Bravo Sued Over Allegations Of “Real Housewives” Stars’ Wild Behavior


A man named Marco Vega has filed a lawsuit against Bravo, the network behind the popular reality show “Real Housewives,” claiming that the network fostered a boozy and party-filled environment that led to his assault while working as a butler on the show. The incident reportedly occurred during the filming of “Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip” at Dorinda Medley’s Blue Stone Manor in Massachusetts in September 2021.

Key Takeaway

Bravo, the network behind “Real Housewives,” faces a lawsuit alleging that it allowed a party atmosphere filled with excessive drinking, leading to the assault of a butler hired for the show. The lawsuit claims that Bravo has a pattern of encouraging sexually inappropriate behavior among the cast members. Marco Vega seeks damages for sexual abuse and harassment in his lawsuit against the network.

Booze-Fueled Parties and Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Vega alleges that the cast members of the show were provided with copious amounts of alcohol, including shots of bourbon and cocktails, resulting in their becoming heavily intoxicated. According to his lawsuit, at one point during the filming, a woman came out to perform a strip tease for the housewives, after which show producers instructed Vega to encourage the women to dance.

During the dance, Vega claims that Phaedra Parks slapped him on the buttocks, and Brandi Glanville ran over to him, forcibly pulling off his shirt and exposing his bare chest. Glanville allegedly yelled at him, saying, “Earn your money, Marco. Take your shirt off. Do something!”

A Damaged Marriage and Alleged Pattern of Inappropriate Behavior

Vega asserts in his lawsuit that the incident caused significant strain on his marriage, as he shared the details of the evening with his wife, who became upset. He further claims that Bravo has a repeated history of encouraging the housewives to engage in sexually inappropriate behavior.

Marco Vega is suing Bravo for sexual abuse and harassment, seeking damages, including punitive damages. It is important to note that he is not suing Brandi Glanville or Phaedra Parks directly, but rather the network that he believes perpetuated the enabling environment.