MangaStream Down: 20 Best Alternatives for Your Online Manga Fix


Looking for websites similar to MangaStream? You’ll be glad to know that there’s quite a number of great websites out there capable of providing your manga fix. After all, the community is consistently growing and the demand for scanlation versions of various titles is high. From shonen, shojo, seinen, josei, and more rated varieties such as yaoi manga and yaoi doujinshi—manga fans are always looking for something new to read.

With MangaStream down, let us help you find a new favorite website where you can read manga online!


What Was MangaStream?

MangaStream was one of the popular manga websites that provided content for free and in a variety of languages as well. While manga copies can be easily bought online, some people have no means of doing so. That, or copies are inaccessible to them due to a lack of English translations.

Before it was closed, MangaStream was considered one of the best manga sites and had been around for over a decade. Aside from its wide selection, the platform was also user-friendly and easy to navigate, even for those unfamiliar with it. They had the most popular titles and even carried some obscure ones that are hard to find elsewhere. This is one of the reasons why many consider the closing of this scanlation site a big loss to the community.


What Happened to MangaStream?

Contrary to what some might believe, the reason why MangaStream is gone isn’t because of a copyright claim. As it turns out, the people behind the website wanted to promote legal reading of content. They wanted to push legal sources — such as MangaPlus — forward as alternative manga reading sites.

While there’s nothing wrong with this, the community wasn’t exactly happy about their decision. After all, not everyone has the capacity to pay for and read manga here. Another important consideration is that a lot of the legal sources don’t have content such as furry doujin, furry yaoi hentai, and uncensored yaoi manga.

KissManga, along with KissAnime, have both closed down as well. They were reputable sources where people could read yaoi or enjoy mainstream titles online.

While it might be a bit heartbreaking — especially since MangaStream was among the best KissManga alternatives — you’ll still find many manga scanlation websites online. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look and not getting fooled into accessing phishing websites!

If you’re looking to get your fix and want to find a reliable MangaStream alternative, here are 20 of the best manga sites for you to try out!


List of MangaStream Alternative Websites



Screenshot From Mangahere

MangaHere is already well-known in the community. Its huge database is frequently updated, making it a delight to many users and visitors.

Their collection is properly organized, too, and you can search according to genre if you’re not sure what to read next. The website looks sleek, but remains user-friendly. Don’t worry about pop-ups, as you won’t find any here. This, alone, makes it one of the best manga sites available.

Want to read your free yaoi manga privately? MangaHere can be accessed through the MangaReader app, which is available for Android and iOS users. Aside from manga, they also keep fans up to date with a tab specifically meant for spoilers and news!



Screenshot from MangaEden

If you didn’t get to finish reading One Piece MangaStream, then this is the site for you. MangaEden has all the most popular titles and is also frequently updated. One thing to note, however, is the limited number of available genres. If you’re looking for yaoi manga online, you might want to try a different website instead.

The content is free, but some of the premium features are only available upon registration. There are no ad pop-ups, though, which is always a plus. It’s still one of the better manga reading sites available.



Screenshot from MangaPark

When you read manga online, what are some of the features you look for? Aside from having an expansive library, simple options such as getting to choose between light and dark mode matters. MangaPark delivers on that and so much more.

First off, it’s got a great mix of titles and is definitely comparable to MangaStream in that regard. It’s got mainstream and even yaoi manga to suit discerning tastes. If you’re not into adult content, you can even filter those out. This is especially useful for younger readers as it gives their guardians the option to choose what’s available to them on-site.

This MangaStream replacement even allows readers to choose the number of images per page. You can read in zoom mode and change a number of different settings. No pop-ups or registration required!



Screenshot from Fanfox

As one of the oldest manga websites, MangaFox is among the most trusted platforms by the community. Aside from how easy it is to navigate, especially for beginners, its different sections are also very engaging.

So the design might come off a little dull to some people, especially if you’re used to flashier sites, but this MangaStream alternative is worth checking out. You’ll be glad to know that loading speeds are faster than most.

Their library is also regularly updated and they have fan favorites such as Tokyo Ghoul:re. That said, you won’t find adult yaoi hentai manga on this website, so opt for another alternative if you’re looking for this genre in particular.



Screenshot from YaoiOnlineManga

If you’re looking for yaoi manga scanlation, this website specializes in it. The platform has a wide array of titles for you to choose from and the design also makes it easy to find new ones you haven’t read yet!

In terms of user-friendliness, this is on par with the previously mentioned websites. It does come with the added bonus of hosting games, anime, movies, and even novels. Does it compare with MangaStream? It depends on your preferences.

Some might argue that it is better, given it specifically caters to those looking for free yaoi manga. It is also one of the more popular hentai manga sites around.



Screenshot from MangaOwl

If you like your reading with a side of socializing, MangaOwl might fit the bill. Not only will you be able to read manga here, it also comes with a discussion forum where readers can share information and updates about their favorite titles. You might even find friends you met on MangaStream here!

Their library is frequently updated and has popular titles, along with lesser known ones. This MangaStream replacement also enables users to search for their manga of choice. No registration is needed and because it is ad-less, you’ll get to enjoy your manga more.



Screenshot from Mangairo

Another website that’s great for newbies is Mangairo. If you’re not sure which titles to look for, just use Mangairo’s search tab. Their library is sorted according to genres and their manga scanlation is available in multiple languages. It is one of the best MangaStream alternatives available and the platform’s interface should be familiar to many.

Now that MangaStream is gone, you can continue reading your favorites here. Some of their titles include Surviving as a Maid, Our Sect Does Alchemy, Glass Slippers, and Overgeared (Team Argo).

Aside from manga, they also offer readers with access to Korean manhwa, which is a unique feature among manga websites.



Screenshot from MangaPanda

For the most part, MangaPanda is similar in appearance to other manga sites we have mentioned prior. This is also why it is often overlooked! If you’re looking for popular titles as well as new releases, then this is a great alternative to MangaStream you should check out.

The downside is that there are ads that pop up ever so often, which makes the experience unpleasant for some. They do have an app available, so that’s a plus. Note that they also carry yaoi manga and furry doujin titles, so the site isn’t recommended for children.



Screenshot from MangaTown

What genre do you read most? MangaTown offers quite a vast collection, from horror, romance, and even action. Aside from the usual basic features, this popular MangaStream alternative also notifies you of any new releases. You can stay updated through their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you really enjoyed a particular title, you even have the option to share it with your friends. There are no pop-ups and access to the site is completely free. It’s one of the best places to read manga online.



Screenshot from MangaDex

It might not be one of the prettier websites, but its simplicity is also one of its strengths. With MangaStream down, it’s a great alternative that provides regularly updated content. Aside from being one of the best manga sites around, it is also ad-less and is available on any platform.

Some of the titles you’ll find include the likes of Kemono Giga, Yuugai Toshi, GTO, and Stein’s Gate. They even have yaoi manga titles for adult readers.



Screenshot from Chia-Anime

Aside from providing anime fans with subbed or dubbed shows, Chia-Anime is also a great platform where you can read manga online. It is similar to MangaStream in a lot of ways, particularly when it comes to accessibility.

Their library is still not as vast as others, but it has a decent number of titles to choose from. The best bit is that they regularly update their collection, so you won’t miss out on anything.

Their manga scanlation are provided for free and there are no annoying pop-up ads as well.



Screenshot from ToonGet

Much like Chia-Anime, ToonGet is a one-stop platform for your manga and anime fix. Their content is kept up to date, making for one of the best MangaStream alternatives around. You can read your manga online and watch the anime version right after!

There’s no registration needed, so that’s a plus for many. The interface is organized and easy to navigate, but do know that they don’t carry yaoi manga titles. This site is PG-13.



Screenshot from Manganelo

This platform has a good mix of titles that will suit any preference. Manganelo has more mainstream options, as well as yaoi doujinshi for those looking for adult manga. You’ll be able to read yaoi safely through this website!

Their collection is kept up to date, which makes them one of the most reliable manga websites around. You’ll be glad to know that there are no ad pop-ups as well, and browsing the site is completely safe to do. It is thus similar to KissManga in many ways.



Screenshot from TenManga

When it comes to MangaStream alternatives, TenManga is among the community’s favorites. It has a significant collection of titles in varying genres. The search tab allows users to search through their library easily.

Not sure what to read? Use the “Surprise” feature, which will give you a suggestion on what you should try next. Like the others, the website is ad-free so you can read manga online with ease!



Screenshot from MangaReborn

If you’re new to manga and didn’t get the chance to use MangaStream or KissManga, then this website is a great introduction to the community. This is thanks to the overall simplicity of MangaReborn’s interface and the addition of a news section, which should help keep you in-the-know.

While most of its content is accessible without sign-up, you might be asked to register after a while. Given its great services and features, it is worth doing so. Just think about the free yaoi manga you can get!



Screenshot from MangaKakalot

Though it has a smaller library compared to other manga websites on our list, MangaKakalot still deserves a spot in it. The website is kept as simple as possible, which makes it very easy to navigate. Even younger readers would be able to do so.

It is available on any platform and their content is available for free. Though it may not be the best MangaStream replacement, it still is one of the better manga sites out there.



Screenshot from BookWalker

If you have a budget set aside for your hobby, BookWalker is a great website to check out. Sure, it can’t truly qualify as a MangaStream replacement given that its content isn’t free, but it does make up for that with diversity.

They have both light novels and manga, which you can access for a small fee. Furthermore, their database is impressive and is regularly updated. You’ll also be able to see titles that are being sold at a discount, join pre-sales, and even watch anime. You won’t find furry doujin here, however, so keep that in mind when browsing through the site.



Screenshot from MangaFreak

With a name like that, you just know the content is bound to be good. Not only is it a great alternative to MangaStream, it is also one of the most popular manga websites around.

Notably, it enables users to download the scanlation so they can read it later! This feature is fairly rare in the community, which is why MangaFreak stands out. They even have a “previously read” section so you can go through your history and re-read old favorites.



Screenshot from Comixology

Again, another paid website, but hear us out. Comixology provides so much more than your average manga websites. First off, their library is vast. You get access to all of those titles for a small investment. The app is easy to use and is available for both Android, iOS, and Kindle.

They have manga, manhwas, and even Chinese comics. You’ll find your standard American reads here as well! It’s not exactly KissManga or MangaStream, but it’s definitely worth a try.

Screenshot from

Last but certainly not least, we have this MangaStream replacement. It is reportedly owned by the same people who created the original, which makes sense considering how closely it resembles the first MangaStream in appearance and function.

Its simplicity belies the content you can get from it. They have a vast collection of manga scanlation, with genres ranging from horror, fantasy, to your casual doujin and yaoi. Some might even argue that it’s one of the better hentai manga sites around.


Final Thoughts

When websites like MangaStream or KissManga close, it’s always a great loss to the community. Both have been around for years, and at the risk of sounding sentimental, they did mean a significant deal to many people.

Nevertheless, we’re sure you wouldn’t stop reading just because your favorite sources have since closed down. We hope this list helps you find a new way to read manga online!