The Best Shows On Apple TV Plus Right Now


Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso is an absolute gem of a show on Apple TV+. With its heartwarming story and clever humor, it has quickly become one of the platform’s most popular offerings.

The show follows the journey of Ted Lasso, a small-time American football coach who is unexpectedly hired to coach a professional soccer team in England. Despite his limited knowledge of the sport, Ted takes on the challenge with his infectious optimism and unwavering belief in his team.

What sets Ted Lasso apart is its ability to balance comedy and genuine emotion. The witty dialogue and hilarious antics of the characters will make you laugh out loud, but it’s the underlying themes of teamwork, friendship, and personal growth that truly resonate.

Jason Sudeikis stars in the titular role, bringing his charming and charismatic presence to the character of Ted. Sudeikis’s portrayal is nuanced, showcasing Ted’s vulnerability and determination in equal measure. The supporting cast, including Hannah Waddingham, Juno Temple, and Brett Goldstein, deliver standout performances, adding depth and complexity to the show’s diverse ensemble.

Furthermore, Ted Lasso tackles important issues such as mental health, toxic masculinity, and the power of empathy. It’s refreshing to see a show that not only entertains but also addresses relevant social topics with sensitivity and authenticity.

The writing in Ted Lasso is top-notch, seamlessly blending humor and heart. Its ability to deliver memorable one-liners and poignant character moments is a testament to the talented writing team behind the show. Coupled with the engaging storytelling, the result is a series that keeps you invested in the characters’ journey throughout each episode.

Whether you’re a sports fan or not, Ted Lasso has something for everyone. It’s a feel-good show that reminds us of the power of optimism, kindness, and embracing challenges head-on. With its brilliant performances, sharp writing, and heartwarming storylines, Ted Lasso is undeniably one of the best shows on Apple TV+ right now.

The Morning Show

The Morning Show is a gripping drama that gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the cutthroat world of morning television. This Apple TV+ series boasts an all-star cast, compelling storytelling, and thought-provoking themes.

At the center of The Morning Show is Alex Levy (played by Jennifer Aniston), a seasoned morning news anchor facing the fallout from her co-anchor’s scandalous departure. As she tries to maintain her position of power, Alex finds herself clashing with Bradley Jackson (played by Reese Witherspoon), a determined journalist who becomes her unexpected rival.

The performances in The Morning Show are nothing short of stellar. Aniston and Witherspoon deliver captivating portrayals of strong, complex women grappling with their ambitions, personal lives, and the pressure of being in the public eye. The chemistry between the two leads is electric, creating a dynamic and compelling dynamic on screen.

What sets The Morning Show apart is its exploration of timely and relevant issues. The series tackles topics such as #MeToo, sexism in the workplace, and the blurred line between journalism and entertainment. It doesn’t shy away from the complexities of these topics, presenting them in a thought-provoking and nuanced manner.

The writing in The Morning Show is sharp and impactful, creating intense and dramatic moments that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The show delves into the power struggles and ethical dilemmas faced by those in the media industry, offering a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes machinations of a morning news program.

In addition to its compelling narrative, The Morning Show boasts high production quality. The set designs, costumes, and cinematography are visually stunning, immersing viewers in the glamorous yet cutthroat world of morning television.

This series strikes a delicate balance between entertainment and social commentary, making it a must-watch. The Morning Show challenges viewers to question the ethics and values of the media industry while providing captivating performances, gripping storytelling, and an unfiltered view of the complexities of behind-the-scenes television.

For All Mankind

For All Mankind is a captivating and thought-provoking Apple TV+ series that explores an alternate history where the global space race never ended. Set during the height of the Cold War, this show takes viewers on a journey to imagine what could have been if the United States had not been the first nation to reach the moon.

The series starts with the historical context we’re familiar with: the Soviet Union successfully lands a man on the moon. However, rather than giving up, the United States intensifies its determination to win the space race, setting the stage for a thrilling and fascinating narrative.

For All Mankind offers a fresh perspective on space exploration through its portrayal of complex characters and their personal and professional struggles. The show highlights the resilience and determination of the astronauts, engineers, and their families, showcasing their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of human achievement.

The attention to detail and historical accuracy in For All Mankind is commendable. From the meticulously designed spacecraft to the accurate portrayal of NASA’s mission control, the series creates a realistic and immersive world. This level of authenticity adds an extra layer of believability to the alternate history presented.

What makes For All Mankind truly captivating is its exploration of the human element in space exploration. The show delves into the emotional toll and sacrifices made by the astronauts and their families, shedding light on the personal costs of reaching for the stars. It also examines the societal impact of a continued space race, touching on themes of nationalism, technological advancements, and the importance of international collaboration.

The performances in For All Mankind are exceptional, with a talented ensemble cast bringing their characters to life. Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, and Wrenn Schmidt deliver compelling performances as they navigate the triumphs and tragedies of their fictional astronaut counterparts. The chemistry between the actors and the depth of their characters add a layer of authenticity to the series.

With its compelling storyline, rich character development, and stunning visual effects, For All Mankind is a standout series on Apple TV+. It offers a unique and thought-provoking take on the space race while keeping viewers engaged with its gripping storytelling. Whether you’re a space enthusiast or simply a fan of well-crafted dramas, For All Mankind is undoubtedly a must-watch.


Servant is a psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This Apple TV+ series, created by M. Night Shyamalan, takes viewers on a haunting and suspenseful journey into the lives of a couple and their mysterious nanny.

The show revolves around Dorothy (played by Lauren Ambrose) and Sean Turner (played by Toby Kebbell), a grieving couple who hire a nanny named Leanne (played by Nell Tiger Free) to care for their reborn doll baby. As the story unfolds, the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred, and dark secrets are revealed.

Servant is masterfully crafted, with a tense and atmospheric tone that hooks viewers from the first episode. Shyamalan’s signature flair for suspense and mystery is evident throughout the series, creating an eerie and unsettling atmosphere that leaves you wanting more.

The performances in Servant are exceptional, particularly from the core cast members. Ambrose portrays Dorothy with a perfect balance of vulnerability and determination, while Kebbell delivers a nuanced performance as the conflicted husband. Free brings an enigmatic quality to her role as Leanne, leaving viewers guessing about her true intentions.

What sets Servant apart is its ability to keep viewers guessing. The show constantly throws unexpected twists and turns, keeping the audience on their toes. The slow reveal of the characters’ pasts and the unsettling events that unfold add layers of intrigue and suspense, making it a truly addictive watch.

In addition to its gripping storyline, Servant is visually stunning. The cinematography and set design create a claustrophobic and haunting atmosphere that perfectly complements the show’s theme. The attention to detail in the production design adds an extra layer of authenticity to the series.

Servant also delves into deeper themes such as grief, loss, and the lengths people will go to cope with their pain. It explores the psychological complexities of its characters, delving into their fears, desires, and the impact of their past traumas. This psychological depth adds another dimension to the show, making it more than just a mere thriller.

If you’re a fan of unsettling and psychological dramas, Servant is a must-watch. Its gripping storyline, exceptional performances, and atmospheric presentation make it a standout series on Apple TV+. From start to finish, Servant will keep you guessing, questioning reality, and craving more suspense.


Dickinson, an Apple TV+ original series, brings a fresh and modern twist to the life of renowned poet Emily Dickinson. This coming-of-age dramedy follows the rebellious and passionate Emily (played by Hailee Steinfeld) as she navigates the constraints of society, challenges traditional gender roles, and pursues her dreams of becoming a writer.

What sets Dickinson apart is its unique blend of period drama and contemporary sensibilities. The show brilliantly juxtaposes the historical setting of 19th-century Amherst with modern language, music, and themes. This approach breathes new life into the story, making it relatable and accessible to a modern audience.

Hailee Steinfeld delivers a captivating performance as the titular character. She captures Emily Dickinson’s complexity, showcasing her rebellious spirit, intellectual curiosity, and yearning for artistic expression. Steinfeld brings a modern energy to the character, making her relatable and empowering.

The writing in Dickinson is sharp, clever, and filled with a mix of humor and depth. The show tackles timeless themes such as love, identity, and the pursuit of creative passion. It explores the struggles Emily faces in a society that both admires and suppresses her talent, highlighting the challenges many women artists have faced throughout history.

Dickinson also boasts a stellar supporting cast, including Jane Krakowski and Toby Huss, who bring depth and humor to their respective roles. The chemistry between the actors enhances the show’s dynamic and adds layers to the relationships portrayed.

Visually, Dickinson is a feast for the eyes. The cinematography and production design capture the essence of the time period while infusing it with a vibrant and contemporary flair. The show’s use of vivid colors and stylized visual elements adds to its artistic charm and sets it apart from traditional period dramas.

What makes Dickinson truly special is its ability to resonate with audiences of all ages. While it draws inspiration from Emily Dickinson’s life, the themes of self-discovery, artistic expression, and the fight against societal expectations are universal and relatable to viewers today. It encourages viewers to embrace their individuality and follow their passions, no matter the obstacles they may face.

Overall, Dickinson is a captivating and refreshing series that breathes new life into the story of one of history’s most beloved poets. With its vibrant storytelling, exceptional performances, and thought-provoking themes, this Apple TV+ show is undoubtedly a must-watch for audiences seeking engaging and empowering content.

Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob is a gripping crime thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Based on the novel by William Landay, this Apple TV+ series tells the story of a family torn apart when their teenage son, Jacob (played by Jaeden Martell), is accused of a brutal murder.

The show revolves around Andy Barber (played by Chris Evans), Jacob’s father and a respected assistant district attorney. As Andy’s loyalty to his son is tested, he is forced to confront difficult truths and make unimaginable choices to protect his family.

What makes Defending Jacob truly compelling is its exploration of the complexities of family dynamics. The show delves into the lengths a parent would go to defend their child, the doubts and uncertainties that arise, and the toll the situation takes on everyone involved.

Chris Evans delivers a captivating and emotionally charged performance as Andy Barber. He skillfully portrays a father torn between his love for his son and his duty to seek justice. Evans brings depth and nuance to the character, showcasing the internal struggle Andy faces throughout the series.

The writing in Defending Jacob is both suspenseful and thought-provoking. The show presents a complex web of clues and revelations, constantly keeping viewers guessing about Jacob’s guilt or innocence. It delves into themes of trust, truth, and the heartbreaking consequences of the choices we make.

The supporting cast, which includes Michelle Dockery and Jaeden Martell, deliver standout performances that add depth and complexity to the story. Their interactions and dynamics enrich the narrative, creating an immersive and engaging viewing experience.

Visually, Defending Jacob is atmospheric and haunting, capturing the tension and unease surrounding the murder trial. The cinematography and set design contribute to the overall suspense, drawing viewers further into the story.

Furthermore, Defending Jacob raises thought-provoking questions about justice and the flaws of the legal system. It explores the impact of public perception, media scrutiny, and the lasting effects of a criminal accusation on individuals and their relationships.

This series is not only a compelling crime drama but also an exploration of morality and the lengths we would go to protect our loved ones. It raises ethical dilemmas and challenges viewers to reflect on their own perceptions of guilt and innocence.

If you’re a fan of intense and emotionally charged crime thrillers, Defending Jacob is a must-watch. With its exceptional performances, gripping storyline, and thought-provoking themes, this Apple TV+ series will leave you questioning the nature of justice and the profound sacrifices we make in the name of family.

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet is a hilarious and heartfelt comedy series that takes a comedic look at the world of video game development. Created by Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz, this Apple TV+ show offers a fresh and entertaining perspective on the gaming industry.

The series centers around the eccentric team behind the popular video game, Mythic Quest. It follows the overconfident creative director, Ian Grimm (played by Rob McElhenney), and his diverse group of colleagues as they navigate the challenges of running a successful game studio while dealing with their own personal and professional quirks.

What makes Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet shine is its brilliant writing and irreverent humor. The show cleverly blends workplace comedy with sharp wit and references to gaming culture. The comedic timing is impeccable, delivering laugh-out-loud moments while also exploring deeper themes of ambition, collaboration, and the clash of creative egos.

The ensemble cast of Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet is exceptional, with standout performances from the entire team. Rob McElhenney is a comedic force as the eccentric and self-absorbed Ian Grimm. Charlotte Nicdao, David Hornsby, Danny Pudi, and F. Murray Abraham round out the stellar cast, bringing their unique characters to life with charisma and comedic flair.

One of the show’s strengths is its ability to balance comedy with heart. Amidst the hilarious workplace antics, Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet explores poignant and relatable themes such as the pursuit of creative fulfillment, the importance of teamwork, and the impact of personal relationships on professional success. This blend of humor and heart gives the series depth and makes it more than just a surface-level comedy.

Visually, Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet is a feast for the eyes. The set designs and costumes perfectly capture the vibrant and eccentric world of game development. The attention to detail in recreating the gaming studio environment adds authenticity to the series, immersing viewers in the quirky and fast-paced world of the show.

Furthermore, Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet shines a light on important social issues such as gender equality and diversity in the gaming industry. The show challenges stereotypes and offers nuanced portrayals of characters from various backgrounds, making it a step forward in promoting inclusivity and representation on screen.

If you’re a fan of workplace comedies with a unique twist, Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet is a must-watch. Its smart writing, brilliant performances, and relatable themes make it a standout comedy series on Apple TV+. Whether you’re a gamer or not, this show will entertain and delight you with its humor, heart, and clever exploration of the gaming industry.


Trying is a heartfelt and charming comedy-drama series on Apple TV+ that explores the complexities and emotional rollercoaster of the adoption process. Created by Andy Wolton, this British show offers a poignant and relatable look at the ups and downs of trying to start a family.

The series follows Jason and Nikki (played by Rafe Spall and Esther Smith), a loving couple in their 30s who face the challenges of infertility and turn to adoption as a path to parenthood. As they embark on this emotional journey, they navigate the intricate world of adoption agencies, parenting classes, and the anxieties and hopes that come with the process.

What sets Trying apart is its genuine portrayal of the complexities of relationships and the raw emotions of longing for a child. The show strikes a delicate balance between humor and heartfelt moments, capturing the joy, frustration, and vulnerability of Jason and Nikki’s experiences.

The performances in Trying are exceptional, with Rafe Spall and Esther Smith showcasing incredible chemistry and bringing depth to their characters. Their portrayal of the couple’s emotional journey is both heartwarming and relatable, allowing viewers to connect and empathize with their struggles.

The writing in Trying is poignant and authentic, capturing the various stages of the adoption process with honesty and sensitivity. It tackles themes of identity, loss, and the fears and doubts that come with becoming parents. The show offers a realistic portrayal of the challenges faced by couples trying to start a family, creating a space for open conversations about infertility and the emotional toll it can take.

Not only does Trying touch on serious topics, but it also delivers plenty of humor and lighthearted moments. The show’s witty and clever dialogue adds levity to the narrative, offering a well-rounded and enjoyable viewing experience.

Visually, Trying is beautifully shot, capturing the charm of London’s neighborhoods and the warmth of the characters’ homes. The cozy aesthetic adds to the overall ambiance of the show and creates a sense of comfort in both the funny and emotional scenes.

On a deeper level, Trying explores themes of resilience, hope, and the true meaning of family. It highlights the importance of support systems and the transformative power of love in navigating life’s challenges. Through the journey of Jason and Nikki, the series ultimately emphasizes the importance of embracing the unexpected twists and turns that come with trying to build a family.

If you’re in the mood for a heartfelt and relatable comedy-drama, Trying is a must-watch. Its honest portrayal of the adoption process, stellar performances, and witty writing make it a standout series on Apple TV+. Get ready to laugh, cry, and root for Jason and Nikki as they navigate the unpredictable path to parenthood.

Central Park

Central Park is a delightful and animated musical series on Apple TV+ that takes viewers on a whimsical journey through New York City’s iconic park. Created by Loren Bouchard (the mastermind behind “Bob’s Burgers”), this show combines comedy, music, and heartwarming storytelling in a truly unique way.

The series revolves around the Tillerman family, who live in and care for Central Park. Owen (voiced by Leslie Odom Jr.), Paige (voiced by Kathryn Hahn), and their children Molly and Cole (voiced by Kristen Bell and Tituss Burgess) find themselves in a series of quirky and humorous situations as they strive to protect their beloved park from a wealthy hotel heiress named Bitsy Brandenham (voiced by Stanley Tucci).

What sets Central Park apart is its innovative approach of incorporating original songs into each episode. The music, written and composed by a talented team including Kate Anderson and Elyssa Samsel, is catchy, diverse, and adds an extra layer of depth to the storytelling. From heartfelt ballads to upbeat showstoppers, the songs enhance the characters’ emotions and propel the plot forward.

The voice cast of Central Park is exceptional, with each actor bringing their characters to life with vibrancy and charm. Leslie Odom Jr., known for his Tony Award-winning performance in “Hamilton,” showcases his incredible vocal talents as Owen, the park’s earnest and dedicated caretaker. The talented ensemble cast, including Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, and Tituss Burgess, infuse their characters with personality and create a lovable, dysfunctional family dynamic.

The writing in Central Park is clever, funny, and full of heart. The show strikes a perfect balance between witty humor and heartwarming moments, crafting a series that can make you laugh one moment and tug at your heartstrings the next. The storylines explore themes of family, friendship, community, and the power of nature, offering valuable life lessons in an entertaining and engaging format.

Visually, Central Park is a treat for the eyes. The animation style is vibrant and visually appealing, capturing the beauty and charm of both the park and the bustling city. The attention to detail in the character designs and the overall aesthetic of the series adds an extra layer of visual appeal.

Central Park stands out as a truly unique and enjoyable animated series. Its combination of memorable music, talented voice cast, clever writing, and heartwarming stories make it a must-watch on Apple TV+. Whether you’re a fan of musicals or simply looking for a lighthearted and entertaining show, Central Park will leave you singing along and smiling from start to finish.


See is a groundbreaking and visually stunning Apple TV+ series that takes viewers on an immersive journey into a post-apocalyptic world where the human race has lost the sense of sight. Created by Steven Knight and directed by Francis Lawrence, See presents a unique and captivating vision of a society relying on other heightened senses to survive.

The series follows Baba Voss, portrayed by Jason Momoa, a fiercely protective father and leader of a small community. When his twins are born with the ability to see, Baba must navigate the dangers and complexities of a world where sight is seen as a threat and a gift.

What makes See exceptional is its commitment to world-building and visual storytelling. The production design and cinematography are breathtaking, transporting viewers to a richly detailed and immersive world. The sheer visual spectacle of the series, combined with its powerful storytelling, creates a truly mesmerizing experience.

In addition to its stunning visuals, See boasts a talented ensemble cast. Jason Momoa delivers a compelling performance as Baba Voss, showcasing both his physical prowess and emotional depth. Alongside Momoa, Alfre Woodard, Sylvia Hoeks, and Hera Hilmar deliver memorable performances, adding layers of complexity and depth to their respective characters.

The writing in See is intricate and thought-provoking, delving into themes of survival, identity, and the intrinsic nature of humanity. The series explores the power of perception and the impact of sight, challenging viewers to question their own relationship with the senses and the world around them.

See also excels in its action sequences, which are executed with precision and intensity. From epic battles to nerve-wracking confrontations, the series keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, providing thrilling and adrenaline-fueled moments throughout.

Furthermore, See is a testament to the power of diversity and representation. The show features a diverse cast, embracing characters of various backgrounds and abilities. It celebrates the strength and resilience of differently-abled individuals in a way that is both empowering and inclusive.

Whether you’re drawn to the fascinating world-building, the compelling performances, or the thought-provoking themes, See is a series that captivates from the first episode to the last. Its breathtaking visuals, engrossing storytelling, and exploration of human nature make it a standout show on Apple TV+ that deserves to be seen.

Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told is a gripping and addictive crime drama series on Apple TV+ that explores the complexities of storytelling, identity, and obsession. Based on the novel “Are You Sleeping” by Kathleen Barber, this show stars Octavia Spencer as true crime podcaster Poppy Parnell, who delves into a cold murder case and risks unraveling the lives of those involved.

The series follows Poppy as she reopens the case of a convicted killer, Warren Cave (played by Aaron Paul), who may not be guilty of the crime after all. As Poppy delves deeper into the story, she becomes entangled in a web of lies, secrets, and hidden motives, forcing her to question her own beliefs and the consequences of her past actions.

What makes Truth Be Told stand out is its exploration of the blurred lines between truth and fiction. The show delves into the power of storytelling, the impact of public perception, and the fine balance between seeking justice and exploiting tragedy for personal gain.

Octavia Spencer delivers a captivating performance as Poppy Parnell, capturing the character’s determination and vulnerability. She portrays a complex and flawed character whose dedication to uncovering the truth puts everything in her life at risk. Aaron Paul brings intensity and depth to his role as Warren Cave, leaving viewers conflicted about his guilt or innocence.

The writing in Truth Be Told is tight and engaging, hooking viewers from the first episode with its twists and turns. The series expertly explores the dark side of obsession, showcasing how the pursuit of truth can unravel lives and destroy relationships.

In addition to its thrilling storyline, Truth Be Told raises important questions about ethics, personal responsibility, and the impact of media on public perception. It prompts viewers to reflect on the consequences of our actions and the complexities of our justice system.

The supporting cast, including Lizzy Caplan, Mekhi Phifer, and Elizabeth Perkins, delivers standout performances, adding depth and layers to the narrative. Each character brings their own secrets and motivations to the story, further enhancing the intrigue and suspense.

Visually, Truth Be Told is atmospheric and visually striking. The show captures the dark and gritty nature of the crime genre, creating a moody and suspenseful atmosphere. The cinematography and set designs contribute to the overall tension, drawing viewers further into the narrative.

If you’re a fan of compelling crime dramas and intricate character-driven storytelling, Truth Be Told is a must-watch. Its thought-provoking themes, exceptional performances, and gripping plot twists make it a standout series on Apple TV+. Prepare to be captivated by its exploration of truth, lies, and the consequences of uncovering dark secrets.

Little America

Little America is a remarkable anthology series on Apple TV+ that presents heartfelt and inspiring stories about the immigrant experience in America. Based on true stories featured in Epic Magazine, each episode of this critically acclaimed show delves into the lives of immigrants from different countries and backgrounds, celebrating their resilience, dreams, and contributions to society.

The series offers a diverse array of narratives, exploring the complexities and multifaceted nature of immigrant stories. From a young boy in Uganda pursuing his love for the game of chess to an Iranian woman starting a successful business in America, Little America showcases the individual triumphs and challenges faced by immigrants in pursuing their dreams.

What sets Little America apart is its ability to humanize immigration through authentic storytelling. The show captures the emotional depth of each character’s journey, allowing viewers to empathize and connect with their experiences. By focusing on personal stories, the series breaks down stereotypes and highlights the common threads of human aspirations and struggles.

The performances in Little America are exceptional, with a talented ensemble cast bringing these stories to life. Each episode features standout performances that breathe life into the characters, making them relatable and compelling. The diverse cast adds authenticity to the portrayal of different cultures and backgrounds.

The writing in Little America is beautifully crafted, capturing the nuances and complexities of the immigrant experience. It explores the themes of identity, resilience, and the pursuit of the American Dream. The series does not shy away from addressing the challenges and obstacles faced by immigrants, while also celebrating their determination and contribution to society.

Visually, Little America is visually striking, with each episode capturing the distinct aesthetics and cultural aspects of its respective story. The attention to detail in costume design, set decoration, and cinematography adds depth and authenticity to the narratives.

Little America is an important and timely series that provides a platform for underrepresented voices and sheds light on the immigrant experience. It challenges stereotypes, fosters empathy, and offers a nuanced understanding of the rich and diverse tapestry of immigrant stories in America.

If you’re looking for a heartfelt and thought-provoking series that celebrates the resilience and humanity of immigrants, Little America is a must-watch. Its powerful storytelling, exceptional performances, and exploration of universal themes will leave a lasting impact, reminding us of the transformative power of human connections and the strength of the American Dream.

Home Before Dark

Home Before Dark is a captivating and suspenseful mystery-drama series on Apple TV+ that draws inspiration from the real-life story of Hilde Lysiak. This intriguing show follows the adventures of Hilde Lisko (played by Brooklynn Prince), a young investigative journalist with a passion for uncovering the truth.

The series revolves around Hilde and her family as they move from Brooklyn to the small town of Erie Harbor. Inspired by her father’s career as a journalist, Hilde dives headfirst into investigating a decades-old cold case that the town tried to bury. As she unravels the truth, she uncovers secrets that the town’s residents would prefer to remain hidden.

What sets Home Before Dark apart is its unique perspective. The show brilliantly highlights the power of young voices and the importance of seeking justice no matter your age. Hilde’s determination, resourcefulness, and fearlessness in the face of adversity make her a compelling and inspiring protagonist.

Brooklynn Prince delivers a remarkable performance as Hilde, showcasing her incredible talent and bringing depth to her character. She captures the curiosity and tenacity of a budding investigative reporter while reminding viewers of the power of youthful idealism and the important role that young individuals can play in uncovering the truth.

The writing in Home Before Dark is gripping and well-paced, constructing a complex and engaging mystery. The show delves into themes of truth, justice, and the concept of home. It strikes a balance between the suspenseful elements of the investigation and the emotional dynamics within the Lisko family, creating a multi-layered narrative.

Supporting cast members, including Jim Sturgess and Abby Miller as Hilde’s parents, add depth and authenticity to the series. Their performances bring complexity to the family dynamics and enhance the overall emotional impact of the story.

Visually, Home Before Dark is atmospheric and visually appealing. The cinematography captures the small-town setting and the hidden layers of intrigue, immersing viewers in Hilde’s world. The attention to detail in production design adds to the authenticity and overall quality of the show.

Home Before Dark is not only an entertaining mystery series but also a testament to the power of truth-seeking and the impact individuals can have on their communities. It celebrates curiosity, resilience, and the importance of never underestimating the voice and tenacity of young people.

Whether you’re a fan of mystery dramas or simply appreciate a compelling and family-centered narrative, Home Before Dark is a series that pulls you in from the first episode. Its intriguing storyline, exceptional performances, and exploration of justice and family dynamics make it a standout series on Apple TV+.

Losing Alice

Losing Alice is an enthralling psychological thriller series on Apple TV+ that delves into the complexities of identity, obsession, and desire. Created by Sigal Avin, this Israeli show follows Alice Ginor (played by Ayelet Zurer), a talented filmmaker who becomes enmeshed in a dangerous relationship with a young screenwriter.

The series takes viewers on a suspenseful and atmospheric journey as Alice’s professional and personal lives intertwine. As she becomes intimately involved with the intriguing and manipulative Sophie (played by Lihi Kornowski), Alice’s artistic ambition and sense of self are put to the test.

Losing Alice stands out for its sophisticated storytelling and portrayal of complex characters. Ayelet Zurer delivers a captivating performance as Alice, capturing her vulnerability, ambition, and inner turmoil with precision. Lihi Kornowski shines as Sophie, bringing a magnetic and elusive quality to her character that keeps viewers guessing.

The writing in Losing Alice is intricate and thought-provoking, exploring themes of identity and creativity. The series skillfully manipulates timelines and blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction, creating a sense of unease that keeps viewers engaged and on edge.

Visually, Losing Alice is visually stunning, utilizing cinematography and production design to immerse viewers in Alice’s world. The show expertly crafts a moody and atmospheric aesthetic that complements the suspenseful tone of the narrative.

Furthermore, Losing Alice delves into the dark and murky depths of desire and obsession. It explores the power dynamics between Alice and Sophie, challenging societal expectations of age and female ambition. The series offers a nuanced exploration of complex female characters and their desires.

As the series unfolds, Losing Alice raises questions about creativity, artistic integrity, and the sacrifices one is willing to make for their passion. The narrative is filled with twists and turns, keeping viewers intrigued and invested in the characters’ fates.

If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers that delve into the depths of human complexity, Losing Alice is a must-watch. Its compelling performances, intricate storytelling, and exploration of identity and desire make it a standout series on Apple TV+. Brace yourself for a thrilling and thought-provoking journey that will leave you questioning the nature of creativity and the lengths we go to fulfill our desires.

The Snoopy Show

The Snoopy Show is an endearing and nostalgic animated series on Apple TV+ that brings the beloved Peanuts characters back to life. Based on Charles M. Schulz’s iconic comics, this delightful show offers a charming blend of humor, friendship, and life lessons through the adventures of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and their friends.

The series follows the lovable beagle, Snoopy, and his best friend, the perpetually optimistic Charlie Brown. Each episode features a collection of delightful vignettes that showcase Snoopy’s vivid imagination and his interactions with familiar characters like Woodstock, Lucy, Linus, and the rest of the Peanuts gang.

What makes The Snoopy Show truly special is its ability to capture the essence of Charles M. Schulz’s original comics. The show maintains the timeless charm and whimsical humor that has endeared the Peanuts characters to audiences for decades.

The animation in The Snoopy Show is faithful to the iconic Peanuts art style, with its simple yet expressive character designs. The vivid colors, nostalgic backgrounds, and fluid animation bring the beloved characters to life, evoking a sense of warmth and familiarity.

The heartwarming and humorous stories in The Snoopy Show offer valuable life lessons and reflections on the human experience. Through Snoopy’s imaginative adventures and Charlie Brown’s trials and tribulations, the series touches on themes of friendship, resilience, and finding joy in everyday moments.

Furthermore, The Snoopy Show’s lighthearted and family-friendly content makes it suitable for viewers of all ages. It’s a perfect choice for fans of the Peanuts comics who want to relive the magic and relatable stories they grew up with, as well as a delightful introduction for new audiences.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of the Peanuts gang or discovering them for the first time, The Snoopy Show is a delightful and heartwarming series that brings smiles and laughter. Its timeless charm, relatable characters, and gentle life lessons make it a must-watch on Apple TV+. So grab a cup of hot cocoa, snuggle up, and join Snoopy and his friends on their delightful and heartwarming adventures.


Calls is a unique and unnerving Apple TV+ series that pushes the boundaries of storytelling through the power of audio. This innovative show presents a collection of immersive and suspenseful stories, all conveyed through phone conversations that engage listeners’ imagination and evoke intense emotions.

The series captures the essence of human communication through the use of sound and voice. Each episode features a different call, taking viewers on a journey that explores a range of themes, from love and loss to mystery and the supernatural.

What sets Calls apart is its minimalist approach to storytelling. With no visual component other than abstract visuals and text onscreen, the show relies solely on its atmospheric sound design and captivating voice performances to create a truly immersive experience.

The audio-centric format of Calls allows for a heightened sense of intimacy and suspense, drawing viewers into the depths of each story. The absence of visual clues challenges audiences to interpret and imagine the events unfolding, resulting in a uniquely immersive and thought-provoking viewing experience.

The voice performances in Calls are exceptional, with a talented ensemble cast that includes Nick Jonas, Lily Collins, and Pedro Pascal, among others. Their nuanced delivery and the carefully crafted soundscapes add depth and emotion to each episode, capturing listeners’ attention and igniting their imagination.

The writing in Calls is gripping and unpredictable, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. The show explores a variety of genres, from psychological thrillers to supernatural mysteries, leaving audiences intrigued and engaged with each story’s twists and turns.

Visually, Calls uses abstract visuals and text onscreen to enhance the audio experience. The visual elements, combined with the atmospheric sound design, create an eerie and captivating aesthetic that adds to the overall impact of the series.

Calls is a truly innovative and immersive series that showcases the power of audio storytelling. Its ability to captivate and evoke a range of emotions through voice, sound design, and abstract visuals sets it apart from traditional visual-driven narratives. If you’re seeking a unique and haunting viewing experience that engages your senses and imagination, Calls is a must-watch on Apple TV+.

Mosquito Coast

Mosquito Coast is a thrilling and suspenseful Apple TV+ series that takes viewers on a high-stakes journey into the dangerous world of a radical idealist. Based on the novel by Paul Theroux, this gripping show follows the Fox family as they embark on a perilous escape from the United States to Mexico.

The series centers around Allie Fox, brilliantly portrayed by Justin Theroux, an intelligent inventor and passionate idealist who is determined to protect his family from a corrupt and materialistic society. As they navigate the harsh realities of life on the run, the Fox family must confront their own secrets and question the limits of loyalty, trust, and morality.

What sets Mosquito Coast apart is its compelling storytelling and thought-provoking themes. The series challenges viewers to examine the consequences of idealism and the complexities of maintaining one’s principles in a world filled with danger and uncertainty.

Justin Theroux’s performance as Allie Fox is captivating, as he brings charisma, intensity, and a touch of unpredictability to the complex character. He skillfully portrays Allie’s unwavering dedication to his family and his relentless pursuit of his own vision of a better world.

The writing in Mosquito Coast is sharp and tension-filled, creating a palpable sense of urgency and suspense. The show weaves together themes of family bonds, moral dilemmas, and the consequences of idealism gone awry. It delves into the complexities of survival, loyalty, and the blurred lines between heroes and villains.

Visually, Mosquito Coast is stunning, capturing the rugged beauty and harsh landscapes of the places the family travels through. The cinematography immerses viewers in the gripping and sometimes harrowing journey of the characters, adding depth and visual flair to the storytelling.

The supporting cast, including Melissa George, Logan Polish, and Gabriel Bateman, delivers strong performances, adding layers of depth to their characters and elevating the overall quality of the series.

Mosquito Coast is more than just a thrilling adventure; it is an exploration of the complexities of human nature and the consequences of pursuing utopian ideals. With its compelling performances, gripping storytelling, and thought-provoking themes, this Apple TV+ series is a must-watch for fans of thrilling and morally ambiguous dramas.


Physical is a daring and captivating Apple TV+ series that takes viewers on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation. Set in the 1980s, this dark comedy-drama follows Sheila Rubin, played by Rose Byrne, as she navigates the world of aerobics while struggling with her own personal demons.

The series delves into Sheila’s complex inner world, depicting the toll that her self-doubt and insecurities take on her mental and physical well-being. As she stumbles upon the world of aerobics, she discovers a newfound passion and an avenue for personal empowerment.

Rose Byrne delivers an outstanding performance as Sheila Rubin, capturing the character’s vulnerability, resilience, and the internal battles she faces. Byrne portrays Sheila’s transformation with nuance and depth, making her a relatable and compelling protagonist.

What sets Physical apart is its unflinching exploration of Sheila’s mental health struggles. The series delves into themes of body image, self-worth, and the societal pressures faced by women, all within the backdrop of the vibrant and excessive 1980s culture.

The writing in Physical is sharp, darkly humorous, and introspective. It brings to light the internal monologues and struggles that many individuals face, exposing the darker sides of self-perception and the quest for external validation.

Visually, Physical captures the vibrant aesthetic of the 1980s, with its neon colors and iconic fashion. The cinematography and production design add a visual flair that enhances the storytelling and immerses viewers in the world of the series.

Physical is not just a story about aerobics; it is a powerful exploration of the human condition and the journey towards self-acceptance. It tackles relevant and timely themes, reminding viewers of the importance of embracing one’s true self amidst societal expectations and personal struggles.

The supporting cast, including Rory Scovel and Dierdre Friel, delivers strong performances that complement Byrne’s portrayal of Sheila. They contribute to the complex dynamics and relationships that shape Sheila’s journey of personal growth and empowerment.

If you’re looking for a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant series, Physical is a must-watch. Its compelling storytelling, exceptional performances, and exploration of mental health and personal empowerment make it a standout show on Apple TV+. Brace yourself for a transformative journey that will leave you inspired and reflective.


Schmigadoon! is a whimsical and hilarious musical comedy series on Apple TV+ that pays loving homage to classic Broadway musicals. With a star-studded cast and catchy songs, this delightful show takes viewers on a nostalgic and entertaining journey into a magical town called Schmigadoon.

The series follows the story of Melissa (played by Cecily Strong) and Josh (played by Keegan-Michael Key), a couple on a backpacking trip who stumble upon a town trapped in a Golden Age musical. In order to leave Schmigadoon, they must find true love, musical-style.

Schmigadoon! embraces the spirit and tropes of classic musicals, indulging in joyful song and dance numbers, colorful costumes, and larger-than-life characters. From romantic ballads to show-stopping ensemble performances, the musical numbers are infectious and performed with gusto by the talented cast.

Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key showcase their comedic chops and musical talents, delivering standout performances as they navigate the whimsical world of Schmigadoon. The chemistry between the two leads is undeniable, adding an extra layer of comedy and charm to the series.

The writing in Schmigadoon! is sharp and filled with witty wordplay and clever references to classic musicals. The show satirizes the tropes and conventions of the genre while also capturing the heart and joy that make musicals so beloved.

Visually, Schmigadoon! is a feast for the eyes, capturing the vibrant and nostalgic aesthetics of classic musicals. The production design, costumes, and choreography all contribute to the nostalgic atmosphere, immersing viewers in a world that feels simultaneously familiar and new.

What makes Schmigadoon! truly special is its ability to strike a balance between comedy and heart. While the series offers plenty of laughs and absurd situations, it also explores universal themes such as love, sacrifice, and personal growth. It reminds us of the transformative power of music and the joy that can come from embracing our true selves.

Schmigadoon! is a delightful and charming series that serves as a love letter to Broadway musicals. Its infectious songs, engaging performances, and clever humor make it a standout on Apple TV+. If you’re a fan of musicals or simply looking for an uplifting and entertaining show, don’t miss the whimsical and delightful world of Schmigadoon!

Mr. Corman

Mr. Corman is a poignant and introspective Apple TV+ series created by and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This deeply personal and relatable show follows the life of Josh Corman, a middle school teacher grappling with anxiety, uncertainty, and the existential challenges of adulthood.

The series delves into the complexities of the human experience, exploring themes of anxiety, loneliness, and the pursuit of happiness. Joseph Gordon-Levitt delivers a compelling performance as Josh, capturing the character’s inner struggles in a nuanced and relatable way.

What sets Mr. Corman apart is its ability to capture the often-unspoken realities of adulthood. The show paints a raw and unfiltered portrait of modern life, addressing topics such as relationships, career uncertainty, and mental health with honesty and vulnerability.

The writing in Mr. Corman is introspective and thought-provoking. It taps into the universality of the human experience, offering glimpses into the minds and emotions of characters facing relatable challenges.

Visually, Mr. Corman portrays the everyday life of its characters with a sense of authenticity. The cinematography and production design create a relatable and familiar atmosphere, allowing viewers to connect deeply with the story and characters.

Furthermore, Mr. Corman features a talented ensemble cast that includes Arturo Castro, Juno Temple, and Debra Winger. Their performances add depth and realism to the series, providing nuanced portrayals of the characters who impact Josh’s journey.

One of the strengths of Mr. Corman is its exploration of mental health and the importance of seeking support. The show addresses the challenges of anxiety and depicts the impact it can have on relationships, highlighting the significance of empathy and understanding.

Throughout its episodes, Mr. Corman invites viewers to reflect on their own lives, their dreams, and the pursuit of happiness. It captures the beautifully messy nature of existence and encourages us to confront our fears and uncertainties.

If you’re looking for a thought-provoking and soul-stirring series that explores the complexities of adulthood, Mr. Corman is a must-watch on Apple TV+. Its relatable characters, introspective themes, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s remarkable performance make it a standout show that resonates with viewers navigating the challenges of life.