New York University Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Antisemitism On Campus


Three Jewish students at New York University (NYU) have filed a lawsuit against the university, claiming that they are not adequately protected from rampant antisemitism on campus. The students argue that the recent Israel-Hamas war has created a toxic and dangerous environment for Jewish students, and they accuse NYU of failing to enforce its own anti-discrimination policies.

Key Takeaway

Three Jewish students are suing NYU, claiming that the university has failed to protect them from widespread antisemitism on campus. The students allege that they have faced verbal abuse and threats, creating a hostile environment that puts them at risk. They argue that NYU is not enforcing anti-discrimination laws and are seeking monetary compensation and disciplinary action against faculty and students involved in antisemitic conduct.

Allegations of Antisemitic Incidents

In the lawsuit, the students detail numerous incidents of antisemitism that they have experienced on campus. They claim that they are often confronted by individuals chanting hateful slogans such as “Hitler was right,” “Gas the Jews,” and “Death to k**es.”

Furthermore, the students accuse NYU administrators and professors of fostering a hostile environment towards Jewish people. They allege that peers and faculty members regularly demonize, threaten, and abuse Jewish students, putting them at severe risk of emotional and physical harm.

Failure to Enforce Civil Rights Laws

The Jewish students argue that NYU is refusing to enforce Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and New York’s state civil rights laws, which are designed to protect individuals from discrimination based on race, color, or national origin. They maintain that by neglecting to take action against antisemitic conduct, the university is violating their rights.

Legal Action and Demands

In their lawsuit, the students are seeking monetary compensation for the harm they have suffered. Additionally, they are requesting that the court orders NYU to terminate faculty members who they believe are responsible for promoting antisemitism on campus. They also ask for the suspension or expulsion of students engaged in antisemitic behavior.