What is Real Debrid and How to Use It on Kodi: Complete Guide

Download all the best videos with Real Debrid.

Real Debrid is a paid unrestricted multihoster that allows subscribers to download and access video content. It sources these videos from streaming and file sharing services, and downloads them using the highest internet speed possible. Users can also directly watch videos from the best unblocked torrent sites with the use of Real Debrid

With all that said, many Kodi users turn to it to access high-quality content from unrestricted servers. You can level up your streaming experience with all the best video content in higher definition thanks to Real Debrid on Kodi

What is Real Debrid?

Users can stream and download content from different file hosts with the use of Real-Debrid. Additionally, Real Debrid removes the restrictions – such as quota and download speed – of their supported file hosters. These hosts include popular sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and VK. Moreover, Real-Debrid can also access content from file-sharing websites such as Google Drive, MediaFire, Mega, and Sendspace.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, this premium subscription service can also convert torrent files and magnet links into direct download links. Once converted, users will then get a direct link wherein they can download the file. Moreover, Real Debrid offers lightning speed for downloading and streaming content. Through the use of their various servers, it utilizes the maximum download speed possible. This ensures users get the most from their internet provider, even during peak hours. 

How Much is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid payment tier list.
Image grabbed from Real Debrid website.

There’s no cost when signing up for a Real Debrid account. However, a Real Debrid free account will only allow you to explore the site’s pages. In order to download and stream content, you will need a Real Debrid premium account. The platform offers four pricing options, with the cheapest plan costing less than four dollars. This tier will give users 15 days of access to their services. Meanwhile, the most expensive subscription plan will cost users less than 20 dollars, which gives them about six months’ worth of access to the company’s services.

Additionally, the number of days are cumulative. This means that users can easily stack more days to their current subscription plan.

Moreover, users also get fidelity points when they subscribe to any of the Real Debrid premium plans. These points offer additional duration to the website’s services. Once a user has accumulated 1,000 fidelity points, they will get 30 days of free access to the website’s premium services.

Without a doubt, these affordable Real Debrid prices and fidelity points rewards surely gives users a lot of bang for their buck.

Is Real Debrid Legal?

How safe is Real Debrid?
Image grabbed from Real Debrid website.

Real Debrid states that they are a legal service. It’s important to take note that they do not provide any direct or magnet links to any content. They don’t produce torrent files either. As a service provider, they merely source their multitude of servers in order to find content users are searching for. Additionally, all the file hosters that Real Debrid supports are legal. The website also vehemently states that they do not provide any content, nor will they ever do so.

With all this said, Real Debrid is not responsible for any legal outcomes that may result from users sending illegal links to their service. They cannot be held responsible if a user so wishes to download any illegal files from third party applications.

Thus, this leads to the discussion of how it is still a user’s responsibility to protect themselves online.

Is Real Debrid Safe?

Users can rest assured that Real Debrid is safe to use. The company affirms in their Privacy Policy that they do not sell the personal data they’ve collected from users’ to third parties companies. However, they do state that should they be required to disclose users’ personal data for legal reasons, they shall comply.

As such, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with Real Debrid is highly recommended. Using the best VPN will keep your online activities private and anonymous from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It will also protect you from different types of cyber attacks.

The best quality VPNs will come with a cost, though. Nevertheless, there are still some of the best free VPN options worth checking out when looking to protect your online identity.

Take note that there are a number of VPNs that are not compatible with Real Debrid. A partial list of recommended and blocked Real Debrid VPN is available here.

Real Debrid on Kodi

Use Real Debrid on Kodi.
Image from Kodi.

If you’re familiar with open source media players, you’ll know that they need an add-on to access media files. These add-ons scrape the web for free streaming files, however, they tend to result with only low-quality resolution files. With the use of Real Debrid, users can gain access to 1080p resolution video content that they can’t get from other services.

Real-Debrid is one of the more popular options for Kodi users who want access to such media files with less buffering.

How to Set Up Real Debrid

How to sign up for Real Debrid.
Image grabbed from Real Debrid.
  1. Head over to the Real Debrid website and right click on the “Sign Up” button. You can find this at the upper right corner of your screen.
  2. Enter your credentials such as username, email address and password.
  3. After signing up, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing your Real Debrid activate link.
  4. Once you’ve activated your Real Debrid account, you can now log in to the website.
  5. You can find the Real Debrid login button at the upper right corner of the website’s home page too.
  6. After logging into your account, you can now choose your preferred Real Debrid premium subscription.
  7. Users can choose from different payment methods for their Real Debrid account.
Real Debrid payment methods.
Image from Real Debrid

How to Set Up Real Debrid on Kodi

To integrate your Real Debrid account to Kodi, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on the gear icon at the upper left corner of the application.
  2. Head over to “Systems” and toggle from “Basic” to “Advance.”
  3. Click on “Add-ons” and select “Manage Dependencies.”
  4. From here you’ll need to scroll all the way down until you see the “URL Resolver” option.
  5. Select “Configure,” and then choose “Universal Resolvers.”
  6. Scroll down until you locate the Real-Debrid section.
  7. Toggle the “Enable” button and change the “Priority” value to 90. This ensures that you’ll see the videos that Real Debrid sourced first.
  8. Click on “OK” then proceed to the “Configure” option once more.
  9. Repeat step six until you reach the “(Re) Authorize my Account” option. Toggle it on to pair your Real Debrid device.
  10. From here you will need to input your Real Debrid code, which you can find here.
  11. Enter the code and select, “Allow.”
  12. Once finished, save your settings and return to the Kodi’s main menu.

How to Use Real Debrid

How to Download Videos

How to download videos with Real Debrid.
Image from Real Debrid.

Real Debrid isn’t necessarily a Kodi centric add-on or build. That means you can download and watch videos on any device. It is also available as a browser plugin for Google Chrome. Moreover, it’s also ideal for those who want to download YouTube videos and torrent content.

Users can manually download content from Real Debrid’s supported file hosters. In order to do so, they just need to copy the link of the video and paste it on Real Debrid’s downloader page. Click on “Unrestrict my links” and the service will now create download links for the video.  

How to Torrent 

Real Debrid also features a torrent downloader that acts as a torrent client. Instead of installing uTorrent or BitTorrent, subscribers can convert a torrent file or a magnet link into a direct download link.

Here are the simple steps to download torrents using Real Debrid:

  1. Go to your preferred torrent search engine, like Limetorrents, The Pirate Bay, or RARBG.
  2. Search for your desired content and click on the file’s summary page.
  3. From here, you can either download the .torrent file itself or copy the magnet link available.
  4. If you decide to download a .torrent file, you will need to upload the file to the website’s torrent converter page.
    Torrent download.
    Image from Real Debrid
  5. Once uploaded, click on “Convert” to commence the conversation of the .torrent file
  6. Moreover, if you wish to use a magnet link instead, simply copy the magnet link from a torrent site.
  7. Paste the magnet link on the space provided on the torrent converter page.
  8. This will begin the process of converting the magnet link into direct download links.
  9. Once the torrent file has been converted, you will see a direct download link at the lower part of your screen.
  10. Copy the link and head over back the downloader page to input it in the designated area.

Note that users are limited to 25 torrent file conversions at once. Furthermore, the maximum torrent file size that users can download is 2000 GB. Meanwhile, the maximum torrent download duration lasts for 72 hours.

Additionally, a converted link is valid for 30 days for download. After this period, you won’t be able to download the file straight away. You will need to reconvert the torrent file or magnet link again.

How to Use Real Debrid on Kodi

Using Kodi with Real Debrid.
Image grabbed from @Lee TV Youtube channel.

After installing and configuring Real Debrid on Kodi, users can now use it with their usual content sourcing Kodi addon. All the best Kodi addons available are compatible with Real Debrid. Although, the most popular ones include third-party add ons such as Exodus Redux, The Crew, and Magic Dragon.

For the Kodi Exodus Redux add on, it scrapes the internet for links to all different genres of films and television shows. Similar to Real Debrid itself, it does not provide any content and merely displays links from different available websites. However, as established above, Real Debrid’s multihosters can provide more 4k and 1080p quality streaming links.

As seen in the photo above, you can see the “Paid” and “Free” section for links that Exodus found on the internet. Paid links are those that Real Debrid found; notice that with it installed, there are more high-definition results, compared to the free links.

Afterwards, you can now choose and test which link to use for streaming your desired video content. The ones found at the top of the search results marked with “RD” are links found by Real Debrid.

Movie links on Kodi.
Image grabbed from @Lee TV Youtube channel.

Real Debrid Alternatives

Alternative options.
Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay.

Real Debrid is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices to aid users in streaming and downloading content from anywhere on the web. However, there are other useful services that are also worth checking out. After all, variety is the spice of life, and who doesn’t want a little more flavor and options? Here are our picks for the best Real Debrid alternatives to choose from. 


AllDebrid downloader.
Image from AllDebrid website.

Similar to Real Debrid, AllDebrid is a premium multi-downloader service that eliminates restrictions imposed by file sharing and streaming sites.

A popular Real Debrid alternative, AllDebrid allows their users to access content from 66 hosting services. Alongside this, users can also access videos from over 900 streaming sites. Additionally, like Real Debrid, AllDebrid also has several high-speed bandwidth servers. These servers allow users to download content at an optimal speed.

Moreover, one of the biggest upside for most users is that AllDebrid offers a seven-day free trial. This is a great way to test drive the service before committing to a premium plan. In terms of pricing, the cheapest plan will cost users less than five dollars for 30 days. Meanwhile, the most expensive AllDebrid premium account will cost users a little over $30 and last for 300 days.

Both services offer different pricing and longevity, however we can’t help but commend the AllDebrid free trial offering. This is especially since a majority of debrid websites hide their services behind paywalls. Thus, this forces users to cash-out upfront for services that might not eventually like.

Furthermore, AllDebrid also boasts that users don’t need a VPN when using their services. This is because the website already serves as their own proxy. As such, a user’s IP address and other personal information are safe behind the website’s own security layer. Nevertheless, a good VPN is still a general recommendation when using your AllDebrid account or any online activities in general.


Download video content with Premiumize.
Image from

Just like other debrid services, Premiumize allows users to bypass restrictions set by file hosters. This enables them to download any type of file from their supported hosts. It’s a standalone Cloud-based downloading service that utilizes high-speed servers to stream or download video content on the Internet. This is possible with their servers in several countries to manage the speed of your download. Premiumize automatically assigns a server based on a user’s location. However, they can still manually override this and choose their preferred server location.

Moreover, Premiumize also features a built-in VPN service, which encrypts all of their users’ connections. Users can also bypass geoblocked streaming websites with the service’s free and unlimited VPN. This built-in free VPN helps enhance a user’s cybersecurity when browsing for video content to watch and download. As such, Premiumize also stresses that they do not track or log any of their users’ data or information. That means that all of their users’ activities are encrypted.

A Premiumize premium account can cost users seven dollars per year, or 12 dollars for a month’s subscription. Users can connect an unlimited number of devices to one account, however, Premiumize prohibits sharing of accounts.


MyDebrid downloader.
Image from MyDebrid.

A simple debrid service that shows us less is definitely more. MyDebrid may not have the largest collection of file hosts, with only 20 supported. However, they feature only the most well-known and reputable sources, unlike their competitors. They scrape content from sites such as Vimeo, MediaFire, 4Shared, and Sendspace, to name a few. Users should note that access to the majority of the supported file sharing platforms is unlimited. However, there are a few capped at a five to 20GB limit per day, though.

Furthermore, MyDebrid only offers one subscription plan. For just nine dollars per month, users have full access to all their supported hosters. Not to mention MyDebrid’s solid technical support, as well.

However, unlike other unrestricted debrid services, MyDebrid only offers content downloading. Users have no options to stream the videos they want to watch. They also lack any Cloud-based storage, so it saves all content downloaded onto a user’s device storage.

Nevertheless, the lack of these features doesn’t take away from its core performance. Accessing and downloading videos from a number of file hosts with little to no declines in download speed still makes the nine dollars per month worth it. If all you need is unlimited downloads with reliable and stable connection, then MyDebrid is definitely a match for you.

Real Debrid vs. Streaming Sites

Accessing media is easier than ever these days. Cord-cutters from all around the globe turn to streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime to watch all their favorite shows and movies. However, these seemingly endless options for streaming platforms come with a price. Additionally, with more and more companies launching their own streaming services, it can be overwhelming for their audiences. While having a plethora of options is always a good thing, your bank statement may not feel the same way.

Now, here’s where debrid services such as Real Debrid enters. Instead of subscribing and paying monthly fees to several streaming platforms, you can now access multiple hosters for just one paid subscription.

Some people may not have the means to subscribe to Netflix to watch Lily Collins in Emily in Paris. Additionally, if they ever want to watch Captain Marvel with Brie Larson, they also have to subscribe to Disney Plus. It’s not really economical if you only want to watch specific films on specific platforms.

On the other side of the spectrum, however, there are streaming sites that don’t require any payment. These free streaming sites are more likely than not littered with crude banner ads and annoying pop-ups. Additionally, to its core, illegally streaming content without paying for it is an act of piracy.

We can’t deny the benefits and security that legitimate streaming platforms such as Apple TV and HBO Max have. Plus, by watching content on official platforms, we are also supporting the craft of filmmaking.

Real Debrid vs. Torrenting 

Another question posed when discussing media content is: why not just torrent it? Sharing files via peer-to-peer (P2P) technology is an unsurpassed method of file distribution. It’s often a fast, easy, and reliable way to share and download media content. However, in order to torrent files, there are several elements required.

To download the actual content itself, you first need to install a torrent client. The torrent client reassembles the file, which has been split into several nodes across several servers in different locations. Moreover, since it’s a P2P based method of sharing, seeders are crucial in order to download torrent files. These seeders are the ones who have already completed downloading the torrent file and are now sharing them with others. With no active seeders, you won’t be able to download the files onto your own device. This poses a problem for people who are looking to watch more obscure content.

By using Real Debrid, you are eliminating the need of these two factors. You needn’t have to install a torrent software. Nor do you have to rely on other people torrenting the same content as you. By converting torrent files to direct links, you can download immediately without the use of seeders.

Additionally, you are also getting the additional convenience of not needing to download ahead of time. Seeing as the assembly of torrent files is not a linear process, you can’t always stream torrent files while they are still downloading. With Real Debrid, the process of downloading and watching videos is much more effortless.

Is Real Debrid Worth It: Why Use It?

Overall, Real Debrid offers their users with HD videos that will enhance their overall streaming experience. Additionally, Real Debrid offers high-speed downloads up to 1000 Mbps. The actual speed will still depend on your internet provider, though. Still, with this premium debrid service, you are not limited to any capped speed restrictions. Thus, this makes streaming videos in full 4K quality resolution easier and faster.

Although it comes with a price, for those who don’t want to deal with low-quality videos or issues with buffering, it’s worth it. 

However, with everything in the world, there are disadvantages attached to these advantages. As mentioned above, we recommend using a high-quality and reliable VPN when using Real Debrid on Kodi. This is to ensure and enhance your online security and privacy.

We hope this Real Debrid review helped you in deciding if this debrid service is a suitable match for your needs.


We at CitizenSide do not, nor will we ever, condone or promote the act of piracy. Using services such as Real Debrid is entirely up to the preference of a user. If possible, always stream content from official platforms. This is as to not only support the industry, but to also lessen the risks that come with illegal streaming and downloading.