Jamie Foxx Strongly Denies Sexual Assault Allegations Amid Lawsuit


Actor and musician Jamie Foxx is forcefully denying the sexual assault allegations made against him, following a recent lawsuit filed by a model. Foxx’s spokesperson has refuted the claims, stating that the alleged incident never happened.

Key Takeaway

Jamie Foxx firmly denies the sexual assault allegations made against him and is confident they will be dismissed. He intends to pursue a claim for malicious prosecution if the claims are indeed dismissed.

The lawsuit, which accuses Foxx of groping the woman without her consent at a luxurious rooftop restaurant in NYC in August 2015, has been met with firm denial from Foxx’s camp. The spokesperson highlighted that a similar lawsuit was filed by the same individual in Brooklyn in 2020, only for it to be dismissed shortly after. They argue that the current claims hold no more validity than the previous ones.

In her lawsuit, the woman alleges that she approached Foxx for a photo, and he made inappropriate comments about her physical appearance and scent. She claims that he then pulled her towards a secluded area and proceeded to touch her inappropriately, including her vagina, breasts, and anus.

Foxx’s spokesperson expressed confidence that the claims will ultimately be dismissed. They also mentioned that if this happens, Foxx intends to pursue a claim for malicious prosecution against the woman and her attorneys, considering the re-filing of what they consider to be a frivolous action.