50 Second Date Ideas That Will Score You a Third One

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Coming up with unique second date ideas can be quite a challenge. Not only do you have the added pressure of topping the first one, but you also need to make sure you stay on the right path to keep things moving. Good date ideas should be easygoing, engaging, and personal without overstepping boundaries. Whether you met through common friends or on a dating app such as Bumble, second dates are crucial to any blossoming relationship. This time, it isn’t about making a good impression, it’s about making sure it sticks. With that in mind, here are some fun and romantic date ideas you can try!


50 Unique Second Date Ideas to Try


1. Hop on a Train and Go Down at a Random Station 

Fans of doing things spontaneously will enjoy this one. Take the train and point to a random station on the map then spend the day in that part of town. You can find new things to explore or introduce each other to familiar sites.


2. Try the Worst Rated Restaurant in Your City

Looking for date night ideas? Instead of choosing the best place to dine in, why not check out some of the worst? Think of it as a culinary adventure that you and your date can enjoy. Just be sure to tell them ahead of time to avoid any hiccups!


3. Take a Dance Class Together

Most people have “learn something new” on their bucket list. If this is the case, why not try it together? There are many dance classes you can try for a day. Not only will this ensure a good time for both of you, but you’ll also both walk away with a new skill. Something that might come in handy during the third date, perhaps?


4. Volunteer Together

For second date ideas that are more low key, but also socially responsible, why not volunteer together? You use your hours volunteering to paint houses or even look after shelter animals. Sure, it’s not very glamorous, but it will show you another side to your date as well.


5. Attend a Themed Party

Parties are a fun way to spend a date night, but why not spice it up and opt for a themed one instead? This is one of those cute date ideas that will highlight both your personality and creativity.


6. Join a Marathon

Man and woman preparing for a marathon.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Are you and your date both athletic? Going for a run or joining a marathon are great second date ideas you’ll enjoy. To make it more personal, take them through your favorite route or challenge each other’s best time. A bit of competition never hurt anyone!


7. Test Drive a (Very Expensive!) Car Together

Make sure you check first with your local car dealerships and see if they allow people to do so. This is a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy spending some time together, while sight-seeing around your city. If your date is fond of unplanned activities, we’re sure they’ll appreciate this surprise.


8. Go to A Bookstore and Gift Each Other Copies of Your Favorite Books

This one’s for the bookworms out there. If you would rather stay away from the crowd, bring your date to your favorite bookstore in the city. Giving someone a book as a gift can be a very personal thing, but it would also show them your willingness to have them in your life. After, take them to a café so you can both discuss your favorites!


9. Go Skating (Or Learn How To!)

If winter second date ideas are what you’re looking for, ice skating should be at the top of that list. Whether you’re great at or still trying to find your balance, it will ensure a fun time together. During the warmer months, try learning how to inline skate instead!


10. Visit the Farmer’s Market and Take Turns Making Meals

Even if you aren’t that much of a cook, this will still be a fun activity for you and your date. You can make a simple sandwich, if that’s what you’re most confident with. You can start practicing and honing your skills by trying some of these Mediterranean food recipes!


11. Play Games at an Old-Fashioned Arcade

Take your date on a nostalgic trip and spend some time together at your local arcade. You’ll get to reminisce about all of your favorite games together and who knows? You might win more than just a few prizes. If you’re ever in San Diego CA, check out Belmont Park for a real blast from the past.


12. Go Fruit Picking

Man and woman picking oranges.
Photo by Văn Long Bùi from Pexels

If you’re looking for second date ideas that are both relaxing and fulfilling, try this activity. You don’t have to worry about crowds and be able to talk comfortably together. The best bit? You get to share the fruits you picked after.


13. Visit a Fortune Teller Together

Whether you believe in it or not, this date activity is still fun to try. We suggest asking general questions unless you and your date are comfortable talking about your future together. This low-key date idea is a great alternative to your usual karaoke bars where it can get a little too loud.


14. Race Each Other in Go-Karts

Whoever said dating should be done slowly hasn’t been on a go-kart. Kidding aside, thrilling activities will add a bit more spice to your usual second date ideas. If you and your date both have a need for speed, give this one a try.


15. Attend a Local Drag Queen Show

They’ll make you laugh, dance, and sing your heart out. What better way to spend a date night than at your local drag show? You and your date are guaranteed to have a good time. It might even get you a third or fourth date after!


16. Camp Out at Home

If visiting bars and clubs aren’t your cup of tea, then make your at-home date more exciting. Set up a tent in the backyard or in the middle of your living room. Next, prepare some of the best camping food that doesn’t require much work. Add your favorite road movies to the mix and you have the formula for a really great second date.


17. Give Each Other a Makeover

Are you and your date both fashion fans? Get creative and give each other makeovers! It need not be a drastic change. You can both walk into a thrift store to pick out an outfit for each other. It’s a fun way of getting to know them and their personality even more.


18. Go on an Art Gallery Tour

Man and woman taking a photo at a gallery.
Photo by Darya Sannikova from Pexels

If your creativity leans toward artistic pursuits, take your date on an inspiring tour of local art galleries. Take them to your favorite one and introduce a piece that you really love. In turn, ask them to do the same. Gallery and museum dates are always great choices, especially for second date ideas.


19. Go Rock Climbing

Most people choose second date ideas that will not make them sweat, but where’s the fun in that? If you and your date are both outdoorsy people, take on this challenge. You can go indoor rock climbing or challenge yourself by going into nature instead. It’s one way of getting their hearts racing!


20. Create Unique Recipes Using Strange Ingredients

So you’re not a great cook but have a fondness for experimenting. Well, this one’s for you. Take your date to a local grocery and have them blindly pick out ingredients. Once done, the two of you can then try to make a dish out of what they have chosen. Will it guarantee a delicious meal? Perhaps. You will definitely have a great time together, though!


21. Visit a Vineyard for Wine Tasting

Wine tasting need not be the only activity you do at a vineyard. You can both bring your sketchbooks and practice some landscape drawing while you’re at it. Photography buffs can use each other as subjects for their portraits. With some great wine, creativity, and fresh air, you can turn a simple date into something memorable.


22. Paint or Draw Each Other Over Some Wine

After you’ve had a good time sampling your chosen vineyard’s wines, add this next activity to your list. For the artists out there, show off some of your creativity and draw a portrait of your partner while sharing drinks. If you have a bit more time to prepare, a charcuterie board picnic would be a nice accompaniment to this.


23. Take a Baking or Cooking Class Together

Did you know that some local bakeries offer this service? You and your date can learn to bake from the experts themselves. If you’re working with a budget, however, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials that you can follow along. Either way, working together can help develop the bond between the two of you even further.


24. Go on an Impromptu Road Trip

Man and woman standing beside a car while checking a map.
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

Surprise your date by taking them to the beach one weekend or to your favorite spot just outside the city. You can also plan the trip with them and list down a few destinations, but only choose one on the day itself. Spontaneity will surely breathe new life into your usual weekends.


25. Try a Local Haunted House or Ghost Tour

While it isn’t topping the list of romantic date ideas you can try, there’s plenty of fun to be had during such tours. There’s also the bonus of holding their hands as you go through the scares!


26. Take Part in a Tree-Planting Activity

The quickest way to anyone’s heart is through sincerity and kindness. In this case, actions speak louder than words. Let your date know how much you value and love nature through this activity. You’ll be able to enjoy each other’s company and benefit Mother Nature at the same time. We can’t think of better second date ideas than that!


27. Create an Entirely New Cocktail Together

These days, going to bars and clubs can be overrated. A great alternative is to stay at home and create your own cocktails instead. This way, you get to enjoy your drinks and be able to have a proper conversation as well, without all the background noise. While you’re at it, try recreating these classic cocktails for fun!


28. Visit an Escape Room

How well do you perform under pressure? Well, you and your date can put yourselves to the test by trying out an escape room. Whether you succeed or not, it will be a fun activity that’ll likely bring you even closer together.


29. Go on a Historical Tour of Your City

When it comes to second date ideas, opt for something that will allow you to converse and learn more about each other. A historical tour will provide you with plenty of quiet time, while also allowing you to share your knowledge with them.


30. Attend a Local Poetry Reading or Open Mic

Man and woman participating in an open mic.
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

If you’re looking to impress your date with your artistic talent, keep an eye out for poetry readings and open mics. You can even surprise them by preparing your own piece to perform! Remember, it need not be perfect. The idea is to entertain and show them that you enjoy their company.


31. Create a New Perfume Together

For cute date ideas that are also memorable, head over to your local perfume bars. Some of them allow customers to customize their own scents so why not make one based on both of you? It’s a fun activity that’ll help you get to know them more. Taking home a perfume that will remind you of them is certainly a bonus.


32. Attend a Comedy Show Together

Laughter brings people together and this rings true, even for dates. A bit of humor can help break the ice and keep the conversation going between the two of you as well.


33. Visit a Flea Market Together

There are plenty of treasures to discover at flea markets. If you’re both into antiquing or simply have a love for all things vintage, don’t hesitate to bring your date on one of your trips. You might be surprised at what you discover about them as well.


34. Try a Gardening Experience Together

While gardening may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to second date ideas, it does make for a fun activity that can be shared. If you don’t mind getting a little dirty, take your date to a local nursery and help replant seedlings while you’re there. Take home a plant or two in memory of the day as well!


35. Make Your Own Coffee from Scratch

Having a conversation over coffee can make for a lovely date idea, but you can also get hands-on and make the drink yourself. Visit your favorite café and ask if this activity is available for you to try. Most of the time, they do offer this service. What better way to spend an afternoon, right?


36. Challenge Each Other to an Ikea Furniture Building Contest

Man and woman looking at furniture.
Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA from Pexels

This one’s as fun and challenging as it sounds. Think of it as being similar to building a puzzle together, only this one requires the two of you to work together. If all else fails, you can always turn to board games after!


37. Attend a Burlesque Show

This might sound a bit risqué, but if you and your date are comfortable then attending a burlesque show might be a good date idea. Most performances come with dinner and a show, so all you need to do is show up. The best bit? You get to dress up for the occasion as well.


38. Stay at Home and Do Crafts Together

If the workday has depleted you of energy to go out on the weekend, why not plan a night at home? Ask your date if they are comfortable about doing so. Should they agree, bring over a bunch of art and crafts material that you can use to create all sorts of projects. For other activities, on top of crafting, here are more fun date ideas you can do at home.


39. Go Horseback Riding

If this activity is available in your city, give it a try. Whether this is your first time going horseback riding or you’re an expert, this is a great date idea that would make for a wonderful memory for both of you. In case riding horses isn’t your date’s cup of tea, you can also just feed the horses instead.


40. Make Your Own Unique Flavors of Ice Cream

What is one of the best second date tips you could get? Always give your date some sweets. In this case, impress them with your ability to create your own ice cream flavor. You can even treat them to a blind taste test and have them guess the flavor you came up with!


41. Plan a Scavenger Hunt for Each Other

Didn’t we all love this game as kids? You can create an adult version of it at home or at a local park. It will take quite a bit of planning, but it will surely be an amazing date if you pull it off well. Should you make miscalculations, don’t fret! It’s all about having fun, after all.


42. Go on a Kayak or Boat Ride Adventure

Man and woman on a boat.
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

For outdoorsy folks, here’s another great second date idea you can try. Rent or bring your own kayaks and explore someplace new. You can also join a local boat ride tour if you’re not too confident about heading out on your own. Remember, adventure has a way of bringing people closer.


43. Visit a Zoo or Petting Zoo Together

What better way to spend a day than be surrounded by a lot of cute animals? Visiting a zoo ranks high on lists of second date ideas for good reason. It’s a relaxing activity that will allow you to converse comfortably and bond even more.


44. Take Part in a Beach Clean-Up Activity

Here’s another date idea that isn’t only beneficial to both of you, but to the environment as well. Spending time at the beach can be fun, but why not do it for a good cause and help with a beach clean-up? Some might even say this is one of the best second date ideas to get laid. Kindness is very attractive, after all.


45. Create a Short Story While Enjoying a Picnic

For skilled writers looking to impress their date, one way of doing so is by making them your muse. Write a short story with them as the hero or heroine. Not only will they be all-ears for your tale, but they will also likely ask for more.


46. Dress Up as Your Favorite Characters to Watch  Movie

If you and your date are unafraid of standing out, give this idea a try. Though, if you’re not keen on going out in public, you can also plan a themed movie night. This way, you’ll be able to cosplay your favorite characters in the comfort of your own home. Harry Potter marathon, anyone?


47. Go on a Scooter Adventure Around Your City

If you have a scooter or can rent one, take your date on an adventure. Visit popular spots in your city and play tourist for a day. You’ll be able to make a few new memories with each other in these places, making them just a bit more special.


48.  Ride a Hot Air Balloon

It may not be the most affordable, but if you’re looking for the best second date ideas then this is it. Not only is it romantic, it will be a date to remember for both of you. Some rides even come with dinners, which only completes the entire experience.


49. Go on a Sketching Date at a Botanical Garden

Sometimes, all a good date needs is some peace and quiet. Why not spend an afternoon at a botanical garden where you can sketch different flora? Remember, it’s the joy of creating rather than perfection that you really want out of the entire experience.


50. Challenge Each Other to a Pottery Making Competition

Man and woman rolling out clay for pottery making.
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

For this, it’s better if neither of you have had previous experience in making pottery. Because of how challenging it is, even failure can be turned into a fun time for both of you. Any new thing you can experience as a pair will only help strengthen your bond.


When Choosing Second Date Ideas, Don’t Overthink!

It’s easy to overwhelm yourself if you’re trying very hard to impress your date. Instead, choose something that you know you’ll both be comfortable with. You can also check with them ahead of time to make sure everything goes smoothly. It isn’t about planning the most expensive or extravagant second date ideas. As long as you’re both having fun, your sincerity will shine through and win them over!

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