Post Malone Makes Surprise Appearance At Raising Cane’s Cowboys Restaurant


Post Malone, the popular singer-songwriter, surprised his fans and combined two of his favorite things – the Dallas Cowboys and chicken fingers – by making a surprise visit at the grand opening of the Cowboys-themed location of Raising Cane’s in Dallas. Decked out in a custom Dallas jersey, Post Malone happily posed for pictures with his fans, all while enjoying some delicious chicken fingers from the renowned fast-food chain.

Key Takeaway

Post Malone surprised fans at the grand opening of the Cowboys-themed Raising Cane’s location in Dallas, posing for pictures and enjoying some delicious chicken fingers. The restaurant features the Dallas Cowboys’ blue and white color scheme and a giant 32-foot-tall Cowboys star at the Drive-Thru entrance. Post Malone also left his mark with his famous stage poses showcased around the restaurant’s exterior.

The grand opening of this special Raising Cane’s location took place on Thursday and features the iconic blue and white color scheme of the Dallas Cowboys. As you enter the Drive-Thru, you’ll be greeted by a colossal 32-foot-tall Cowboys star, adding an extra touch of excitement to the experience.

Post Malone played a significant role in the development of this unique establishment, leaving his mark with silhouettes of his famous stage poses adorning the restaurant’s exterior. This personal touch only adds to the already vibrant and dedicated atmosphere of the Cowboys-themed location.

For Cowboys fans and chicken finger enthusiasts alike, this is undoubtedly a dream come true. Not only can you cheer on your favorite football team in style, but you can also satisfy your cravings with Raising Cane’s mouthwatering chicken fingers, all in one place.