Drew Pearson Reveals Post Malone Joins Famous ’88 Club’ Cowboys Group Text


Traditionally, the “88 Club” has been reserved exclusively for Dallas Cowboys players who have made a significant impact while wearing jersey No. 88. However, Post Malone’s unwavering love and support for the team over the years have earned him a special place in the hearts of the Cowboys legends, granting him access to their inner circle – their group text.

Key Takeaway

Post Malone’s love for the Dallas Cowboys has earned him a coveted spot in the famed “88 Club” Cowboys group text, joining the likes of Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin, Dez Bryant, and CeeDee Lamb. His active participation in the group chat during games showcases his enthusiasm and dedication to the team.

Pearson expressed his admiration for Post Malone, emphasizing that the rapper has become a close friend and an avid fan of the Cowboys. He revealed that during games, Post Malone actively participates in the group chat, sharing his enthusiasm and opinions about the team, exclaiming, “You know he’s going crazy!” while watching the action unfold on his TV screen.

Post Malone’s affiliation with the Dallas Cowboys is no secret. He has publicly professed his love for the team for many years, but recently, his dedication has taken a whole new level. In October, he opened a Dallas-themed Raising Cane’s restaurant, further cementing his connection to the city. Not stopping there, he also collaborated on designing a Cowboys clothing line, demonstrating his passion for the team both on and off the field.

The fact that Drew Pearson himself has proudly sported one of Post Malone’s Cowboys-themed tees is a clear testament to the rapper’s undeniable status as a valued member of the “88 Club” group. Through his unwavering support and genuine friendship, Post Malone has solidified his place within this exclusive community, creating a bond that is unlikely to falter anytime soon.