Top 10 Kickass Torrents Proxy and Mirror Sites [All Working]

KickAss Torrents

Kickass Torrents is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable names in the torrenting community. Boasting an extensive directory for torrent files and magnet links, KickassTorrents (KAT) is one of the best torrent sites around. It is plagued with controversy, including the owner’s arrest and the website shutting down in 2016. Nevertheless, Kickass Torrents still remains as one of the most beloved torrenting sites.

However, because of copyright issues and countries blocking the website from its territories, accessing KAT isn’t as easy as pie. So, we’ve gathered all the best Kickass Torrents proxy and mirrors sites you can access today. Read on to learn how you can unblock Kickass Torrents to download all your favorite music, games, and films without any hassle.

What is Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is a torrent search engine that serves as an online index. Here, users from all around the globe can find torrent files of films, television shows, music, video games, and software. Since its launch in 2008, KickassTorrents (KAT) has earned the reputation as one of best torrent search engine sites. Additionally, it quickly gained the title as the best The Pirate Bay alternative. This was after the pioneer of file sharing sites went offline in 2010, following several copyright infringement claims. Moreover, despite The Pirate Bay’s relaunch, KAT still managed to snatch the top spot for most visited torrent directory in 2014.

However, due to its involvement in the illegal distribution of copyrighted content, KAT is no stranger to government-sanctioned closures. After years of moving domain names to avoid run-ins with the law, the website went offline in July 2016. Alongside this, numerous KAT proxy and mirror sites were also seized in the same year.

In spite of this, Kickass Torrents still managed to get back on its feet. This is thanks to the dedicated staff and moderators behind the website.

What Happened to Kickass Torrents 

What happened to KickassTorrents?
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

In itself, peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing isn’t necessarily illegal. However, most of the content that users share and download tends to have copyright claims to them. Thus, torrent sites, including KAT, have long-standing issues with copyright infringement laws. Several internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide have even blocked their users from accessing torrenting sites.

Nevertheless, Kickass Torrents still tried to mitigate these accusations against them. The website claims to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and removes any copyrighted content from their website. This is if the copyright owner applies an appeal for the website to do so.

However, this was only the beginning of the downfall for KickassTorrents. As mentioned, the owner of the site, Artem Vaulin, was apprehend in Poland in mid-2016. This was after the United States Department of Justice charged Vaulin with four-counts of U.S. criminal indictments. Subsequently, government agencies seized the website’s main domain, while the KAT team voluntarily took down the KATproxy and mirror sites.

As a result, millions of the website’s visitors were left without their preferred torrenting site. A few months later around December of the same year, a new KickassTorrents website went online. A number of KickassTorrent staff launched a new KAT website that offered the same look and feel of its predecessor.

Unfortunately, the new version of the infamous torrenting site lacked the stability of the original. Furthermore, it was prone to unusual downtimes due to the amount of traffic it got. Nevertheless, users from all around the globe still flocked to the new site for its extensive directory of torrent files. With that said, the torrent website still managed to obtain a stable number of seeders and leechers.

How to Access Kickass Torrents 

Kickass Torrents movie page.
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The current primary Kickass domain is, with a separate domain where users can check the status of the website. However, as mentioned above, the new version is still susceptible to issues such as the website being slow or unresponsive. Don’t fret, though, because there are still several alternative domains wherein users can access the website.

Is KickassTorrents taking too long to load? Maybe the main domain isn’t accessible in your location? Try using a Kickass mirror site instead.

For those unfamiliar with what is a mirror site, it’s a model of an existing website. Hosted on a different server, and thus using a different domain, it still contains identical content of the original site. A mirror site is mainly used to reduce the network traffic of the original. This is useful when the main server of the site cannot handle the influx of people using the website.

However, in the realm of torrenting, a mirror site serves a different purpose. Mainly, they cater to those users in a geological location where the main website is inaccessible. As stated above, several countries blocked its residents from accessing KAT. Thus, this leads them to using mirror sites in order to get on the torrent website. Notably, countries that have blocked KAT include Australia, India, Malaysia, and several countries in Europe.

Kickass Mirror Sites


How to Download Torrents 

How to download torrents?
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We’ve now talked about the different ways on how to access Kickass Torrents. The next step is knowing how to download from Kickass. However, before that, we first need to discuss how to torrent safely.

Torrenting, despite its reputation, is still one of the most ingenious ways of file sharing. However, it is not without its shortcomings. Unlike direct downloads that rely solely on one central server, torrenting allows users to download files in a decentralized manner. Rather than relying on a single server, torrents use a file-sharing network with other people worldwide. While this method results in faster downloads, it also leaves one’s Internet Protocol (IP) address visible to others. With that in mind, users with visible IP addresses are more susceptible to cyber attacks and other cybersecurity threats.

Use an Antivirus

It should go without saying that installing an antivirus software is imperative. Any digital activity comes with risk, and downloading media content via torrents is no exception. Unfortunately, fake torrents are abundant in the torrenting community. Shared mostly by people around the world, some torrent files can contain virus or malware. Thus, instead of the actual file you wish to download, you’re downloading something that can harm you and your device. Installing a high-quality antivirus will protect your devices against viruses, malware, and other malicious digital attacks. Additionally, an antivirus program can assist in protecting your computer and all the personal data it holds.

Now, if you’re wondering should you pay for antivirus, the answer is up to you. There are an endless number of options for the best free antivirus programs available. However, there are some notable differences between a free antivirus and a paid antivirus program. Nevertheless, the majority of free antivirus software already covers the core requirements of a good antivirus. If you are looking for additional features though, like an antivirus with a VPN, you should most likely opt for a paid antivirus instead.

Install a VPN

To protect your online activities and security, it is highly recommended to install a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN ensures that a user’s connection and data are safe from prying eyes with malicious intent. Furthermore, it can also mask your IP address and help you to unblock Kickass Torrents site by changing your virtual location. As we’ve established before-hand, some countries have banned and even declared torrenting illegal. Thus, using a VPN is crucial crucial when doing certain online activities such as torrenting. It’s important to take note that some of the best VPN for torrenting come with a price. Nevertheless, there are still a number of the best free VPN that’s worth trying out.

Use an Ad Blocker

Moreover, using an ad blocker when browsing torrenting websites is also a tremendous step in protecting your online privacy. Majority of torrent sites display advertisements on them. These can range from crude banner ads, annoying pop-up ads, and even forced redirect ads. Using the best ad blocker also blocks third-party trackers and suspicious websites, thus adding another layer of online protection. As such, this will also improve one’s online browsing experience.

How to Download Torrents from Kickass Torrents

How to torrent.
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  1. Install a torrent software. The best torrent client used by many includes the likes of BitTorrent and uTorrent.
  2. After installing and launching your torrent client, head over to the KickassTorrents main website or any of its mirror sites.
  3. Search for the media content you wish to download. Once you’ve found your desired torrent file, click on it to be redirected to the file’s summary page.
  4. From here, you can click on the “Magnet Download” to download the torrent file directly onto your torrent client. The other possible method is by saving the .torrent file itself directly to your device and manually adding it to uTorrent.
  5. Thereafter, your torrent client will prompt you to choose the designated location where to save your files. This is if you haven’t configured it during installation.
  6. Once everything is set-up, go ahead and click onOkay” to begin downloading your torrent files. 

Kickass Torrents Alternatives

There’s no denying that Kickass Torrents is definitely a prominent name in the realm of torrenting and P2P file-sharing. Despite the controversy surrounding the torrent site, dedicated members of the torrenting community still choose KAT as their preferred torrenting website. However, due to the instability that the new KAT website has, it still isn’t on the same caliber of the original. Even some of the best KATproxy and mirror sites can still be unreliable at times too.

As such, it’s no surprise that users look for other websites to serve as their Kickass alternative. Here are our top picks for the best unblocked torrent sites to satisfy all your torrenting needs.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Torrent website.
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We doubt that The Pirate Bay (TBP) needs any introduction. If you’ve been on the Internet for some time, you’ve probably heard or even browsed the TBP website. First founded in 2003, TBP is a pioneer in torrenting websites. Undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular torrent sites, The Pirate Bay boasts a vast index of torrent files. The fact that TPB offers a wide variety of categories is one reason why people keep coming back to it. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate.

Similar to Kickass Torrents, TPB is no stranger to lawsuits and copyright claims. In 2009, three of the website’s founders were locked-up in prison for a year. This was after years’ worth of claims that the website was promoting the illegal reproduction or dissemination of copyrighted content. Moreover, in 2014, The Pirate Bay went offline when the Swedish government raided the website’s facility and inevitably shut down all The Pirate Bay proxy servers.

However, as we know now, that wouldn’t halt the torrent giant forever. In spite of these issues, TPB proves to be one of the most resilient torrenting websites. In 2014, the website made a comeback using its original domain. Since its return it has steadily remained as one of the most popular torrent sites. TPB website even took the top spot of the best torrent sites 2020 has seen, as reported by Torrentfreak.


1377 torrenting website.
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One of the best torrent sites today, 1337x offers a well-organized interface that even the less-acquainted can easily navigate through. Although it was founded in 2007, 1337x didn’t see an increase in traffic until 2016. This was the same year that Kickass Torrents went offline because of legal issues. Known for its active community, this torrent website offers a significantly smaller library compared to others. However, it makes up for it with its lively group of dedicated uploaders that provide new content every day.

Additionally, it’s a splendid choice for those who don’t want to spend too much time scrolling through torrents. The 1337x torrent website features an excellent browsing and filtering system. Each major category in their catalog has different subcategories that make it easier to narrow down the options of torrents. Thus, users can easily find the movie, television show, or music they want.


RARBG as a good Kickass Torrents Alternative.
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Launched in 2008, RARBG remains as one of the major players in the torrenting game. Specializing in providing high-quality video releases, it has earned the reputation as one of the best torrent websites out there. Known for its active community, the RARBG index is regularly being updated with all the latest videos, music, ebooks. Additionally, it also features some older and more obscure software and video games.

The interface may seem outdated, but it still gets the job of providing a diverse torrent repository for many users.

Unfortunately, the RARBG torrents website is littered with annoying ads, although, as stated above, using an ad blocker can help ease this. Moreover, the RARBG torrent site isn’t accessible in several countries in Europe, the Middle East, India, and Australia. So, users should make sure to set their VPN location somewhere outside of these territories.


Image grabbed from Limetorrents website.
Image grabbed from Limetorrents website.

This verified torrenting website boasts a vast catalog that’s updated daily. Focusing strongly on its community, Limetorrents only houses verified torrents. Thus, this lessens the threat of users accidentally downloading malware or viruses instead. Additionally, this torrent site does not allow its users to upload any form of adult content added onto their directory.

One of the best torrent search websites, Limetorrents is a superb choice for those looking for a perfect Kickass Torrents alternative. Limetorrents can easily help users in finding and downloading any file they want. This is especially because of its extensive collection of fresh television shows, blockbuster films, and the best video games. It’s also a great site if you’re scouring for open-source applications and obscure ebooks.

Moreover, similar to all other torrent sites, Limetorrents is no exception to ISPs blocking copyright claims. Launched in 2009, the website isn’t accessible in Australia, France, and the United Kingdom. If you’re from one of the aforementioned countries and want to access Limetorrents, you will need a VPN. Additionally, there is still a number of Limetorrents proxy and mirror sites you can use to access the website.


Torrent movies on YIFY.
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YIFY is the perfect torrent site for those who want to download high definition videos but have limited bandwidth. Also known as YIFY Torrents Solution (YTS), this website offers a wide selection of films, all of which are in excellent quality. Known for re-encoding their video contents, YIFY offers HD quality videos in small file sizes. Thus, this means less bandwidth and data consumption. Additionally, this is also great for users who also have limited storage space on their device. Users can even browse and filter this torrent index by video quality. They can choose from 720p, 1080p, 4k, and even 3D quality movies.

However, since YIFY’s main focus is on movies, looking for games, television shows, music, or software will be in vain. Nevertheless, YIFY torrents is still a mecca for those in search of the latest movies and older classic films. Movie buffs from all around the world turn to YTS for all their movie needs, so much so that it even dethroned The Pirate Bay as the most popular torrenting website in 2019. It even earned the top spot for the best torrent sites 2019, as reported by Torrentfreak.


Zooqle torrenting site.
Image grabbed from Zooqle website.

Zooqle offers over five million verified torrents on its index, with thousands of new torrent files uploaded daily. Established in 2013, Zooqle is one of the relatively new torrent sites compared to others on this list. However, with its massive collection of torrent files, it’s a great contender for the best Kickass Torrents alternative.

Similar to 1337x, it features an elaborate advanced search system. Users can exclude certain keywords from their search results, as well as input the size range of their desired files. Can’t wait to download and watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show? No worries, because Zooqle also has a helpful calendar feature. This feature allows users to check the upload schedule of all the latest television show episodes. Additionally, download links on this site are categorized according to the peers. This means users can easily choose the download link with the most amount of seeders. Thus, this will subsequently result in faster download speed.

With all of these in mind, Zooqle has garnered a significant amount of traffic over the years. It even earned itself a spot on the top ten most visited torrent websites of 2021, according to Torrentfreak.

Kickass Torrents: Summing It Up

More and more people are staying indoors. With society’s current climate, it truly is the season to stay at home. When given so much time on our hands in a single location, boredom is an inevitable. Thus, we turn to different activities to keep us entertained. After all, there’s a plethora of things to do when bored. You could learn how to use Zoom to keep in contact with your friends and family. Maybe you’d want to watch all the best Netflix shows, or maybe even play all the best Steam games?

We can’t deny that some of these activities are fun, although they can also be costly. Thus, we understand the appeal of downloading digital content for free. Different torrent sites, such as Kickass Torrents, are a go-to for downloading digital media without spending a cent. Thus, more and more are learning how to unblock Kickass Torrents and other torrenting sites. This is in spite of the glaringly obvious disadvantages that they have. One should always keep in mind that when torrenting, there’s a constant risk of putting your device, personal information, and yourself in harm’s way.

Additionally, we can’t overlook how torrenting media files on the internet is taking a toll on several industries. The best torrenting sites make media content easily accessible. However, when you’re torrenting, you’re not paying any form of currency. Thus, this negatively affects the media industry.

Regardless, users will still flock towards the top torrenting sites such as KickassTorrents for all their torrenting needs.


We here at CitizenSide do not promote nor will we ever condone the illegal download of copyrighted content. Downloading such content without paying the just fees is an act of piracy. The use of torrent sites is still up to the preference of an individual. This article is meant to inform our readers regarding the nature of such sites. As such, we implore all of our readers to always watch and download content from official platforms. Furthermore, CitizenSide is not responsible for any malware or viruses our readers may encounter when torrenting.