12 BEST RARBG Proxy and Mirror Sites [100% Unblocked & Working]

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As far as torrent sites are concerned, RARBG is one to be reckoned with. It has a massive library of torrents that offer a multitude of formats, ranging from the latest movies, music, books, tv shows, and several other files.

However, due to the restrictions and blocks that torrent sites constantly face, there may come a time when RARBG’s main domain is inaccessible for you. This can be quite a hindrance, as it prohibits you from downloading the torrents you need. As such, it’s important to have a roster of RARBG proxy sites and RARBG mirror sites on hand.

Is RARBG down for you? Then are here are some RARBG mirrors and RARBG proxy options to help you access all your favorite torrent files out there. First, however, we need to establish just what exactly RARBG is.

What is RARBG?

For the uninitiated, RARBG is a website that offers a vast library of torrents and magnet links for peer-to-peer file sharing via the BitTorrent protocol. RARBG torrents offer a variety of file formats, ranging from movies, to your favorite tv series, games, music, and even software. It first launched in 2008 and has since worked its way up the ladder of torrent sites despite being blocked time and again. The “rarbg to” website is still accessible, although it remains blocked in certain countries. The good news is that with a virtual private network (VPN), you can still access RARBG even if you currently reside in a country where it is banned.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or a virtual private network, provides privacy over a public network. It allows users to privately share data even when transfers are being made across public networks. Other than granting you access to restricted sites, it also protects your identity and personal information from hackers that flood torrent sites. When you use a good VPN service, your Internet Protocol (IP) address remains hidden and your personal information stays private. 

Having your IP address stay hidden can be beneficial when accessing RARBG mirrors, as it allows you to access servers that are typically blocked in your location. Some of the best free VPN services include ProtonVPN, Turbo VPN, and Windscribe VPN.

What Happened to RARBG?

Image from RARBG

For starters, Internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide – especially in Europe – say that RARBG aids in copyright infringement. When artists, movie stars, authors, and other creative people put in a lot of hard work and money to produce content, the government wants them to enjoy the returns on their investments. So, they give them copyright for their content, meaning that only they can market it. But, if such content is freely on torrent sites, what happens to the revenue from said content? The revenue will drop, of course.

That said, several entertainment bodies such as Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, Paramount Pictures – amongst others – are in support of the fight against torrent sites such as RARBG. Governments are against piracy as well, which is why they often clamp down on torrent sites. In fact, in 2020, RARBG was even listed as a target of Bulgarian law enforcement.

Is RARBG Illegal?

Looking at things from a more critical perspective, torrent sites are not really committing any crime, per se. This is because they do not put up pirated files for people to download. Torrenting, in itself, is legal because it is yet another form of technology that aims to simplify the way we share things over the Internet. Torrent sites merely have tiny torrents that can help peers share the files they already have. As such, they are in a grey area with the law. This is torrenting is legal in some countries. 

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Image by Megan Rexazin from Pixabay

With all that said, this is why RARBGmirror and proxy sites continue to operate. The community simply wants to continue sharing files with others. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that we do owe it to the talented creatives in the industry to only share legitimate files. This is another way to ensure that you are safe when using RARBG proxy and RARBG alternative sites. Only share and download legitimate files because you never know who may be monitoring your activities (if you are not using a VPN, of course). Your ISP other other designated bodies might fine or even jail you if you get caught downloading and sharing illegitimate files.

Where is RARBG Blocked?

RARBG, though still accessible via mirror sites and other RARBG alternative sites, is indeed blocked in a number of countries. These include the following:

  • Saudi Arabia (blocked as of April 2014)
  • United Kingdom (blocked as of November 2014)
  • Denmark (blocked as of March 2015)
  • Turkey (blocked as of August 2015)
  • Portugal (blocked as of October 2015)
  • Italy (blocked as of March 2017)
  • Australia (blocked as of August 2017)
  • Indonesia (blocked as of October 2017)
  • Finland (blocked as of June 2018)
  • United Arab Emirates (blocked as of June 2018)
  • Ireland (blocked as of January 2018)
  • Belgium (blocked as of January 2019)
  • India (blocked as of April 2019)
  • Greece (blocked as of May 2019)

Why Choose RARBG?

Like Kickass Torrents and The Pirate Bay, RARBG is often considered to be one of the best torrent sites today. The website has some of the latest video torrent files, and it still has a healthy library of dated files as well. Furthermore, it has a good selection of RARBG proxy sites and RARBG alternative domains as well.

Strong Points

  • Torrents are Easy to Find: Once you visit the site, you will see suggestions of video files that may interest you. Torrents are conveniently categorized, which makes it easy to locate different files across different genres and formats.
  • Friendly UI: The UI (user interface) is organized in such a way that it allows even the most uninformed beginner to navigate the website. It leans more on the simple side, but that makes it easy to use.
  • Huge and Healthy Community: The community on RARBG constantly posts torrents, thereby keeping the network healthy. They also provide feedback on torrent files so that you can avoid malicious or bad torrents. Thus, you can rest assured that your RARBG torrent will always be of good working quality.

What are Mirror Sites?

rarbg mirror sites
Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

Now that we’ve established what RARBG is, we can now move on to accessing a RARBG proxy or RARBG mirror. What exactly is a mirror site? Simply put, a mirror site is a replica of an original website. Think of a RARBGmirror as a RARBG alternative, essentially. Though it is a replica, this does not mean that a mirror site falls short of any functionalities found on its original counterpart. In the same way your mirror will give a complete reflection of you, a mirror site offers a complete reflection of the main domain. It is an exact copy of the real thing. 

When developers are working on a mirror or proxy site, they copy all the required files, database, settings, and everything else from the main domain. The idea is to provide an alternate source for the data hosted on the original site. Why provide an alternate source for a website? As mentioned earlier, many torrent sites like RARBG are often blocked in several regions. Having a RARBG alternative can thus be an effective workaround for this issue.

In addition to RARBGmirror sites providing visitors ‘access’ to a blocked domain, they also help with two other functions. The first is that site owners can use it to reduce traffic to a site if it becomes overwhelming. Secondly, site owners can also utilize mirrors and proxies to grant users faster access to the site by hosting mirrors on servers closer to them. Accessing a RARBG proxy on a server that is closer to your region or location can make accessing a domain much faster and convenient.

RARBG Proxies and Mirror Sites


The proxies and mirror sites on this RARBG proxy list are all very fast, and they offer you the same content that you can find on the main domain at Whether you access RARBG unblocked or otherwise, having a selection of RARBGmirror sites can be handy as a backup in case the main domain is inaccessible. Some mirror sites come and go, after all, so it’s best to have a RARBG proxy list in hand whenever you’re browsing the net for good torrents.

How To Use RARBG

Much like many other torrent sites, a RARBG download is simple to accomplish. Think of the website as an online library for many different forms of media. All you have to do is browse through the RARBG index page and pick out what sort of file or document you want. The RARBG index features different categories based on what sort of media it is that you’re looking for. It is, of course, imperative that you have a torrent client like uTorrent to actually extract files from the torrent you download.

How To Download RARBG Movies and Other Files

how to use rarbg

  1. As mentioned, you’ll first need to ensure that you have a torrent client already installed on your device. We recommend uTorrent, but other notable torrent clients include Vuze, BitTorrent, and Deluge. Most torrent clients are free, so you need not worry about incurring any additional fees.
  2. Download and install a VPN if you don’t have one already. To reiterate, having a VPN when you download a torrent file can help keep your connection and privacy secure.
  3. On that note, it can help to have an anti-virus up and running to avoid corrupting your device with malicious content that might be lurking around a website. For the most part RARBGmirror sites and other torrent sites are safe, but many of them are privy to pop-up ads, which might be risky for some users.
  4. Visit or any of the sites from the RARBG proxy list. It is very easy to navigate, so you won’t have any difficulty with locating a file you’re on the hunt for.
  5. Navigate to a category of your choice and click on it. Better still, you can just use the search bar if you already have a specific file or media in mind.
  6. Once you’ve found the torrent you’re looking for, click on it. It will take you to the file’s summary page. Here, you will find all the torrent files available on it with their individual users’ comments. The users’ comments are vital for knowing which torrent to choose over others. Take note of any negative comments so as to gauge the quality of the torrent you’re downloading.
  7. Clicking on torrent will prompt your torrent client to start downloading it. If, for any reason, the download doesn’t start automatically, simply click on the torrent’s magnet link and manually input it into your torrent client.

In Closing

Those who torrent often will know how challenging it can be to locate working mirror and RARBG proxy list sites. But, thanks to this article, you now know where to locate RARBG unblocked sites for all your torrenting needs. Now you can torrent away without any interruptions. There are, of course, other torrent websites in case you need RARBG alternative or two. Regardless, if you’re a loyalist of this popular torrent site, then this guide is definitely all you need. We hope that this article helped you learn more about not just RARBG and its mirror sites, but also about torrenting in general.


We at CitizenSide do not condone nor promote piracy or illegal downloads. This article is meant to inform and educate and is not to be used as a means of promoting illegal acts. Always be careful with your actions and decisions over the Internet. This is especially so when it comes to downloading content, whether it be through legitimate means or otherwise.