Arianne Zucker Files Lawsuit Against ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Producers Over Sexual Harassment Allegations


Arianne Zucker, known for her role in the popular soap opera “Days of Our Lives,” has taken legal action against Corday Production Inc., executive producer Ken Corday, and former executive producer Albert Alarr. The lawsuit alleges sexual harassment and misconduct within the production company, specifically targeting Alarr’s behavior towards Zucker and other female employees.

Key Takeaway

Arianne Zucker has filed a lawsuit against the producers of “Days of Our Lives,” citing sexual harassment and a lack of appropriate action in response to her complaints. The legal action seeks unspecified damages and highlights the importance of addressing workplace misconduct.

Allegations of Sexual Harassment

Zucker claims that during Alarr’s tenure, she experienced nonconsensual physical contact and endured sexually inappropriate comments. She recounts instances where Alarr would make lewd remarks during filming, creating a hostile work environment for female cast members. Zucker further asserts that despite multiple complaints to the production company, no action was taken to address the situation.

Handling of Complaints

According to Zucker, she sought assistance from Sony’s HR department after feeling unsupported by Corday Production Inc. However, she alleges that Alarr continued working on the show during this period, contributing to her sense of violation and intimidation. The lawsuit also mentions Alarr’s subsequent termination and Zucker’s unsuccessful contract negotiations, which she claims led to her effective dismissal from the show.

Legal Action and Seeking Damages

Zucker’s lawsuit encompasses various claims, including harassment, discrimination, retaliation, negligent hiring and supervision, and wrongful termination. She is pursuing unspecified damages as a result of the alleged misconduct and its aftermath.