Diddy’s Former Head Of Security Supports Cassie’s Claim, Reveals More Allegations


In a surprising turn of events, Diddy’s ex-security team leader, Roger Bonds, has come forward to back up Cassie’s claims in her recent lawsuit against the music mogul. Bonds, who worked with Diddy around a decade ago, took to Instagram on Tuesday to vow to share his side of the story and shed light on Diddy’s alleged wrongdoing. Although he never directly mentions Diddy’s name in his post, Bonds does mention Cassie, further highlighting the significance of her accusations.

Key Takeaway

Diddy’s former head of security, Roger Bonds, has come forward to support Cassie’s claims of abuse against the music mogul. Bonds asserts that there were multiple incidents where he had to intervene to prevent Diddy from causing harm to others. Despite the recent dismissal of Cassie’s lawsuit, the allegations against Diddy continue to garner attention and scrutiny.

Backing Up Cassie’s Allegations

Cassie’s lawsuit detailed a disturbing incident in 2009, where she accused Diddy of attacking her and stomping on her car in Los Angeles. Roger Bonds, in support of Cassie, confirms that he intervened and prevented Diddy from causing harm to her. However, Bonds goes even further, stating that there were other similar incidents involving different individuals during his time as Diddy’s head of security.

Timing and Motives of Bonds’ Support

It is worth noting that Roger Bonds’ public support for Cassie comes after her lawsuit was recently dismissed due to a settlement reached between her and Diddy. Some may question the motives behind Bonds’ late declaration of support. In his Instagram post, he included hashtags related to a documentary or book, suggesting that he may have other underlying intentions with his newfound revelations.

Unaddressed by Diddy’s Team

As of now, Diddy’s team has yet to respond to Roger Bonds’ post or the allegations made by Cassie and others. However, in recent lawsuits filed against Diddy by two new individuals, his team has maintained that these claims are merely attempts to extort money and have vehemently denied all allegations made against Diddy.