5 Interior Design Tips from a Professional to Remodel Your Room

Remodeling is a fun way to refresh areas of your home, but getting started can be challenging. We delve into a few crucial steps used by the pros to help you stay focused and organized.


Home is where you should feel most at ease and comfortable being yourself. After all, it’s a place that’s meant to reflect who you are. But over time, any space can begin to lose its luster. This presents the perfect opportunity for a remodel. If you have a room or two that’s beckoning your attention, there’s no better time to tackle it than now.


Thinking about remodeling can feel exciting at first until you get into the nitty-gritty of it. You’ll need to make multiple decisions to ensure your time and money are well spent. This includes drafting plans and selecting materials and furnishings. But we’re here to help you sail through it all. What’s more, we’ll even show you how free 3D technology makes it easier to map out your plans in detail first. Discover insightful tips from our expert interior designers below to guide you in transforming those Pinterest-inspired ideas into tangible results that you’ll love for your home.

Define Your Style by Gathering Your Favorite Interior Design Ideas

If you haven’t already been peeling through interior design magazines or your favorite social media channels, now is the time. This is the part where you get to indulge your imagination by collecting examples and images that you love and potentially like to incorporate into your remodel. Find the specific elements and vibe that speak to you to help loosely define your personal style.


Keep in mind that there are no rigid rules when it comes to interior design since it is an art. The goal is always to create a space that reflects your values and personality while keeping it purposeful. By gathering your favorite interior design ideas, you can begin to create a mood board that will give you a clearer direction for your project.

Be Practical with Your Interior Design Style and Goals

Ideally, your home remodel will reflect who you are. However, it should also be realistic for your day-to-day needs. So, once you’ve collected some inspiration, make sure to review and reassess those ideas through a lens of practicality. If you love delicate furnishings or the idea of a cream color sofa, you might need to consider swapping those plans for more durable options if you have young children or pets. Deciphering your wants versus needs can be a helpful way to strike a balance and prioritize plans for your remodel that will work for your lifestyle.


Focus on Core Concepts Used by Interior Designers for a Timeless Look

Trends and styles can change like the seasons. While it’s important to plan remodels for here and now, it’s wise to consider elements for your design that will age gracefully too. You can achieve this by focusing on a few core concepts used by professional interior designers. Symmetry and proportion create visual balance and a base neutral palette won’t overpower the room. By infusing these into your remodel, you can create a timeless foundation. Then it’s time to introduce trendy accessories or accent colors that can easily be changed in the future without requiring significant alterations or money.

Determine Your Anchoring Piece for Your Remodel

As you sift through ideas and map out your remodel, keep in mind that every room should have a main feature or piece of furniture that anchors the overall design. This is typically a sofa, fireplace, bed, or kitchen island since they take up a large amount of visual space. Determine what this feature will be for the room that you are focusing on.


Whatever you choose, make sure to prioritize it by purchasing it before you begin musing over the smaller details and embellishments. Or if you already own your anchor piece, use it to leverage the other layers of your design. Once your main feature is set, you’ll have a better understanding of what to add to the room.


Use Free Interior Design Software to Plan and Visualize Your Design in 3D

Don’t stop at organizing images and Pinterest boards to cultivate your remodeling goals. Free interior design software is available. This lets you map out your projects in detail with remarkable accuracy. With online design apps like HomeByMe, you can draw your layout and transform it in minutes using simple 3D drag-and-drop technology.


Select furniture, flooring, paint, and even accessories to adorn your virtual home with. Whether your style leans toward traditional, modern, industrial, or something in between, you can find whatever you need to create your dream remodel in digital form first, before you buy a single piece of furniture.


When you’ve crafted your ideal design, you can take a 360-degree tour of it, or save and share high-res photos to use as your blueprint. This is one of the quintessential tools used by professionals to develop interior designs in a clear and strategic way. With more than 200 brands and 30,000 products in the catalog, you can easily find what you are looking for and try different options for your room modeling. You can also find inspiration through the creations of the community, composed of professionals and experts in design thanks to the Inspiration feed. Collect decor ideas and use the latest trends in your own interior!


Tackling a home remodel doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. By following these pro tips and using 3D technology like HomeByMe to illustrate your plans, you won’t have to rely on aspirational visions of your dream design. You can build, view, and crystalize your ideas before making tangible decisions for your home improvement projects.