Aubrey O’Day Stands With Cassie Amid Diddy Allegations


Former Danity Kane singer, Aubrey O’Day, is publicly supporting Cassie following her allegations against music mogul, Diddy. In a bombshell lawsuit, Cassie accused Diddy of multiple crimes, a stance that O’Day firmly backs.

Key Takeaway

Aubrey O’Day publicly supports Cassie amid her allegations against Diddy. Both artists have accused the music mogul of misconduct, with O’Day validating Cassie’s claims based on her own experiences. Diddy has denied the allegations and is now facing a criminal investigation in New York City.

A History of Allegations

Aubrey O’Day, who was previously signed to Bad Boy and worked closely with Diddy in the 2000s, has been vocal about her own experiences with the music mogul. In several interviews over the past year, she claimed to have encountered shady business practices and unwanted sexual advances from Diddy, which she had to fend off.

Furthermore, O’Day recently criticized Diddy for his handling of his former artists’ publishing rights. She alleged that he had them sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) as part of the deal, a request she refused. O’Day’s refusal to sign the alleged NDA is something she now feels vindicated for.

A Show of Support

After Cassie’s lawsuit became public, Aubrey O’Day took to social media to express her support. She wrote, “Been Trynna Tell Y’all For Years,” validating Cassie’s claims and suggesting that she had been warning others about the music mogul for some time.

O’Day also spoke to Page Six, stating that she is in “complete support” of Cassie. The similarities between Cassie’s allegations and O’Day’s own experiences with Diddy are striking, further cementing her belief in Cassie’s claims.

Diddy’s Response

Diddy has not directly addressed Aubrey O’Day’s claims, but he did respond to Cassie’s allegations. He dismissed them as baseless and motivated by financial gain, calling it a “money shakedown.” However, Diddy is now facing a criminal investigation in New York City related to a sexual assault probe.