Diddy’s Former Head Of Security Addresses Cassie Lawsuit Allegations


In a recent development, Roger Bonds, the former head of security for Diddy, has broken his silence regarding the allegations made by Cassie in her lawsuit against the music mogul. Bonds, who had worked for Diddy for several years, took to Instagram to share his perspective on the matter.

Key Takeaway

Roger Bonds, Diddy’s former head of security, has broken his silence concerning the allegations made by Cassie in her lawsuit against Diddy. In an Instagram post, Bonds shared his perspective and emphasized the importance of speaking his truth. His statement may lend credibility to Cassie’s account of the alleged assault, adding to the ongoing challenges faced by Diddy.

A Cryptic Message

Bonds began his Instagram post by stating that his intention was not to threaten or snitch on anyone, including Cassie or Diddy. Instead, he wanted to share his truth for two specific reasons. Firstly, as a father of four daughters, he felt compelled to speak out based on his personal experiences and observations throughout the years.

The accompanying caption to Bonds’ post emphasized his willingness to share his truth after remaining silent for so long. He emphasized the importance of family in the present moment, implying that speaking out now is the right thing to do.

Referencing Cassie’s Lawsuit

It seems that Bonds’ Instagram statement is in response to a specific section of Cassie’s lawsuit against Diddy. The lawsuit, which was settled amicably and subsequently dismissed, included allegations of assault. In her court documents, Cassie named Bonds as a witness to the alleged assault she endured at the hands of Diddy back in 2009. According to her account, Diddy attacked her after discovering she was talking to another music manager at a club in Los Angeles. Cassie claimed that Diddy even stomped on her in the car, with Bonds allegedly attempting to intervene and stop his boss.

While Bonds’ exact intentions behind his Instagram posts are somewhat unclear, it appears that he may be lending credibility to Cassie’s account of the alleged incident. However, it remains to be seen if he will provide further details or clarification on the matter.

Continued Fallout for Diddy

With this latest development, Diddy finds himself facing yet another challenge amidst the ongoing fallout. The music mogul has already been sued for alleged sexual abuse on two separate occasions following Cassie’s lawsuit. As we await a response from Diddy’s camp regarding Bonds’ statements, it is important to note that he has vehemently denied all the allegations made against him in recent weeks.