Creative Vision Board Ideas to Inspire and Motivate You

The Benefits of Vision Boards

Looking for vision board ideas to meet your different needs? You’d be glad to know that there are many you can use, whether you want something simple or a bit more decorative. Before we get to talking about designing your own board or how to put together one, let’s learn more about what a vision board is and how it can help make your dreams come true.


What is a Vision Board?

To put it simply, vision boards are usually poster-sized visual representations of the things you are trying to accomplish. If you’re looking for things to do when bored, then this collaging activity is a great mind exercise. However, don’t liken it to making mood boards because this one serves more than just a mere aesthetic function.

It can be used to help you maintain focus on the things that truly matter to you. This could include your short term goals, any personal improvements you want to make, plans for your financial goals, and so on. In some way, it is similar to a map that will help you navigate your own thoughts and give it a more cohesive shape.

Sure, you can just as easily make a list for yourself, but having visuals can really give your plans more clarity. Think about how easily we can become distracted by various things every single day. The mere act of making the vision board can actually help your brain fully understand the importance of everything you add in it. Besides, it is also so much more visually appealing compared to a simple written list.

There are many vision board ideas that can serve different purposes. However, the most common ones are meant to:

  • Help with reinforcing your daily affirmations.
  • Remind you of what you should be focusing your energy on.
  • Give a visual representation of how your life or lifestyle can be further improved.

It’s easy to say that we all want the ideal life for ourselves, but so few actually take the time to really detail what “something better” is. If you’re looking to manifest something, being able to really envision makes a tremendous difference. With vision boards, you’ll know what to prioritize and which choices will bring you closer to the life you want for yourself.


Do Vision Boards Work?

What do some of the world’s most influential thought leaders, from the likes of Oprah to Gabrielle Bernstein, have in common? They understand what the meaning of manifestation is and how it can help change lives. Hard work is key to success, but action without direction will not result in anything good. This is why you need vision board ideas for goals. It will help you focus your energy and actions where they are most needed.

Now, results won’t happen overnight. The Law of Attraction isn’t a magic solution to any of your problems, but it will help you set intentions. Having a goal board is the first active step toward making your ideas a reality. It doesn’t matter if it’s starting a business, goal setting, improving your health, or traveling more. These boards will shape your abstract thoughts into something actionable!

Psychology Today has talked about the way visualization can impact our overall confidence, motivation, and motor performance. Just look at the way some people put up photos of the bodies they want to achieve while trying to stick to their fitness goals. By having a visual representation, you would be able to see what it would be like once your goals have manifested in your life. There is nothing more motivating than that.


Different Types of Vision Boards

For some, it might seem like a great idea to create one vision board to cover every aspect of their lives. However, this defeats the purpose of creating cohesion and avoiding unnecessary distractions. As such, one vision board for one specific purpose is the most recommended way to approach things. Clarity is important when it comes to ensuring that your vision boards are serving their intended use.

To help you get started, here are some ideas you can use.


Vision Board Ideas for Students

For students, creating a vision board is no different from daydreaming about what the future would be like once they’ve achieved their academic goals. Instead of losing time letting their mind wander, however, why not channel that energy into something productive?

By putting together their board, they should be able to organize their goals and promote the right mindset that will motivate them. What these dreamboards might contain really depends on the individual, but here are some starting points to consider:

  • Motivational quotes or mantras related to studying.
  • A photo of their dream university.
  • Photos related to the field of study they want to take up.
  • A simple daily schedule they can follow.
  • Daily study checklist that can be switched out as needed.

Aside from using vision boards, another great tool for students is useful bullet journal ideas that are meant for organizing their daily activities. After all, the key to becoming more productive, whether it be in school or just life in general, is time management.


Vision Board Ideas for Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, many tend to underestimate the power of using visual boards when it comes to creating motivation. The same goes for developing more confidence and self-love. One great tip on how to lose weight fast is to focus more on intent, rather than comparison. Your practice should have a great foundation for it to be sustainable.

What this means is that your intentions matter greatly and can serve as the driving force to help you achieve any goal. On the other hand, comparisons only create doubt and make you feel bad about yourself. It is an unhealthy foundation, especially when it comes to taking better care of your body.

Visualization, when added to fitness goals, can become one of your most powerful tools. Why? Because it can impact your mindset. It can program your subconscious and get you eating healthier and exercising more! However, it is just as important to be mindful of what you’re adding to your vision board. Certain things can end up demotivating you, after all.

Here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • Empowering statements or quotes. If you have a particular mantra that really gets you fired up, make sure you include that.
  • Notes of support from your loved ones. Since they won’t be able to cheer you on all the time, this is a great alternative.
  • Photos of healthy dishes or a list of recipes you are excited to try.
  • You can also include a list of exercises you want to be able to do daily.
  • Photos of goals you want to achieve once you’re fit enough to do so. This could be running a marathon, climbing mountains, or maybe even mastering a new sport.
  • Images that make you feel good about yourself and your journey. While we don’t suggest adding photos of other people as it might lead to comparison, if you feel safe enough to do so then you can.

Don’t forget to include words or images that also ease you into a sense of calm. You’ll need this should you find yourself struggling when it comes to keeping up with your goals. Reminders such as “it’s okay to take breaks” or “go easy on yourself” can mean a lot on days when you’re running on fumes!


Career Vision Board Ideas

If you think vision boards are lofty ideas that have no place in a professional setting, then you might want to rethink your stance. Did you know that some of the world’s richest believe in the power of visualization and manifestation? If it works for Oprah, then there’s no real loss in giving it a shot.

When it comes to creating one for your career, one key thing to remember is that there should be clarity in what you want to achieve. If you’re just sticking things to your board because the photos are aesthetic, then you’ve already failed the first step. For results to happen, your board should be able to show you WHAT your goals are, WHY you want to achieve them, HOW you plan on doing so, and WHO you’re doing it for.

To help you get started, here are some things to consider:

  • Determine your intent.

When it comes to goal setting for your career, ask yourself what you really want out of it. Answer as honestly as possible, too. Think about what you value when it comes to your work and what you wish to have more of.

  • Your intent will guide you to the images and words you can use for your board.

Add things that resonate with you and relate to the goals you have in mind. Images that make you feel good or calm are also great to have. Inspirational quotes from leaders in your chosen industry should also motivate you to strive harder.

  • Add a photo of your family or who you’re doing all this hard work for.

Aside from people, you can also include photos of destinations you want to travel to in the future. You might also want to visualize what it would be like being at the top of your game and leading an ideal life in the future. It is alright to be ambitious with your dreamboard, as that’s basically what it’s for!


Vision Board Ideas for Adults Financial Goals

Having trouble with money management? Whether you’re a 9 to 5 professional or a freelancer enjoying the freedom of van life, a vision board can help with your financial goals! For those who are looking to become debt free in the future, you’d be surprised at how much it can help. So, what should you add?

First, make a list of the money goals you want to achieve. Make sure you include both short term and long term goals. Doing so will help you create a mind map or a vision on what needs to be done to accomplish those. Once done, it’s time to put together the board.

Here are some ideas on what you can include:

  • Images related to what you want to do after you’ve achieved your goals. Whether it be financial stability or simply becoming debt free, always visualize the results. This could be finally owning your dream home or traveling to a destination you’ve always wanted to visit.
  • Motivational quotes are also important. In this case, you might want to cut out words of advice from people like Martha Stewart or Oprah, who are both reliable when it comes to money talk.
  • Add images that elicit feelings of joy and contentment in you. It could be photos of your family and friends. Your goal board should have a few personal touches as well. Think of these as reminders of what you already have!
  • Include a visual representation of your short-term goals. This could be an outline of how much you have added to your savings since starting the board. It could also be the amount you have saved by reducing or quitting unnecessary online shopping.

There are no strict rules when it comes to what you should put up, but it has to motivate you to do better financially.


Vision Board Ideas for Couples

Whether you’re simply moving in together or planning a future as a married couple, there’s plenty of benefits to gain from having a vision board. It represents what you both want in life and where each of your priorities stand. Think of it as getting insight into your partner’s mind, allowing you to understand them better.

Here are some ideas you can use to get started:

  • Start by coming up with a list of 10 to 15 values, which you think are important for any relationship. Depending on the available time and your moods, you can choose to talk about each of your choices as well. The more you listen to each other and learn, the better it will be for building your vision as a couple.
  • Discuss the type of relationship you both want. Don’t be afraid to include more romantic notions such as traveling the world, adopting a pet, and so on. You can also add other important aspects such as health, career, sexuality, spirituality, personal growth, and other essentials both of you value.

Once you’ve covered the bases, the next step is to put together your vision board. Your answers to the above questions will guide you to the right quotes and images you can include. Make your board more personal by adding special touches such as photos of you together or of places that mean something to both of you. Get as creative as possible; you’ll know you’ve done well if the finished product gives you positive feelings.


What is an Online Vision Board?

While traditional vision board ideas are great, not everyone has the time to get crafty. After all, cutting out photos and gluing each one together can be quite tedious. Fortunately, there are digital vision board alternatives you can use. Here are some great app examples you can check out:


This tool is great for an online vision board and is user-friendly enough for beginners. The best bit is that it has its own library of images and beautiful fonts to help you put everything together. Download Canva for Windows here!


If you think you’re not artistic enough to create a vision board, PicMonkey offers ready-made templates to make the process easier. For this vision board app, you simply need to add your own photos and you’re good to go. Download PicMonkey for mobile here!


This app is particularly convenient for creating vision boards because of its database of quotes and photographs that you can simply pick and choose from. The best bit, in our opinion, is the way you can categorize each board depending on which aspect of your life it relates to. This way, you can easily keep track of what you have created as well. They also have an online community of other likeminded people who also share their vision board online. Learn more about DreamItAlive here!


Last, but certainly not least, we have Pinterest. This app is especially useful when it comes to bookmarking articles and images you find inspiring online. However, thanks to its powerful organizing options and aesthetically pleasing interface, you can also use it as an alternative virtual vision board. All you need to do is separate images according to what it relates to! There are plenty of resources on the app itself and you can even view other people’s collections for added inspiration. You can see more of Pinterest here!


How to Make a Vision Board

Vision Board by rektokross on Instagram
Image from rektokross on Instagram

If you’re not keen on going digital with your vision board ideas, then the craftier option might be your best bet. The fun part about creating a board is that you’ll be able to stretch your imagination and creativity while doing so. Some families actually use it as a way of bonding with each other. Groups of friends can also enjoy a vision board party! There are also teachers who come up with vision board ideas for kids as an activity for class.

You’ll need these vision board supplies:

  • Old magazines
  • Books that you’re no longer reading
  • Stickers
  • Washi tape
  • Glue
  • Cork board or a poster board
  • Scrapbook materials

Note that you don’t need to rely on magazines for images. You can also download and print some of the nice ones you find online. Vision boards don’t always have to be glued on either. If you plan on updating it every now and then, it might be better to just collage everything together and secure it behind a glass frame. Below, you’ll find more vision board examples that you can try!

Wire Frame Vision Board
Photo from jodie.melissa on Instagram


Corkboard Vision Board
Image from Mclaughlin.homestead on Instagram


Vision Board Journal
Photo from alishiaalibhai on Instagram

Decorating it is also part of the fun. You would want to make your vision board eye-catching, after all. For this, you can use all sorts of materials. Anything from decorative washi tape, glitter, pieces of natural materials, and so on. The idea is to create something that brings you joy, so make sure you include a lot of the things you love.

Remember, the only thing that matters when it comes to vision board ideas is your imagination. Be as minimalist or maximalist as you want with the design. As long as it leaves you with positive feelings and puts you in a great frame of mind, then that’s all you really want!