Aubrey O’Day Expresses Frustration With Justice System Following Diddy’s Settlement With Cassie


Singer Aubrey O’Day, known for her time with Diddy’s label “Bad Boy” in the 2000s, recently shared her discontent with the justice system in light of the settlement between Diddy and Cassie. The lawsuit, which Cassie filed against Diddy, alleged rape, human trafficking, and abuse. However, with the sudden resolution of the case, O’Day took to Instagram to voice her opinion on the matter.

Key Takeaway

Aubrey O’Day criticizes the justice system following Diddy’s settlement with Cassie, suggesting that financial power may influence the outcomes of legal cases. O’Day expresses her support for Cassie’s allegations and recounts her own experiences with unwanted advances and questionable business dealings involving Diddy. The exact details of the settlement between Diddy and Cassie remain private.

A Displeasure with the System

On Instagram, O’Day commented, “Money > accountability. Every time. Welcome to another chapter of the system is well in place.” Her statement implies that Diddy’s financial power may have influenced the outcome of the lawsuit, leaving accountability in question. Although the details of the settlement remain undisclosed, O’Day’s frustration suggests that she believes the system favors those with significant financial resources.

Supporting Cassie

O’Day not only shared her thoughts on social media but also gave her “complete support” to Cassie in an interview with the New York Post. This public endorsement reinforces O’Day’s stance on the matter and her belief in Cassie’s allegations. O’Day has been vocal in the past about Diddy’s alleged unwanted sexual advances towards her and has accused him of involvement in dubious business practices.

Questionable Previous Business Dealings

In one instance, O’Day claimed that Diddy offered her group, Danity Kane, the publishing rights to their music with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) attached. O’Day found this arrangement bothersome and chose not to sign it, but the ultimate resolution of the deal remains unclear.

The Settlement and Final Statements

Diddy, so far, has not directly addressed O’Day’s allegations. However, following the settlement with Cassie, he released a statement expressing an amicable resolution. Diddy stated, “We have decided to resolve this matter amicably. I wish Cassie and her family all the best. Love.” In response, Cassie thanked her family, fans, and legal team for their unwavering support, emphasizing her involvement in securing the terms of the settlement.