What is Bumble: Why It’s the Best Dating App to Find Love

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Bumble can help you build connections or meet your soulmate. This dating app has truly been notable and innovative as it provides an avenue to empower women and keep them more secure in terms of online dating. Moreover, the promise of building genuine connections proves to be favorable for people who wish to acquire more lasting and meaningful relationships that will favor their love life, friendships, or professional career.

Before you start planning the best Valentine’s date ideas or hang-out dates, put your best foot forward in finding the one by learning more about Bumble here.


What Is Bumble?

Bumble is a revolutionary dating app that launched in December 2014. Its main objective? To overhaul the patriarchal and harassment-prone environment of online dating by giving women more control and security on their platform. Unless inner change instigates, there is no sure-fire way to avoid these detrimental realities. However, the added protection levels and empowering features of this dating app are truly significant factors in reforming standards of both online and face-to-face dating. 


Roots and Reputation

Since its foundation, Bumble made its mark in the dating industry not only for its high number of consumers, but also for its distinct approach to dating. Bumble’s CEO and founder, Whitney Wolfe Herd, founded the platform according to her own experiences in the online dating sector. Initially, Wolfe Herd was a co-founder of Bumble’s big competitor, Tinder. While their success with Tinder has pushed on, Wolfe Herd eventually experienced abuse and harassment from her co-founder, Justin Mateen, whom she dated on-and-off in 2013. When the pair broke up, Wolfe Herd stated that Mateen’s treatment led her to resign from the company that she helped build. Eventually, she was dropped from Tinder—all while disregarding her efforts and contributions as a forefront leader and founder of the app.

Since then, Wolfe Herd decided to leave the online dating industry altogether. That is until Badoo’s co-founder, Andrey Andreev, convinced her otherwise. With their shared vision, they worked on an app that reinvented online dating and changed the game forever. Indeed, the Bumble dating app has rightfully earned people’s acclaim. It undoubtedly provided a better avenue for women to feel empowered in online dating ventures. Compared to other free dating apps, this networking application offers features that let female users feel more secure and protected. Relatively, it is perfect for men who feel hesitant to make the first move or simply prefer women to take control of their dating course. 


How Does Bumble Work?

Learning how to use Bumble is a great way to prepare yourself before you embark on your online dating journey. As it pioneers a reconstructed method that both empowers and protects women in online dating, this revolutionary app is surely worth noting. With its innovative features and distinct approach, this dating platform is also deemed notable for its promising elements and objectives. 


Bumble Modes

Among the distinct features of this dating app is its provision of three basic modes. All of these cater to users’ different dating or networking needs. For one, Bumble Dating serves as an avenue for people who wish to find dating prospects online. The Bumble date mode allows users to swipe through profiles, find matches, and eventually converse.

A similar process also occurs in the app’s Bumble BFF mode. Instead of finding love or partners, using this mode lets users make new connections and find Bumble friends to chat or hang out with. Finally, the Bumble Bizz mode is one of the distinct and enticing aspects of the platform. While Bumble for friends lets users build platonic relationships, this Bizz mode promotes professional growth and linking. Business owners can promote their ventures, people can search for career opportunities, and professionals can find advisers that can help them grow and thrive in their field.


Logging in and Setting up Your Profile

You may create a profile either through the Bumble app on your mobile device or through Bumble Web. The Bumble desktop version can be accessed through the platform’s website on your laptop or computer. Moreover, the Bumble log-in is fairly simple since it allows you to make a profile by linking your Facebook account or simply using a phone number. After that, you will need to verify your account by means of a confirmation message sent through text.

After creating and verifying your account, you can then start setting up your Bumble Profile. The first thing the app will ask you to do is to pick a picture that you want to be displayed on your profile. You may also add more pictures to show off your great qualities on the platform. True to its inclusivity, the Bumble app also allows you to pick among various gender identities aside from male or female. This way, you can better identify and express yourself on the platform.

Eventually, you will also need to provide basic information such as the date of your birth and your name. You can autofill these details by linking your Facebook account or you may simply just type in the details. For those who are wary of losing their account, fret not! Bumble prompts you to link your email address aside from Facebook. Doing so allows you to recover your account anytime. Don’t worry about unwanted ads or spam, either, since you can disable promotional messages from the dating platform anytime.


Flaunt Your Best Self

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It’s finally time for the fun part of setting up your dating profile (or possibly the most nerve-racking!) Fortunately, this process is relatively easy and even entertaining. Customizing your profile allows you to showcase your best qualities, distinct personality, and lovable aspects. 

Aside from coming up with a comprehensive or catchy Bumble bio, it is also important to express yourself in other ways. For instance, you can answer various questions to let other users get to know a bit more about you before liking or passing on your profile. Moreover, you can link your Instagram or Spotify accounts to let others get a feel of your music taste, photography skills, or milestones in life. Doing this can also simply let others verify whether you’re a catfish or not.

To show off your best self, you can try out some Bumble tips that could help you in this avenue. For instance, choosing flattering pictures where you look approachable or friendly could get you more likes. For some, displaying pick-up lines on your Bumble profile could flaunt your great sense of humor. These could make both men and girls on Bumble find you cool and fun. 

Most of the time, the best Bumble bios are those that are straightforward, witty, and unique, as well. Above all, keep in mind that the best tip is still to stay true to yourself. Doing so allows you to not only acquire matches with the same interests or objectives as you, but also encourages you to embrace your individuality unconditionally. 



The interface of the Bumble app and website are both relatively easy to understand and use. Similar to Tinder, Bumble’s swipe right action lets you like profiles while the swipe left action does the opposite. Moreover, you may opt to simply click the checkmark to like a user’s profile or clicking the x icon to pass. As a nod to Tinder’s Super Like option, you can also SuperSwipe by clicking the heart icon on someone’s profile. When a user with a profile you liked similarly likes yours, you will both form a Match. Keep in mind that women are the ones who can solely start the conversation. For same-gender matches, both parties can message the other one first.


Is Bumble Free?

With all that said, one can agree that Bumble is truly an innovative dating app that has very promising features and functions. Still, it is free to download on any platform or device. Without paying for anything, you can utilize its basic version that allows you to connect and meet people online. 


Premium Features

If you wish to make the most out of the app, you may also opt for Bumble’s premium features. Although these are optional, they can significantly help reinforce your online dating and networking ventures on the dating platform. Among the app’s premium features and their details include:

Bumble Premium

  • Lets users extend the time for conversation initiation among your Bumble match queue.
  • Allows access to Beeline, which lets users see all of their admirers or the people who liked their profile.
  • Allows backtracking to profiles that you accidentally swiped left on or wish to see again
  • Includes travel modes.
  • Lets users restore expired matches by rematching.
  • Offers unlimited access to profile swipes and advanced filters.
  • Includes five SuperSwipes and one Spotlight feature in a week.

Bumble Boost

  • Allows users to use Spotlight for more exposure on the platform.
  • Gives users a chance to reconnect with expired Bumble matches.
  • Includes five weekly SuperSwipes and unlimited swipes through profiles.
  • Unintended left swipes can be backtracked.
  • Gives a 24-hour time extension for any Bumble match that hasn’t struck a conversation yet.


  • Upon using this feature, the Bumble algorithm can be tweaked to your advantage. Spotlight displays your profile before that of others to provide more exposure and higher chances of getting likes.


  • Lets you openly and directly express interest for another user by tapping the heart icon on their Bumble profile. When they see your profile on their stack, they will immediately be prompted that you used the SuperSwipe feature on their profile. In turn, this will give you a better chance of matching with that person of interest.


How to Delete Your Bumble Account

Just like with other dating apps, you can also opt-out of Bumble anytime. Your reasons may vary from the platform’s unsuitability with your personal preferences or hopefully, you might have finally found the one. If you simply wish to go on a social hiatus, you may first consider trying out Snooze. This option lets you keep your matches, conversations, and profile while pausing other activities on the app. You may resume activity anytime without losing access to your account.

On another note, you might also wish to simply stop using the Bumble Date mode but continue with BFF or Bizz. This is also possible by simply turning off Date mode to hide your profile from it. Moreover, you may also cease to use Bumble altogether. To do this, you simply have to go to the app’s settings menu and find the “Delete account” option. While you can simply uninstall or log out of your app, terminating your account will remove all your activity on the dating platform. People won’t be able to find or access your profile on Bumble anymore, either. If you’re currently using a premium feature, do make sure to end your subscription to avoid incorrect billing or other inconveniences. 


Bumble vs. Tinder

Without a doubt, the Tinder vs. Bumble argument has been the topic of many debates regarding the best online dating apps. Undoubtedly, both dating apps offer a multitude of features and elements that truly entice people who wish to date or connect with others. Indeed, learning how to use Tinder and Bumble can significantly improve your chances of finding your soulmate. 

If you’re wondering whether Tinder or Bumble is the best option for you, here is a quick overview of these two popular dating apps:



  • Free to use the app’s basic version.
  • Provision of a video chat feature.
  • Much more private and secure.
  • Possesses a user-friendly interface that is much more comprehensive and inclusive.
  • Aside from dating, the Bumble app can also help users network and make friends.
  • Online profiles integrate more photos and offer more personalization features.


  • For men who wish to make the first move, Bumble’s feature that lets only women contact first can be a weakness.
  • Women only have one day or 24 hours to set a conversation in motion or else the match will expire.




  • Tinder download is free for its basic version.
  • Offers of a video chat feature.
  • The app’s interface is user-friendly and straightforward.
  • Tinder looks more modern with hooking swiping details.
  • For women who are interested in men, there would generally be more options and potential matches due to the higher population of men on Tinder compared to women.


  • Tinder is more inclined towards casual or sexual relationships—garnering its reputation as a hook-up app. It does not offer sectors for meeting friends or pursuing professional networking ventures.
  • Compared to Bumble, Tinder users have a higher chance of receiving unsolicited explicit pictures or nonconsensual sexual advancements from other users.


Given these details, one may notice that Bumble and Tinder are both similar and different in various ways. Still, do keep in mind that there are no universal grounds when it comes to choosing the best dating app for everyone. This will always vary depending on an individual’s preferences, needs, and objectives. While you may get an overview of these dating platforms’ features, the best way to determine which suits you best is still by trying them out firsthand and deciding for yourself.


Best Dating Apps

The love life arena is truly a force to be reckoned with—what with so many aspects to consider and competition to acknowledge. There is no debate, however, when it comes to having a large population of single folks to meet and consider as a potential partner. Whether at work or among mutual friends, there is truly always someone you can connect with.

Despite this, the dating life is still no easy feat. With many fellow singles to meet, the remaining problem is this: how do you actually interact with them? Thanks to technology and the brilliant minds of their creators, linking with other people is made easier with free online dating sites, online hookup sites, and popular dating apps. Through them, singles can engage in dating chat online and eventual meet-ups in person.

Whether you’re looking for a partner in life or for a night, you can always turn to the best online dating sites and apps. Among the best Bumble and Tinder alternatives that you can try out include: 



This is a location-based app that matches users according to their close proximity to each other. Due to this, meeting in person and dating feels more organic and natural—providing a stark difference to other free dating websites or apps. Speaking of free, this mobile app does not require you to pay for its basic version. Happn can be downloaded on the app’s official site which links you to its page on Google Play or the Apple Store. However, you may opt to access Happn’s exclusive features by subscribing to a Premium account. 

If you are looking for potential dates or casual hookups near you, Happn happens (pun intended) to be a good option. For a much more vivid representation, take these scenarios as examples. If you’re living next to a gorgeous girl-next-door, you might find it hard to approach her without it making seem weird. Moreover, crushing on a cute barista that works in your favorite coffee shop can also leave you with butterflies in your stomach more than guts to approach them. If such people are physically near you and are also Happn users, you can strike a conversation with them much more easily and in a less embarrassing manner through the free dating app. 

In turn, people who might feel hesitations in approaching people that they cross paths with will surely find Happn helpful in kick-starting their dating life. On another note, people may also find Happn to be one of the best hookup apps due to its location-based feature. Indeed, wanting to find a partner situated near you will make your objective much more feasible. 



This is another dating website or application for people looking for love. OkCupid is based in the United States and is considered by many as the best dating site and application. This is due to its long-running foundation since 2004—acquiring a place among the first dating platforms that prevailed over the years. Aside from the love life sector, OkCupid also allows users to seek friends and simply build connections with other users.

Compared to other online dating platforms, online profiles on OkCupid are much more comprehensive and detailed. It features various questions that aim to match users more thoroughly. Due to this, OkCupid is perfect for those looking to meet people whose interests and qualities align with that of theirs.

In terms of matches, there is a high density of users on OkCupid which allows for greater chances of linking with someone you’re compatible with. This dating app is also impressively inclusive and allows linking of Instagram accounts. You may sign up on OkCupid’s official website or by downloading the app on your device.



Without a doubt, dating is fun as it offers new experiences. Moreover, meeting new people on a free dating site or hookup app is exciting all on its own. Let’s face it, though—the process of swiping through seemingly endless online profiles, engaging in conversations (that can be disappointingly uninteresting sometimes), and meeting different people from time to time could feel more taxing more than thrilling. Possibilities of experiencing ghosting or incompatible matches can also bring you down, too.

If you feel like you’ve had enough of the exhausting aspects of online dating, the Hinge dating app could be one of the best options for you. Established in 2012, Hinge boasts of its features that aim for sustained relationships. Compared to others, this free dating app is geared towards providing a platform for people who wish to acquire lasting connections through mutual friends on Facebook. In turn, Hinge became a must-try for singles looking to commit long-term.

Since its foundation, Hinge continued to evolve as it added more elements that users can utilize and enjoy. For instance, it has more features that allow profiles to be customized according to a user’s preference. Hinge members can display their religious beliefs, political views, and social stands. These could help them acquire more substantial connections with users who have similar convictions. Moreover, users can include other whims and personal details that can make their profiles more interesting. In turn, these could make their conversations with other users more engaging. 


The Promise of Bumble

Without a doubt, building genuine relationships can truly help you in learning how to be happy and fulfilled. Finding a partner to grow old with, a friend to run to, or an exciting work opportunity to grasp can turn your life around for the better. Due to Bumble’s provision of an avenue to acquire meaningful connections, it also serves as one of the best dating apps to date. Not only that, the way the platform reinforced its vision in online dating truly reinvented the whole process. As it spearheaded a more empowering and secure way for women to meet online, Bumble truly proved to be a promising app that made its mark both in online dating and in people’s personal lives.