What is uTorrent and How to Use it Safely?


What is uTorrent and How to Use it Safely?

There has never been a more excellent time for file sharing and downloading like now. With the pandemic biting hard and the restrictions getting stiffer, we have no choice but to look for ways to keep busy while isolating. 

When it comes to files downloads, you have two options. The first is the traditional method that we are all used to, which involves downloading from one computer or network. The problem with this option is that it can be slow and restrictive. 

The second option is something called “Torrenting”. In torrenting, you are not just downloading the files from one source; you are downloading bits of it from several sources in a peer-to-peer platform. To do that, you will need to get the torrent file of whatever you are trying to get, then you will insert it in your torrent client, and your downloading starts right away. That is where uTorrent comes in.


What Is uTorrent?

It is simply a software that serves as a torrent client, meaning that you can use it to download or share torrent files. It is perfect for downloading a wide range of files such as movies, videos, games, eBooks, anime, and others. It is great because it allows for multiple downloads, and each download can be paused and resumed at a later time. If your device goes off, it doesn’t affect your downloading. It just resumes from wherever it stopped.


How To Use uTorrent

Once you go to the torrent sites and use their torrent search engines to locate torrents of your choice, click on it. When you click on the torrent file, it automatically starts your uTorrent, and you begin to download the file in bits by bits from other users.

After downloading the file, allow it to seed to other users too.

When using uTorrent or any other torrenting platform, safety is paramount. No matter the torrent site you settle for, ensure that you use a VPN and anti-virus. The VPN keeps you private and secures you from data theft. Cybercriminals are on the net looking for unsuspecting internet users to prey on. They may steal your IP or personal details, and that is undesirable. VPN keeps your IP masked from them and also hides your browsing history as well as personal data, so it doesn’t fall to the wrong hands.

VPN also keeps you safe from authorities that be. In some countries, torrenting is illegal because some people use it to commit illegal copyright infringement. So, if you are torrenting without protecting your IP, you may be subjected to fines, arrests, or jailed depending on the laws.

The anti-virus, on the other hand, keeps your device safe from infected torrents which cybercriminals may intentionally upload for various dubious purposes. Some files on torrent sites may also be corrupted due to its continuous sharing. You need to be safe from all of these, irrespective of their sources.


How To Speed Up uTorrent

If you’ve ever used uTorrent, then you know how frustrating it can be when you get the torrent you’ve been looking for, only for the download to start moving with the speed of a snail.

Well, that happened because you probably didn’t know of the hacks you are about to learn. There are several ways you can speed up your uTorrent downloads. Find some of them below:


1. By Using Faster Torrent Trackers

When you add trackers to the properties section of your download, it can attract more seeders and peers. The seeders are people who have already downloaded the file and are now sharing it with others so they too can download it. Peers are people who are in the process of downloading the file. Before they can share like the seeders, they have to complete their downloads.

The addition of new trackers means the addition of new seeders, and that translates to faster download for you because you have more people seeding to you. The more the number of seeders on your file, the easier it is for uTorrent to find the quickest combination for your download. So, you might want to count the number of seeders before you hit that download button. Most torrent clients will make this information available to you.


2. By Allotting More Bandwidth to the Torrent

One advantage of torrenting is that you can download several files at the same time. But that could mean lower speed for the individual files. But if you wish to speed up the download of a particular file, you can easily allot it more bandwidth, and the speed should increase.  To do this, just right click on the file of interest, and hover your mouse on the “Bandwidth Allocation” tab. A side menu should pop, select the option that says “High.” 

Do the same for other files that are equally downloading, but this time, set their bandwidth allocation to “Low.”

Let me also inform you that it is not good speed practice to queue up several torrents at once. We know how tempting it can be because when torrenting, there are lots of good stuff catching your attention. But realize that the more you queue up, the slower they all get. A better practice is taking them gradually. Those files are not going to run away; they are yours to download. 

If you cannot just keep yourself from adding tasks, let the uTorrent setting do it for you. To do this, navigate to your preferences and set the queue section to “1.” That will force all your torrents to download one after another. 


3. By Changing Additional Bandwidth Settings

Apart from the “high” and “low” settings on the bandwidth, there are other settings you can do on your bandwidth to achieve higher download speed. 

Here is the step to doing that:

Click on options, then on preferences, and locate the “bandwidth” tab. Click on it and input the following settings: 

  • Increase the maximum upload rate to 14.
  • Increase the maximum download rate to 1800.
  • Take the global maximum number of connections to 2329.
  • Increase the maximum number of connected peers per torrent to 257.
  • Set the number of upload slots per torrent as 14.


4. By Connecting Directly to the Seeds

A firewall setting on seeders can often slow the seeding process. When this happens, you do not get enough download data from seeders. You can reconfigure this so that your uTorrent can receive data from seeders without any firewall interference.

To do this, go to your options, and then select preferences. In your preferences, find the “connections” option. Click on it and ensure that you check the “Enable UPnP Port Mapping” option. By doing this, you can now connect directly to the seeders, and that means a faster download process.


5. Use the best port for your torrenting

TCP protocol influences the BitTorrent protocol. That means that the TCP protocol influences BitTorrent’s transfer of data over the internet. That means you must ensure that you select the best TCP port. We recommend TCP port between 6881-6889 because it is the best.

I will like to assume that you have taken care of your internet speed for coming to seek for a way to speed up your torrent downloads. If your internet speed sucks, none of the prescribed solutions above can help you. The first thing you should do is get on a faster internet; then these steps will make your downloads even faster.


Where is uTorrent Installed?

This question is recurring because often people create a shortcut on their desktop while installing their uTorrent on their PC, and by chance, they may discover they can’t find the shortcut anymore. For some, it is even worse; they install without checking the option that says “create a desktop shortcut.” Now it becomes a problem locating the shiny little tool they just installed.

Well, if this ever happens to you, laugh it off and go right where this article is about to show you.

Follow the steps below to locate your uTorrent installation folder so you can launch it from there:

  1. Open your task manager. You can easily do that by searching for a “task manager” on your computer search box or Ctrl+Shift+Esc if you are a Windows 10 user. 
  2. Once in your task manager, scroll to the “details” tab at the top just after the “users” tab and click on it.
  3. Next, just right click on your uTorrent and select “open file location.”

As you must have figured out, this method is only effective is still running, i.e. on the taskbar. But what if it is closed and you can’t find it on your taskbar?

There is still hope for you; just stay with me.


The uTorrent location on your Windows 10 Device

The most likely location is the drive where you installed your operating system. And if you installed your operating system without any customization, then that folder is the C drive. To locate it, just search for this “This PC” on your search box and open it. You will see a disk labeled “Local Disk (C:), click on it.

When it opens, navigate to “Users” and select the folder named “AppData.” When that opens, locate the folder named “Roaming.” You should find your uTorrent sitting right there and staring at you.

If for any reason, you cannot find the AppData folder, which is possible, ensure that you turn on your “Show Hidden Folder” option. If that doesn’t work, ensure that you are accessing the location with the administrator account on your system.

For Windows 7, just search for uTorrent on the search box, and it should pop up and by right-clicking on it and clicking on “open file location,” it can take you to the destination folder. If your built-in search engine doesn’t do it, then you can use a third-party application such as “Everything.”

Alternatively, you can use the run option to locate it. Just click on your start button and select “run,” then input %appdata%\uTorrent. That will take you to the uTorrent folder if it is in your Windows 7 device.

But what if you can just avoid all these troubles by locating your uTorrent in a custom folder for easy access? 

I presume that it will be lots of easy. Let see how we can achieve that:

First, when installing uTorrent, it doesn’t give you the option to select a folder for locating the uTorrent. So, there is no way you can choose a location when installing it like many other apps. It automatically goes to the %AppData%\uTorrent directory on Windows.

The only option you have is to move it to a folder of your choosing after installing it. To do this, simply move the entire uTorrent folder to this new location. It can be run from any location on your system.

If you want it on the start menu or on your desktop, to do this, open the uTorrent directory and locate the file named uTorrent.exe. Right-click on it and click on “Create Shortcut.”


What Is Seeding On uTorrent?

Seeding is making parts of the files you have downloaded available to other users. Before you can seed, you must have the complete file first. The norm is that once you finish downloading a file, the seeding process starts immediately. Be kind enough to allow it to run.

Do not disconnect your VPN or Anti-Virus while seeding as you can still be vulnerable.


What Is A Leecher? 

The torrenting platform is a community. As such, there must be sharing. Just as the seeders ensure that they make files they download available, the leechers, on the other hand, download more than they upload to the network. If you have a download to seed ratio that is greater than 1, meaning you download more than you upload, then you are a leecher. It is good practice to always allow the stuff you download to seed to other users because that is how the community sustains itself.


How To Turn Off Seeding uTorrent

When you download a file, and you allow for seeding, you should have a way of turning off seeding when it is complete. Here is the procedure to take:

Navigate to the options tab of your uTorrent software¸ then click on the preferences that should pop up. Then click on queuing, then set all the three seeding goal values to 0 for all. Also, check the box that says “Limit the upload rate,” and set it to 0, then click Ok. That will change seeding to finished whenever your uTorrent finishes downloading your release.


Where Should I Download Torrents?

The quality of your file download is a function of the torrent download. This is why you must stick with a good torrent site for all your movie torrent, music torrents, and every other torrent you may desire. Here, I have compiled a list of the top five torrent sites for your torrent download.

If you hope to safely use uTorrent, then you must ensure that the torrent site you are using is safe. That is because a virus-infected or illegitimate torrent can harm you and your device.


They include:

  1. The Pirate Bay: This is probably the overall best torrent site. It offers you the best most popular torrent tracker. It has managed to evade several shutdowns and blocks. It comes with VIP and trusted user tags so that you can know torrents that are legitimate and safe. It has a very wide library hosting both old and new torrents. It has millions of torrents cutting across music torrents, movie torrents, games, books, anime, photoshops, and the rest. If you try to access it and for some reason, it doesn’t load, use the mirror sites which include,, and
  2. RARBG: This is one of the best torrent sites for new content. It has an active community that can guarantee you fast download because the platform has lots of seeding. It also has a robust library of old files cutting across the popular movie torrents, music torrents, and every other torrent. It has made it to the top ten torrent sites for movies, music, shows, games, books, and other categories. It has a decent user interface that guarantees you the ease of use. It also boasts of high-quality torrents, with new additions now and then. It has an average download speed of 6.1MB/s, assuming that there is nothing wrong with your internet. If you are having issues with visiting the main site, consider using any of the mirror sites which include or
  3. 1337x: This torrent site is great for TV shows, movies, music, and games. It has a superb tracker and a great interface or easy use. So easy that you can use it to locate a torrent that you will love even if you are not sure of what you are looking for. It is largely safe because it was recently reworked, and every security concern was treated. If you encounter issues with the main site, try the mirrors which are just as good. They are, and
  4. Torrentz2: This torrent site is ideal for downloading music torrents. Its friendly UI means you can easily navigate through the site and do the lovely things you want to do. It is the follow up to torrentz, and it has managed to retain the features of the torrentz we knew and loved. It also has a mirror site in case you can’t access the main site. With this torrent site, a torrent search is very easy as it has a functional torrent search engine that helps you locate files.
  5. Zoogle: If you are a gamer, this is the torrent site for you. It is regarded as the best torrent game site. It has over 3.5 safe torrents, mostly games. It also has a good number of entertainment torrents such as movie torrents and music torrents. Users agree that it has a very easy-to-navigate UI. It has a torrent search engine where you can conduct your torrent search for any file you desire.

How To Uninstall uTorrent

No doubt, as far as torrent clients are concerned, only a few of them can match uTorrent software in functionality and popularity, but if for any reason you want to uninstall, here are the steps.

First, you must know that a complete uninstallation of the uTorrent software is not easy because it installs alongside some other apps that it may need to function properly.

But with the steps below, you can remove it totally.

Pro Tip: You should perform this uninstallation in a safe mode. Computer safe mode ensures that third-party apps such as uTorrent do not activate itself. To enter safe mode, restart your computer and ensure it boots in safe mode.

Step 1: Ensure you are logged into your administrator account before trying to uninstall uTorrent.

Step 2: Go to your task manager and end the uTorrent app and everything that has to do with it, such as uTorrent Helper. We’ve discussed how to locate the task manager somewhere in this article; we won’t be doing that again.

Step 3: Uninstall uTorrent from your control panel. This is different for different versions of Windows.

  • For Windows 7, just navigate to Windows Start, then select the Control Panel option. Select programs to reveal the apps on your system. Scroll through them until you locate the uTorrent app. Click on it and select the uninstall program tab.
  • For Windows 8, simply right -click on the windows start menu and choose the program and features tab from the list that appears. Go through the programs and locate the uTorrent software. When you do that, right-click on it and hit the uninstall tab. The Uninstallation wizard should pop up, just follow it through.
  • After the uninstallation, restart your device.


Step 4: Delete all Invalid Entries: To do this, go to your control panel and select appearance and personalization. Click on folder explorer options and click on the view tab. Check the “show hidden files and folder” box and hit ok. Then open your windows file explorer. Then type uTorrent on your search box and delete all uTorrent software leftover files permanently.


In closing, uTorrent is one of the best and safest torrent clients out there, but your safety is still your responsibility. You have seen all you have to do to ensure that you safely partake in this amazing world of file sharing and downloading. You are prepared to take on this amazing world like a pro.