15 Best Unblocked Torrent Sites in 2020 [100% Safe]

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15 Best Unblocked Torrent Sites in 2020 [100% Safe]

As far as you are an active internet user, you must have heard the term “torrent.” But do you know what it is? If you don’t, and you’ve never used it before, this article will help you wrap your hands around it. You will be learning about torrenting, how to torrent safely, and then 15 of the best-unblocked sites that you can use for torrenting. 

Buckle your seat belt and come with us on this journey to the geeky world of torrenting.


What is Torrenting?

Torrenting is a well-known file-sharing protocol that is founded on peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. With torrenting, great numbers of users can connect and share content with one another without relying on a single source for all their downloads.

To understand how it works, we have to know what a torrent is.


What Is A Torrent?

A torrent is a tiny file that points to trackers. Trackers are external sites that conserve a database of links. Since it is a community of people with different files, these links direct to users that are hosting the requested file in their computers. So, when you download a torrent, you connect directly to several other users who have pieces of the file you want. You then grab tiny pieces of that file. The final puzzle is taken care of by your torrenting software; it assembles all these tiny bits of files from users into one meaningful file.

So, you see that users do not need to rely on just one source for their files. 

Torrenting is very popular amongst internet users and that is why I am sure you must have caught winds of the word. To illustrate how popular it is, here is a statistic by Sandvine in 2018. A report which they published showed that BitTorrent handles about 22% of all upstream Internet traffic globally.


How to Use Torrents

For those of us who have never used torrent sites before for their downloads, here is a brief summary of all you need to start torrenting right away:

  1. First, download a torrent client such as Deluge, qBittorent, BiglyBT, or uTorrent. They are usable on Windows, Mac, and Linux. There are other clients that you can use on your android and iOS, but it is always better to torrent on your PC.

  2. To locate the torrent of the file you want to download, you need an indexer or tracker such as Pirate Bay or Kick Ass Torrent. Ensure that the torrent file you want to download has good reviews in the comment section and have a good leecher-to-seeder ratio. Leechers are people who download it and seeders are people who upload it for others.

  3. Once you locate it, download it or follow the magnet link that will be provided. As you download it, your torrent client should start automatically. If it doesn’t, open and paste the magnet link or add the torrent manually.

  4. Now that it’s on your torrent client, it should initiate and download your file. 

  5. When your download completes, your file is ready, but don’t close your torrent client just yet. You should leave it running so that your download can upload for other users in a process known as seeding. It is an obligation you owe to the network. At every point in time, your ratio of seeds to downloads should be above 1. That means you must seed as much as you download or even more.

  6. Once you are done seeding back, before shutting off your VPN, ensure you remove your torrent from your client. If your torrent is left there and your VPN goes off, you are visible to the network. But if you want to keep seeding, just ensure your VPN and Anti-Virus are up.


Advantages of Torrenting

With the traditional download, you are getting the file from a hosting service or a website. And that means that the file can be on just one single computer. If it is on a single computer, it is subject to several challenges such as limited bandwidth, slowness, and censorship. Censorship in that the host can just decide to remove it and prevent every other person from using it.

Torrent provides a new option for beating these challenges because now, the file is not hosted by one person or organization, but by a community of people.

Torrent is also free and it allows you to download several files at once and manage them as you wish. For instance, you can pause and resume it.


How To Torrent Safely

On its own, torrents and torrent sites are safe and legal. But if you know about piracy and copyright infringement, then you will know why some people erroneously believe that torrenting is illegal. 

When torrenting became popular, people started to use it for sharing high-quality videos and TV shows and, to be honest, that is not fair to the people who spend good money and time to produce these contents. They should earn some money for their investment and hard work.

But away from that, we see that torrenting is just a way of sharing files swiftly and without restrictions. In itself, it is safe and legal, but then it can be misused by people just like most other things on earth.

The authorities cannot take torrenting sites down because, on their own, they do not house any file so they obviously can’t infringe copyright. They just serve as a meeting point for peers to share the things they have.

In the same vein, a file can contact a malware in the process of all the sharing it undergoes and you will unknowingly download it into your device. 

Another major challenge with torrenting is privacy infringement and data theft. That means you have to look for a way to remain anonymous while enjoying your torrent services.

Below are a few tips you can adopt for staying safe while torrenting:

  • Always use a VPN to protect your identity and data.

You probably already have a VPN that you’ve been using for your everyday security and privacy. If you want to venture into the rewarding world of torrenting, you will need it. Without this, your IP address will be visible to every user on the network, and, trust me, you don’t want that in our digital world of today.  Whenever you are engaging in a P2P file-sharing, always use a VPN.

  • Use anti-virus software

As you already know, files on torrents can contain viruses that can harm your devices or steal your data. Don’t forget that you have geeky guys on the network. Some of them may be evil geniuses. But that is not a problem if you have good anti-virus software on whenever you are searching, running, or downloading torrents.

  • Don’t download illegal content 

This is the problem that the mainstream has with torrenting. Don’t be amongst those that misuse the powers of torrenting. Stick with shareable files and you will not get in trouble. Avoid pirated videos and software like plague. Once you stay with legitimate content, you are safer.

  • Use private trackers 

Generally, private trackers are safer than public trackers because they require registration from users before usage. This requirement tends to scare off the trouble makers. So, focus on gaining access to a few private trackers and you will be good for life.

But if you must use a public tracker, tread carefully. Ensure that you get your torrents from the usually safer popular sources. They are safer than underground ones. In this article, I will share 15 of the best torrent sites, so you don’t have to break your head over choosing for yourself.  


Top Torrent Sites

Without much ado, let’s get to the meat of this article. Here I will show you the best torrent sites for your movies, music, photoshop, and anime files. But first, what is a torrent site? A torrent site is a place where you can find the torrent file for a file you desire. They are great places to find books, music, video games, and all the cool stuff you will want to download on the internet.

So, here are the best under each category:


Movies Torrents Site

  1. The Pirate Bay: It is one of the biggest and it has a user interface that is very easy to navigate. We are classifying it under movies, but in essence, this torrent site hosts a wide range of torrents ranging from movies to books, music, audiobooks, eBooks, games, and a lot of other things. It also allows one to download torrent without registration. It is free and allows you to either download torrent files directly or get the magnet link.

  2. RARBG: This site has a rich torrent library, a good reputation, and a great user interface. You can get a wide range of contents including movies, games, and even adult content.

  3. YTS: with this site, you get encoded files making them small. It has a great UI. 

  4. Torrentz2: It houses verified torrents in a very vibrant community of users. It can be used as a search engine. It has a great number of files of up to 61 million torrent files.

  5. 1337X: It is a reputable tracker with a rich torrent library. It offers an incredible UI with easy navigation. It has been around for more than a decade and has worked its way to the top. It has an Alexa rating that puts it over several other torrent sites.

  6. LimeTorrents: It has made its way into the top 10 list of torrent sites and it is for a reason. They have a bonus torrent cache that makes torrent searching and downloads easily.

  7. TorrentDownlads: This platform offers you a streamlined version of the torrents you need as it doesn’t stock up unnecessary files. It still ensures you get everything you need.

Photoshop Torrents Sites

  1. The Pirate Bay

  2. Kickasstorrents: One of the big names in the torrent world. There are speculations that it is the foremost torrenting site. Despite being shut down several due to its wide usage, this torrent site has always managed to rise from the dust time and time again. It is the perfect place to find photoshop torrents. 

  3. Torrentz2: With this torrent site, you get a wide range file. It is a healthy community with good peers and seeds.

  4. TorrentsDownload

  5. Limetorrents

Anime Torrents Sites

  1. It has a great user interface and it is a great place to find not just anime torrents, but also music, games, software, and so on. It is also good because it provides you with comprehensive detail of their torrents such as file size of the actual file so you can decide if your device can take it.

  2. It has a huge library and there is hardly an anime torrent you won’t find here. It also provides you sub and dub files for your files for audio and language flexibility. It has a great user-friendly interface.

  3. Characterized by quality torrents and great user interface. It offers you a function that allows you to filter files with their genres and their release dates. You can also choose the quality of the file you want to download, whether low, medium, or high.

  4. It is ranked amongst the top 10 torrent sites and it offers the latest anime files and old ones too. You also get dubbed and subbed anime torrents in a community with tons of seeders.

  5. Here, you can access a wide range of anime files without even signing up.

Music Torrents Sites

  1. The Pirate Bay

  2. Kick Ass

  3. RARBG

  4. 1337X

  5. Torrentz2

You must note that the torrent sites out there are similar in their function. So. Our criteria for choosing are other things such as user interface, file content, popularity, and additional functions. And some torrent sites offer a wide range of files, so you will find some of them occurring in more than one category.



It is the season of staying indoors. While we sincerely hope and pray that this global pandemic comes to an abrupt end soon, who says you can’t use this period to download several movies and resources that can make the stay at home easier. When mastered, torrenting can help you locate and download whatever you are looking for on the internet. So, what is stopping you? By reading this article to this extent, you have gone through the ‘university’ of torrenting, so get torrenting right away.