New Lawsuit Claims Russell Brand’s Alleged Sexual Assault On ‘Arthur’ Movie Set


A new lawsuit has been filed against actor and comedian Russell Brand, accusing him of sexual assault on the set of the movie “Arthur.” The actress, who remains unidentified and referred to as Jane Doe in the legal documents, claims that Brand exposed his penis to her in full view of the cast and crew.

Key Takeaway

A new lawsuit has been filed against Russell Brand, alleging sexual assault on the set of the movie “Arthur.” The actress involved claims that Brand exposed himself to her and later sexually assaulted her in a bathroom. This lawsuit adds to the existing accusations against Brand and the ongoing criminal investigation in the United Kingdom.

The Alleged Incident

The incident reportedly took place in July 2010, with the woman asserting that Brand was intoxicated and carrying a bottle of vodka on set. According to the lawsuit, Brand later followed her into a bathroom where he sexually assaulted her, while a member of the production crew guarded the door from the outside.

Since the alleged incident, the woman claims to have experienced extreme fear, shame, and embarrassment. She states that she continues to suffer the emotional consequences of the assault.

Impact on Career

In addition to the trauma caused by the alleged assault, the actress expresses concern about potential career repercussions. She fears becoming blacklisted in Hollywood due to her association with a sexual assault lawsuit against a high-profile celebrity like Russell Brand. Moreover, she harbors apprehension about potential retaliation from Brand’s loyal following.

Previous Accusations and Ongoing Investigation

It is worth noting that Brand has faced previous allegations of sexual misconduct. At least four other women have accused him of similar behavior. Furthermore, Brand is currently under criminal investigation in the United Kingdom regarding these allegations.

Russell Brand maintains his innocence and has vehemently denied all of the accusations against him. He claims that all of his sexual relationships have been consensual.