Kevin Spacey Faces Lawsuit For Alleged Sexual Misconduct During Massage


Actor Kevin Spacey is facing yet another lawsuit, this time from a male massage therapist who alleges that Spacey made unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances during their sessions. The therapist claims that Spacey booked three 90-minute massages in 2016 at the New York Edition Hotel, where the incidents allegedly took place.

Key Takeaway

A male massage therapist is suing Kevin Spacey, accusing him of making unwanted sexual advances and pressuring him for sexual favors during massage sessions at a New York hotel. The therapist claims that Spacey’s actions resulted in mental and emotional distress.

Unwanted Advances and Sexual Comments

According to the massage therapist, Spacey repeatedly pressed him for sexual favors during the massages. The therapist states that Spacey insisted on starting the sessions with a focus on the buttocks and even asked the therapist to perform yoga poses, exposing his own buttocks and genitals in the process. The therapist felt uncomfortable and disturbed by these actions.

Repeated Rejections and Arousal

The therapist further alleges that Spacey became sexually aroused during the sessions and even offered extra money in exchange for sexual acts. Despite the therapist’s repeated rejections, Spacey allegedly grabbed the therapist’s hand and attempted to place it on his genitals.

Booking Under a Different Name

The therapist claims that Spacey booked the appointments using a different name through an app, which meant that the therapist was unaware he would be massaging Spacey until he arrived in the room. Additionally, Spacey is said to have insisted on wearing a ski mask during the appointments.

Impact on the Therapist’s Mental Health

The alleged incidents have had a lasting impact on the massage therapist, resulting in mental and emotional distress. He claims to suffer from anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of the encounters. The therapist also fears for his livelihood as a massage therapist, as well as for his role as a husband and father.

This lawsuit comes several months after Spacey was found not guilty on sexual assault charges in the United Kingdom. Spacey has previously faced allegations of sexual misconduct, including an accusation of forcing a different male massage therapist to touch his genitals during an in-home massage in 2016, a case that was dropped following the alleged victim’s death during the investigation.

Spacey’s representatives have not yet commented on the most recent lawsuit.