15 BEST Dating Sites You Need to Find The One True Love

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The dating world has now shifted to online platforms. With the rise of dating sites and even dating apps, finding your potential true love has become much more convenient and accessible. Though there used to be a bit of a stigma surrounding online dating, it’s now much more accepted and widely popular.

If you want to dip your toes in online dating, then try dating sites. Many of them are easy to navigate, and although they have varying rates of success, they’re a great way of meeting a variety of people. Here are some of the top dating sites worth checking out.


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First launched in 1995, Match is one of the best-rated dating sites out there. It’s arguably one of the leading online dating platforms and serves more than 50 countries in 12 different languages.

Match is a great choice for people who want a good middle ground between those looking for lifetime partners and those who want something more casual. Based on its success stories, you can tell that the site does its job of connecting potential partners and bringing them together.

Setting up a profile on the website is easy and hassle-free as well. Moreover, it allows you to specify what sort of traits you’re looking for in a partner. In fact, you can even rate how important these traits are to you. Doing so helps Match find an accurate counterpart for you and your preferences.

Potential candidates are presented to you one by one; Match takes your rejected candidates into consideration for more precise recommendations in the future. Overall, it’s a great online dating platform to start with, especially since it was one of the first ever dating websites made available in the U.S.

A free account on the website provides you with the basics, but it has one major caveat: you can’t message people. Thus, you’re better off getting yourself a paid subscription if you’re really serious about finding someone to start a romance with.


Okcupid dating site
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Another popular dating site is OkCupid. Besides being accessible on a mobile app, OkCupid offers thorough options to detail your dating profile on the site. Similar to Match, OkCupid allows users to set filters on preferences in order to better sift through potential matches.

Additionally, it also highlights expanded options for gender and sexual orientation. Users are free to identify with whichever gender and pronoun they are most comfortable in. The site’s inclusivity helps it distinguish itself among other dating sites.

Moreover, OkCupid even offers options for people who are looking for non-monogamous relationships. As such, it’s clear that this platform is diverse in what it offers. If you ever needed a dating site that caters to your relationship needs, then perhaps give OkCupid a try.

Much like Match, OkCupid is free but offers useful features for premium subscriptions. However, OkCupid’s free subscription is arguably one of the better ones available online. There’s a lot you can do with a free subscription to OkCupid, such as basic messaging and searching. Nevertheless, if you want upgraded features — like advanced search filters, no ads, and the ability to increase your popularity to certain matches — then you might want to consider a premium subscription instead.


eharmony dating site
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eHarmony boasts of using a scientific approach to matching singles online. It claims that its method matches people through compatibility based on a compatibility quiz that users answer upon signing up. Though this quiz might seem tedious, it ultimately helps narrow down your search for a compatible partner.

More than just another online dating platform, eHarmony also offers dating advice through articles and blog posts on its site. Another notable detail about eHarmony is how it is more tailored towards people who are looking for lifelong partners. It’s the kind of dating site that helps you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. As such, it’s an online dating platform may be better suited for people who want more serious relationships than casual hookups.

Users start with a free account, but this does not entail much in terms of features. You’ll be better off paying for a membership if you’re really serious about finding a partner through eHarmony. Additionally, the site also offers a Video Date feature for premium members. Through this, users can opt to schedule a virtual date through eHarmony without having to leave the comfort of their homes. It’s a great feature for couples who are separated by time zones and long distances.


Tinder dating site
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Some might say Tinder rejuvenated the online dating scene. Regardless as to where you stand on the debate, Tinder is, without a doubt, one of the most popular online dating options today.

It’s worth noting that with Tinder, users enjoy the comfort of anonymity when swiping through potential matches. Users match when they show mutual interest in one another. They can either swipe right to like someone, or swipe left to pass on them. It’s only upon matching can users exchange messages.

Tinder is also a more mobile option, as many users often utilize it via mobile app. The people you swipe left or swipe right with will also be dependent on your location. With that said, Tinder is also considered to be a great way of meeting locals when you’re traveling to new places.

As with many other online dating platforms, Tinder is free to use. Having Tinder Gold allows you to see who liked your profile, but it’s notably not a big essential for many of its users. You can thus enjoy Tinder and its perks at its most basic iteration.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult friend finder dating site
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Adult Friend Finder differs in that it’s a dating site that caters to people who are looking for casual hookups over more serious relationships. It’s a very sex-positive platform and is a more adult-oriented social network.

It’s unlike more “traditional” dating sites on this list in that Adult Friend Finder is primarily used for casual sexual encounters. Nevertheless, it’s a very popular online platform and amasses quite a number of visitors per month.

Creating an account on Adult Friend Finder is free. However, access to certain features — such as private chatrooms and webcam sessions — requires a premium membership.

Some people might write off Adult Friend Finder as simply a place for hookups. While it is primarily marketed as a platform for such, it must be said that it’s still a platform for meeting people. You never know: a sex community might actually be the one place where you’ll find your soulmate.


Bumble dating site
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Another location-based online dating platform, Bumble differentiates itself by giving women the power to respond to advances. This means that when couples match, engaging in communication only commences once the woman initiates contact. For same-sex female couples, either party can be the first one to initiate communication.

Due to this notable feature, Bumble has since amassed a more feminist sort of branding. Many women have thus flocked to Bumble as their go-to online dating platform.

Bumble was founded in December 2014 by Whitney Wolfe Herd, who had co-founded Tinder prior. As such, some people make comparisons between Bumble and Tinder. However, whereas Tinder still carries a more hookup-oriented culture, Bumble is perceived more as a platform for establishing more substantial relationships with other people in comparison.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel dating site
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Another option popular among women is Coffee Meets Bagel. As a platform for online dating, Coffee Meets Bagel chooses to distinguish itself against competitors like Tinder by focusing on more substantial user profiles. With its clean interface, Coffee Meets Bagel allows users to review other profiles and even leave comments to help foster conversation starters even before connecting.

Interestingly, Coffee Meets Bagel tries as much as possible to match users who have at least one mutual Facebook friend. Regardless, matches can still be made even without this mutual link.

Furthermore, Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the few dating apps where female users outnumber male ones. With that said, it may be a good choice for women who are wary of or are new to the world of online dating.


Hinge online dating site
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Hinge is another online dating platform that focuses on connecting people with the purpose of building relationships over merely hooking up. Though Hinge functions similarly to Tinder, it differs in the selection of singles you are presented with. Whereas Tinder offers a vast array of people to consider, Hinge provides a more curated list.

Moreover, much like Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge can provide a selection of potential matches based on mutual Facebook friends. In case you don’t share mutual friends with anyone, then Hinge will broaden the selection by finding people whose Facebook friends are mutuals with your Facebook friends. Essentially, the main concept of Hinge’s matchmaking is to focus on giving users a selection of people within their social groups.

It’s worth noting that Hinge is not as popular as Tinder or OkCupid. However, its function of finding people within social groups close to yours can provide a sense of security for people who are wary of meeting up with complete strangers online.

Gay Friend Finder

Gay Friend Finder online dating site

Simply put, Gay Friend Finder is a dating site specifically tailored to heterosexual men. This online dating app was specially built for men looking to meet others interested in same-sex relationships. Launched in 1996, it is a part of the Friend Finder network and is suitable for men who seek more serious relationships.

Gay Friend Finder operates internationally. However, a majority of its visitors reportedly hail from Asia and Europe. Take this into account if you’re considering Gay Friend Finder as your next option in the world of online dating.

Creating an account on Gay Friend Finder is free. Do note, however, that a basic membership can be very limiting and can restrict full access to other people’s profiles. As such, you may be better off getting yourself a paid subscription if Gay Friend Finder is right up your alley.


Muzmatch religious online dating app
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Muzmatch was created to provide Muslims with a great online matchmaking service. It claims to be the best online dating app for Muslim singles over the globe. Notably, unlike other online dating platforms, Muzmatch is completely free and won’t require any premium memberships to unlock other features.

Seeing as hookup culture and casual relationships are much more prevalent today, online dating can become much more difficult for single Muslims looking for relationships. In fact, Muzmatch stands out as a dating app for Muslims who are thinking of a more long-term commitment: marriage. It even allows users to set their timeframe for when they want to tie the knot.

Additionally, Muzmatch keeps things halal by offering users with a Wali (Guardian) to monitor conversations in case things escalate too quickly. This can provide a more stable sense of safety and security when engaging with people online. This can be especially helpful for people who aren’t the most comfortable with the idea of talking to strangers on the Internet. It’s clear that Muzmatch has its users’ best interests at heart, so it’s really worth a try if you’re a Muslim who wants a more unconventional approach to finding your future spouse.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of fish online dating site
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Plenty of Fish is one of the most popular dating sites in Canada. It serves different areas, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Brazil, among several others.

As a free dating site, Plenty of Fish has an extensive amount of users in its database. This may be a pro or a con, though, depending on how you see it. On one hand, this means you have a huge selection of singles to choose from. But on the other hand, this also means you might have to go through a lot of sifting — whether it be scam accounts or just incompatible matches — before finding someone who holds your interested.

Though it’s primarily free, upgrading your membership provides some perks, such as removing ads and more expanded access to profiles. Overall, if you want a large amount of options and don’t mind having to filter out your selections to find a potential match, then perhaps give Plenty of Fish a try.

Elite Singles

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Dating sites aren’t all just about fun and games. Thus, when it comes to dating sites for people who want mature and educated partners, Elite Singles will be a great option to start off with. It aims to create a line-up of singles who are not only educated, but career-oriented as well.

That said, users will be prompted to disclose their job title, income bracket, and type of agree attained. This might seem risky for some, but Elite Singles claims to manually verify accounts in order to avoid any scammers in its database.

Elite Singles has a free version, but it is notably lacking. As such, you might want to invest in a paid membership instead. This is especially if you’re adamant about finding a partner whose professional goals and passions align with your own.


Zoosk dating site
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Boasting of 40 million users in over 80 countries, Zoosk is one of the best dating sites to go for when you want a diverse pool of potential matches to choose from. Not only does it have a wide range of singles to interact with, Zoosk is also queer-friendly and features users from a plethora of different ethnicities and backgrounds.

Zoosk uses an algorithm based on a user’s behavior and actions. Referred to as “Behavioral Matchmaking,” the engine considers who you’re liking and interacting with. With such data into acount, Zoosk can create a more curated list of suggestions for your next possible match. Plus, unlike other dating sites, Zoosk won’t require you to fill out a long questionnaire once you get started.

It must be said, however, that a basic account on Zoosk won’t get you anywhere. A free membership only allows you to view profiles, but actually messaging someone will require a paid membership.

Additionally, Zoosk has its own currency (Zoosk Coins) that users can avail of. Zoosk Coins can be used to purchase virtual gifts for your matches. It can also be used to highlight a user’s profile in searches and even provides the option to send special emails to matches. Though Zoosk Coins are optional purchases, they add some flair that is unique compared to other dating sites.


Her online dating app
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Whereas Gay Friend Finder caters to gay men, HER is the online dating platform for queer women. Made by queer women for queer women, it’s both a dating app and social media network in one. Not only does it help queer people find their potential partners, HER also holds special events from time to time in order to further bring its community together.

HER requires users to have a Facebook account upon registering. This not only helps verify accounts, it also helps weed out any scammers, like men posing as women. Furthermore, HER eases up on the pressures of dating and forming relationships. It’s thus a great place for queer women who want to meet more people and make more friends in the LGBT community.

As a dating app, HER has a minimalist interface and is simple to use. Plus, it’s free and makes do without any in-app purchases.

Silver Singles

Silver singles senior citizens dating site
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Dating can be a much more serious venture when you’re older. For singles looking for love during their senior years, Silver Singles is the dating site for you. Its community caters exclusively to those who are the age of 50 and above who want another shot at love. It’s also one of those dating sites that uses personality compatibility to match users with one another. Users are prompted with a personality test upon registering in order for Silver Singles to get a better grasp of their compatibility with other potential matches.

Although Silver Singles is primarily marketed for the 50+ club, you might find users who are in their 30s or 40s looking for older partners as well. Search filters can be adjusted based on location, age, and similarities. User profiles are also fairly detailed, giving you a good description of what a person is like.

Notably, messaging on Silver Singles is limited to premium members. However, users on a basic membership can send someone a smile to show their interest. Viewing profile photos is limited to premium memberships as well. Still, Silver Singles is a great option all in all for older singles who are keen on getting back into the dating pool.


The dating world can be an intimidating place no matter what your age is. But, thanks to dating sites and online dating in general, the challenges you might typically face in meeting new people are now easier to deal with.

Online dating is now one of the fastest and most efficient ways to meet people because it allows you to meet and connect with others from across the globe. Although, while online dating has its perks, it is essential to note that one has to be careful while engaging in online activities due to scamming concerns. As such, always remember to practice caution to ensure your safety, whether you’re online for dating sites or otherwise.

Give some of these dating sites a try if you’re into the concept of online dating. You might just find your one true love with the next profile you come across.