What Happened To Torrentz2? Best Working Alternatives You Can Access in 2021

What happened to Torrentz2?

Torrentz2 is a popular mirror site of the original Torrentz website. For those unfamiliar, Torrentz bid farewell to the torrenting community back in 2016. Since its founding in 2003, this meta search engine quickly grew to become many users’ favorite source of torrents. With millions of visitors per day, Torrentz was once a prominent name in the realm of torrent sites. However, lawsuits from both Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) lead to Torrentz’ eventual closure.

Shortly after its shutdown, though, several clone sites started making its rounds across the internet. While some of them seemed like legitimate replacements for the original, users still didn’t know how long these sites would last. Additionally, the stability and security of such close sites remained to be unseen.

As such, we have gathered the best Torrentz2 proxy and mirror sites that are still accessible in 2021. Moreover, we have also listed down the best unblocked torrent sites to serve as your Torrentz2 alternative.

What Happened to Torrentz2

What Happened to Torrentz2?
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Torrentz wasn’t necessarily a torrent site that housed torrent files like The Pirate Bay (TPB) or RARBG. Rather, it was a torrent search engine similar to that of Limetorrents. For those unfamiliar, torrent search engines function the same as any other search engine such as Google or Bing. However, their primary focus was scraping the internet for torrent files and magnet links hosted on other torrent websites.

Torrentz and the numerous Torrentz proxy sites enjoyed years of popularity in the torrenting community. It even snatched the title as the second most popular torrenting website back in 2012.

Thus, the voluntary closure of the original Torrentz site in 2016 left many without their favorite torrent search engine. This was after years of lawsuits filed by copyright owners and anti-piracy groups. However, similar to Kickass Torrents, that wouldn’t be the last time we would see the meta search generator. Just a few days later, a new torrent search website with a similar interface started making rounds across the torrenting ecosystem. 

The website featured the same search and help bar that was heavily associated with the original. Housing over 60 million torrents, this unofficial Torrentz mirror website seemed like the perfect alternative clone website to the original. Additionally, a second duplicate website, Torrentzeu, also went online just a few days after the first one. Meanwhile, Extra Torrentz2, a torrent site which catered to users looking for the latest movies releases, was also launched shortly after.

These three Torrentz proxy and mirror sites enjoyed traffic from fans of the original Torrentz search engine. It still wasn’t immune to copyright infringement cases, though. In 2020, the EURid registry suspended the domain. This was after the registry received an order from the Belgian Public Prosecutor in Brussels.

As such, people were once again without their favorite Torrentz proxy sites to download all their favorite content.

Is Torrentz2 Blocked?

For those wondering what happened to, well, as of early 2021, the original search engine is still inaccessible. However, users needn’t fret, because there are still Torrentz2 unblock solutions available in order to get on the site. This, of course, includes heading over to Torrentz2 proxy domains and mirror sites instead.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a mirror site is a replica of an already existing website. Although, the server or domain differs from the original. Featuring identical content to the original, a mirror site is perfect for rerouting traffic from the main domain. Have you ever had trouble loading certain websites? This could possibly be because the website’s main server cannot handle the amount of people trying to access it. Thus, websites can create duplicates or clones of themselves onto another server to ease the demand on the central server. Additionally, mirror sites also come in handy when the primary domain isn’t accessible in specific regions and countries.

As mentioned earlier, the original Torrentz2 website was a mere clone of the original Torrentz after it got suspended.

Because of the nature of torrent sites in general, it can be a difficult feat to access them. This is especially because some internet service providers (ISPs) have even blocked their users from accessing the best torrent sites.

Torrentz2 Alternatives

The Torrentz2 search engine website isn’t always the easiest torrent site to access. Additionally, despite the number of proxy Torrentz2 sites available, there are still times when they themselves are inaccessible. However, there are several other torrent search engines and directories that are great alternatives to Torrentz2. If the main domain or Torrentz2 proxy sites don’t work for you, here are some alternatives that are worth checking out.


EZTV torrent website.
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If you’re a fan of downloading television shows, EZTV will surely be a familiar name to you. EZTV Torrents houses all the best TV shows you can binge watch. Founded in 2005, it is one of the oldest torrent sites that are still working today. In 2015, the website experienced a hostile takeover that resulted in its shut down. However, that wouldn’t be the last time we saw this TV show distribution site. Shortly after, the website went online once again and is still available today.

Unfortunately, due to censorship and ISP blocking, the website isn’t accessible in certain countries. These include regions in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

However, you can still access it by using a EZTV proxy site. Here are the best working proxy sites for EZTV:


Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads
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One of the lesser known torrent sites, offers an extensive database of basically anything and everything. One of the best torrent sites today, users can find all the latest mainstream content all in one place. You can also find older and more obscure files for download on TorrentDownloads as well.

Additionally, all torrent files available on this website are all verified. Thus, this means that users needn’t worry about accidentally downloading malware when looking for all the best TV series.

Furthermore, one reason people still flock towards TorrentDownloads is because of their filtering system. Unlike most torrent sites that only offer major categories in organizing their files, TorrentDownloads offers a variety of sub-categories. This means if you’re a Windows user looking for a software, you can simply just select the Windows subcategory. This will allow you to only see applications compatible with your operating system. In addition, there’s also a specific category for the type of software you want to download. These include photo editing tools, sound editing apps, and video editor software.


Torlock torrent site as an Torrentz2 alternative.
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This torrent search engine and directory is home to over eight million verified torrent files. TorLock offers an extensive catalog of fresh and classic movies, shows, and video games.

Admittedly, it is one of the lesser torrent sites out there. As such, TorLock receives less traffic compared to other more popular torrenting websites. However, because of this, there are fewer downtimes when the website isn’t accessible.

Considered by many as the best torrent search engine out there, TorLock torrent site is vocal about their respect for user privacy. This torrent site does not track or log any of their user’s activity. Additionally, they make sure that the third-party services they use log the least amount of data possible.

TorLock only houses verified torrents and even offers users that report fake torrent links one dollar as compensation. Thus, this ensures users that they are downloading only safe and legitimate files.

In case you find TorLock down and inaccessible, here are several working TorLock proxy sites available.


Solid Torrents

Solid Torrents website.
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A relatively fresh addition to the torrenting world, Solid Torrents is already indexing 24 million torrent files. The website’s database is updated every hour with hundreds of new torrents for users to discover. However, these are only limited to movies, television series, music videos, and ebooks. If you’re looking for software or video games, you might need to look for another torrent site.

Solid Torrents claims to be the most user friendly torrent search engine. This is due to their advanced search options. Similar to Google search results, users can simply wrap their keywords with quotation marks to get definite results only. Additionally, for those looking for movies, this meta search engine lists down results by genre, country of origin, and language. Users can filter search results for movies based on popularity, rating, and date of release as well.

According to its website, Solid Torrents is still in its beta stage. The creator of the website even took to the Torrents Reddit thread to discuss the upcoming features of Solid Torrents. Such features include a dark mode option and application program interface (API) endpoints. With the use of API endpoints, other developers can integrate the website’s functionalities to their own applications.


iDope torrent search engine.
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This self-proclaimed tribute to Kickass Torrents is a newcomer in the torrenting scene. Launched in 2016, this torrent search engine came to be after the shutdown of KickassTorrents.

The iDope search engine offers a clean and user-friendly interface, with the home screen consisting of a single search bar. Users can directly enter the name of the file they want to download and get various magnet links.

It also allows users to browse through the most popular and recent torrent files available. Additionally, users can scan through different categories, such as movies, television shows, and applications. There’s also a specific category for video games, anime, and even X-rated content.

Besides its extensive catalog of torrent magnet links, iDope is also one of the more secure torrent search generators out there. It claims that it doesn’t track their users, thus allowing them to surf anonymously without the use of a VPN. Furthermore, users won’t have to deal with pesky pop-up ads when browsing through the iDope torrent website.

Is iDope down for you? Here are the latest iDope proxy sites that you can visit instead:


How to use Torrentz2 

How to use the Torrentz2 site.
Image grabbed from Torrentz2

Accessing the real Torrentz2 website can be an arduous task. After all, it’s not the easiest torrent site to connect to because of government censorship and geoblocking. Additionally, a simple search for ‘Torrentz2 movies’ can lead you to several dupe websites. The rise of other unblocked torrenting sites that serve as alternatives to Torrentz2 has also contributed to the decline in popularity of the site.

However, if you’re a loyal Torrentz2 user, here’s a complete Torrentz2 proxy list of legitimate servers that you can head over to instead.

Torrentz2 Proxy Sites


How to Download from Torrentz2 

How to download from TorrentZ2

Before you get started on downloading torrents from Torrentz2 or any site on our Torrentz2 proxy list, you will first need to install a torrent client. If you’re new to torrenting, the most popular torrent software includes uTorrent and BitTorrent. uTorrent download is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux devices. After downloading and setting up your preferred torrent client, you can now proceed to any Torrentz2 proxy that works for you.

  1. Navigating through Torrentz2 is rather easy. Since its homepage features just a search bar, you won’t have difficulty searching for a file you want to download.
  2. Enter the name of the file you want to torrent and click on the search icon. Afterwards, you will see results of different torrents found on sites such as The Pirate Bay or KickassTorrents.
  3. Once you’ve found your desired file, click on it. This will redirect you to the file’s summary page on the main torrent website. Here, you can see the individual files instead of the torrent, as well as its size and format. Additionally, some torrent sites also feature a comments section. This feature is useful for others to check the legitimacy of the torrent they are about to download.
  4. From here you can either manually download the .torrent file itself and upload it to your torrent client. You can also click on the magnet link found on the page and this will automatically launch your torrent client.
  5. Thereafter, your torrent client will prompt you to choose which files to download. You can also select the location of where to save the files on your device here.
  6. Click on “Okay” to commence your torrent download.

The Importance of a VPN when Torrenting

Use a VPN when torrenting from Torrentz2.
Image by Stefan Coders from Pixabay

Torrenting content on the Internet comes with risks. As established above, torrenting is an incredible advancement in peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing technology. However, it isn’t the safest and most anonymous way to download files. With that said, before torrenting anything, it’s important to install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) first.

When downloading torrents through a torrent client, your IP address (Internet Protocol) is available for prying eyes to see. Hiding your IP address when conducting certain online activities can prevent you from being tracked. As such, using a VPN is of the utmost importance. Additionally, a VPN can also help you evade geographic restrictions. Most of the best VPN for torrenting can come with a high price tag. However, there’s still the best free VPN you can try out before committing to a premium one.

There are also several dangers associated with torrenting. Users should also consider the legitimacy and integrity of the file or software they are downloading. In order to avoid accidentally downloading malware or viruses through fake torrents, a high-quality antivirus is paramount. It’s important to note that the best free antivirus software will already cover all the essentials of protecting your device. After all, a high price tag doesn’t necessarily mean more protection in terms of antivirus programs. However, if money is no object and you want more features, you can always opt for the best paid antivirus available. Regardless of what you decide on, an anti-virus is a must in order to avoid accidentally corrupting your device.

Is Torrentz2 Illegal?

Torrentz2 vs Piracy.
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Technically speaking, torrenting in itself is not illegal. To clarify, torrenting is the act of sharing and downloading content through the BitTorrents file transfer protocol network. Torrents use P2P file sharing technology to download data over the internet. Unlike direct downloads, P2P sharing doesn’t rely on a single centralized server. Instead, it allows users to upload and download content in a decentralized manner. This is possible through a number of distribution servers. By decentralizing the process, this enables users to download files faster and consumes less data bandwidth.

However, torrenting has long been associated with piracy. This is due to the fact that the majority of the content shared through torrenting are copyrighted content. These include the likes of movies, television shows, music, and even software. Additionally, video games and ebooks are also available for free download on torrent sites. With that in mind, people often place torrenting in a morally gray spectrum. It is not necessarily illegal, yet it’s still a tool used to commit piracy.

It may not host torrent files or magnet links, however, Torrentz2 does provide links to websites that do. With that said, many copyright owners have criticized the site for promoting the illegal download of their works. Many companies have even filed lawsuits against the website.

Why Use Torrentz2?

As established in the beginning, Torrentz2 does not host any torrent files or magnet links. Instead, it’s a meta search engine that redirects its users to websites that do. Now, you may be wondering: what does a meta search engine do? Well, it is a search tool that generates results available from different search engines and compiles them into one place.

With that said, you might wonder – why bother using Torrentz2 at all? Why not just go directly to torrent websites such as 1337x or YIFY?

The answer to that is because of the convenience torrent search engines offer. When browsing torrent repositories, even if it’s the most popular ones, you still might have difficulty finding more obscure files. Instead of browsing three different torrent directories looking for your desired content, Torrentz2 provides several results from different websites.

Ultimately, torrent search engines offer users more options on a single website. Users are not just limited to the results found on one specific torrent site.

Torrentz2 generates results quickly and offers a Google-esque display that’s fairly easy to navigate through. Additionally, it filters results with the higher seeders and leechers, thus offering the healthiest torrents first.

In Closing

We can’t deny the benefits and convenience that torrenting offers. Additionally, torrent search engines like Torrentz2 eu and the numerous Torrentz2 proxy and mirror sites makes it easier for us to hunt down all the sought-after media content. However, the number of controversies surrounding torrent sites is difficult to ignore.

Downloading content for free is certainly an enticing idea. However, to its core, this is an act of piracy and is undoubtedly illegal. Moreover, consuming content without paying the necessary fees will inadvertently affect the industry and people involved in creating them.

Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that the main and proxy Torrentz2 websites offer a wide variety of resources for all your favorite digital content.


We here at CitizenSide do not condone nor promote the act of downloading copyrighted material without paying the just fees. While torrenting is not illegal, it is still linked to the act of piracy. As such, we implore all our readers to take caution when downloading or streaming content online. Additionally, we heavily encourage everyone to always patronize legitimate and legal streaming services when possible.