Tina Knowles Comes To Beyoncé’s Defense Amidst Skin Lightening Accusations


Tina Knowles has come to the defense of her daughter, Beyoncé, amidst accusations that the singer is lightening her skin and hair to look white. In a passionate social media post, Tina expressed her frustration with the negative narratives surrounding Beyoncé’s appearance.

Key Takeaway

Tina Knowles passionately defends Beyoncé against accusations of lightening her skin and trying to look white. She denounces these claims as ignorant, self-hating, and racist, and emphasizes that Beyoncé’s fashion choices are not indicative of an attempt to emulate whiteness. Tina expresses her frustration with the continuous attacks on her daughter and boldly defends her against the haters.

Questioning Beyoncé’s Look

The controversy arose following the premiere of Beyoncé’s movie, “Renaissance,” where fans questioned her platinum blonde hair and skin color. Some even went as far as accusing her of bleaching her skin. Tina Knowles addressed these accusations directly, dismissing them as ignorant, self-hating, and racist.

The Silver Fashion Statement

Tina explained that Beyoncé’s choice of silver hair was a deliberate fashion statement to match her silver dress, in line with the theme of the movie premiere and the entire “Renaissance” tour. She emphasized that the silver hair had nothing to do with attempting to look white and criticized those who propagated such claims as nothing more than jealous haters.

A History of Platinum Hair

Tina also highlighted that wearing platinum hair has been a fashion choice for many Black celebrities, dating back to icons like Etta James. She questioned whether all these talented individuals were also trying to emulate whiteness, firmly debunking the notion that Beyoncé’s hair color signifies an attempt to look white.

Tina’s Galvanizing Defense

Tina Knowles boldly spoke out against the attacks on her daughter, expressing her exhaustion with the constant criticism. Despite knowing that Beyoncé may be upset with her for doing so, Tina felt compelled to defend her daughter against these baseless accusations. She called out those who perpetuate hate and jealousy, labeling them as clowns, losers, and bozos.