quality time with your partner. Here are some virtual date ideas you can try out.

couple cooking a recipe in the kitchen, fun date night ideas
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Create a New Recipe.

It doesn’t matter if neither of you knows how to cook. The idea is to try something new together. This will ensure plenty of laughs and if it turns out inedible, there’s always food delivery!

Play Horror Video Games.

There are plenty of free games online that’ll give you the spooks. This is perfect for couples looking for date ideas during Covid. No need to leave home and you can just snuggle with each other for comfort.

Draw Portraits of Each Other.

Again, the goal here is to have fun doing something you normally wouldn’t. Besides, wouldn’t it be interesting to find out how your partner sees you? All you really need is a few art supplies!

Enjoy a Spa Night.

While spas aren’t opened for business in some places, you can still enjoy the same kind of pampering at home. All you need to do is get some face masks, massage oil, and other self-care supplies that you can use at home.

Make Crafts Together.

It could be anything from making recycled paper to making candles. It can be as simple or challenging as you want it to be. Bonding while learning is a guaranteed fun way to spend a date night.

Play 20 Questions.

Looking for fun date ideas? Well, don’t just go for the usual Q&A’s. Toss in a few wildcards such as “What would you do in a zombie invasion?” or “Would you eat something disgusting for a million dollars?”

Film a YouTube Video Together.

Whether you end up posting it or not, it’s up to the both of you. Shoot a tutorial, give each other makeovers, or do a fun online challenge. You’ll end up with a cute keepsake either way.

Build a Fortress and Tell Ghost Stories.

Movies are great, but why not mimic the feeling of being at camp while telling creepy tales? Turn off all the lights and let your childlike imaginations run wild.

Dress-up Your Pets.

If both of you have fur babies, why not give them a makeover as well? Dress them up like movie characters and while you’re at it, have an impromptu family photo shoot too!

Harry Potter Themed Date Night
Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Have a Harry Potter Marathon.

Looking for fun movie ideas? Unleash your inner Potterhead and wear costumes while you’re at it! You can even prepare or order food-related to the franchise to make things extra immersive.

Wait for Sunrise Together.

Whether it be finding a cozy spot by a window, doing an impromptu picnic out on the balcony, or even climbing (safely!) onto the rooftop, nothing beats the romance of watching the sunrise together.

Have a Cook-Off.

If you’re both excellent cooks, why not test each other’s skills and have a mini competition? Both of you can blindly choose the ingredients and judge each other’s dishes as well? It’s all in good fun, after all!

Create a Map of Your Future Travels.

Want fun date ideas for avid travelers? Put together a vision board of all the places you wish to visit once it is safe to do so! Once you have your list, mark every location on a map. You can have this framed later on as a souvenir, too.

Put Together an Adventure List.

Since we’re on the topic of travel, why not enjoy a date night with your partner or spouse by putting together a list of adventures you want to try together? We’re talking about thrilling things such as going on a safari, bungee jumping, or even skydiving!

Do An “Exclusive” Wine Tasting.

Each of you would bring two bottles of wine each, preferably ones you haven’t tried together. Prepare a charcuterie board or dishes that you feel pair best with the wines. This also works for first-date ideas.

Set Up an Indoor Picnic.

While picnics are typically associated with sunshine and nature, you can still mimic the same feeling at home. Add a bit of ambient lighting to your home, turn off your phones and all the lights, and play some soothing music to set the mood. As for food, prepare your favorite picnic snacks and enjoy each other’s company.

Plan a Karaoke Night.

Whether you’ve been blessed with a talent for singing or can barely stay in tune, a karaoke night will always be fun. There are many karaoke songs available on YouTube for free so all you need are wireless mics to get started!

Visit a Virtual Museum.

These days, you’ll find that many of the biggest museums in the world have made their collections accessible online. If you and your partner are both art and history buffs, consider this one of the most romantic ideas to spend an evening together.

Decorate a Room in Your Home.

If you’re looking for a fun yet productive date night ideas, give this one a try. Why not play interior designer for the evening and work on a room together? You don’t even have to spend any money on supplies. Simply moving the furniture around can make a big difference. It’s all about being creative and enjoying each other’s company at the same time.

Declutter and Organize.

Since we’re on the topic of “domestic” activities, why not spend date nights organizing each other’s stuff? From books, collections, to even the closet! Just make sure you both have plenty of snacks and drinks to keep everything light and entertaining.


Fun Date Night Ideas for Friends

Dates aren’t reserved solely for couples. When was the last time you spent time with your friends and had a date with them? If none of you are keen on going on a night out or spending another weekend on a pub crawl, then give these best date ideas a try instead.

Attend Online Events
Photo by Andres Ayrton from Pexels

Attend Online Events.

Now that nearly everything has gone digital, there are also many great activities you can enjoy online. Gather your friends and look through vacation rental websites such as Airbnb Online Experiences to find virtual events you can attend. This is one of the best quarantine date ideas!

Learn a New Dance Together.

Dancing in the living room? Go right ahead! Why not try and learn a new dance while you’re at it? This activity will surely raise everyone’s endorphin levels and make for a very entertaining evening. To spice things up, consider getting fancy lighting to create the right ambiance!

Film a Mukbang.

Since dates always involve food, why not take things up a notch and film a mukbang with your friends. This type of eating show is popular on social media. If you’re looking for unique date ideas during Covid, make it even more fun by choosing food none in your group have tried before!

Follow a Bob Ross Tutorial.

With a bit of wine and plenty of laughs, you and your friends can enjoy a memorable evening with this activity. Just prepare the right amount of canvas and some paint. If you’re looking for double date ideas, consider this one as well.

Make Your Own Pizzas.

For the foodies, this one will surely be a treat. Ask everyone to bring their favorite ingredients and spend the evening making up your own pizza recipes. If unique dinner date ideas are what you’re after, you will surely impress your partner or spouse with this one too!

Put Together a Scrapbook.

Whether it be childhood memories or recent adventures you went through as a group, scrapbooking is a great way to spend a relaxing evening. Couples will surely enjoy this as well, making it one of the best date ideas during Covid.

Sandwich Making Competition.

Not only is this fun, but you also get to enjoy the fruits of your labor after! Just like making your own pizzas, ask your friends or your partner to bring their favorite ingredients. It’ll be even better if you don’t tell them what it’s for so you can test your creativity with what you have!

Go Stargazing.

This requires the use of a telescope so if you have one or have access to one, do take advantage of it! Get to know more about the different celestial bodies and what they have symbolized for mankind throughout the eons. This is one of the best romantic ideas for couples looking to spend a meaningful evening together as well.

DIY a Personal Photo Booth.

Let your imagination run wild and put together a small set or background with the available props you have at home. Dress up with your friends and take lots of pictures. Whether you upload them on social media or keep them as private keepsakes, it’s up to you!


DIY Photo Booth Date Night
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Game of Thrones Drinking Game.

Take a shot whenever Tyrion Lannister is made fun of or each time Jon Snow pulls a sad face. Whoever is the most sober by the end of the first season wins the game!

Take a Personality Test Together.

Even romantic couples would find this one fun! Just make sure you take things lightheartedly and don’t let anyone’s Myers-Briggs score change the way you see them. After all, this is only for entertainment.

Tell Ghost Stories.

After some good food and drinks, spend the rest of the evening telling ghost stories. This is a great way to unwind and isn’t just limited to group dates. If you’re looking for things to do with your girlfriend, give this one a try!

Work on a Giant Puzzle.

These can be really challenging so it will provide everyone with plenty of brain exercise. You can make it more competitive by rewarding people when they manage to finish their assigned part. Make sure that there’s plenty of snacks and drinks available, too!

Plan a Casino Night.

There should be nothing wrong with a few friendly wagers, right? You don’t even need to use real money. Why not gamble with candy or chocolate pieces instead? Doing so will help keep things entertaining and no one really loses anything valuable.

Have a Quiz Night.

Not keen on gambling? Another option is to prepare a quiz night. There are websites that will provide you with interesting questions or you can come up with some of your own. Why not test your knowledge of each other’s likes and dislikes?

Make Mixtapes.

This might be a little old-fashioned, but that is the thing that makes it fun. Turn on the radio and wait for your favorites to create your playlist bit by bit. What’s so fun about all-too-easy Spotify playlists when you could spend an evening listening to the radio like the good old days?

Mystery Show Marathon.

This one’s for the mystery buffs! There are plenty of documentaries available online so why not marathon a few? If you’re tired of the usual movie ideas then this is a fun alternative to look into.

Work on a DIY Craft.

From miniatures to challenging Lego designs, there’s plenty of fun things you can build during a dinner date. The best bit is that you’ll have a souvenir to commemorate the fun evening once you’re done with the project.

Color Each Other’s Hair.

Unless you’re willing to commit to a permanent makeover, choose temporary colors that will wash off in the shower. Use this opportunity to try really unique hues and don’t forget to take photos!

Watch Your Favorite Childhood Movies Together.

Nothing beats the joy of rediscovering the things that made you feel happy and comforted like a child. Aside from sharing this moment with friends, this is also great for those looking for romantic things to do.


First Date Night Ideas

First-date ideas can be plenty awkward, especially if you are stuck at home. You can make things more comfortable and make a good impression by trying out these ideas.

Board Games Date Night
Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Play Board Games.

These games are an easy way to break the ice. Not only will they help conversation flow naturally, you easily switch to a different one when things get redundant.

Follow a Cooking Video.

Instead of making your own recipes, there’s also plenty of fun to be had by following easy tutorials online. Just make sure to have backup dishes in case what you’re making turns out inedible. You wouldn’t want your date to go hungry!

Try Making Rolled Ice Cream.

This one will require a bit of planning ahead of time, but it’s a small effort to make one of the best first date ideas work!

Give Clay Painting a Shot.

Again, this requires some prep but the materials can be bought online for a really affordable price. What better way to get to know each other than through art?

Play a Trivia Game.

The first person to run out of fun facts loses. You can make up your own trivia, too! As long as it is believable enough, the person gets a point.

Song Guessing Game.

While you enjoy dinner, liven things up by playing a song guessing game. One person hums the tune and the other guesses. Whoever loses gets to clean up!

Have a Ghibli Marathon.

If you’re both fans of animation, then this is a safe starting point for a date. After all, watching Ghibli movies are not only entertaining, they are also one of the most romantic things to do.

Play Video Games.

Injecting a bit of competition into any game you play will help spice things up. There are many gacha games available online, too! Add up your scores by the end of the evening and whoever loses gets to host the next date. Smooth, right?

Play Bartender.

If both of you are comfortable with getting a bit tipsy in each other’s company, this might be a fun game to try. Each person simply needs to create a unique cocktail, which will be judged by the other!

Date Night Book Exchange
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Book Exchange.

This one is for bookworms! Exchange your favorite books during the date and read a few excerpts from them. This will help create conversation, too. Definitely one of the more fun date ideas.

Netflix Roulette.

Want a relaxing movie date but have no idea which movie to go with? Try an online Netflix randomizer and let fate pick for you.

Spicy Wings Challenge.

This one’s not for the faint of heart, but is one of the most exciting date night ideas on our list. All you need to do is prepare chicken wings of varying spiciness. Looking for the best date ideas? Try this one!

Prepare a Mystery Box for Each Other.

Since this is the first date, exchanging “gifts” would definitely bring about pleasant surprises for both of you. The best bit is that these can also serve as a great ice breaker!

Taste Test Different Exotic Fruits.

If you’re not a fan of spicy chicken wings, why not opt for this one instead? Sharing new experiences together, especially on a first date, will certainly be memorable.

Cook Up Unique Instant Ramen Flavors.

Still on the topic of food, turn your dinner date into something exciting by adding a bit of spice. A quick trip to your local Asian grocery store will yield plenty of fun ramen options that both of you can try.

Do Yoga Together.

For something calm, try doing yoga or meditate together. It will help remove the tension and nervousness between the two of you. At the same time, it’s always a fun experience bonding over a shared interest.

Build Your Dinner Via Vending Machine.

If you live in a place where vending machines are available, this will certainly make for an interesting challenge! This is one of the best date ideas during Covid.

Teach Each Other Words In Your Own Languages.

If you’re both bilingual, this is a great opportunity to get to know each other through your cultures. Simple words would do, you can always teach each other more later on!

Play Random Questions.

For this, you simply have to prepare a jar of random questions. Remember to keep it lighthearted and don’t ask personal questions for first date ideas.

Have a Mexican Feast.

The great thing about Mexican food is how hands-on it can be. Just prepare your own ingredients and set up a make-your-own nachos, burrito, and taco bar!


Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Whether you have kids or not, taking one night of the week for yourselves will certainly benefit your relationship. It need not be grand and even the simplest of date night ideas can make a difference.

Ice Cream Dinner Date
Photo by Teejay from Pexels

Open an Ice Cream Parlor at Home.

You can purchase a few tubs of different ice cream flavors or even contact your local ice cream shop if they can help you set things up.

Mini-Golf at Home.

This one will surely be a hit with the entire family and romantic couples alike. The basic setup is quite affordable and easy to purchase online as well.

Flashlight Tag.

If you have ample space at home or in the backyard, you can set up your own laser tag course using simple materials. Add cardboard boxes to give people places to hide in and have everyone dress in dark clothes. This is best played during nighttime!

Take Postcard Photos.

Instead of sending generic cards for special occasions, why not use your dinner date to take some cute photos to be turned into cards later?

Do a Scavenger Hunt on Google Maps.

Pull up the app on the TV or your laptop and assign a list of things for everyone to find. The one who completes their list or finds the most wins! This is one of those fun and interactive date night ideas.

Repaint Furniture or a Wall in Your Home.

If you’ve been putting off redecorating or simply want to inject more color into your space, give this a try. It becomes less of a chore if you do it during a date with love.

Travel The World.

For this, turn one room or area of your home into a “country”. For example, prepare French food in your living room then watch a Mexican telenovela in your bedroom! You get to experience a bit of the culture in the safety of your own home.

Paint by Numbers, but Supersized!

Did you know you can get customized paint-by-number designs printed? Get one about the size of a medium rug so everyone can get in on the action, too.

Make Music Together.

Instead of the usual movie ideas, turn your date night into a learning activity! Each person gets an instrument and will try to learn how to play it.

Learn Instruments On Your Date Night
Photo by Mẫnn Quang from Pexels

Make Tie-Dyed Shirts.

This is easy but truly fun to do as a couple or even with your kids! The best bit is that you get a souvenir from the activity as well.

Eat Takeout by Candlelight.

Tired after a long day? Why not order takeout and make it more special by adding candlelight? If eating with children, you can switch out candles for twinkle lights instead!

Make Fondue.

Romantic couples will surely get a kick out of this one! Even the kids will have a blast.

Enjoy a Theme Night.

Pick one theme and dress up accordingly. You can also watch movies or listen to music that fits well with the theme you have chosen.

Play Survival Games.

These survival games are thrilling and will make a great addition to any date night. Play with your kids or as a couple!

Start an Indoor Garden.

Anything you work and invest in as a couple will certainly help strengthen your bond. It may not be your typical date with love, but it is lots of fun!

Give Each Other Tattoos.

Not a permanent one, of course! The act of drawing on each other’s skin will surely be quite a romantic and intimate experience for both of you.

Have a Stephen King Marathon.

His books are classics and many Stephen King movies are already available on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

Read a Novel to Each Other.

For literature buffs, this will certainly make for a romantic evening. If novels sound a bit much, opt for your favorite poems instead.

Follow a YouTube Workout.

With gyms closed during the lockdown, why not use your date night to keep up with your fitness? There are many fun YouTube Workouts to choose from!

At Home Magic Show.

Treat your spouse to a romantic dinner date at home! There are plenty of easy tricks to learn online and you can even get the kids involved.


Romantic Date Night Ideas for Long-Distance Couples

Distance shouldn’t hinder romance from continuing to blossom between couples. After all, online dating is becoming more common. Here are couple activities you can try!

Long Distance Couple Date Night Ideas
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Take Funny Online Quizzes.

There are plenty of these and you’ll have endless fun trying them together.

At-Home Scavenger Hunt.

Looking for things to do with your girlfriend? Have someone create a random list of things for you and your partner to find. Whoever wins gets to choose the next movie!

Start Your Own Book Club.

This way, you’ll always have something connecting the both of you. A great tip here is to alternate who gets to choose the book every couple of months.

Watch an Online Concert Together.

If there’s one cool thing about everything going digital these days, it makes everything easy to share with your loved ones!

Have a Watch Party.

Fortunately for long-distance couples, services such as Teleparty and Watch Party by Amazon allow both of you to watch videos in sync! This makes movie ideas more fun.

Take a Virtual Vacation.

The pandemic and many other factors might prevent you from traveling together, but even this can now be done virtually. Our favorite websites for this purpose are Globe Genie, 360 Cities, and Air Pano.

Truth or Dare.

If you want to add a bit of spice to your usual Zoom date or Skype dinner date, try this activity! Websites such as Ice Breaker Ideas will help get things rolling.

Play Strip Poker.

For this one, all you really need is a set of cards each or you can also opt for a website such as Poker Now Club.

Play Pictionary.

With webcams and video calls, you should be able to do this easily. Just make sure you have your partner prepare all the essentials in advance as well.

Make PowerPoint Presentations for Each Other.

You can screen-share your creations while both of you enjoy dinner. It’s one of those romantic ideas that might be a bit cringy, but will make for a great memory.

Online Zoom Dates
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Get Your Fortunes Told.

Whether you believe in it or not, it’s still an interesting activity to do during your date night. You can easily find Tarot readers online with whom you can book a personal reading.

Play Console Games.

If you have an Xbox, Wii, or PlayStation, you should be able to connect with your partner and play games with them. Did you know couple activities like this one have been proven to strengthen bonds?

Play a Duet with Each Other on TikTok or Smule.

While you won’t be able to sing together in real-time, you can stitch the audio or video together to produce the whole song!

Spend Time in a Pet Café.

Did you know that you can do this virtually as well? The Petcube app allows you to interact with animals in a local shelter! This is also great for quarantine date ideas.

Share a Weekly Journal and Go Through it During Your Date.

If long phone calls aren’t always possible, this is a great way to share each other’s experiences and bond over it when the weekend comes.

Make A Dinner Playlist for Each Other.

No date would be complete without music, right? This way, you can introduce each other to new music as well. Romantic couples who love music will certainly enjoy this.

Give Your Partner a Tour of Your Place.

If they haven’t visited in a while, doing this would be a fun way to update them! You can even add a surprise at the end.

Send Each Other Packages and Open Them During Dinner.

Nothing beats a fun surprise, right? You can make it as funny or as romantic as you want. Even small things matter when it comes to creating fun date night ideas for your partner.

Have a Marvel or DC Comics Marathon.

If the two of you share a love for superhero movies, spending an evening watching your favorites will be a great way to bond. Don’t forget the snacks!

Teach Each Other a New Coffee Recipe.

For coffee-lovers, this one will be a treat. Think of it as a way of experiencing something made by the other while there’s still distance between the two of you.


Date Night Ideas When You’re In Different Cities

When the time comes that travel goes back to normal and you’re able to see other cities safely, here are some of the things you can try with your partner.

Restaurant Tour Date Night
Photo by Jack Sparrow from Pexels

Do a Restaurant Tour.

Instead of looking through the guides, why not follow your noses and see where it leads to? A new city means an adventure for romantic couples, after all.

Rent a Bike.

Did you know that some cities have special bike tours? You can join one or plan your own route with your partner. If you need double date ideas, this works as well.

Visit a Famous Viewpoint.

Take a full picnic basket with you and wait for the sunset or the sunrise.

Go to a Drive-In Movie.

There are many cities adopting this old-school form of entertainment. So if you visit one where it’s available, don’t miss the chance.

Attend a Dinner Theatre.

There are many different themed ones and it makes for a thrilling and unique experience for a romantic dinner date.

Go Fruit Picking.

Many cities offer this activity as a fun option. Though not quite suited for a date night, it is one of those fun things to do with your girlfriend or spouse.

Go on a Boat Tour.

For something calm yet romantic to do during your dinner date, why not try going on a boat? Some packages even serve dinner during the ride.

Go on an Art Tour.

Cities like Tokyo actually have graffiti tours, which art buffs will surely enjoy. Check if your destination also has one and give it a try.


Things to Do in NYC This Weekend

If you ever find yourself in the Big Apple during a trip, you’ll never run out of activities to do. Whether it be day or night, here are some activities that you can try.

Broadway Show Date Night
Photo by Owen Barker from Pexels

Go See a Broadway Show.

If you’ve got your day packed with sightseeing, unwind and relax after by catching an evening show.

See New York City at Night.

There’s a reason why it’s called one of the most beautiful cities in the world. See NYC in all of its glittering glory atop the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, and the One World Trade Center Observatory.

Night Bus Tours.

Another must-do when you’re in the city is the double-decker bus tour. There are two versions: day and night, but we recommend you try this one after sundown.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge.

Looking for things to do in Brooklyn? This one will certainly make your trip extra memorable. This is one of the simpler couple activities you can do, but it is worth it.

Explore the Grand Central Terminal.

There are many couple activities to do in NYC, but none as romantic and educational as a trip to the historic Grand Central.

Take a Cruise on the Staten Island Ferry.

This one is free of charge and runs 24 hours a day, which makes it a great date night option when you’re in NYC.

Ripley’s Museum.

For parents looking for date night ideas they can share with their kids, this is a great activity to look into. Looking for things to do with your girlfriend? Give this one a shot.

Sleepover on the Intrepid.

Instead of staying at your average hotel, why not make your date night last longer by spending a night on the Intrepid? Dinner, breakfast, and even snacks are included!

Visit Little Italy and Chinatown.

NYC is a melting pot of different cultures. Give your dinner date a more international feel by trying out special cuisines?

Go See Dylan’s Candy Bar.

Did you know that they stay open until 11 pm? You can avoid large crowds by going late at night. Fun date night ideas can get sweeter with a bit of candy!

Experience Madame Tussauds.

With over 200 wax figures to check out, it’s easy to spend hours here. The best bit? They close at 10 pm so you can go right after dinner!

Enjoy Seasonal Activities.

Ice skating is a must during the winter holidays. However, did you know that you can also enjoy other unique couple activities such as Shakespeare in Central Park during the summer months?


Always Get Creative with Date Night Ideas

Remember, it’s not about how much you spend that matters. It’s all about how well you use the time you have together. Even the smallest thing can be made special if you date with love!