What is Manifestation: Complete Guide to Getting What You Want

Whats Is Manifestation?

Manifestation is something you might have heard of a few times before, but never really took the time to fully understand. If this is the case, then you have certainly been missing out a potentially life-changing process. The act of manifesting what you want and other goals costs nothing and can really mold your life into the shape you want it to take.

Curious? Here’s our guide to help you learn how to manifest in 24hrs or less!


Manifest Definition – What Is It?

To define manifestation simply, it is the process of bringing something tangible into your life by simply using the power of your belief and attraction. The idea is that if you focus your thoughts on it, then it will come. However, there is also more to it than mere positive thinking.

Manifestation magic is about making everything you want to feel and experience a reality. This must be reflected in your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and emotions. You can focus on your intentions through meditation and visualization. More than just your conscious and subconscious, it also requires your energy.

You must have clear goals, too, and not just a vague idea of what you think you want. The clearer and more concise you are, the better. You need not explain why you want these things, either. Just believe that you deserve it. What does manifestation mean? It really boils down to believing your will to receive what you want.


Manifestation Examples

What can you manifest? Just about anything your heart desires. For example, if you’ve been thinking about going into business, then manifesting can help make your dreams a reality. The same goes for new relationships, getting good grades, and so on. Some people even use manifestation for weight loss, better skin, and other physical goals that they might have.

Sounds impossible? Not at all.


How It Works – The Law of Attraction and Manifestation

What is The Law of Attraction? This is our ability to attract the things we are focusing on, basically bringing them into our lives. According to the Law of Attraction, everyone is governed by the Universe. This is why, regardless of your nationality, gender, age, and religious belief, you can make use of the Laws of Attraction to improve the quality of your life. It works by using the power of our mind, in order to manifest our thoughts into reality.

On the other hand, what is manifestation? All thoughts turn into things eventually—this is the basic idea behind this concept. So, if you’re the type to focus more on the negative, then this is the kind of life you’ll be living. Never underestimate the power of your mind and your thoughts.

The best bit: you don’t need a grand manifestation symbol to make this happen. Your energy is all you need.


How Does The Law of Attraction Work?

What is The Law of Attraction
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Here’s the thing: The Law of Attraction is one of life’s biggest mysteries. There’s no doubt that it works, but very few people are actually aware of the effect it can have on their daily lives. Whether you consciously or unconsciously do it, remember that you are always sending out signals into the universe. These signals are in the form of your emotions and thoughts.

Think of yourself as a magnet and you attract the same thing you put out.

With that in mind, imagine the potential you could unlock by simply learning how to harness this. How often do you leave your thoughts and your emotions run rampant? Think of all the times you have slipped into a negative way of thinking because of the smallest things? While this should be fine for a few moments, maintaining this energy for too long will eventually attract unwanted energy and events into your life.

This doesn’t mean you should be afraid of your own thoughts, however! Not at all. Like we’ve established, it’s all about harnessing their power and having a filter for the kind of energy you’re allowing in your life. There are many methods you can use to do this, but each one requires a degree of practice.


The History of The Law of Attraction

If you’re one of those who mistakenly believe that this idea is new and originated online, then it’s time to brush up on some history. To effectively use The Law of Attraction in order to boost the power of your manifestations, you must also learn its history first. After all, there’s hundreds of years of knowledge to sift through.

It is believed that the idea was first taught to mankind by the immortal, Buddha. He wanted people to understand that their thoughts will eventually shape their lives and become it. You might recognize the concept in another form. In western culture, they refer to it as “karma.”

New Thought Movement

Today, we have many manifestation books available. There are even things such as the Manifestation Babe podcast to help guide newbies. Back then, however, the concept was far more obscure. It was in 1877 when the term first appeared in print, in a book written by the Russian occultist Helena Blavatsky.

It alluded to the power of manifestation and the attraction that exists between elements of the spirit. The Law was later articulated by Prentice Mulford, who was a leading figure in the New Thought movement. He discussed it in his essay, The Law of Success, which was published in 1886-1887.

His example was followed by other authors such as Henry Wood and Ralph Waldo Trine. They further expanded on the idea and discussed how it can be applied to not just our health, but every other aspect of life. While the Laws of Attraction saw a surge in popularity during the 20th century, there was also a decline in its followers for a period of time.

Mainstream Popularity

In 2006, the Law of Attraction regained that same popularity after The Secret was released. The film was later developed into a book of the same title. Both gained widespread coverage and were followed by The Power in 2010. It showed people how the Law could be used to manifest love.

Throughout the years, The Law of Attraction and spiritual manifestation have had many critics. All the same, these ideas have also received support from some very prominent figures in society. Countless literature has been written about it, but our favorite manifestation books are:

  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  • The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
  • The Power by Rhonda Byrne

All these tackle the power of our thoughts and feelings when it comes to attracting what we desire.


What Can You Use Manifestation For?

Think of your life as a blank canvas and you have full control over what goes in it. What is the thing you really want? Different manifestation techniques can be used to improve all aspects of your life.

How to Manifest Love and Relationships

How to Manifest Love and Relationships
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Finding love is a common goal among many people. While new relationships do happen every day, you can use manifestation and The Law of Attraction to hasten the process and get the kind of love that you desire.

Aside from manifestation meditation, other Law of Attraction techniques can also help increase your appeal. It will boost your confidence and charisma, starting with your subconscious. These techniques can help remove any blocks, whether it be in your energy or in your mental state, and make you more receptive to love.

Here are some manifestation techniques you can use:

  • Know it within yourself that you’re ready to find your other half. This is a process that also involves making peace with your old wounds, which you can do through a manifestation journal or simply through meditating. Here are some bullet journal ideas to help you build a habit of maintaining a journal!
  • Remember that fears and worries should be replaced with hope and love. Always eliminate negative energy and focus more on developing positive ones.
  • Overcoming things from the past is just the first step, however. After you’ve processed through old emotions and made room for better ones, it’s time to “design” your dream partner. Manifestation meditation is great for this.

Questions to ask yourself about your needs and desires when it comes to love:

  • What ten words would you use to describe your desired partner?
  • What traits attract you in a person and also help bring out the best in you?
  • How do you want to be treated? What are some of the things that you will not tolerate?
  • Have you figured out what are some of your deepest passions?
  • What is your life goal or the kind of life you want to lead? Think about the kind of partner who would be most suited as your teammate.

Know that the answers to these questions might change over time. The more you practice meditation and understand what goes into manifesting, your mindset will change too.


How to Manifest Money

How to Manifest Money
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To manifest money, different techniques can teach you how to first become its master instead of its slave. It will change your mindset towards earning and spending your money. Most of the time, we are fueled by vanity and greed. These two things complicate our relationship with our finances and may actually even block the flow of abundance in our lives.

The power of manifestation can help you get rid of this energy. Coupled with laws of attraction, you can effectively create a healthier mindset when it comes to money and develop positive habits moving forward. These are key to welcoming abundance into your life.

Here are some Law of Attraction techniques you can use:

  • Tell yourself this: “I know what I want.” Focus on that and focus on yourself experiencing abundance as if your thoughts have already manifested.
  • Next, do keep a manifestation journal. Note down one to five things that you are very grateful to have. Do this daily.
  • After, really dive into this grateful feeling and allow it to envelope you. If you focus, you’ll start feeling that familiar warmth of happiness and contentment. Know that you have the abundance that you seek and more is coming your way.
  • Scripting manifestation. If your intrusive thoughts begin popping up, flip the script. Your inner critic will tell you that you are not good enough, but before you let it affect you, be firm and remind yourself that you can always become better. It’s just a matter of time.
  • Another technique you can use is having a phrase you can verbalize to stop the flow of negative thoughts. If you start becoming overwhelmed, just say “Stop.” Say this firmly and out loud, while picturing a stop sign or a door closing on the bad thoughts.

Do know these manifestation techniques will not immediately work. It might take a day, it might take more. The key is to be consistent and keep practicing them, so that they become natural to you.


How to Manifest Better Mental and Physical Health

How to Manifest Health and Happiness
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It isn’t only tangible things that manifestation can help you attract. When it comes to our health, balance is important. This includes mental, physical, and even our spiritual well-being. Sadly, these three are also among the things we tend to neglect the most. Some do so unconsciously, while others simply choose to do so while chasing wealth and power.

Manifestation meditation can help train your brain to focus more on the positives, allowing more room for happiness and mental growth. These will not only improve your health but also bring about a physical manifestation as well.

Here’s a 15 minute manifestation you can try:

  • Visualization or daydreaming can be very helpful if you use it properly. If you’re feeling stressed, find a quiet corner where you can safely zone out.
  • Close your eyes and pace your breath. As you do this, picture all of your dreams and your desires manifesting one by one. Focus on the feeling this gives you. Do you feel joy? Satisfaction?
  • Think of all the things you want and see them manifested in front of you. Remind yourself that it is only a matter of time until you have these things in your hands.
  • Picture your family and friends receiving the same abundance as you. How you’re able to share what you have with them. Focus on the joy this brings you—finally having the ability to be a blessing to others as well.
  • Should you encounter any intrusive thoughts, pause and take a deep breath. Slowly let these negative energies go and remember that they no longer have an effect on you.
  • Once your 15 minute manifestation is over, slowly pull away from your visualization and ground yourself by uttering a closing phrase. Something like I believe, I accept, and I command manifestation closing phrases are all good.
Manifestation Meditation
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Alternatively, if you’re at work or in school and there are no quiet places available, you can meditate through your journal. Freewriting is one way of doing this and it’s also easy enough to do. Just write down anything and everything that comes to mind—as if you’re siphoning off your thoughts onto paper.

Like we’ve said, this is a process but the journey will teach you a lot. Not just about yourself, but also how to be happy. We don’t mean the shallow and short-lived kind of happiness either. The Law of Attraction and manifestation will teach you how to cultivate more light, love, and happiness in your life — the kind that grows and lasts.


How to Set an Intention for Manifestation?

How to Set Intentions for Manifestation
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To define manifestation, you must also know what intention is. This is the goal you want to achieve—the target you’re aiming for. Some people like to really set the stage for doing this, timing it with lunar cycles or solstices. You can do this or you can also do things the easy way. Remember, the real power is in your thoughts and energy. This is where your intentions get their power.


This is to help you clear your thoughts of any clutter, including fears and worries. Write all of it down and don’t filter, because you’re the only person who will see this.


Once you feel ready, start your spiritual manifestation by meditating on your desires. Visualize them already in your life.


Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want. If you can visualize it down to the smallest detail, then do so. One of the best manifestation examples you can use is to think of yourself already living in your dream house. Picture the flooring, the walls, and the lights. Walk through your dream home, if possible. Focus on all the positive feelings this gives you.


Next, think about why you want it. If your intentions are fueled by greed or fear, they will likely not come into fruition. Make sure that your intentions honor your self-worth and are coming from a place of love. How to be happy? Focus on building from a place of authenticity and not vanity.

How to Be Happy?
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Release any attachment to the outcome of what you want. By being detached, you will become one with the flow. You cannot bend to the universe to your will, but you can make it work with you. Believe that you will receive, whether it comes in the form you have visualized or not. What matters is the feeling it gives you.

Do the Work

Lastly, you can’t just manifest and expect things to drop on your lap. While the universe does its thing, so should you. Change your mindset and continue striving for what you want. Your actions should align with your thoughts and energy. This is one of the most important rules of manifestation.


Manifestation Quotes

To provide you with more inspiration, here are some of our favorite manifestation quotes.

“Everyone creates realities based on their own personal beliefs. These beliefs are so powerful that they can create [expansive or entrapping] realities over and over.”

Kuan Yin


“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho


“The truth is that the universe has been answering you all of your life, but you cannot receive the answers unless you are awake.”

Rhonda Byrne


TIP: It’s good to place these quotes or some of your favorites where you can easily see them. They will serve as daily reminders, whenever you feel as if you’re falling behind on your journey.


The Online Trend of Manifestation 

No to Negative Talk Everyday!
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Aside from the popular film and books, the manifestation meaning has taken on a new form online. It has become commonplace among funny memes shared across different social media platforms. Aside from manifesting the usual, such as love and money, users are also looking into using manifestation magic for a lot of other things.

The Laws of Attraction have no limit, but there are certain manifestations that even the universe might laugh at. Just take the ones looking to manifest their favorite manga or anime characters into real life! Perhaps they should have manifested the comeback of Mangastream or KissAnime instead.

It’s all fun and games until someone accidentally manifests a zombie apocalypse—or so the memes go! The Law of Attraction is a matter to be taken seriously, but there’s nothing wrong with a little lighthearted humor. Remember, positive energy is important towards making your intentions more powerful.


In Closing:

Before you dismiss the manifestation definition as nothing more than pseudo-science, do consider the number of supporters it has. Over the years, thousands of people have claimed that it has managed to change their lives. While there’s no real magic behind it and it won’t turn you into a millionaire within 24hrs, the simple act of changing your mindset can manifest a number of positive results in your life.

Sure, something like PK manifestation (Psychokinesis manifestation) is doubtful, but you cannot dismiss the fact that a person’s thoughts and emotions greatly influence their actions. These actions affect their life choices, so everything is connected in the end.

Give some of our manifestation techniques a try today. You don’t have anything to lose, but quite a lot to gain. Good luck!