Chris Long Defends “Tush Push” Play, Challenges Haters To Stop It


Former Eagles player, Chris Long, has fired back at critics of the controversial “Tush Push” play, urging them to focus on finding a way to stop it rather than calling for its ban. The play, also known as the “Brotherly Shove,” has become a hot topic in the NFL due to its effectiveness in converting QB sneaks into first downs.

Key Takeaway

Former Eagles player, Chris Long, has responded to critics of the “Tush Push” play by challenging them to find a way to stop it instead of calling for its ban. Long believes that the criticism is rooted in envy towards the Eagles’ success with the play and emphasizes the uniqueness of their execution. He dismisses the idea of NFL intervention and suggests that teams should adjust their strategies when facing the Eagles.

The Divisive Play

The “Tush Push” play has sparked intense debate among football fans. While some argue that it is unfair and dangerous, others see it as a strategic move that adds excitement to the game. Long, who was part of the Eagles’ victorious Super Bowl campaign in 2018, believes that the criticism stems from envy towards the Eagles’ success with the play.

Drawing attention to the uniqueness of the Eagles’ execution of the play, Long emphasizes, “The Eagles running it looks totally different than the Niners running it or some other team. And I think people are just mad at Philly. No one likes us, we don’t care.”

Addressing the Critics

The ongoing debate surrounding the “Tush Push” play shows no signs of slowing down. However, Long, who recently joined this year’s installment of “Inside the NFL,” relishes the opportunity to share his perspective with fans and stand firm in his defense of the play.