Jamie Foxx Faces Sexual Assault Lawsuit In NYC Restaurant


Renowned actor and singer Jamie Foxx is facing a serious legal challenge as he is being sued for sexual assault allegedly committed in a New York City restaurant rooftop. The incident reportedly took place eight years ago, in August 2015.

Key Takeaway

Actor Jamie Foxx is facing a lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault that reportedly occurred in a New York City restaurant rooftop. The plaintiff claims to have experienced distressing and invasive behavior perpetrated by Foxx, prompting her legal action seeking damages.

The Allegations

The plaintiff, identified as Jane Doe, claims that she arrived at Catch NYC & Roof, a popular dining establishment, to be seated in the rooftop lounge and bar. It was around 11 PM when she noticed Jamie Foxx sitting at a table nearby.

According to the lawsuit, at around 1 AM, the plaintiff’s friend approached Foxx and asked if he would take a photo with both of them. She alleges that Foxx, who appeared to be intoxicated, agreed and made comments such as, “Wow, you have that supermodel body,” “You smell so good,” and even compared her to actress Gabrielle Union.

Disturbingly, Doe claims that Foxx then pulled her by the arm to a secluded area of the rooftop. Here, he allegedly placed his hands on her waist, moved them under her top, and began rubbing her breasts. The plaintiff states that she tried to step away and noticed a security guard and others who witnessed the assault but chose not to intervene.

Doe further alleges that Foxx proceeded to slide his hand into her pants, touching her vagina and anus. The assault came to an end when her friend approached and witnessed the inappropriate behavior.

The Legal Action

The plaintiff claims to have suffered physical and emotional consequences as a result of the incident. She states that she had to undergo medical treatment and has endured pain, suffering, and emotional distress due to the alleged sexual assault, abuse, assault, and battery.

In response to these allegations, the lawsuit targets Jamie Foxx, as well as Catch NYC and its employees. Doe is seeking compensatory and punitive damages to address the harm she alleges to have suffered.

So far, there has been no official response from Jamie Foxx or his representatives regarding these allegations.