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Post Malone | The New King of Hip Hop Music

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Post Malone has made waves as people deem him to be the new king of hip-hop music. Aside from his catchy tunes, people also relate a lot to the artist. Fans admire him for his songs that resonate with real-life experiences and struggles. With just five years in the music industry, Malone’s success continues to rise. Many witnessed his triumph as he pursued various ventures outside the field.

Read on to find out more about the Post Malone discography, roots, career, and accomplishments here.


Brief Profile: Post Malone Age, Height, and More

  • Age: 25 Years Old
  • Birthday: July 4, 1995
  • Height: 6 ft. / 1.8 m.
  • Nationality: American


Who is Post Malone?

who is post malone
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Post Malone is an American performer, songwriter, and music producer. His fans fondly refer to him as Posty or Stoney. Although his name takes on a lot of forms, the Post Malone real name is actually Austin Richard Post. The Post Malone name that he uses professionally comes from his surname, ‘Post,’ and ‘Malone.’ Interestingly, ‘Malone’ is something he found from an online rap name generator.

The record-breaking “Rockstar” single helped pave the way for the singer’s music career to thrive. True enough, the American singer-songwriter garnered awards over the years. He also got to perform alongside great hip-hop icons such as Kanye West, 21 Savage, and Young Thug among many others.


Family and Early Life

post malone early life
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Post Malone was born in Syracuse, New York on July 4, 1995. He was raised by his father, Rich Post, and his stepmother, Jodie Post. The majority of the artist’s childhood took place in Grapevine, Texas. He and his family moved there when he was nine years old. The remarkable Post Malone dad did more than provide his son’s essential needs. Rich also introduced Posty to various musical genres such as hip-hop, rock, and country. As fans witnessed, these genres greatly influenced a lot of Post Malone songs and records.

Eventually, Malone gained an interest in pursuing music. The famous video game, Guitar Hero, inspired him to learn how to play guitar. In 2009, Posty learned how to play the instrument with the help of various YouTube tutorials. Eventually, the American singer-songwriter became a member of a heavy metal band in high school. He formed this band with his childhood friends.

At the young age of 16, Posty crafted his own mixtape that he called Young and After Them Riches. His schoolmates lauded him for his creation. They even voted for him to be “most likely to get famous” someday. Talk about great foreshadowing.

Before fame, Posty initially worked at the fast-food chain Chicken Express. Then, he studied at Tarrant County College until he later chose to stop. The college drop-out then pursued his music aspirations in the Golden State. Eventually, Posty successfully cemented his musical legacy as he garnered multiple awards and chart-topping records within just five years in the industry.


Music and Career

Although Post Malone delved into various musical genres such as country and heavy metal, he later preferred and stuck with a sound that leans more on hip-hop. In 2015, the Post Malone “White Iverson” track helped him acquire public recognition on SoundCloud. After six months, Posty signed with Republic Records. This record label is famous for being home to popular artists such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and The Weeknd to name a few.

In 2016, Republic Records released the first Post Malone album entitled Stoney. This record helped kick off the singer-songwriter’s career. Stoney contains the famous Post Malone “Congratulations” track which features American rapper Quavo. Eventually, “Congratulations” hit Billboard’s Hot 100 charts—alongside other Post Malone Stoney songs “Deja Vu” and “I Fall Apart.” A year passed after its release, the Post Malone Stoney record became a platinum album thanks to its great sales.


Eventually, the Post Malone Beerbongs and Bentleys album was released. This 2017 album features the Post Malone “Better Now” track that expresses regret over a past relationship. Additionally, the Post Malone “Psycho” and “Rockstar” songs are some of the top tracks that helped the album become platinum in less than a week. Posty garnered record-breaking sales for the album not only in the US, but also in Canada, Norway, and Mexico.


In 2019, Hollywood’s Bleeding was added to the list of Post Malone albums that fans have come to love. The iconic Post Malone lyrics of melancholy are still very much evident in the album. “Take What You Want,” one of the top songs from the record, is a notable track in particular. It is a collaboration of Ozzy and Post Malone—which also features the famous American rapper Travis Scott.

The artist’s rise to fame was unrelenting as several Post Malone tour dates kept coming. In fact, people continued to purchase Post Malone tickets despite the ongoing pandemic outbreak. His recent concert in Colorado sold over 18,000 tickets. While this proves Malone’s outstanding fanbase, he also received online backlash. Many people called him out for pursuing the Post Malone live concert at a time of public health crisis. So far, he hasn’t pushed through with any concerts since the incident. He has yet to address the issue to this day, though.


Other Ventures and Net Worth

post malone crocs
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On another note, Post Malone was also successful outside his music career. Many are familiar with his merch products and brand collaborations. One such collaboration is the 2019 Post Malone Crocs collab, which sold like hotcakes. This Post Malone 2019 project with the shoe brand sold out in just two hours. Beyond this, fans also purchased various Post Malone merch such as apparel and accessories.

It’s interesting to note that at the young age of 25, the Post Malone net worth amount reached approximately $14 million. Despite having only five years under his belt since his major career breakthrough, Posty has been truly successful. Indeed, he has produced commercially-successful records and undoubtedly made his mark in the music industry.   


Post Malone Tattoos

Aside from the iconic Post Malone teeth, the “Sunflower” singer also has a great collection of tattoos. As observed from numerous Post Malone Instagram photos, almost his entire body is covered with ink. However, what stands out most are his unique face tattoos. Beyond his passion for tattoos, Posty shared that the inks on his face are rooted in his insecurities. In a Post Malone interview with GQ, he stated that he isn’t very fond of his appearance. He added that his face tattoos helped him overcome that and perceive himself to be cooler.

While there is yet to be a Post Malone new tattoo, he currently has over 65 tattoos to marvel at. Many are still expecting this number to grow due to his fondness for these ink works of art. Some of Post Malone’s most iconic tattoos include:


Stay Away Tattoo

post malone stay away tattoo
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Many fans know that most of Post Malone’s tattoos have underlying meaningful stories. This includes the Post Malone face tattoo, which consists of the words ‘Stay Away.’ Malone was inspired by the late rapper, Lil Peep. The latter had the words ‘Cry Baby’ inked above his brow. Posty copied Lil Peep’s tattoo design and changed the words to “Stay Away.’ The tattoo references his favorite Nirvana song of the same name.


Sword Tattoo

post malone sword tattoo
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The sword tattoo is also one of the most popular Post Malone face tattoos. Located on the right side of his cheek, Posty said that the tattoo expresses his love for swords. As he explains in an interview with GQ, Malone has “always been into them” ever since he was young. 


Playboy Bunny Tattoo

post malone playboy bunny tattoo
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Post Malone used the Playboy bunny symbol for his first ever tattoo idea. He had it inked on his left arm back in 2016. At the time, Malone was recording for his first album, Stoney. However, he shared that Justin Bieber accidentally bumped into it when it was still recovering. At the time, they were playing basketball when Bieber unintentionally hit his tattoo. Due to this, some cracks can be seen from the formerly smooth design. Still, Malone found it cool because he thinks the visible cracks make the tattoo look like it’s made from magma. True enough, Posty kept it looking as it is—although he did jokingly say that Bieber has to pay him for a new one.


Blackjack Tattoo

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Another great inclusion of Post Malone’s expansive tattoo collection is a design of two ace of spades cards. Posty had the cards inked on the corner of his forehead due to his fondness of the card game, Blackjack. He was in Montreal, Canada when he had the idea of getting the Blackjack tattoo just for fun.


Always Tired Tattoo

Photo by @postmalone on Instagram

Of course, the list of the best Post Malone tattoos won’t be complete without his iconic ‘always tired’ tattoo. Posty had ‘Always’ inked under his right eye and ‘Tired’ under the left. Many were curious about how painful it was and indeed, Malone shared that having it inked felt as if his eyeball was constantly poked. The hip hop artist said that he had the tattoo design inked because he truly feels like he’s always tired due to work-related matters. He also added that he thinks he doesn’t take care of himself well enough, which made the tattoo resonate even more with his feelings.


Post Malone Billboard 2020 Wins

The 2020 Billboard Music Awards celebrated a lot of famous artists such as BTS, Billie Eilish, the Jonas Brothers, and more. Notably, Post Malone stole the show for the recognition his work garnered during the event. He awed the crowd as he bagged a total of nine Billboard awards that night.

Malone won the Top Artist award, overtaking other big-name celebrities who were also nominated for the prize—including Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Khalid, and the Jonas Brothers. He also beat Lil Nas X, Khalid, Ed Sheeran, and DaBaby for the Top Male Artist award. The Post Malone Hollywood’s Bleeding album was also celebrated as it won the Top Rap Album award. Notably, all 17 of the Post Malone Hollywood’s Bleeding songs landed a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Post Malone’s other accolades at the awards show include the Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Hot 100 Artist, Top Streaming Songs Artist, Top Rap Artist, Top Rap Male Artist, and Top Rap Tour awards. Aside from his wins, Malone also acquired 16 nominations in 15 various award categories. Without a doubt, he shone the brightest that night—further cementing his reputation as a well-acclaimed hip-hop artist.


Post Malone Nirvana Tribute Concert

Last April 24, 2020, Post Malone held a livestream concert on YouTube for a good cause. Malone partnered with The United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO, intending to acquire relief for coronavirus assistance. As viewers watched the livestream, they could also help raise funds with the click of a button.

For the livestream, the artist took a break from his usual Post Malone setlist and paid tribute to Nirvana songs instead. Malone exhibited his impressive display of rock vocals all while playing the guitar. He performed alongside three other musicians including American rock band Blink 182’s Travis Barker on the drums, Brian Lee on the bass, and Nick Mack on guitar. Each of them played in separate rooms of the Post Malone house located in Utah to follow social distancing precautions.

The Nirvana tribute concert took off with a heartwarming message from Post Malone. He acknowledged and thanked Nirvana for writing such beautiful songs. Then, the four artists played a total of 15 songs, including classic Nirvana tracks such as “Lounge Act,” “Heart-Shaped Box,” “Something in the Way,” and “About A Girl.” Their set lasted for over 70 minutes.

Photo by @postmalone on Instagram

Fans and celebrities flocked to social media to acknowledge Malone and his fellow musicians’ charitable event. Nirvana’s bassist, Krist Novoselić, took to Twitter to applaud the makeshift band’s talent. He also stated that he was “holding emotions back” as he watched the livestream. Courtney Love, widow of the late Nirvana vocalist Kurt Cobain, also commended them for the event’s success.

The event’s proceeds amounted to more than $500,000 and went to the UN Foundation. The funds include donations acquired through the Post Malone YouTube channel, company, and other offsite means. Furthermore, the donations collected from the initiative will be used to help provide medical assistance to COVID-19 patients, acquire vital supplies for frontline workers, and fund COVID-19 treatment developments.


Post Malone Rosé Launch

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Post Malone ventured beyond music and launched his signature French rosé wine last June. Malone came up with the name Maison No. 9 for the drink due to his fondness of the tarot card, Nine of Swords. This particular card represents anxiety which Malone has struggled with. For him, wine is more than a drink—it also helps him cope and calm down. Beyond gushing about his rosé’s great quality, Malone also added that just like him, the wine may be able to help others feel happy and relaxed.

Malone crafted his signature rosé with the help of his partners, James Morrisey and Dre London. Morrisey is a good friend of Malone and is a businessman working for Global Brand Equities. On the other hand, London is a music-manager who also founded London Entertainment. One night in L.A., the trio discussed launching a new rosé wine. Eventually, the three sampled numerous wines in Provence to develop the exact blend that they wished to achieve.

Photo by @maison9wine on Instagram

Maison No. 9’s Success

Evidently, the trio was successful with their light “Provencal Pink” rosé wine. Maison No. 9 has a blend of fragrances from various fruits such as strawberries, pineapples, and pears. At the same time, it offers subtle aromas of delectable French sweets.

In a press release, Posty talked about his signature wine, saying that “rosé is for when you want to get a little fancy.” He also added that he previously considered creating his own wine before. Malone went on to acknowledge Global Brand Equities for seeing his vision and helping him make it come true.

Maison No. 9 sold over 50,000 bottles only two days after its launch, completely selling out the first batch. Along with Malone’s signature drink, fans also raved over various other rosé merch, such as a Post Malone shirt, hoodie, tote bag, and stickers. With all the new ventures and accomplishments Malone garnered over the years, one can’t help but wonder what else he can achieve in the future.


Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, Post Malone has made his mark in the music industry. Still, his success did not only stop at his music career. His triumph encompassed other fields as he took on new ventures over the years. More than that, Malone serves as an inspiration to many people. Most of his fans relate to his personal struggles and melancholic music.

True enough, many fans can’t wait for the release of another Post Malone new song. Until then, we can simply blast his melancholic, relatable songs for the time being.