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How To Watch Game Of Thrones Online For Free [Seasons 1 – 8]

game of thrones

Game of Thrones may have already wrapped up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good rewatch or marathon every now and then. The critically acclaimed HBO series continues to be an icon in pop culture. With its cult following, it comes as no surprise that many still want to know how to watch Game of Thrones free. After all, its compelling characters and intricate plot are a surefire formula for a great binge watch.

Given today’s internet culture, being able to watch Game of Thrones free is something that is much more accessible now. A lot of digital media is available online, which makes watching Game of Thrones a breeze.

However, it must be said that there are pros and cons to watching Game of Thrones online. Here’s what you need to consider before delving into the world of streaming movies and shows on the internet.

Watch Game of Thrones Free: Pros and Cons



Being able to watch on your computer or mobile device makes it easy to watch Game of Thrones free of hassle. Downloading an episode (or an entire season, if you have plans to binge watch) and saving it for later is also another perk to consider, especially if you’re running on a tight schedule.

Discover New (and Old) Favorites

With the internet, a little bit of digging around can help you find some hidden gems. There are a lot of television shows that may be just what you’re looking for to satiate that emptiness that lingers after you’re done watching Game of Thrones.

Similarly, having the internet at hand can help you look for some of your old favorite shows and movies. You might even be able to find your favorite cartoons from childhood, or a movie you’ve been dying to re-watch but haven’t had the opportunity to do so.


Ultimately, watching online garners the benefit of being able to watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free. Certain websites might require a minimum membership fee, though. Nevertheless, if you know where to look, you can watch a multitude of digital content in the comfort of your own home at no cost.



Slow Internet Speed

As streaming relies on your internet connection, it thus goes without saying that have fast internet can make a world of a difference when watching movies and shows online. If you’re not lucky enough to have a fairly fast internet connection of your own, then be warned that streaming might become a bit of a challenge for you.

Harmful Websites

If you’re not careful, browsing the internet poses the risk of encountering computer viruses. This is especially notorious on streaming sites. As such, it’s important to ensure your connection is safe when you proceed with your online streaming.

Piracy Issues

Ultimately, when you watch Game of Thrones free, you are still performing an act of piracy. Some websites impose certain restrictions with their selection of movies and shows due to legal issues. That said, it’s best to take precautionary measures when you’re looking to stream free movies online. Approach online streaming at your own risk.


How To Watch Game of Thrones Free

You might be wondering by now: “Where can I watch Game of Thrones?” In this article, we’ve compiled several options that will allow you to watch Game of Thrones free. Here are some alternatives to consider, especially when your internet connection might be hindering you from enjoying your favorite TV show. Though several of these options are streaming sites, we have also provided a couple of torrent options and other substitutes as well.

Stream Online

Online streaming is a popular option among fans who want to watch Game of Thrones free. Not only is it easily accessible, but there are also tons of streaming sites for you to choose from as well. To this day, streaming continues to be one of the most popular options for many fans to watch their favorite TV shows.

However, it must be said that streaming still comes with some risks. For starters, websites that offer streaming content share such media illegally, as they are not officially licensed to share the copyrighted content they carry. As such, watching on stream sites may essentially put you at risk of breaking the law as well.

Furthermore, it’s best to be prepared when you delve into the world of streaming sites. Equip your computer or device with an antivirus software. To further protect yourself, we recommend installing an ad blocker as well. This is because many online streaming sites often open up several ads, which can make your tabs and access feel very messy. As such, you can use an ad blocker to minimize the clutter that comes with accessing popular streaming sites.

Another protective measure you can take when it comes to online streaming is to hide your Internet Protocol (IP) address with a Virtual Primary Network, or VPN. With a VPN, you can browse the internet without having to worry about your online privacy. Since a VPN masks your online actions, it can thus help when you want to be more discreet about streaming movies and TV shows.


game of thrones on watchseries
Screenshot from WatchSeries

One very popular online streaming site is WatchSeries. Here, multiple links are available for each episode of Game of Thrones. Additionally, it offers an extensive selection of shows for visitors to choose from. Besides Game of Thrones, WatchSeries also has other popular titles, such as The Umbrella Academy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Witcher.



GOT on YesMovies
Screenshot From https://yesmovies.ag/movie/game-of-thrones-season-1-1620.html

Other than WatchSeries, YesMovies is another trustworthy online streaming site to start your binge watch with Game of Thrones Season 1. Also like WatchSeries, YesMovies has an extensive selection of not just films, but television shows to choose from as well. TV shows are consistently updated to reflect the most recently released episode. Thus, you can expect to always be up to date with your favorites when you have YesMovies bookmarked.



watch game of thrones free, fmovies
Screenshot From https://fmovies.to/film/game-of-thrones.3yl2/4q47v6j

FMovies is another excellent site that answers the question, “Where can I watch Game of Thrones?” Not only is the interface of FMovies sleek, but navigation is also a breeze, as shows are segregated according to genre and even location. You can choose to look through its library of horror, action, fantasy, romance, and many other genres. Moreover, movie searches can even be filtered by IMDb score as well. Simply put, FMovies is another great way to watch Game of Thrones without an HBO subscription.


Watch Game of Thrones Free via Telegram

watch game of thrones free
Screenshot From Telegram App Desktop

Online streaming isn’t the only efficient approach to watch a popular series like Game of Thrones. Another way to access your favorite shows is through the messaging app Telegram. For those who are unfamiliar with Telegram, it is a social media platform mostly used for chatting and is a popular alternative for WhatsApp. Apart from chatting, Telegram is also a great resource for a number of media content, including movies and music.

Besides being a convenient means to get your hands on your favorite movies and TV shows, including Game of Thrones, Telegram also gives you a nice sense of community with fellow fans. When using Telegram as a platform to access Game of Thrones episodes, simply join the appropriate Telegram group that corresponds to the TV show you’re looking for. 

Below are some Telegram channels/groups you can join to get your latest episodes of Game of Thrones:

  • Movie Walker
  • Game Of Thrones (GOT) @cc_Go
  • Quality Movies

Download Game of Thrones via Torrents

Another way to watch series online for free is by simply downloading episodes through torrents. By downloading episodes, you are given the opportunity to enjoy your favorite TV shows at high quality. Furthermore, it’s a great alternative for when you want to watch offline. The buffering times that come with streaming online can sometimes break your watching momentum, so downloading full episodes can be an excellent solution to such woes. Plus, there are many popular torrent sites — such as YIFY or The Pirate Bay — that you can choose from.

Are Torrent Sites Safe?

Good torrent sites are easy enough to find. Take note, though, that just like online streaming, torrenting is not necessarily a legitimate means of legally accessing digital media. Therefore, it is recommended to tread with caution when downloading any sort of media through torrents. Likewise, we suggest using a VPN to protect your internet access when it comes to torrenting.

Another detail to take note of when it comes to torrent sites is the means of accessing such websites. Due to the nature of their content, many of these websites are often blocked by internet providers. As such, you might encounter some difficulty when trying to access certain torrent websites. To remedy this issue, you can make use of several mirror sites that act as alternatives to access any potential blocked torrent websites.

Below are some notable torrent websites worth checking out:

The Pirate Bay

watch game of thrones free, piratebay
Screenshot From Piratebay

Although The Pirate Bay has faced a number of shutdowns in its lifetime, it continues to be a go-to website for users in need of torrents. The Pirate Bay, sometimes known as TPB, has a large selection of torrents for you to choose from. Furthermore, it has several mirror sites that you can access in case you encounter any issues with the website.


LimeTorrents Movie Torrent
Screenshot From https://limetorrents.buzz/

Another popular torrent site is LimeTorrents. The website has a thorough library of digital media, ranging from TV shows to movies and even music. Although accessing LimeTorrents may be blocked in some countries, this obstacle can be remedied by using a VPN service or mirror site.


KickassTorrents Movie Torrent
Screenshot from KickassTorrents

KickassTorrents, sometimes referred to as KAT, is a great alternative to the likes of The Pirate Bay and LimeTorrents. Initially launched in 2008, the site has since seen many iterations, especially after the alleged arrest of its owner in 2016. Despite this, KickassTorrents continues to maintain its popularity among many internet users. Its large database of torrent files and magnet links makes it one of the top contenders when it comes to torrent sites.

Final Thoughts

When you want to watch Game of Thrones free of charge, you need to keep in mind the potential challenges and risks that you may come across. As accessible as digital media may be in today’s age where nearly everything is available online, it should be said that you still need to tread carefully when it comes to downloading media on the internet. Good luck and happy watching!


We at CitizenSide do not condone nor promote piracy. Torrenting and online streaming are still, at their core, considered acts of piracy. With that said, we urge you to proceed with caution and always remember to practice safety when it comes to downloading content from the internet.